A 阅读细节理解篇 [2010?深圳第二次调研] [2010?深圳第二次调研]
词数:258 体裁:记叙文 难度:3 I was working as a consultant in a beer company, helping the president and senior vice-presidents form and carry out their new planning projects. It was really a great challenge. At the same time, my mother was in the final stages of cancer. I worked during the day and drove 40 miles home to be with her every night. It was tiring and stressful, but it was what I wanted to do. My commitment was to continue to do excellent consulting during the day, even though my evenings were very hard. I didn’t want to bother the president with my situation, yet I felt someone at the company needed to know what was going on. So I told the vice-president of Human Resources, asking him not to share the information with anyone. A few days later, the president called me into his office. I figured he wanted to talk to me about one of the many issues we were working on. When I entered, he asked me to sit down. He faced me from across his large desk, looked me in the eye and said, “I hear your mother is very ill”. I was totally caught by surprise and burst into tears. He just looked at me, let my crying subside(平息), and then gently said a sentence I will never forget: Whatever you need. That was it. His understanding and his willingness both to let me be in my pain and to offer me everything were qualities of sympathy that I carry with me to this day.
  41.When the author was working in a beer company, his mother A.was concerned about him C.was seriously ill A.to carry out their new strategic vision B.to avoid bothering the president C.to tell the vice-president his difficult situation D.to do his job well and look after his mother
  43.Most probably, the president got the information from A.a relative of the author’s B.the vice president C.the author’s good friends D.the author’s collegues
  44.Which of the following can be used to best describe the president? A.Considerate. B.Intelligent. C.Honest. D.Consultative.
  45.Which of the following can be the best title of this passage? A.Understanding Is Everywhere B.Generous President C.Sympathy Is Needed D.An Unforgetable Memory 这是一篇记叙文 讲述作者在工作的同时照顾患病母亲,公司董事长的理解和帮助令其终生难忘。 这是一篇记叙文,讲述作者在工作的同时照顾患病母亲,公司董事长的理解和帮助令其终生难忘。
用心 爱心 专心 -1-
B.drew the president’s attention D.was proud of her son .

  42.Although he felt tired and stressed, he felt it his duty

  41. C 考查细节理解。第二段第一行可以得出结论。
  42. D 考查细节理解。第三段第一、二行有清晰的叙述。
  43. B 考查判断推理。第三段最后一句作者把母亲患癌的事告诉了副董事长。几天以后,董事长找他 谈他母亲的事。由此可以得出推理的结论。
  44. A 考查推理和细节理解。根据最后一段第二句第一个单词和董事长的行为得出答案。
  45. D 考查主旨要义。从整体和最后一段判断作者对这件事刻骨铭心。 B
[2010?江西省名校高考信息卷 1]
词数:259 体裁:广告说明文 难度:3
I will teach you everything you need to know on How To Repair Your Sewing Machine Admittedly, the book is mainly about sewing machines with just four of the 70 pages, including the copy clear, sharp pictures of many different sewing machines, cleaning, and timing, etc., so there is no need to turn pages back and forth in order to find the picture that goes with the text. It’s clear, and it’s simple instructions to teach you How To Repair Your Sewing Machine. I will teach you how to thread all the different styles of sewing machines, plus winding the bobbin and selecting the correct needle. I will show you how to properly clean all the different sewing machines, plus how to check the virious parts for wear and breakage. I will show you how to check for problems such as noisiness,thread breakage, needle breakage,etc. I will show you how to straighten the needle and presser(压脚杆)bars and level the presser foot on all sewing machines. I will show you how to check motors, lights, controls and wiring(线路)for various problems. I will show you how to properly time the needle bar, the hoor or shuttle, etc., so the sewing machine will sew perfectly on all tyes of material and satisfy customers. I will show you how to set the tensions on all the different sewing machines by having an actual gauge(计量器)to use in this setting. And I will show you where to purchase wholesale parts and new sewing machines, including where industrial machines can be purchased wholesale.
  72.The purpose of the writer is to . A.teach you how to repair your sewing machine B.draw your attention to his book C.show you where to repair your sewing your machine D.show off his advantage over others
  73.The underlined word in the third paragraph means . A.use B.part C.breaking D.repair
  74.In order to get a picture matching the text, you . A.have to turn over the book B.don’t have to turn over the book C.should read the whole book carefully D.need read the tips as follows
  75.If you want to buy a lot of industrial machines, you can . A.tell the writer of the book B.order them directly from the factory C.find the detailed information in the book D.order according to the picture

  72.B 主旨大意题。通读全文,该篇文章是讲述的“书”中所提供的内容,所以作者是在向人们推荐这 本书。
  73.C 词义猜测题。根据该词前的“wear”和其后“problems, thread breakage, needle breakage”可以推断 此处应和这些词有关。
  74.B 细节理解题。根据文章第一段的“there is no need to turn pages back and forth in order to find the
用心 爱心 专心 -2-
picture that goes with the text”可得出答案。
  75.C 细节理解题。根据文章的最后一段可得出答案,wholesale 表示“大批的,大量的”。 C
[2010?江西省名校高考信息卷 1]
词数:245 体裁:广告说明文 难度:3
Why Melbourne? Having long lived in the shadow of Sydney, Melbourne has become a mecca(理想之地) for fashion and design and the cultural centre of Australia, with an enjoyable programme fo festivals. The city centre’s grid(格子)system of streets conceals a maze of lanes and turn-of-the-century arcades where you will find the best cafes, bars and boutique shopping. The Hidden Secrets Tour(00 613 9329 9665, hiddensecretstours.com) guides will make sure you find what you’re after, whether it’s fashion, art and design or wine. From £34 per person. Where to eat Melbourne is a paradise for gourmands(美食者), and its top chefs use fresh produce and have a talent for the experimental. But for comething differen, indulge your culinary senses with an Australian Wine Tour Company trip. Departing from the city centre daily, you’ll taste wines at four of the region’s best vineyards. It costs £48 per person, including all wine tasting, lunch and a visit to Domaine Chandon(00613 9419 4444, austwinetourco.com.au). Where to stay The Nunery is an old convent(女修道院)on the edge of the city. It has double rooms with breakfast from £54 per night (00 613 9419 8637, nunnery.com.au). How to get there Qantas (0846 7747 7
  67. qantas.com.au) flies from Heathrow to Melbourne twice daily from £766 return, including taxes. More information Contact the official tourism site for Melbourne at visitmelbourne.com/uk. Use the links below for more on. Destination guide: Melbourne. Click here for our Melbourne page. 48 hours in Melbourne.
  64.Which of the following can be a subtitle (副标题) for the second paragraph? A.When to come. B.How to book. C.What to see. D.What price to pay.
  65.To get more information about Hidden Secrets Tour, you should call . A.00 613 9329 9665 B.00 613 9419 4444 C.00 613 9419 8637 D.0845 7747 767
  66.If you are interested in tasting Australian wines, you have to pay . A.£34 B.£48 C.£54 D.£766
  67.The passage is written to . A.tell readers how to travel in Australia B.inform readers about what to see in Melbourne C.introduce the history and culture about Australia D.offer tourists some information about Melbourne

  64.C 考查主旨大意题。 根据该段中的”you will find the best cafes, bars and boutique shopping” 和 “you find what you’re after,wherhter it’s fashion, art and design of wine”可知,答案为 C。
  65.A 考查细节理解题。从文章的第二段可找到答案。
  66.B 考查细节理解题。根据第三段话可知,加入品尝澳大利亚的美酒旅行团队,需要支付 48 美元。
  67.D 考查推理判断题。文章的写作目的是为游客介绍到墨尔本市旅游的有关信息。 D
[2010?深圳第二次调研] ?深圳第二次调研
用心 爱心 专心 -3-
词数:322 体裁:说明文 难度:3 KANDAHAR, Afghanistan?-- Afghans burned tires and chanted “Death to America” after U.S troops fired Monday(April 12, 20
  10) on a civilian bus near Kandahar, killing four people and wounding more than a dozen. Afghanistan’s president accused NATO of breaking its commitment to safeguard civilian lives. The attack angered Afghan officials and the public in Kandahar, the Taliban’s birthplace, and dealt a blow to U.S and NATO efforts to win popular support for a coming offensive to drive the insurgents(叛乱分 子) from the biggest city in the south. NATO expressed regret for the loss of civilian lives and said it was investigating. Nearly 200 Afghans blocked highway where the shooting occurred, burning tires, firing weapons and chanting “Death to America” and other slogans. They also called for the ouster (forcing somebody out of a pasition) of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, a Kandahar native who has been appealing for the people here to support the U.S-led campaign against the Taliban. “The Americans are constantly killing our civilians and the government is not demanding an explanation,” protester Mohammad Razaq said. “We demand justice from the Karzai government and the punishment of those soldiers responsible.” Kandahar, a city of about a half million people, is nominally under government control, but the Taliban have stepped up infiltration(浸润), staging attacks and threatening local people. “These foreigners have their enemies, but killing Afghans is not the answer,” said Abdul Hadi, who sells homemade herbal medicine in a public market. He said international forces should publish a schedule of their patrols(巡逻) so Afghans can keep out of the way. “Better yet, I would like to see them leave Afghanistan,” he added. Haji Zahir, who runs a transport firm, said it was time for U.S. and other foreign forces to withdraw from the country. “They say they want to bring security. It is all lies, lies. They kill Afghans. That is not the way to bring security,” Zahir said.
  46.According to the passage, we can safely conclude that A.American soldiers are killing Talibans effectively B.Anger rises as US troops kill 4 Afghans on a bus C.NATO expressed great dissatisfaction with American troops D.Afghan President Hamid Karzai required NATO to withdraw
  47.The underlined word in Paragraph 5 nominally most probably means A.completely unknown to the people in the world B.partially well-known to the people across the globe C.bearing the name of a famous person around the world D.officially described as something, when this is not really true
  48.As for NATO soldiers’ rude action, Abdul Hadi is A.absolutely angry and upset B.a little pleased but impatient C.very angry and dissatisfied D.impatient but bearable
  49.We can infer from the passage that . A.NATO troops can completely control Afghanistan B.NATO troops can bring security to Afghanistan C.Afghans will accept NATO’s control sooner or later D.it’s impossible for NATO to conquer Afghanistan and its people
  50.Which statement is true according to the passage?
用心 爱心 专心 -4-
A.NATO fails to win popular support for a coming offensive. B.Kandahar is the most important city in Afghanistan. C.NATO has really brought security to Afghanistan. D.NATO troops will withdraw from Afghanistan in the near future. 是一篇新闻报道 讲述美军士兵枪杀四名阿富汗平民引起阿富汗人民的愤怒之情 新闻报道, 杀四名阿富汗平民引起阿富汗人民的愤怒之情。 这是一篇新闻报道, 讲述美军士兵枪杀四名阿富汗平民引起阿富汗人民的愤怒之情。
  46. B 考查主旨要义。从整体和阿富汗人民愤怒的言语得出结论。
  47. D 考查猜测词义。从第五段第二行 infiltration Kandahar 和第二段第一行 the 会 Taliban”s birthplace 可以得出答案。
  48. C 考查细节理解。从第六段 killing Afghans is not the answer, international forces should publish a schedule of their patrols 可以得知。
  49. D 考查推理判断。文中没有直接表达出来,根据第五段 the Taliban have stepped up infiltration 和阿 富汗人民愤怒的言语得出,
  50. A 考查细节理解。从第二段第二行 dealt a blow to U.S. and NATO efforts to win popular support 可以 得出结论。 E [2010?江苏省高考一


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