三,代词 I. 代词可以分为以下八大类 主格 宾格 1 人称代 词 形容词性物 主代词 名词性物主 代词 2 3 4 5 6 7 类 别 反身代词 指示代词 疑问代词 关系代词/连接代词 不定代词 相互代词 区 别 I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they me, you, him, her, it, us, you, them my, your, his, her, its, our, their mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves this, that, these, those, such, some who, whom, whose, which, what, whoever, whichever, whatever that, which, who, whom, whose, as one/ some/ any, each/ every, none/ no, many/ much, few/ little/ a few/ a little other/ another, all/ both, neither/ either each other,one another 例 句 II. 不定代词用法注意点 ①We've been looking at the houses but haven't found we like yet. A.one B.ones C.it D.them ②Cars do cause us some health problems ? in fact far more serious than mobile phones do. A.one B.ones C.it D.those ?Your coffee smells great! ?It's from Mexico.Would you like ? A.it B.some C.this D.1ittle ①I have read this article in some magazine. Please correct the mistakes, if any. ②?Which of the three ways shall I take to the village? ?way as you please. A.Each B.Every C.Any D.Either
one 可 以泛 指人 或者 事 (东西) ,其复数为 ones
one, some, any 和 it
some 可用于疑问句中, 表示盼望得到肯定的 答 复,或者表示建议,请求 等
some 和 any 修饰可数名 词单数时,some 表示某 个,any 表示任何一个
one 指同类中的一个,it ?There is still a copy of the book in the library. Will you ? 指代同一种类的东西.此 go and borrow 此 还可以作形式主语, in the bookstore. 外 it 还可以作形式主语, ?No, I'd rather buy A.it;one B.one;one C.one;it 形式宾语和用于强调句 D.it;it 型中. 型中.
some 多用于肯定句,any 多用于疑问句和否定句
①There's cooking oil in the house. Would you go to the corner store and get . A.1ittle,some B.1ittle,any C.a little,some D.a little,any ②We had three sets of garden tools and we seemed to have no use for . A.none B.either C.any D.each ③He doesn't have furniture in his room --just an old desk. A. any B. many C. some D. much
each 和 every
each 强调个别, 代表的数 ①Each student has a pocket dictionary. Each (of us) has a dictionary. = We each have a 可以是两个或两个以上, 而 every 强调整体,所指 dictionary. 的数必须是三个或三 个 ②Every student has strong and weak points. / Every one of us has strong and weak points. 以上 no 等于 not any, 作定语. none 作主语或宾语, 代替 ①There is no water in the bottle. 不可数名词,谓语用 单 ②How much water is there in the bottle? None. 数,代替可数名词,谓语 ③None of the students are (is) afraid of difficulties. 单复数皆可以 other 泛指"另外的,别 的"常与其他 词连用, the other day, 如: every other week, someother reason, no other way, the other 特指两者中的 另 外 一 个 , 复 数 为 the others another 指"又一个,另 一个"无所指, 复数形式是 others,泛指 "别的人或 事"
none 和 no
other 和 another
①Both sides have accused of breaking the contract. A. another B. the other C. neither D. each ②Two students in our class failed, but all the others passed the exam.
①We had a picnic last term and it was a lot of fun,so let's have one this month. A.the other B.some C.another D.other ②The trousers are too long, please give me another pair / some others. ③Some like football, while others like basketball.
either 和 neither
前者意思为:两者都(两 者中任何一方都) ; 后者意思为:两者都
①?Do you want tea or coffee? ? , I really don't mind. A. none B. neither C. either D. all ②It was hard for him to learn English in a family, in which of the parents spoke the language. A. none B. neither C. both D. each



   九、句子的种类 按用途分 种 类 陈述 句 类 型 例 句 肯定句 否定句 一般疑问句 We love our motherland. 我们热爱祖国。 They don’t go to work on Sundays. 他们星期日不上 班。 Are you a worker? 你是个工人吗? Haven’t you seen the film? 你没看过这部电影吗? Who is the man? 这人是谁? When do you watch TV? 你什么时间看电视? What are ...


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   高中语法知识点总结 第一章 冠词 高考对冠词的考查集中在基本用法上,主要既反映在对泛指、特指及固定短语 冠词的考查。抽象名词、物质名词的具体化依然是高考的重点、难点。 一、不定冠词 不定冠词 a,an 与 one 同源,表示微弱的“一”的概念,但并不强调数目,用来表示不确定的 人或事物。 A 用在辅音前,而不是辅音字母前;an 用在元音前,而不是元音字母前。 a university in Asia 1.表示同类中的“任何一个” A cat has nine lives. 2.表示泛指的某人 ...


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