2010 高考英语三轮复习-词汇和语法精练详解 7
Tom, you’d better find money for the rent, or I’ll sweep you out. A. somehow B. anyhow C. anyway D.somewhat

  2.Which of the story books do like best? . They both are expensive and of little intrest. A. None B. Nothing C. Neither D. Either

  3.Maybe If I get my gradesat school, I can enter the key university. A. up B. out C. on D. over

  4.With the aid of the scientists, more new facts about the sea will gradually. A. bright to light B.come to light C. see through light D. giveout light

  5. She found a lot ofwere. A. passers-by; grown-ups C. passers-bys; grown ups B. passers-bys; growns-up D. passers-by;growns up

  6. Do you like to acceptidea in modern society? A.outdate B. update C. up-to-date D. out of-date

  7. This wine isn’t bad; I’m begining to a taste for it. A. be used to B.acquire C. achieve D. attain

  8.Can I buy a Friday’s air ticket for London? I’m sorry. But there no tickets for Friday’s flight. A. left B. convenient C. available D. useful

  9. I don’t believe: he said he had finished his homework by himself. A. you B. him C.that D.this

  10., he couldn’t get the door open. A. Might as he try B. As he might try C.Try as might try D.Try as he might

  11. The teacher was in thoughs when I came to see him. A. deeply B. stuck C.losing D. absorded

  12. I think it is you rather than the student who for being late for the speech. A. is to blame B. are to blame C.is to be blamed D.are to be blamed

  13. Eating too much fat can heart disease and cause high blood pressure.
A. result from
B.result into
C.contribute to
D.devote to

  14. Please remain seated until the planeto complete landing. A. has come B.had come C.will come D.comes

  15.The wise parents can tell whether their children are telling the truth they listen to their excuses to wrong deeds. A. the first time B. for the first time C. every time D. for every time

  16.As we came into the supermarket, I got from my parents. A. separated B.divided C. spared D. missed

  17. is no possibility to visit the factory, for the rain is so heavy. A. It B. There C. That D. This

  18. His words remind me we did toghter during the past holidays. A. of which B. of what C. of that D. what

  19.Thoughmoney, his parents managed to send him to go abroad. A. lacked B. lacking of C. lacking D. lacked in

  20. Finding a job is very difficult, so the forst is very important in a job interview. A. impression B. appearance C. expression D. looking

  21. I’m sorry, I won’t be able to come tonight. A. for B. and C. but D. or

  22. The key point is not who said the words, they are true or not. A. but whether B. and whether C. but why D. and how

  23. Just because they make more money than I do, they seem to look down on me. A. so B. and C. while D. 不填

  24. “Don’t you believe me?” “, I’ll believe you say.” A. No; whatever C. No; no matter what B. Yes; no matter what D. Yes; whatever

  25. “Haven’t seen you for ages! Do you still work in Guangzhou?” “. It’s two years since I worked there.” A. Yes, I have B. Yes, I do C. No, I haven’t D. No, I don’t

  26. “I‘ve never found a better job.” “.”
A. I don’t think so worry
B. Too bad
C. Congratulations
D. Don’t

  27. While typing, Helen has a habit of stopping to give her long and flowing hair a smooth. A. occasionally B. simultaneously C. eventually D. directly

  28. In my opinion, you can widen the of these improvements through your active participation. A. dimension B. volume C. magnitude D. scope

  29. The young man was stealing possession of his factory and put into prison. A. accused of B. accused with C. charge of D. charged for

  30. Sorry, sir. It wasn’t my to disturb you last night. A. means B. suggestion C. advice D. intemtion

  31. Have you heard of the case a child accused his paeents of being ill-treated? A. what B. how C. where D. why

  32. The noise was so that only those with excellent hearing were aware of it. A. dim B. soft C. faint D. gentle

  33.She may have missed the train, she won’t arrive for another hour. .A. whose case B.in which case C. in any case D. in that case

  34. I hear boys in your school like playing football in their spare time,though others prefer basketball. A. quite a few B.quite a lot C. quite a bit D. quite a little

  35. Don’t touch anything in the lab unless. A. to be allowed B. allowed C, to be allowing D.allowed to

  36.How can you pass the examination you never attended class? A. in case B. even if C. unless D. when

  37. I heard voice that had been shouted to me as a child. A. every B. such C. any D. one

  38. If he refuses to my plan, I can probably find someone more cooperative. A. put up with B. fall in with C. keep up with D. catch up with

  39. Some people either avoid questions of right and wrong or remain neutral about
them. A. violently B. sincerely C. properly D. deliberately

  40.The rain yesterday was heavy., the road were flooded. A. As a result of B. As a consequence C. Consequent D. In consequence of
41 ?Hi, this way, please. ?OK.I sometimes have no sense of when I arrive at the crossroad. A. position B. direction C. way D. road

  42. She had prepared carefully for her English examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first . A. try B. attempt C. purpose D. hope

  43. His letter was so confusing that I could hardly make any of it. A. use B. meaning C. sense D. guess

  44. You’ve just missed your , and you will have to wait for the next round. A. chance B. turn C. time D. round

  45. Jim was late for two classes this morning. He said that he forgot both of the . A. rooms’ number B. room number C. room’s numbers D. room numbers

  46. In order to learn the of the family business, Bill took a job as messenger boy in one of the offices. A. ins and outs B. dos and don’ts C. heads and tails D. p’s and q’s
474Her skirt had been so in packing that she had to iron it before going out. A. faded B. torn C. dirty D. crushed

  48. The environment is exactly everything that affect us in some. A. aspect B. aspects C. suspect D.prospect

  49. with a big family the man worked hard day and night. A. Loading B.Having loaded C. Loaded D. Being loaded

  50. He was busy last night, otherwise he to the meeting. A. would come B. would have come C.came D. had come

  1.【解析】A 考查副词词义辨析。Somehow 不管怎么样,以某种方式或方法;anyhow 随 便地;anyway 加之,而且;somewhat 有一些,稍微。句意:汤姆,你最好弄到钱交房 租,否则,我就会把你赶出去。

  2. 【解析】C 考查不定代词的辨析。由后面的 both 可知是两本书。
  3. 【解析】A 考查介词的辨析。句意:要是我在学校的成绩再高一点,我就能考上重点大 学了。高一点,上升,A 最合适。
  4. 【解析】B 考查动词短语。Come to light 显露,被发现;bright to light 揭发,发现;see through 识破光;give out light 发出光;句意:在科学家的帮助下,关于海洋的更多新的真 相逐渐地被发现。
  5. 【解析】A 考查合成词的用法。在表示中心意思的词上变化。Passer-by 过路人,复数 为 passers-by;grown-up 成年人表示整体意思,复数 grown-ups
  6. 【解析】C 考查合成词作定语。Up-to-date 现代的,新式的;outdate 为动词,使过时; update 动词使现代;out of-date 过时的,不合题意。
  7. 【解析】B 考查同义词辨析。Be used to 习惯于与 be begining to 一时不符;acquire 指逐渐获得和养成;achieve 强调经过极大地努力,克服困难获得;attain 经过艰苦努力使 人达到完美。
  8. 【解析】C 考查近义词辨析。left 剩余的意思与星期五的航班语境不吻合,不能说剩余。 Convenient 便利,方便;useful 有用的不作后置定语;available 可以得到的。
  9. 【解析】C 考查代用法。要注意标点符号,that 替代前面内容,符合句式用法,this 替 代后面内容。
  10. 【解析】D 考查 as 构成的让步状语从句。过顶用法为“谓语动词+as+主语+情态动词”
  11. 【解析】D 考查动词词义辨析。Be absorded in though=be lost in thought 陷入沉思。 如果把 deeply 改为 deep 也可以。Stick 与 to 连接。
  12. 【解析】B 考查 blame 表示该受责备固定及主谓语的一致性的用法。Be to blame 为 固定用语;定语从句修饰的是 you 而不是 student,要注意主谓语的一致性。
  13. 【解析】 考查短语动词的辨析。 C Result from 后接原因; result into 不用此短语, result in=lead to 导致,前因后果;contribute to 有助于,对有贡献,成为的原因,后接结 果符合句意。
  14. 【解析】A 考查语境下的时态。飞机着陆要有一个过程,用现在完成时。
  15. 【解析】C 考查连词用法。表示每一次的意思并且后接从句应该用 every time.
  16. 【解析】A 考查动词词义辨析。separate 隔开,隔离符合句意;divide 把整天分成若 干部分。Spare 均出;miss 丢失,怀念。
  17. 【解析】B 句型考查 There’s no possibility to do sth.没有可能做某事,要防止误选 it,
如果用的话,它的句型为 It is not possible to do sth.
  18. 【解析】B 考查固定搭配和宾语从句。Remind sb. of sth.使人想起某事;后面是我们 一起做的用 what.
  19. 【解析】C 考查 lack、省略、分词的用法。Lack 为及物动词意思是缺乏,缺少;前后 主语一直可以发出 lack 这个动作。
  20. 【解析】A 考查名词辨析。句意是第一印象,impression 印象符合句意;appearance 外表;expression 表情;looking 相貌。
  21【解析】C 考查交际用语。 事实上,I’m sorry 后习惯上不接表示原因的连词 for,而接 表示转折的连词 but(也可省略 but),用以委婉地提出一个使对方不快的事实。但防止 误选 for.
  22.解析】 【 A.考查 notbut 不是而是固定搭配。 此题涉及两个搭配: 一是 not … but … (不是……而是……),二是 whether … or not (是否)。
  23.【解析】D 考查英汉之间的口语差别。按英语语法,because 为从属连词,用以引导原 因状语从句,它表明整个句子为复合句;而 so 在表示“所以”时,它是并列连词,用以连 接两个简单句使之成为并列句。由于在同一句中既用了从属连词 because,又用了并列连 词 so,使得该句一半像复合句,一半像并列句,容易导致错误。突破方法是:任意去掉 because 和 so 中的一个,使之要么成为复合句,要么成为并列句。
  24. 【解析】D 考查 no 和 yes 的答语。在回答否定疑问句时,要特别注意 yes, no 的正 确理解。 回答 yes 时, 可视为 yes, I do 之类的省略形式; 回答 no 时, 可视为 no, I don’t 之类的省略形式。针对上题而言,“Don’t you believe me?”的意思是“你难道不相信我?” 其答句 “Yes, I do” 的实际意思便是“不,我相信你”,这与 I‘ll believe whatever you say 的 意思完全吻合。注意,第二空不宜填 no matter what,因为它只能引导让步状语从句,不 能引导宾语从句。
  25. 【解析】D 考查交际用语 yes 与 no 的用法。本题中 It‘s two years since I worked there 的实际意思是“我没在那儿工作已有两年了”。弄清此句的意思后,再结合上下文的语境,就 能选
  26. 【解析】 考查比较级的否定句的句意。 never found a better job 的实际意思是“这 C I‘ve 是我所找到的最好的一份工作”,可视为 I’ve never found a better job than this job (我从 来没有找到比这份工作更好的工作,即这是我所找到的最好的工作)省略。只要正确理解 了这话的实际含义,答案选 C 也就不难理解了。

  27.【解析】A. 考查副词词义辨析。occasionally 偶尔;Simultaniously 同时地;eventually 最后; directly 直接。
  28.【解析】D. 考查名词词义辨析。scope (活动)范围,机会,余地;dimension 尺寸,尺 度;magnitude 大小,数量;volume 体积。均不切题。句意:依我看,通过你的积极参与, 你能够扩大这些改进措施的范围。
  29. 【解析】A 考查动词短语辨析。“指控某人干某事”为 accuse sb



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