上百度,输入 沈阳高分英语家教"查询 输入"沈阳高分英语家教 查询! 请上 www.sypeterwu.com 或上百度 输入 沈阳高分英语家教 查询 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,掌握其大意,然后从 16?35 各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选 出最佳选项。 Robert Moody, 52, is an experienced police officer. Much of his work involves dealing with 16 an gang (团伙)problems in the schools of his community. Knowing that many kids often 17 trouble, he decided to do something about it. So in 1991 he began to invite small groups of kids to . go fishing with him on his day 18 Those fun trips had a(n) 19 impact. A chance encounter in 2000 proved that. One day, 20 working security at a school basketball game, Moody noticed two young guys 21 .He sensed trouble between them. 22 one of them headed toward Moody and gave him a hug.”I 23 you. You took me 24 when I was in fifth grade. That was one of the 25 days of my life .” Deeply touched by the boy’s word, Moody decided to create a foundation (基金会)that 26 teenagers to the basics of fishing in camping programs. “As a policeman, I saw 27 there was violence, drugs were always behind it. They have a damaging 28 on the kids,” says Moody. By turning kids on to fishing, he 29 to present an alternative way of life, “When you’re sitting there waiting for a 30 ,”he says, “you can’t help but talk to each other, and such 31 can be pretty deep.” “Talking about drugs helped prepare me for the peer 同龄人) ( pressures in high school,” says Michelle, 17 who 32 the first program. “And I was able to help my little brother 33 drugs.” Moody faces 34 in three years, when he hopes to run the foundation full-time.”I’m living a happy life and I have a responsibility to my 35 to give back,” Moody says.”If I teach a kid to fish today, he can teach his brother to fish tomorrow.”
  16. A. drinking B.drug C.security
  17. A. ran into B.got over C.left behind
  18. A.ahead B.away C.off
  19. A.immediate B.damaging C.limited D.smoking D.looked into D.out D.lasting

  20. A.once B.while C.since D.until
  21. A.quarreling B.complaining C.talking D.cheering
  22. A.Slowly B.Suddenly C.Finally D.Secretly
  23. A.understand B.hear C. see D.remember
  24. A.fishing B.sailing C.boating D. swimming.
  25. A.quietest B.longest C.best D.busiest
  26. A.connects B.introduces C.reduces D.commits
  27. A.where B.unless C.as D.whether
  28. A.impression B.burden C.decision D.impact
  29. A.asked B.intended C.pretended D.agreed
  30. A.solution B.change C.bite D.surprise
  31. A.concerns B.interests C.conversations D.emotions
  32. A. participated in B. worked out C. approved of D. made up
  33. A. misuse B. avoid C. tolerate D. test
  34. A. unemployment B. challenge C. competition D. retirement
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  35. A. team B. school C. family D. community
第二部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题
  2.5 分,满分 50 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 A WELCOM Shopping Welcome to Windsor Castle, the oldest and Shops offer a wide range of souvenirs designed largest occupied castle in the world. Windsor is for the Royal Collection, including books, one of the official residences(住所)of the postcards, china, jewellery, and children’s toys. Queen, who sometimes stays here. Please ask at the Middle Ward shop about our Audio tours home delivery service. Free audio tours are available on leaving the Refreshments Admission Centre at the start of your visit. Bottled water can be purchased from the There is a descriptive audio tour for blind and Courtyard and Middle Ward shops. Form April poor-sighted visitors. to September ice cream is also available. Guided tours Visitors wishing to leave the Castle for Visitors can explore the history of the Castle refreshments in the town may obtain re-entry through a tour of the Precincts with an expert permits from the castle shops. Eating and guide. Tours depart at regular intervals drinking are not permitted in the State throughout the day from the Courtyard and Apartments or St George’s Chapel. finish at the entrance to the State Apartments. Photography and mobile phones Visitors with children Non-commercial photography and filming are For those visiting with children, a special welcomed in the Castle. Photography, video family tour and various activities are offered recording and filming are not permitted inside during school holidays and at weekends. Please the State Apartments or St George’s Chapel in note that, for safely reasons, pushchairs are not consideration of other visitors. permitted in the State Apartments. However, Security baby carriers are available to borrow. As Windsor Castle is a working royal palace, St George’s Chapel visitors and their belongings should get through Visitors arriving at the Castle after 15:00 from airport-style security checks. For safety and March to October are advised to visit St security reasons a one-way system operates George’s Chapel first before it closes. along the visitor route.

  36. A visitor can apply for a free audio tour . A. in the Courtyard B. in the State Apartments C. at the Admission Center D. at St George’s Chapel
  37. What is specially offered to visitors with kids? A. A security guard. B. A pushchair. C. A free toy. D. A baby carrier.
  38. Who can get re-entry permits? A. Visitors wishing to eat outside the Castle. B. Visitors buying gifts in the castle shops. C. Visitors buying water from the Courtyard. D. Visitors eating outside St George’s Chapel.
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  39. Why are visitors required to turn off their mobile phones? A. To ensure the safety of others. B. To ensure the security of the Castle. C. To prevent them from disturbing others. D. To prevent the use of the built-in cameras.
  40. In the last part, a “working royal palace” refers to one . A. still being constructed B. still used by the royal family C. where the Queen usually works D. where works of art are on show B Why play games? Because they are fun, and a 1ot more besides. Following the rules…planning your next move...acting as a team member…these are all “game” ideas that you will come across throughout your life. Think about some of the games you played as a young child, such as rope-jumping and hide-and-seek. Such games are entertaining and fun. But perhaps more importantly, they translate life into exciting dramas that teach children some of the basic rules they will be expected to follow the rest of their lives, such as taking turns and cooperating (合作) . Many children’s games have a practical side Children around the world play games that prepare them for work they will do as grown-ups. For instance, some Saudi Arabian children play a game called bones. Which sharpens the hand-eye coordination(协调)needed in hunting. Many sports encourage national or local pride. The most famous games of all, the Olympic Games, bring athletes from around the world together to take part in friendly competition. People who watch the event wave flags, knowing that a gold medal is a win for an entire country, not just the athlete who earned it. For countries experiencing natural disasters or war, an Olympic win can mean so much. Sports are also an event that unites people. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. People on all continents play it?some for fun and some for a living. Nicolette Iribarne, a Californian soccer player, has discovered a way to spread hope through soccer. He created a foundation to provide poor children with not only soccer balls but also a promising future. Next time you play your favorite game or sport, think about why you enjoy it, what skills are needed, and whether these skills will help you in other aspects of your life.
  41. Through playing hide-and-seek, children are expected to learn to . A. be a team leader B. obey the basic rules C. act as a grown-up D. predict possible danger
  42. The underlined part in Paragraph 2 most probably means that games can. A. describe life in an exciting way B. turn real-life experiences into a play C. make learning life skills more interesting D. change people’s views of sporting events
  43. According to the passage, why is winning Olympic medals so encouraging? A. It inspires people’s deep love for the country. B. It proves the exceptional skills of the winners.
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上百度,输入 沈阳高分英语家教"查询 输入"沈阳高分英语家教 查询! 请上 www.sypeterwu.com 或上百度 输入 沈阳高分英语家教 查询 C. It helps the country out of natural disasters. D. It earns the winners fame and fortune.
  44. Iribarne’s goal of forming the foundation is to . A. bring fun to poor kids B. provide soccer balls for children C. give poor kids a chance for a better life D. appeal to soccer players to help poor kids
  45.What can be inferred from the passage? A.Gamed benefit people all their lives. B.Sports can get all athletes together. C.People are advised to play games for fun. D.Sports increase a country’s competitiveness. C In the kitchen of my mother’s houses there has always been a wooden stand(木架)with a small notepad(记事本)and a hole for a pencil. I’m looking for paper on which to note down the name of a book I am recommending to my mother. Over forty years since my earliest memories of the kitchen pad and pencil, five houses later, the current paper and pencil look the same as they always did. Surely it can’t be the same pencil? The pad is more modern, but the wooden stand is definitely the original one. “I’m just amazed you still have the same stand for holding the pad and pencil after all these year.” I say to her, walking back into the living-room with a sheet of paper and the pencil. “You still use a pencil. Can’t you afford a pen?” My mother replies a little sharply. “It works perfectly well. I’ve always kept the stand in the kitchen. I never knew when I might want to note down an idea, and I was always in the kitchen in these days.” Immediately I can picture her, hair wild, blue housecoat covered in flour, a wooden spoon in one hand, the pencil in the other, her mouth moving silently. My mother smiles and says, “One day I was cooking and watching baby Pauline, and I had a brilliant thought, but the stand was empty. One of the children must have taken the paper. So I just picked up the breadboard and wrote it all down on the back. It turned out to be a real breakthrough for solving the mathematical problem I was working on.” This story?which happened before I was born?reminds me how extraordinary my mother was, and is also a gifted mathematician. I feel embarrassed that I complain about not having enough child-free time to work. Later, when my mother is in the bathroom, I go into her kitchen and turn over the breadboards. Sure enough, on the back of the smallest one, are some penciled marks I recognize as mathematics. Those symbols have traveled unaffected through fifty years, rooted in the soil of a cheap wooden breadboard, invisible(看不到的)exhibits at every meal.
  46.Why has the author’s mother always kept the notepad and pencil in the kitchen? A.To leave messages. B.To list her everyday tasks. C.To note down maths problems. D.To write down a flash of inspiration.
  47. What is the author’s original opinion about the wooden stand? A. It has great value for the family. B. It needs to be replaced by a better one. C. It brings her back to her lonely childhood.
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上百度,输入 沈阳高分英语家教"查询 输入"沈阳高分英语家教 查询! 请上 www.sypeterwu.com 或上百度 输入 沈阳高分英语家教 查询 D .It should be passed on to the next generation. .
  48. The author feels embarrassed for A. blaming her mother wrongly. B. giving her mother a lot of trouble. C. not making good use of time as her mother did. D. not making any breakthrough in her field.
  49. What can be inferred from the last paragraph? A .The mother is successful in her career. B. The family members like traveling. C. The author had little time to play when young. D. The marks on the breadboard have disappeared.
  50. In the author’s mind ,her mother is . A. strange in behavior. B. keen on her research. C. fond of collecting old things. D. careless about her appearance. D To err is human. To blame the other guy is even more human. Common sense is not all that common. Why tell the truth when you can come up with a good excuse? These three popular misquotes(戏谑的引语)are meant to be jokes, and yet they tell us a lot about human nature .To err, or to make mistakes, is indeed a part of being human, but it seems that most people don’t want to accept the responsibility for the problem. Perhaps it is the natural thing to do .The original quote about human na



   2010 年辽宁高考英语试题分析 辽宁高考英语试题 高考英语试题分 英语组 王美华 纵观全卷,10 辽宁高考英语卷无论在命题设计、难易程度、题量、题型等方面都体现了稳 中求变、稳中求新的命题原则。整卷难度略大于去年,增加了少量“爬坡”题,提升了试卷 的区分度。从试卷上看,主要体现在完形填空部分。整份试卷在考查了各项英语基础知识的 同时,更侧重考查考生对篇章的整体理解能力和语言的综合运用能力。具体体现在: 单项选择题??设题灵活,覆盖面广。 从考点的分配来看,基本与《2010 年辽宁省普通高校 ...


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   1. I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不是三岁小孩) 2. How do I address you?(我怎么称呼你) 3. She turns me off.(她使我厌烦。) 4. So far so good.(目前为止,一切都好。) 5. Be my guest.(请便、别客气) 6. That was a close call.(太危险了/千钧一发) 7. Far from it.(一点也不。) 8. It's a pain in the neck[麻烦的事(人 ...


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