oat. I'm sorry, . A. it was sold B. it's selling C. it's been sold D. it had been sold
  93. Gunpowder was discovered in the twelfth century, but. A. man did not put it to use in war two hundred years liter B. until two centuries more it was used in war C. not used in war until two hundred years later D. in war did not use it two hundred years afterwards
  94. The five-year-old girl by her parents. A. is looked B. has looked for C. is being looked for D. has been looked 1~5 CCBCB 6~10 ABCAB 11~15 CBADA 16~20 BBDCD 21~25 DBBCA 26~30 DBABD 31~35 BAAAD 36~40 CAAAB 41~45 ACCAC 46~50 ADBBB 51~52 BC 53~55 BAB 56~60 BDADC 61~65 DCDDB 66~70 ACCCA 71~75 DACAA 76~80 CABAB 81~85 CADCD 86~90 BBDBB 91~94 CCCC 2005 全国各省市高考试卷中的动词时态,语态试题:
  1. (北京卷)
  24. He more that 5,000 English words when he entered the university at the age of 15? A. has learned B. would have learned C. learned D. had learned
  2. (北京卷)
  27. Scientists think that the continents always where they today. A. aren't; are B. aren't; were C. weren't; are D. weren't; were
  3. (北京卷)
  29. As soon as he comes back, I'll tell him when and see him. A. you will come B. will you come C. you come D. do you come
  4. (北京卷)
  31. ? Why did you leave that position? - I a better position at IBM. A. offer B. offered C. am offered D. was offered
  5. (广东卷)
  28. Years ago we didn't know this, but recent science that people who don't sleep well soon get ill. A. showed B. has shown C. will show D. is showing
  6. (广东卷)
  32. The policeman's attention was suddenly caught by a small box which placed under the Minister's car.
A. has been B. was being C. had been D. would be
  7. (湖北卷)
  22.When the old man to walk back to his house ,the sun itself behind the mountain. A.started ;had already hidden B.had started ;had already hidden C.had started ;was hiding D.was starting; hid
  23.He was hoping to go abroad but his parents that they won' t support him unless he can borrow money from the bank. A.were deciding B.have decided C.decided D.will decide
  9. (湖南卷)
  30. ? If the traffic hadn't been so heavy, I could have been hack by 6 o'clock. -- What a pity! Tina here to see you. A. is B. was C. would be D. has been
  10. (江苏卷)
  29.They on the program for almost one week before I joined them, and now we it as no good results have come out so far. A. had been working; are still working B. had worked; were still working C. have been working; have worked D. have worked; are still working
  11. (江西卷)
  35.?Hurry up ! Alice and Sue are waiting for you at the school gate . ?Oh ! I thought they without me . A.went B.are going C.have gone D.had gone
  12. (全国卷
  7.Listen to the two girls by the window. What language ? A.did they speak B.were they speaking C.are they speaking D.have they been speaking
  13. (全国卷
  8.-Did you tell Julia about the result? -Oh, no, I forgot. I her now. A.will be calling B.will call C.call D.am to call
  28.?What would you do if it tomorrow ? ?We have to carry it on , since we've got everything ready . A.rain B.rains C.will rain D.is raining
  33.The hero's story differently in the newspapers. A.was reported B.was reporting C.reports D.reported
  34.The coffee is wonderful ! It doesn't taste like anything I before . A.was having B.have C.have ever had D.had ever had
  30. More than a dozen students in that school around to study medicine last year. A. sent B. were sent C. had sent D. had been sent
  37. At last, we found ourselves in a pleasant park with trees providing shade and down to eat our picnic lunch. A. sitting B. having sat C. to sit D. sat
  19. (浙江卷)
  1. My brother is an actor. He in several films so far. A.appears B.appeared C.has appeared D.is appearing
  20. (浙江卷)
  12.?Are you still busy? ?Yes, I my work, and it won't take long. A.just finish B.am just finishing C.have just finished D.am just
going to finish
  21. (山东卷)
  25.With more forests being destroyed, huge quantities of good earth each year. (语态+主谓一致) A. is washing away B. is being washed away C. are washing away D. are being washed away
  22. (重庆卷)
  25. ? What's wrong with your coat? ? Just now when I wanted to get off the bus, the man next to me on it. A. sat B. had sat C. had been sitting D. was sitting
  23. (重庆卷)
  28. ? What are you going to do this afternoon? ? I am going to die cinema with some friends. The film quite early, so we to the bookstore after that. A. finished; are going B. finished ; go C. finishes; are going D. finishes; go
  24. (重庆卷)
  29. Millions of pounds' worth of damage by a storm which swept across the north of England last nigh A. has been caused B. had been caused C. will be caused D. will have been caused
  25. (天津卷)
  11. By the time Jane gets home, her aunt for London to attend a meeting. A. will leave B. leaves C. will have left D. left
  26. (安徽卷) The manager "a" fallen asleep where he , without undressing.
  27. A. was laying B. was lying C. had laid D. had lied
  27. (辽宁卷)
  23.Susan decided not to work on the program at home because she didn' t want her parents to know what she . A.has done B.had done C.was doing D.is doing
  28. (辽宁卷)
  33.Months ago we sailed ten thousand miles across this open sea, which the Pacific, and we met no storms. A.was called B.is called C.had been called D.has been called
  29. (天津卷)
  4. They have a good knowledge of English but little they know about German. A. have B. did C. had D. do
  30. (湖南卷)
  32. Since I won the big prize, my telephone hasn't stopped ringing. People to ask how I am going to spend the money. A. phone B. will phone C. were phoning D. are phoning DCADB CABBA DCBBA CBDCC DDCAC ACBDD 2006 全国各省市高考试卷中的动词时态,语态试题: 1,(全国卷 I)2l. The house belongs to my aunt but she here any more. A. hasn't lived B. didn't live C. hadn't lived D. doesn't live 2,(全国卷 I)
  31. Eliza remembers everything exactly as if it yesterday. A. was happening B. happens C. has happened D. happened 3,(全国卷
  12. John, a friend of mine, who got married only last week, spent $3,000 more than he for the wedding. A. will plan B. has planned C. would plan D. had planned 4,(北京卷)
  27. leave at the end of this month.
I don't think you should do that until another job. A. I'm going to; you'd found B. I'm going to; you've found C. I'll; you'll find D. I'll; you'd find 5,(北京卷)
  30. Your job open for your return. Thanks. A. will be kept B. will keep C. had kept D. had been kept 6,(北京卷)
  32. Where did you put the car keys? Oh, I I put them on the chair because the phone rang as I in. A. remembered ; come B. remembered ; was coming C. remember ; come D. remember ; was coming 7,(上海春)
  28. We our new neighbors yet, so we don't know their names. A. don't meet B. won't meet C. haven't met D. hadn't met 8,(天津卷)
  3.-Did Linda see the traffic accident? (时态+倒装) -No, no sooner than it happened. A. had she gone B. she had gone C. has she gone D. she has gone 9,(天津卷)
  4. What we used to think impossible now does seem possible. A. is B. was C. has been D. will be
  10. (重庆卷)
  21.I have to go to work by taxi because my car??at the garage. A. will be repaired? B. is repaired C. is being repaired?? D. has been repaired 11,(重庆卷)
  30.Customers are asked to make sure that they the right change before leaving the shop. (时态+语态) A. will give? B. have been given C. have given?? D. will be given 12,(重庆卷)
  31.I?in London for many years,but I've never regretted my final decision to move back to China. A. lived B. was living C. have lived?????? D. had lived 13, (辽宁卷)
  27.The father as well as his three children skating on the frozen river every Sunday afternoon in winter. A. is going B. go C. goes D. are going 14,(辽宁卷)
  29.I think it is necessary for my 19-year-old son to have his own mobile phone, for I sometimes want to make sure if he home for dinner. A. come B. comes C. has come D. will come 15,(辽宁卷)
  31.It is said that the early European playing-cards for entertainment and education. A. were being designed B. have designed C. have been designed D. were designed 16,(四川卷)
  22. Look at the timetable. Hurry up! Flight 4026 off at 18:
  20. A. takes B. took C. will be taken D. has taken 17,(江西卷)
  21.My cousin went to Canada two yours ago.He there for a few months and then went to America. A.worked B.would work C.would be working D. has been working 18,(陕西卷)
  7. ?You look very tired. at all last night? ?No, not really. I'm tired out now. A. Do you sleep B. Were you sleeping C. Did you sleep D. Had you slept
  12.The construction of the two new railway lines by now. (+ 主谓一致) A. has been completed B. have completed C. has completed D. have been completed 20,(陕西卷)
  16.Only then how much damage had been caused. (+倒装) A. she realized B. she had realized C. had she realized D. did she realize 21 , ( 福 建 卷 )
  24.Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane. A. takes off B. is taking off C. has taken off D. took off 22,(福建卷)
  31.The moment the 28th Olympic Games open, the whole world cheered. A. declared B. have been declared C. have declared D. were declared 23,(福建卷)
  32.The workers will go on strike if the demands they put forward are turned down.(+情态动词) A. could B would C.不填 D. had 24,(湖北卷)
  32. I won't tell the student the answer to the math problem until he on it for more than an hour. A. has been working B. will have worked C. will have been working D. had worked 25,(湖南卷)
  24.I was giving a talk to a large group of people, the same talk I to half a dozen other groups. A. was giving B. am giving C. had given D. have given 26,(湖南卷)
  35.In a room above the store, where a party , some workers were busily setting the table. A. was to be held B. has been held C. will be held D. is being held 27,(江苏卷)
  23. I don't suppose the police know who did it. Well, surprisingly they do. A man has been arrested and now. A. has been questioned B. is being questioned C. is questioning D. has questioned 28,(江苏卷)
  27. Although medical science control over several dangerous diseases, what worries us is that some of them are returning. A. achieved B. has achieved C. will achieve D. had achieved 29,(广东卷)
  32. The young girl sitting next to me on the plane was very nervous. She before. A. hasn't flown B. didn't fly C. hadn't flown D. wasn't flying 30,(广东卷)
  33. So difficult it to work out the problem that I decided to ask Tom for advice.(+倒装) A. I did find B. did I find C. I have found D. have I found 31,(浙江卷)
  6. This machine . It hasn't worked for years. A. didn't work B. wasn't working C. doesn't work D. isn't working 32, (浙江卷)
  7. The company had about 20 notebook computers but only one-third
used regularly. Now we have 60 working all day long. (+主谓一致) A. is B. are C. was D. were 33,(浙江卷)
  16. My friend, who on the International Olympic Committee all his life, is retiring next month. A. served B. is serving C. had served D. has served 34,(安徽省)
  25.I along the street looking for a place to park when the accident . A.went; was occurring B.went; occurred C.was going; occurred D.was going; had occurred 35,(全国卷 I)
  29. The water cool when I joined into the pool for morning exercise. A. was felt B. is felt C. felt D. feels
  28. Although the causes of cancer , we do not yet have any practical way to prevent it. A. are being uncovered B. have been uncovering C. are uncovering D. have uncovered 1-10 DDDBA DCABC 11-20 BACDD AACCD 21-30 BDCAC ABBCB 31-36 CDDCC A
  1."I don't like to travel. " "Have you ever in an airplane?" a. flying b. flew c. flowed d. flown
  2.The center of gravity of the human body behind his joint. a. located b. locating c. to locate d. is located
  3."Today is very cold, isn't it?" "Yes, the river is over." a. freezed b. freeze c. frozen d. freezing
  4."What happened in that new area?" "New houses recently over there." a. are built b. build c. have built d. have been built
  5."When did you go to work?" "As soon as they came, we to work." a. ????? went b. were going c. had gone d. go
  6. "Did you wait for him very long?" "Yes, I to bed until five in the morning." a.did go b. didn't go c. had gone d. went
  7.Perhaps it will be a long time from abroad. a. when Tom comes back b. when Tom will come back c.before Tom comes back d. that Tom comes back
  8.Tom mathematics throughout his college life. a. bored b. bored with c. was bored d. was bored with
  9. that dress when I first saw you at the station? a. Were you wearing b. Have you worn c. Did you wear d. do you wear
  10.Mr Wu to work by bus every day.
a. has been traveling b. has traveled c. travels d. is tr



   作文地带 http://www.joozone.com/ 高考复习英语 英语考 2010 高考复习英语考案 书面表达 (2009.江西卷) 江西卷) 【专题考案】一, 专题考案】 ( 江西卷 学校即将举行以"Turning a bad mood(心情)into a good one "为题目的英语作文比赛,请按下 列要求定一篇 100 词左右的记叙文或议论文. 记叙文 发生的具体事件. 对你的心情有何影响? 你如何应对? 议论文 好心情的重要性. 产生坏心情的原因. 应该 ...


   英语作文网(www.joozone.com)提示您观看方法:前面是预测题目,及题型,后面有这100篇文章的英文作文,希望您一步步往后看,有条件的学生可以打印出来使用噢。我们最后一页提供joozone站内下载文章的地址。  1、   提示:   张楠的父亲有位美国同事,他的孩子约翰?史密斯即将来华。约翰写信向张楠询问一些有关他所在城市的问题。张楠回信,内容如下:   得知约翰要来非常高兴。告诉他可能遇到一些不同于美国的情况。   气候:冬天冷,有时下雪。夏天几乎不下雨,但一下起来就很大。提醒约翰 ...


   嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 欢迎使用 高考英语语法复习专题 动词时态语态 一、考点聚焦 1、动词时态考查要点简述 (1)一般现在时考点分析 ①表示客观事实或普通真理(不受时态限制) The geography teacher told us the earth moves around the sun. Water boils at 100oC. ②表示现状、性质、状态时多用系动词或状态动词;表示经常或习惯性的动作,多用动 作动词,且常与表频率的时间状语连 ...


   嘉兴英语教学网 www.jxenglish.com 收集整理 欢迎使用 透析中考英语语法时态考点 【时态命题趋势与预测】 时态命题趋势与预测】 时态是高考命题的重点,.主要考查考生在具体语境、 特殊语境中对时态的运用能力。 进行时、 完成时以及完成进行时的考查则是重中之重,故考生在掌握特殊情况下表达一般时的同时, 应更加注重进行时完成时以及完成进行时的运用。 考点诠释】 【考点诠释】 一、对一般现在时考查 1.考查其基本概念: 一般现在时通常表示习惯性的、 反复发生的动作。 通常与表示频度的 ...


   2010 年高校招生统一考试英语听力(安徽卷) 1. M: Do you have any plans for the weekend, Dorothy. Would you like to join me for an outing? W: Thanks, but I am going to work on my paper all weekend. 2. W: So what did you buy? M: A T-shit, it was a real bargain. I got i ...


   绝密★ 绝密★启用前 2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(北京卷) 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(北京卷) 英 语 第一节 听下面 5 段对话。每段对话后有一道小题,从每题所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。 听完每段对话后, 你将有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。 每段对话你将听一遍。 1. What does the man want to be in the future? A. A soldier. A. Sweets. A. At 2:00. B. ...


   2010 年中考英语语法题大攻略 虽然说在新课标的旗帜下要求"淡化语法",但没有人会否认语法在英语学习中的重 要性.那么在中考中,怎样才能做好语法题呢?除了掌握大纲要求的词汇之外,了解常考的 语法点也非常重要. 在对近年全国各地的中考试题进行综合分析之后, 笔者对常考的语法点 进行了一次大盘点. 名词 在中考试题中, 每年对名词的考查都占有相当大的比例. 名词的考点主要涉及词 义理解,复数形式的构成,不可数名词的容量表示法以及名词所有格等方面.下面节选的一 道宁波的中考题 ...


   外语下载中心 http://down.tingroom.com 透析中考英语语法主谓一致考点 【语法概说】 语法概说】 主谓一致命题趋势与预测 命题趋势与预测】 【主谓一致命题趋势与预测】 根据对主谓一致部分全国各地试题的分析可知, 今后该部分将是重点考查点之一。 其考查重 点为: 1、 主谓一致的语法一致原则 2、 主谓一致的整体一致原则 3、 主谓一致的就近一致原则 4、 主谓一致的意义一致原则 5、 主谓一致的附加原则 【考点诠释】 考点诠释】 一、 or, either... or. ...


   2010高考英语书面表达 2010高考英语书面表达 "信件类(8) "发言稿类(4) "论述评论类(4) "其他(2) 信件类 " " " " " " " 全国Ⅰ,新课标全国(邀请做评委) 全国Ⅱ(邀请执教) 重庆(寻物启事) 辽宁(招聘启事) 天津(申请成为志愿者) 山东(为缺席而道歉) 陕西(写信怀念) 发言稿类 " " " " 湖南(英语活动总结) 福建(保护水资源) 四川(成人礼) 江苏(学习英语的经验) 论述评论类 " 江西(Magic words of polite wo ...


   1. According to…依照 根据…… 根据…… …依照/根据……. According to the newspaper,it's a great movie. 根据报纸说,这是一部很棒的电影. 2. Am I allowed to…我可以……吗 ……吗 …我可以…… Am I allowed to introduce our new manager Mr. Anderson to all of you 请允许我介绍我们的新经理安德森先生给大家,好吗 3. As matter of ...



   大学英语精读三作业一参考答案 注意:以下题目为样卷,实际考试中题目顺序可能会随电脑抽样有所调整, 注意:以下题目为样卷,实际考试中题目顺序可能会随电脑抽样有所调整,请 注意看清题目再做选择。 注意看清题目再做选择。 单选 第一部分:交际用语( 小题; 第一部分:交际用语(共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) 1. It's really a good dinner, isn't it? 答案:Yes, the food is just wonderful. 2. I'd like ...


   新标准英语第六 新标准英语第六册第三模块第一单元教学设计 市三小徐桂芳 一、教学目标: 1、基础知识目标: (1) .Learn these new words;email hamburger egg (2) Learn these sentences :What did you have for breakfast yesterday? 2、能力培养目标:培养学生的听读能力和口语对话能力。 3、思想教育目标:培养学生在日常生活中英语交际的运用。 二、教学重点: New words of t ...


   英语单词的学习 一个单词不要花太多时间,关键是遍数.要掌握正确读音,并读出声来,效率高些.不会读 的词肯定记不牢. 大家都知道词汇永远是英语考试必须跨越的一道难关, 虽然考研英语不再单独地考查词汇试 题, 但是各个题型中都融入了英语词汇, 考查也变得无形. 考研词汇该如何学习, 如何巩固? 如何将词汇真正学到手,用得好,更是每个考生都关心的问题.考研教育网英语辅导专家在 此推出自己对英语单词记忆方法的一些心得,供广大考生参考. 一,做好复习计划 静下心来将单词的学习任务列下来, 计算一下能够 ...


   人们应不应该整容 陈述观点: 陈述观点: 正方一辩:首先,一个人由于先天缺陷,或者后天事故的原因,比如烧伤、车祸 等等,导致了相貌上的残疾,因此不得不承受精神和身体上的双重压力,这时候, 整容是必要的。其次,对于一个对自己的相貌不自信的人,他的外形可能会影响到 就职甚至事业,这时候改变容貌会增加他的自信,也就增加了他成功的可能性。再 者,爱美之心人皆有之,即使没有相貌上的残疾,追求更完美的自己也无可厚非。 最后, 整容现在已经逐渐成为一个产业, 它的繁荣发展能够为国家带来大量的税收。 因此我 ...


   一、政治类: 1. 日益昌盛 become increasingly prosperous 2. 快速发展 develop rapidly 3. 隆重集会 gather ceremoniously 4. 热爱和平 love peace 5. 追求进步 pursue progress 6. 履行权利和义务 perform the responsibilities and obligations 7. 回顾奋斗历程 review the course of struggle 8. 展望伟大征程 ...