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一 I used to be ashamed of my grandma. I know that's a until today, so I have to The 38 37 it. 36 thing to say, but it was true
started when my friend Katy found Grandma's false teeth floating in a glass on 39 took notice of them. But Katy 41 her to
the bathroom sink. I was so used to seeing them that I shouted, laughing and 40
to talk to them. I had to get down on my knees and 42 43 and get hurt.
shut up so my grandma wouldn't After that happened, I embarrassing(令人窘迫).
there were a million things about Grandma that were
Once she took Jill and me out to Burger King.
ordering our hamburgers well-done,
she told the person behind the counter, "They'll have two Whoppers (巨无霸) well-to-do. " Jill burst out laughing, but I almost 45 . 46 Grandma in a closet. I even complained to 47 in our
After a while, I started wishing I could
my parents. Both my parents said I had to be careful not to make Grandma feel home. Then last Wednesday, something happened that told us to help find interesting old people and 49 48
everything completely. My teacher 50 for a big Oral
them about their
History project. I was trying to think of someone when Angie pushed me gently. "Volunteer your grandmother," she whispered. "She's 51 and rich in experience."
That was the last thing I ever thought Angie would say about my grandma. This is how I ended up on 52 today interviewing my own grandmother before the 53 she was
whole school assembly (集合). All my friends and teachers were listening to her a great heroine. I was been ashamed of her.
  36. A. funny
  37. A. admit
  38. A. quarrel B. common B. receive B. accident C. terrible C. refuse C. trouble D. clear D. show D. adventure 54 of my grandma and hoped she would 55
know that I had
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  39. A. already
  40. A. enjoying
  41. A. warn
  42. A. mind
  43. A. expected
  44. A. Because of
  45. A. died
  46. A. meet
  47. A. independent
  48. A. changed
  49. A. interview
  50. A. news
  51. A. free
  52. A. show
  53. A. and then
  54. A. sure
  55. A. never B. always B. pretending B. demand B. hear B. declared B. Except for B. cheered B. avoid B. inconvenient B. finished B. report B. lives B. popular B. stage B. even if B. proud B. even C. simply C. imagining C. advise C. see C. realized C. Such as C. disappeared C. arrange C. unwelcome C. stopped C. tell C. advantages C. interesting C. duty C. so that C. ashamed C. still 答案解析
  36【答案】C 【解析】根据第一句I used to be ashamed of my grandma 以及后文可知,作者过去对奶奶 错误的看法或态度是一件羞于启齿的事情.funny滑稽可笑的 ;common常见的;clear清晰 的.
  37【答案】A 【解析】虽然这种事情说出来不好,但却是一个事实,作者不得不承认.
  38【答案】C 【解析】后文所列举的例子,是作者认为由奶奶引起的麻烦事.另外后文没有出现作者与 Katy争吵,故排除A;accident事故;adventure冒险.
  39【答案】D 【解析】根据句意可知此处应为否定的语气.
  40【答案】B D. hardly D. continuing D. beg D. fall D. doubted D. Instead of D. suffered D. hide D. unfamiliar D. Prepared D. write D. achievements D. embarrassing D. time D. as if D. afraid D. once
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【解析】根据动词的用法可排除A,C;再根据后文作者担心奶奶会听见受到伤害可以推 断出Katy只是假装要宣扬这件事.
  41【答案】D 【解析】此处作者应为恳求的语气.
  42【答案】B 【解析】根据上下文及词意可知.
  43【答案】C 【解析】联系上下文可知,作者意识到奶奶会引起很多不愉快的事情.expect盼望;期望; declare 宣告;宣称;doubt怀疑.
  44【答案】D 【解析】根据常识可知,买汉堡包应该买已经做好的,而奶奶却让他们做一个"巨无霸" 汉堡包.
  45【答案】A 【解析】根据前文but 可知,作者的态度应与弟弟的态度相反,再结合作者对奶奶的态度 可排除B项,disappear 消失,不符语意, suffer受苦,遭受;此处用die表示作者十分生气失 望的心情.
  46【答案】D 【解析】作者希望把奶奶藏起来,不让奶奶出来引起麻烦.
  47【答案】C 【解析】inconvenient 不便利的,不方便的,主语不能为人,故排除;结合语意可知父母 不希望让奶奶感到在家里不受欢迎.
  48【答案】A 【解析】此处为本文的转折点,根据下文可知,作者对奶奶的看法发生了根本性的改变. finish结束;stop停止; prepare准备.
  49【答案】A 【解析】根据52个空后面的interview 可知答案.
  50【答案】B 【解析】根据下文51个空后面的rich in experience 可知此处lives 为生活,经历.
  51【答案】C 【解析】 根据49个空前面My teacher told us to help find interesting old people… 的可知此处
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  52【答案】B 【解析】作者在全体师生面前采访奶奶,让她讲述自己的经历应在舞台上.on show在展 览,on duty 在上班,on time按时.
  53【答案】D 【解析】as if好象.
  54【答案】B 【解析】 联系上文可知, 作者对奶奶的看法已经转变. proud of 对……感到自豪, be sure be of 确信,be afraid of 害怕…….
  55【答案】A 【解析】作者希望奶奶永远不会知道自己原来对她的看法,不让她因此受到伤害. 二 The party began shortly after Mr. Wood, who lived in the flat below, signed to himself as he heard excited voices and the noisy music. Luckily he had 37 36 some work home from the office,
he kept himself busy for a couple of hours, thus managing to pay no attention to the noise and was ready to go to bed, though from his earlier
38 . But by eleven o'clock he felt 39 experience he knew it was 40 bed, trying to read, but he 41 turned off the light and
trying to get to sleep. He undressed and lay for a while on the himself reading the same page over and over again. He then the noise,
42 his head in the pillow. But 43 he could not shut 44
finally, after 45 seemed hours, his 46 was gone. He jumped out of bed, 47 some clothing, marched 48 up the stairs, and walked into his neighbor's flat. The owner of the flat, who 49 him in his dressing gown, came 50 the room and, 51 Mr. Wood could say anything, cried, "My dear fellow, come and
  52. I know our parties 53 you. I meant to send you
  54." Mr. Wood's anger disappeared then and there. He said, "I'd better go and get
  55." Minutes later, he returned, properly dressed, only to find that the party was nearly over.
  36.A. taken
  37.A. with which
  38.A. outside
  39.A. bad
  40.A. useless B. carried B. from which B. overhead B. tired B. necessary C. brought C. where C. downstairs C. sick C. possible D. fetched D. when D. nearby D. hopeless D. helpful
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  41.A. had
  42.A. buried
  43.A. till then
  44.A. away
  45.A. it
  46.A. sleep
  47.A. pulled on
  48.A. sadly
  49.A. made fun of
  50.A. across
  51.A. as
  52.A. meet as
  53.A. may trouble
  54.A. a notice
  55.A. washed B. found B. rested B. worse still B. off B. what B. strength B. dressed up B. proudly B. stared at B. around B. before B. sit here B. would trouble B. a message B. changed 答案解析 36, 【答案】C 【解析】Mr Wood 从办公室里带来一些工作.take 带走; carry 搬运; fetch 去取,去 拿. 37, 【答案】A 【解析】keep sb busy with…一直忙于……. 38, 【答案】B 【解析】Mr wood 住在楼下,后文提到他跑到楼上去制止邻居的聚会可知噪音是从上面 传出来的. 39, 【答案】B 【解析】这时已经是晚上十一点,Mr Wood 又做了几个小时的工作,因此感到很劳累. 40, 【答案】A 【解析】根据后文他没有睡觉而是在读书可知他已知道睡觉很难. 41, 【答案】B 【解析】find …doing…发现……正在做……. C. caught C. shook C. strange enough C. down C. that C. patience C. selected C. quietly C. was angry with C. towards C. though C. join us C. may bother C. an invitation C. dressed D. felt D. turned D. even so D. up D. which D. anger D. wore D. firmly D. caught sight of D. by D. until D. scold me D. must bother D. an apology D. prepared
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42, 【答案】A 【解析】他把头埋进枕头里是为了不让自己听到楼上传出的噪音. 43, 【答案】D 【解析】even so 指即便把头埋到枕头下面. 44, 【答案】B 【解析】shut off 切断,使隔绝.即便如此,也不能隔绝楼上传出的噪音. 45, 【答案】B 【解析】after 为介词,后引导宾语从句,从句中缺主语,故用 what.看起来好像有几个 小时的样子. 46, 【答案】C 【解析】试了几种方法后依然受到噪音的干扰不能入睡时,他便失去了耐心. 47, 【答案】A 【解析】根据后文 Mr Wood 又回去换衣服可知,他第一次穿得很随意,只是随手拿了件 衣服.dress up 打扮得整整齐齐;select 挑选,这两个词与下文意思不符.wear 表状态,本 句是用 and 连接几个表示动作的并列谓语动词,故也可排除. 48, 【答案】D 【解析】前文提到 Mr Wood 失去了耐心,决定一定要制止楼上的噪音.firmly 坚定地. 49, 【答案】D 【解析】make fun of…取笑……;stare at 瞪……;be angry with…对……生气,这三个词 与下文意思不符,可排除.catch sight of 看见. 50, 【答案】A 【解析】 come across 此处意思为:越过……来到,过来. 51, 【答案】B 【解析】Mr Wood 还没来得及开口,晚会的主人便向他发出了邀请. 52, 【答案】C 【解析】根据后面 Mr Wood 回家换衣服再来参加聚会可知此处是晚会的主人邀请 Mr Wood 参加聚会. 53, 【答案】B 【解析】晚会的主人知道开晚会一定会打扰 Mr Wood,故排除 A,C,D 项.must 语气 不行,此处用 would 比较委婉地表达晚会主人的想法.
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54, 【答案】C 【解析】send…an invitation 向……发出邀请. 55, 【答案】B 【解析】根据后文的 properly dressed 可知答案. 三 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题
  1.5 分;满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中选出能填入相应空白处 的最佳选项. One day in September we were doing repair work on my parents' old house to get it ready for my youngest daughter's wedding. We had to 36 a great climbing plant that had grown 38 the walls. 37 a
roof beam(房梁) ,so that we could repair the roof and
When my husband was taking the plant away, he found a 39 of a blackbird that had made its home in the leaves. He then 40 something 41 among that mass of earth and straw of the ,saw glittering
nest. He broke the earth around it into pieces with his finger tips and, to his 42 gold. It was a child's bracelet(手镯). He ran into the house to "You won't believe that the 43 me.
44 blackbirds not only steal the best fruit we 46 in a cradle(摇摆)of gold!" 47
45 to feed
on," he said,"but they also want their children to
When my daughter came over on the eve of the occurrence. "Don't you remember, Mother?" she said with a loud me a bracelet that I 50
,we told her about this
."When I was eight, you gave
a few days later while out playing in the yard? It was this one!" 51 its owner and was dirty, I decided to take it into my
As the bracelet no longer safekeeping.
In December of the following year, the young couple's baby son was baptized(受洗 礼).Among the like 53 52 the newborn baby received, I placed his mother's bracelet, now shining 54 loses it, one of the 55 that live in my backyard
. I hope that if my grandson
is somewhere nearby.
  38.A.build B.cover B.over B.paint C.grow C.across C.rescue D.water D.through D.print
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  55.A.blackbirds B.baby B.got B.colorful B.surprise B.tell B.cheating B.plant B.sing B.Christmas B.strange B.sigh B.threw B.satisfied B.toys B.new B.just B.grandchildren 答案解析 36, 【答案】A 【解析】根据第一段第一句可知答案. 37, 【答案】C 【解析】 through 纵穿, 从……的内部穿过, 根据常识可排除; 再根据前面的 climbing plant 可排除 A,B 两项.此处 across 意思为横过,缠绕. 38, 【答案】B 【解析】前文提到是对房子进行维修,可排除 A 项 ;另外,本文没有提到房子是危房, 故可排除 C 项;print 印刷,与句子意思不符.paint the walls 粉刷墙壁. 39, 【答案】A 【解析】根据后文的 that mass of earth and straw of the nest 可知答案. 40, 【答案】D 【解析】根据后一句话可知作者的丈夫这时注意到了有一个发光的东西. C.body C.picked C.shiny C.delight C.show C.dreaming C.store C.listen C.birthday C.terrible C.laugh C.lost C.matched C.clothes C.modern C.even C.neighbors D.egg D.noticed D.special D. disappointment D.give D.thieving D.



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   大学英语四级词汇及常用短语汇总 A a art.一(个);每一(个) abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 able a.有能力的;出色的 abnormal a.不正常的;变态的 aboard ad.在船(车)上;上船 about prep.关于;在…周围 above prep.在…上面;高于 abroad ad.(在)国外;到处 absence n.缺席,不在场;缺乏 absent a.不在场的;缺乏的 absolute a.绝对的;纯粹的 abso ...


   绝密☆ 绝密☆启用前 试卷类型: 试卷类型:B 2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(湖北卷) 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(湖北卷) 英语 分钟。 本试题卷共 16 页。全卷满分 150 分。考试用时 120 分钟。 ★祝考试顺利★ 祝考试顺利★ 注意事项: 注意事项: 1.答题前,考生务必将自己的姓名、准考证号填写在试题卷和答题卡上,并将准考证号 条形码粘贴在答题卡上的指定位置。用 2B 铅笔将答题卡上试卷类型 B 后的方框涂黑。 2.选择题的作答:每小题选出答案后,用 2B 铅笔 ...


   幼儿英语歌曲 幼儿英语歌曲 最牛少儿英语口语学习法:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 最牛少儿英语口语学习法:躺在家里练口语,全程外教一对一,三个月畅谈无阻! 少儿英语口语学习法 太平洋在线英语,可免费体验全部外教一对一课程:www.pacificenglish.cn www.pacificenglish.cn 1 天空之城.mp3 (超好听) http://6ttk.cn/LQXS/TKZC(LCDKLDM).mp3 2 纯音乐-风筝与风-twins(流行恋曲(钢琴集) v ...