2010 届高考二轮复习单项选择专题训练
一 共两套试题,15 分钟完成 (一 )
  1. The personal information you give in the application form is too . You should focus on something special about yourself. A. common B. original C. ordinary D. thorough

  2. With more and more chopsticks being used, huge quantities of trees each year. A. is being cut down B. is being cut down C. are cut down D. are being cut down

  3. It took my brother five years to his publishing business, which is a great success. A. take up B. put up C. build up D. bring up

  4.?What can I do for you, Madam? ?I’d like to book two tickets for the basketball match on August 18 ?Sorry. But we have no tickets A. spare B. useful C. available D. suitable

  5. Is it my appearance the professor minds? I guess not. He will consider necessary to have an experienced assistant. A. which; it B. that ; it C. which ; that D. that ; that

  6. They help and understand each other and never quarrel, thus creating a relationship. A.peaceful B.sensitive C.common D.steady

  7. All of sudden, the thief walking behind a young and pretty lady her purse, into the crowd. A. seizing; rushed B. seized; rushed C. seizing; rushing D. seized; rushing
8 ?Can you tell me how the car accident ? ?Yeah, A truck suddenly pulled out of a side road into its path..
A. come about
B. come across
C. come back
D. come out

  9.It’sto borrow money from your mother to settle your debt to your uncle. That’s “ust robbing Weter to pay Waul. A. ridiculous B. strange C. stubborn D. splendid

  10.You have made a few mistakes in your article but you have done nicely. A. as a whole B. in whole C. on the whole D. wholly

  11. Even if you complete your training in that company, I can’t you a “ob. A. guarantee B. provide C. require D. cancel

  12. The teacher asked us to list anything in our past that we felt of, regretted and read our lists aloud. A. sure B. afraid C. ashamed D. proud

  13.The Art and Music Festival by the Students’ Union runs from Aug. 27 to Sept. 6 every year A. organised B. to be organised C. being organised D. is organised

  14.Many people hold mistaken beliefs about the reason for cancer, to think it is environmental factors rather than personal behavior. A. deciding B.tending C.caring D. attempting

  15. Summers insouth of China are formost part rainy and hot. A. /; a B. the; / C. /; / D. the; the (二)
  1. her cat might make her bed dirty, she still keeps and cares for it. A. Unless B. Because C. Even though D. So long as

  2. I got over my low spirits. From then on, I began smiling to my classmates. A. Consistently B. Roughly C. Eventually D. Constantly

  3. The report was not concrete and in a way lacked persuasion. But, I felt it is fair. A. above all B. in a word C. on the whole D. in other words

  4. The other children don’t play with her, and I think she feels rather . think A. brought out B. let out C. left out D. sorted out

  5.He always gave satisfactory answers to the questions, one minute. So he was the teacher’s pet.
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A. thinking
B.having thought
C. to think
D. thought

  6.I would appreciate if you could let me know in advance whether or not you will be coming. A. it B. that C. you D. this

  7. ICm still working on my report. Oh, you won’t turn it in at all, for time is . A. working out B. going out C. coming out D. running out

  8. It has been found that some government leaderstheir power while in office to get illegal benefits for themselves. A. employ B. take C. abuse D. achieve

  9. Most people willingly accepted the plan for going spring-outing when it was first . A. tried out B. set off C. put forward D. carried out

  10. ? Would you like to stay for two more days? ? Sorry, I . My mother is coming to see me. A. mustn’t B. can’t C. needn’t D. won’t

  11. Had you set out earlier this morning, youthe meeting on time. A. might attend B. may have attended D. may attend
C. might have attended
Thanks a million. But for your encouragement, I in the 10,000-meter race. A. couldn’t have succeeded C. didn’t succeed B. shouldnCt have succeeded D. mustn’t have succeeded

  13. Not until I listened to the report what a difficult task educating kids was! A. did I realize B.I realized C. I did realize D. realized I

  14. To reduce air pollution, we want people tothe habit of using public transport instead of their cars. A.conclude B.acquire C.achieve D.suit

  15. of being a thief, Jack was being questioned by the market manager. A.Suspecting B.Suspected
C.To be suspected
D.Being suspected
答案与解析 (一)
  1.D 由后一句 You should focus on something special about yourself.可知答案为 D, thorough 的意思为 “彻底的;详尽的;全面的”。 句意思:“你的申请表里提供的信息太 面面俱到了, 你应该重点说说你的特长”。
  2.D a quantity of 作主语时,谓语动词要与 quantity 的单复数保持一致, 又知 trees 与 cut down 之间为被动关系, 且根据 with 短语和 each year 应用现在进行时态, 故本题用现在进 行时的被动结构。
  3.C build up her publishing business 逐步建立起他的事业。take up 接受;拿起;占 据;开始从事;put up 建立;张贴;bring up 养育;培养。
  4.C 句意为: 对不起,我们没有票了(票卖完了) 。available 意思为 “可得到的;现成有 的”,可用作后置定语。Spare 意思为“多余的;空闲的;剩余的”,一般不用作后置定语。
  5.B 第一句为强调句型,用 that 引导;第二空用形式 it,在句中作形式宾语,真正的宾语 为后面的不定式短语。
  6.D 句意为: 他们相互帮助, 相互理解,从不吵架,这样他们形成了稳定的关系。steady 稳 定的;稳固的。
  7.D 题干 the thief 为主语,walking behind a young and pretty lady 为后置定语,因 此第一个空为谓语动词,应填 seized ;第二个空用现在分词作结果状语,表示出乎意料的 结果。若第二个空前加上连词 and,则用谓语动词 rushed。
  8.A 句意为: 你能告诉我事故是怎样发生的吗? come about 发生;come across 偶然遇见或 发现;come back 回来;恢复记忆;come out 露出, 出来。
  9.A 句意为: 你借你妈妈的钱来偿还你叔叔的债实在太可笑了。这只不过是拆东墙补西墙。 Ridiculous 指语言或行为愚蠢得让人发笑或不合理智。strange 奇怪的;奇妙的;stubborn 倔强的;顽固的;splendid 极好的;令人极其满意的。
  10.C 句意为: 你的文章有几处错误,但总的来说你做得很好。on the whole 意思为 “大体 上;总得来说”,并非百分之百。as a whole 意思为 是百分之百,意思为“作为一个整体; 整个看来”;in whole“全部地”;wholly 完整地;整个地。
  11.A. 句意为: 即使你在那个公司完成了培训, 我也无法保证你能有工作。 guarantee 担保; 保证,可以接双宾语;provide sb with sth;C、D 项的意思不合题意,并且不能接双宾语。
  12.C 由 regretted 可知, 此处要填的词应该与 regretted 性质同类的词,故答案为
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ashamed。be/feel ashamed of 对……感到惭愧或羞耻的。
  13.A Festival 与 organise 为被动关系,且表示一般性的、习惯性的动作,用过去分词作 后置定语,来修饰 Festival,相当于定语从句 that/which is organised. B: 将来的被动 动作;C: 正在进行的被动动作;D 项需要加上关系代词 that/which.
  14.B 许多人对癌症的病因存在误解,容易认为是环境因素而不是人为的原因。tend to dos sth 往往会做某事;易于。
  15.D 在方位前要加定冠词 the, 构成 in the south/north.east/west of 结构;“大部分 地区”特指中国南部的大部分地区,用定冠词 the。故答案为 D。 (二)
  1. C 。句意:即便她的小猫咪可能弄脏她的床,她仍然会继续养他们,照顾他们。unless “如果不”;because“因为”;even though“即使”;so long as“只要”。根据句意可 知选项 C 符合逻辑要求。
  2. C。句意:终于我从低落中走出来。从那时起我不再自闭,也开始和同学们沟通。 consistently“一贯地;固守地”;roughly“粗略地;大体上”;eventually“最后;终 于”;constantly“不断地;时常地”。根据句意,只有 C 项符合逻辑要求。
  3. C。句意:这个报告不具体,从某种意义上说还缺乏说服力,但总的说来,我觉得它很公 正。on the whole“总的说来”;in a word“简言之;一言以蔽之”;above all“最重要 得的是”;in other words“换句话说”。根据句意可知选项 C 符合逻辑要求。
  4. C。句意:其他孩子都不和她玩,我想她觉得受了冷落。bring out“出现;出版”;let out“放出;泄露”;leave out“忽视;不考虑;遗漏”;sort out“分类;整理;解决”。 根据句意,只有 C 项符合逻辑要求。
  5.B。 think 的逻辑主语是句子的主语 he, 且 he 与 think 为主动关系,根据 one minute 可知,动作 think 应该先于动作 gave,所以用现在分词的完成式作状语。
  6.A。it 为形式宾语,真正的宾语为 if 引导的从句。句意:如果你让我提前知道你会不会 来,我会不胜感激。
  7.D 句意:我还在报告。?,你肯定不能按时上交了,因为快没时间了。当表示时间 用完、耗尽时常用 run out。go out 出去;熄灭;come out 出来;出版;work out 按某 种方式发展;结果。根据句意,只有 D 项符合逻辑要求。
  8.C 句意: 已发现一些政府领导滥用职权为自己谋取私利。 employ 使用; 雇佣; take 拿走; 取走;abuse 滥用;妄用;achieve 完成;实现。根据句意,只有 C 项符合逻辑要求。
  9.C try out 试验;检验;set off 出发,引发;put forward 提出;carry out 完成;执
行。句意为:当去春游的计划最初被提出时,绝大多数人欣然接受。故选 put forward。答 案 C。
  10.B can’t 表示一种客观可能性; mustn’t 表示绝对否定"一定不";needn’t"不必"; won’t"不愿意"。根据语境及说话人语气,选项部分表示一种客观可能性。答案 B。
  11.C 从句补充完整为;If you had set out this morning, 主句用 might have done 表示 与过去事实相反的虚拟语气。句意:如果你早上早点动身,你就可以按时出席这次会议。
  12.A 句意:祝贺你!非常感谢。要不是你的鼓励, 我就不可能在万米比赛中取胜。 根据 “But for youe encouragment”可知,要用虚拟语气,couldn’t have done 意思为 “过去不可能做某事”。
  13.A 这是一个倒装句。以 not until 开头的句子,主句要要用部分倒装结构。本句的时态为 一般过去时,所以在主语前要加 did,谓语动词用原形。故答案为 A。of 而不是;in charge of 负责;掌管。根据句意,只有 A 项符合逻辑要求。
  14.B 句意:为了减少空气污染,我们希望人们养成使用公共交通而不是私家车的习惯。 acquire 指获得技能,学到知识,养成习惯等,通常指后天习得的东西;conclude 推断出, 断定;achieve 完成,实现;suit 使合适;使适应。根据句意,只有 B 项符合逻辑要求。
  15. B suspect sb of doing sth 怀疑某人做了某事。根据句子结构可知,Jack 与 suspect 之间为被动关系,且表示完成的动作,“已被怀疑”才 “被市场经理盘问”。故答案为 B。 二 共两套试题,15 分钟完成 (一)
  1. ?It’s getting dark. My son hasn’t returned home? ?He has been a grown-up. A. Take it easy. C. Take your time. B. No problem. D. So what?

  2. her cat might make her bed dirty, she still keeps and cares for it . A. Unless C.Even though B. Because D. So long as

  3. how she was helping to save the environment, she said that she always takes public transportation. A. To be asked B. Asking
C. Being asked
D. Asked

  4.I got over my low spirits. From then on, I began smiling to my classmates. A. Consistently C. Eventually B. Roughly D. Constantly

  5. I didn’t make clear


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