2010 高考英语试题整理 I
walks of life are working hard for new Jiangsu.
第一部分: 第一部分:名词

  10,安徽)I haven’t seen Sara since she was a little girl, and she has changed beyond ( ,安徽) A. hearing B strength C. recognition D. measure
  10,江西) Last year the number of students who graduated with a driving license reached ( ,江西) 200,000, a (n) of 40,000 per year. A average A. relief A. room B number B. safety B. area C amount C. defense C. field D. shelter for the television. D. position D quantity
  10,山东)Those who suffer from headache will find they get from this medicine. ( ,山东)
  10,天津)James took the magazines off the little table to make ( ,天津)
A.不填; a 不填; 不填
B. 不填;the 不填;
C. the; a ;
D. the; the ;

  10,辽宁)There are over 58, 000 rocky objects in space, about 900 of which could ( ,辽宁) fall down onto earth. A. the; the B. 不填 the 不填; C. the; 不填 D. a; the 13 20
  10, ( 北京) First impressions are the most lasting. After all, you never get __ second chance to , 北京) make __ first impression. A. a; the the world. A. a, a speed up A. a; /
  10,四川) ( ,四川) In A. the; a most countries, a university degree can give you B. the; 不填 C.不填 不填 不填; 不填 D.不填 a 不填; 不填 flying start in life. B. the, / C. the, a D. a, / great harm to health that they actually D. /; / 15 20
  10, ( 浙江) Many lifestyle patterns do such , 浙江) weakening of the human body. B. /; the C. a; the B. the; the C. a; a D. the; a thing as free lunch in
  10, ( 重庆) ,重庆)Everything comes with
price; there is no such

  10,江苏)The doctor is skilled at treating heart trouble and never accepts any gift from his ( ,江苏) patients, so he has a very good. A. expectation B. reputation C. contribution D. civilization of foods that suit all tastes 6 20
  10, ( 湖北) This restaurant has become popular for its wide , 湖北) and pockets. A. division homeless families. A. accommodation direct . A. solution B. target C. measure D. function B. occupation C. equipment D. furniture. 8 20
  10, ( 浙江) The , 浙江) school advisers help you talk through your problem but they don’t give you any B. area C. range D. circle for the
7 After the earthquake, the first thing the local government did was to provide
第三部分: 第三部分:代词

  10,福建)When you introduce me to Mr. Johnson, could you please say ( ,福建) A. everything A. themselves A. both A. it B. a, 不填 B. 不填;a 不填; C. the, a C. the; a D. a, the10 D. the;the ;
  10,天津) ( ,天津) A. Anything the city.
for me?
B. anything B. them B. either B. that B. Nothing
C. something C. us C. others C. what D. one C. Everything
D. nothing
  22. D. ourselves D. the other

  10,上海)If our parents do everything for us children, we won't learn to depend on ( ,上海)
  10,安徽)You are a team star! Working with is really your cup of tea. ( ,安徽)
  10,山东)Helping others is a habit, you can learn even at an early age. ( ,山东) in my life impressed me so deeply as my first visit to the Palace Museum. D. Something
第二部分: 第二部分:冠词

  10,福建)It’s ( ,福建) them pleasure A. 不填 a 不填, A. 不填; the 不填; good feeling for people to admire the Shanghai World Expo that gives

  10,山东)If we sit near front of the bus, we’ll have better view. ( ,山东)
  10,江苏)The visitors here are greatly impressed by the fact that people from all ( ,江苏)
22 20
  10, ( 陕西) The , 陕西) cost of renting a house in central Xi’an is higher than in any other area of
2010 高考英语试题整理 I
A. that A. him between them. A. others them again. A. neither 26 products. A. whatever A of 28 20
  10, ( 浙江) , 浙江) direction. A.One . B.All . C.Everything . D.Anything . B as B. who C by C. whichever D with D. which
  10,江西)Nowadays some hospitals refer to patients name, not case number. ( ,江西) that’s important is that you are doing your best and moving in the right B. either C. each D. all had used the
  10,福建)More and more high-rise buildings have been built in big cities ( ,福建) A. in search of A. keep up with 38 38 A. linked travelled A. longer than B. in place of B. do away with C. for lack of C. get down to D. for fear of
  27. it D. look forward to
  38. ? In
  37. We’ve just moved into a bigger house and there’s a lot to do. Let’s In this day and age, women can have children and jobs as well. B. related the local market. B. more than C. as much as D. as far as C. connected D. combined
  33. space To improve the quality of our products, we asked for suggestions B. the other C. another D. one other of
  10,重庆)He had lost his temper and his health in the war and never found ( ,重庆) B. this C. it B. his D. one when I was a baby. D. mine C. me
  34(10 重庆)The dictionary is what I want, but I don’t have enough money ( 重庆) A. by A.by nature . C.in case . B. for B.in return . D.by chance . C. in D. with .
  35(10 浙江)I guess we’ve already talked about this before but I’ll ask you again just ( 浙江) me.

  10,四川)On my desk is a photo that my father took of ( ,四川)

  10, ( 全国Ⅱ ,全国Ⅱ)Neither side is prepared to talk to unless we can smooth things over
第五部分: 第五部分:动词和动词词组
--I can’t agree more. It’s great to have the two
  10,上海)In ancient times, people rarely travelled long distances and most farmers only ( ,上海)
第四部分: 第四部分:介词

  10,上海)Sean has formed the habit of jogging ( ,上海) every day. A. between tourists. A. by A. in A. by B. on B. below B. in C. on D. to everyone's C. for D. against a big tree. D. against he drops all charges. C. beside
  10,四川)Tired, Jim was fast asleep with his back ( ,四川) B. along C. below D. with 30 20
  10, ( 天津) My , 天津) father warned me the tree-lined avenue for two hours

  10,安徽)No matter how low you consider yourself, there is always someone you ( ,安徽) wishing they were that high A. getting rid of B. getting along withC. Looking up to D. looking down upon
  41. How did you like Nick’s performance last night? To be honest, his singing didn’t to me much A. appeal B . belong C refer D. occur
  10,江西)Parents much importance to education. They will do their best to give ( ,江西) their children that priceless gift. A attach A keep up with A in all B pay B put up with B in fact C link C end up with C in short D apply D catch up with D in return 43 Smell the flowers before you go to sleep, and you may just sweet dreams. 44We give dogs time, space and love we c an spare, and , dogs give us their all.
  10,山东)Sam some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on ( ,山东)
going to the West Coast because it was crowded with
32 20
  10, ( 辽宁) I , 辽宁) agree to his suggestion the condition that

  33(北京)Would you mind not picking the flowers in the garden? They are (北京) enjoyment. A. in B. at C. for D. to
2010 高考英语试题整理 I
it. A. brought up A. manage A. ended up A. looks 49 B. smells B. looked up B. serve C. picked up C. adapt D. set up D. construct as a manager. nice. C. came back D. tastes and left. . D. started off 46 Your house is always so neat?how do you it with three children?
  10,天津)Joining the firm as a clerk, he got rapid promotion , and ( ,天津) B. dropped out C. feels
  10,四川)Some people eat with their eyes. They prefer to order what ( ,四川) Jenny was looking for a seat when,luckily,a man , ,
  10,辽宁)Thousands of people to watch yesterday’s match against Ireland. ( ,辽宁) A.turned on . A. promises B. B.turned in . agrees C.turned around . D.turned out . all time .
  60. The new movie to be one of the biggest money-makers of c. pretends D. declines the plan to build a playground D.submit . B.support . C.confirm . 61 20
  10, ( 浙江) The , 浙江) majority of people in the town strongly for children. A.consider . ability. A.get away with . B.get on with . C.get through . D.get across . 62After that, he knew he could
any emergency by doing what be could to the best of his
A.took up . B.got up C.shut up D.set up . . .
  10,全国Ⅰ)The workers the glasses and marked on each box “ This Side Up” ( ,全国Ⅰ A. carried opened. A. attended B. attained C. attracted D. attached 52 The experiment has the possibility of the existence of any life on that planet, but it does not mean there is no life on other planets. A. found out B. pointed out C. ruled out D. carried out
  10,江苏)So far we have done a lot to build a low-carbon economy, but it is ideal. ( ,江苏) We have to work still harder. A. next to B. far from C. out of D. due to
  10,陕西)You look well. The air and the sea foods in Sanya must you, I suppose. ( ,陕西) A. agree with B. agree to C. agree on D. agree about
  10,全国Ⅱ)My mother opened drawer to the knives and spoons. ( ,全国Ⅱ A. put away B. put up C. put on D. put together 56 20
  10, 湖北) Just ( , 湖北) as the clothes a person wears , the food he eats and the friends with whom he spends his time, his house his personality. A. resembles 57 Had he A. looked up to A. in preference to B. strengthens C. reflects D. shapes D. come up with favors to them. her promise, she would have made it to Yale University. B. lived up to C. kept up with A. promised A. has restored B. delivered C. pressed D. packed
  10,江苏)Thousands of foreigners were to the Shanghai World Expo the day it ( ,江苏)
第六部分: 第六部分:动词时态和语态
63 10 上海) ( 上海) Every few years, the coal workers A. are having B. have their lungs X-rayed to ensure their health. C. have had D. had had

  64. The church tower which
will be open to tourists soon. The work is almost finished. C. is restoring D. is being restored
B. has been restored

  65(10 福建)Every year a flood of farmers arrive in Shenzhen for the money-making jobs they ( 福建) before leaving their hometown B. were promised C. have promised D. have been promised
66 ?Guess what, we’ve got our visas for a short-term visit to the UK this summer. --How nice! You A. will be experiencing experienced
  67(10 安徽)Were you surprised by the ending of the film? ( 安徽) No, I the book, so I already knew the story? A. was reading B. had read C. am reading D. have read a different culture then. B. have experienced C. have been experiencing D. will have

  58. It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money
B. in place of C. in agreement with D. in exchange for
68 We’ve spent too much money recently.
2010 高考英语试题整理 I
well, it isn’t surprising. Our friend and relatives around all the time t A. are coming B. had come C. were coming D. have been coming a national wildlife reserve last year. C. is named D. names it. Was it you? D. will do Shanghai World Expo. A. are exhibiting C. are being exhibited B. is exhibiting D. is being exhibited

  69(10 湖南)This coastal area ( 湖南) A. was named 70 B. named

  78(10 四川) In many people’s opinion,that company,though relatively small,is ( 四川) company, . , , pleasant . B.dealing with . C.to be dealt with D.dealt with C. .
I was just going to cut my rose bushes but someone A. has done B. had done
C. would do
A.to deal with .
71 I walked slowly through the market, where people studied the prices carefully and bought what I needed. ces A. sell
  72. I'm tired out. . I A. shopped C. had shopped B. were selling
all kinds of fruits and vegetables. I
79 一 When shall we restart our business? w_w w. k#s5_u. 一 Not until we our plan. . B.are finishing . D.have finished . to and I’m afraid the teacher will blame you. . D.were expected D.
C. had sold
D. have sold
A.will finish . C.are to finish .
all afternoon and I don't seem to have finished anything. B. have shopped D. have been shopping

  80.You’ve failed to do what you . A.will expect .
B.will be expectedC.expected . .
73 10 江西) ( 江西) Mother wanted to be a good provider, a role she since her marriage to Father. A shoulders B shouldered C is shouldering D has been shouldering

  81(10 全国Ⅰ)?Have you finished reading Jane Eyre? ( 全国Ⅰ Have ?No , I my homework all day yesterday. No A. was doing B. wo



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最全的 英语励志电影

   最全的励志电影~~考研的你一定要看¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ 2009-04-06 16:42 考研的你一定要看¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ 最全的励志电影 考研的你一定要看 默认分类) | (分类: NO.1 肖申克的救赎 / 刺激 1995 逆境中求生存 ,很喜欢安迪放 MOZART 的《费加罗的婚礼》那段,圣洁高亢的女高音穿云 裂帛久被牢牢禁锢的人们呆住了。他们可能不知这是什么音乐,可是对美的感觉,对自由的 渴望, 每个人都是一样。 人们抬头望着碧蓝无垠的天空, 美好的情愫随美妙的音韵四处飘荡, 镜 ...


   初二英语月度作业 I. 听下面 4 段对话。从图中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。听完每段对话后, 你都有 10 秒钟的时间来选择相关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍 1. What’s the girl’s favourite animal ? 2. Where’s her father ? A 3. Which picture is about the talking ? B C A B 4. Where did the girl go last summer ? C A ...