2010 年广州市普通高中毕业班综合测试(二) 英语参考答案
1~5 ABCCB 6~10 ACBBC 11~15 BAABC

  16. Blue Sky Centre
  17. fifteen / 15
  18. computer software
  19. soft and light
  20. different products II.语言知识及应用 21~25 ADCBC 26~30 ABDCB
  31. if/ when
  32. detailed
  33. because
  36. lowest
  37. the
  38. are seeking III.阅读 41~45 BCBAD IV.写作 基础写作:

  34. it
  35. to
  39. that / which

  40. to pay
46~50 BACDC
51~55 BCADB
56~60 ADFEC
One possible version: Dear sir, I'm writing to complain about a pair of sneakers I recently purchased/bought from your website. What I ordered was a pair of black size-nine shoes but I received a pair of white, size-
  8.5 shoes instead. Worse still, there was a ten-day delay in delivering my shoes, which should have been received on April
  10. For the above reasons, I demand that either a new pair black size-nine shoes should be posted to me immediately or I should be given a full refund. Also, if I send back the wrong shoes, will your company pay for the postage? Thank you for your consideration.
读写任务: The passage describes four races between the hare and the tortoise and analyses the moral learned from each race. In the last race, they learned that they could achieve greater success and satisfaction through co-operation. I think the story can teach us that when we work together we can achieve more than when we compete. It is a win-win effect. The story reminds me of my experience when I first came to this school. My classmate, Li Hua, showed great talent in science studies while I was pretty good at history and economics. I feared that Li Hua would outperform me in the exams so I avoided helping him with his history and economics and regarded him as my competitor. It was not until Li Hua suggested that we should work together that I understood the importance and benefit of co-operation. We shared learning methods and experience and helped each other. As a result, we both made progress in our studies and became top-ten students. As far as I'm concerned, it's good to be individually brilliant, but working as a team will always beat individual performance.
16 17 18 19 20 听取信息: 题:写对 Blue Sky 和 Centre 各得
  0.5 分,小写不扣分. 题:fifteen / 15 均给分. 题:computer 和 software 各得
  0.5 分. 题:写对 soft 和 light 各得
  0.5 分,只写 and 无分. 题:different 和 products 各得
  0.5 分(写成 product,即不用复数形式,扣除该
  0.5 分).
语法填空: 31 题:as 也可接受,给满分. 35 题:after 也可接受,给满分. 其它严格按照参考答案给分. 基础写作: 基础写作主要考查学生的语言结构的应用能力,能够应用正确,规范的语言表达特定的 内容.
容.命题思想是要求考生在表达这些内容时能够: \u27491X确使用表目的的表达方式,例如,用不定式短语或 so that 等从句; \u23545X申购情况和实际情况进行正确对比,例如:What I ordered was … but I received … \u27491X确使用提出要求的句型,例如:I demand that … (should) …. \u27491X确使用条件状语从句. 在评分时,应注意以下几个方面:
  1. 按照评分标准,实行分析法综合法评分:按语言,内容和连贯三项标准分别评判,最后 综合三项给分.(本次评分模板与一模不同,只给三项的最后总分)
  2. 的句型结构. 适当添加一些内容,不扣分;


  4. 在连贯方面,重点评判五个句子是否构成一篇连贯的短文,逻辑是否合理. (其它要求与一模评分标准相同) 读写任务: 在评分时,应注意以下几个方面:
  2. 概括部分要求能抓住文章所含的大意,即:四次比赛及最后得到的感悟.
  3. 本次的正文部分在体裁上可以是议论文,也可以是夹叙夹议的形式.
Individual work 的优势与劣势; Team work 的优势; \u22914X何做到二者结合.
  2)夹叙夹议的形式应该包括的观点: \u29992X你或他人的例子简述结合自身优势和发挥团队精神的过 程和结果; \u23545X所举的例子进行点评.
  4. 其它要求与一模评分标准相同.



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