侧重于动词在特定的语言环境中和整个句 子语义保持一致;避免重复使用近义词, 子语义保持一致;避免重复使用近义词, 推测意义相对的反义词, 推测意义相对的反义词,对近义动词的辨 以及对固定结构,句子结构的考查。 析;以及对固定结构,句子结构的考查。
I. 考查上下文一致
  1. The men were surprised to see fish swimming just above them, quite by the very large water pressure. A. unbelieved B. unchanged D C. uncovered D. untroubled
  2. “My mother believed I could the afterlife world,” she told a close friend. “She told a close friend. “She used to have me speak with my grandmother, who died many years ago.” A. make up B. connected with B C. control D. explain

  3. Her back was so badly twisted by some sadness that her face nearly the table-top. D A. struck B. reached C. stuck D. touched
  4. My foot still hadn’t healed from an early injure. I had whether or not I should attend the meet. A. expected B. supposed D C. imagined D. doubted
  5. Further more, he could be counted on to explain his ideas in all imaginative way, introducing such aids to oil paintings, music, and guest lectures. A. listening B. understanding B C. information D. discovery
Ⅱ. 根据连词选择同义词或反义词
  1. I wanted to write about that, but I wanted to it down simply for my own joy … B A. settle B. put C. bite D. let
  2. There are women side by side with the President of our country, so why not side by side with the boys on the football team or out in the water surfing? A. sitting B. walking D C. fighting D. working
  3. When I was in the army, I an intelligence test that all soldiers took. A. failed B. wrote C. received D. chose C
  4. There was no choice next morning but to my work. Two days passed before Mr. Fleagle returned the graded papers. A. give up B. continue C. hand in D. delay B
  5. “Maybe I should ,” I thought as I moved on. However, I decided to keep going. A. slow down B. drop out C. go on D. speed up
Ⅲ. 形式或意义相近的动词辨析
  1. Is all this pressure necessary? I up C leaving the football team. Four other girls did the same, and two of them stopped playing football completely. A. gave B. kept C. ended D. picked
  2. “My name is Jim Shelley and I am an addict … A “With these words I began to the problem, the problem of my telephone addiction. A. face B. find C. accept D. notice
  3. Behind the dance there was a woman a large diamond ring. A. carrying B. dressing C. wearing D. holding C
  4. In the final year of high school, they applications and send them, with their student records, to the universities which they hope to attend. A. fulfill B. finish C. complete D. accomplish C
  5. Finally I turned the key in the lock and the door open, with Dad still complaining about a hurting knee or something. A. knocked B. forced C. pushed D. tried
Ⅳ. 固定搭配
  1. Drinking coffee in the café, he would easily make friends with students. Sometimes he would a A student to a game of chess. A. invite B. lead C. prefer D. show
  2. The one thing I can from surfing and not any other sport is endless challenge. B A. take B. get C. make D. keep
  3. I realize strength and courage aren’t always in medals and victories, but in the struggles we overcome. A. measured B. praised C. tested D. increased

  4. “We know,” Paul said. “We will be here when you get back. Here’s our number if you need to us.” A. get in touch with B. keep in touch with A C. be in touch with D. put in touch with
  5. When I try to surfing with other things, I find it very difficult because, in my life, there is nothing like it. A. bring B. connect C. compare D. tie
Ⅴ. 动词发生的先后顺序
  1. I was phoning people and messages to make A sure enough calls would see me through the day. A. leaving B. taking C. passing D. recording
  2. … all of us were seated around the table and Aunt Pat spaghetti for supper. B A. cooked B. served C. got D. made
  3. If you asked high school girls to name their favorite sports, most would probably say basketball or B volleyball. I happen to be on of the few girls who would : surfing. A. tell B. answer C. give D. realize
  4. Now she was able to drive, but had to a license before she could buy a car. A. find B. apply for C. look for D. make B
  5. When the new students are finally , there may be one more step they have to take before registering for classes and getting to work. A. adopted B. accepted C. received D. permitted



   学科网(ZXXK.COM)-学海泛舟系列资料 上学科网,下精品资料! 英语?? 英语??2009 届高三广东高考一轮复习 ?? 完形填空专题复习( 完形填空专题复习(一) 一,教学内容: 完形填空专题复习( 完形填空专题复习(一) (一)题型概说 1. 考查目的 完形填空是对考生英语语言综合运用能力的考查, 既考查考生对语篇的理解能力, 包括 篇章阅读理解,获取和分析信息的能力,又在语篇层面上考查学生在一定的语境中准确,恰 当,得体运用词汇的能力. 2. 题型特点 (1)体裁和题材:高考完形 ...


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   语法填空动词变化 语法填空 动词变化 判断动词时态的技巧 一,根据时间状语与时态的对应关系 由时间状语at 由时间状语 this time tomorrow 可知用将来进行时,故选B. 可知用将来进行时,故选 . 如 At this time tomorrow over the At lantic. A. we're going to fly B. we'll be flying C. we'll fly D. we're to fly 动词特定的时态常常与特定的时间状语联系 在一起,如由t ...


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   I guess I don't remember anything.我想不起来了。 Don't be glib.别跟我油腔滑调。glib: 油嘴滑舌的 Really haven’t 压根就没有。 No you haven’t, you really haven’t.不,你没有,你压根就没有。 It's a little pricey.这个贵了点 。 pricey: 昂贵的,过分昂贵的 He is a big smoker 他烟抽的很厉害 you ate it all.你都吃光了!!! So. ...


   英语本科学位论文选题 论文题目选择须知: 1、 02 级学生的毕业论文可从如下各题中选择,每个学生的选题 必须各不相同,如有雷同,其中一人必须放弃该题,以选择上报 的先后确定优先权。 2、 下面各题有大有小,有些大题如中西方文化比较,学生可以将 之缩小为中西方文化中某一方面的比较,如中西方餐桌文化比较 等,又如文学批评方法之我见,学生可以选择文学批评某一具体 方法进行阐述;有的题目似乎理论性较强,学生可以不必太深入 阐述理论,理论成为论文实证的依据就行了。 3、 如果学生对其中的好几个题目都 ...


   英语字母组合发音规律 1.开音节 . 1)以发音的元音字母结尾的单节。 例:be,he。 2)以辅音字母(r 除外)+不发音的 e 结尾的音节。 例:make,like。 * 在重读的开音节中元音字母按字母名称读音。 2.闭音节 . 以一个或几个辅音字母(r 除外)结尾而中间只有一个元音字母的音节,称为闭音节。 例:map,desk,is。 * 在重读的闭音节中元音字母读做短元音。 一、字母 a,e,i,o,u 在重读音节中的读法 , ,, , a 开音节 /ei/ name,take pl ...

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   ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 教 师 论 坛 中学生英语听力障碍的形成及其对策 江苏邳州市连防中心中学 听力理解是通过听觉器官和大脑的认知活 动,并运用语音,词汇,语法和各种非语言知识, 把感知的声音转化为信息的过程。 目前听力教 学仍然存在一些问题, 如果能够找到恰当的方 法,克服这些问题,将有助于提高学生的听力理 解能力,达到英语听力教学的最终目的。 一、制约学生听力的障碍 1.心理障碍 英语听力教学的重要障碍之一来源于学生 的心理因素。 在传统的教学中多采用语法翻译 教学, 它导 ...