1. maintain low and order maintain a high speed 保持
  2. major 主要的 a major question
  3. make
maintain his family = suport his family
maintain friendly relations
Food is necessary to maintain life.
The cars needs major repairs.车要大修 a major discover 重大发现 major in = specialize in 主修 the majority of 大多数的
We made the airport in half an hour. 赶到 做出 make a promise
make a cup of coffee make a price
make an effort make sb do
make a plan 制定 make noise
make a fire 生火
be made of /from
make up one's mind to do 下定决心去做… make fun of 取笑 make... into ... 把…制成 make one's position known 表明立场 make a face 扮鬼脸 make off with Make your self at home. 别拘束. make one's way 前去;去 make trouble make money 制造麻烦
make ends meet 收支平衡 make merry 寻欢作乐 make profit 获利
make no sense 无意义 make sense of make friends with make arrangements of
make a dive for 向…冲去 make way for 给…让路
make preparations for 为…做准备 make use of 使用
make an excuse 找借口 make up for 弥补
make out 辨别出
make it 及时抵达,赶上,通过 It is already 9 a.m , and I am afraid that I can't make it. It is a very difficult exam, are you sure you can make it? make up 弥补(= make up for) 组成(= be made of) 编写 make up a story

  4. man , mankind , human being 人类 The army made a man of you.军队使你成为真正男人.
  5. Mind your manners.注意礼貌.
  6. many a boy + 单 = many boys + 复
  7. the international market 国际市场 the domestic/home market 国内市场 good manners 好礼貌

  8. get high marks 得高分 a question mark 问号 Make a mark where you don't understand. make one's marks 成功,出名 That boy is a hard worker, he will make his mark. mark 做记号于 mark the place
  9. marry 结婚 marry sb The moon landings marked the beginning of a new era. 标志 be married to sb I married him two years ago.
I got married.
We have been married for two years. 精通, 掌握

  10. master sth = have a good command of = have a grasp of
  11. match 相配 (go with)
No one can match her at class.

  12. matter 麻烦事,物质 Matter exists in three states in the natural.大自然中物质存在三种状态.
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a matter of life and death. money matters 金钱问题
What's the matter with you ? She is very honest in money matters.
as the matter stands = as matters stand 按目前情况 要紧 It doesn't matter whether we go together or separately? May you succeed.= Wish you success.

  13. may/might as well do 不妨去做…may sb do 祝愿
  14. mean to do = intend to do 打算干…
mean doing 意味着做… be meant to do 应该做…
What do you mean by doing that ? 你那样做意味着什么?
  15. means 方法
Every means has been tried to save the dying boy.
by means of 通过… by all means 无论如何 ,务必,当然可以(=of course) by no means 决不 I am by no means surprised at it.
  16. measure take measures = take action = take steps , measure the room, measure the distance

  17. meet one's needs 满足…需求 meet with 偶遇;碰到 I met with a friend in the train yesterday.
  18. in memory of = to memorize 纪念
  19. mend 修理,缝补 run into come across
have a good memory 记忆力很好
It's never too late to mend. 亡羊补牢. mend the hole , mend one's skirt as mentioned above 如上所述
mend one's ways 改过自新,改邪归正
  20. mention to sb that 提及 not to mention 此外更不用说
  21. mercy 慈悲
at the mention of 在提到…时
The boy hasn't learnt Chinese, not to mention English. beg the mercy of sb 恳求得到宽恕 without mercy ~ 毫不同情
show mercy to sb have mercy on 对…表同情

  22. mild 温和的
  23. the military training
  24. mind 理智
a mild climate 军事训练
She come to my mind at the moment. 我想起了她 speak your mind out 说出想法 change one's mind 改变想法
lose one's mind 失去理智
keep/bear sth in mind (learn sth by heart) be of one/a mind 同心协力
make up one's mind to do 下定决心去做… Never mind .没关系.
be of the same mind 相同想法
What's on your mind? 你在想…? to one mind = in one's opinion 据…看来 Watch out = Mind out 当心
  25. minor 较次要的 Mind your step.走路小心. absent-minded 心不在焉的 a minor operation 小手术
a minor fault 小错误
minority 少数,少数民族
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  26. in a minute 立刻
  27. modest 谦虚的
the minute = the moment 一…就 The young actress is very modest about her success.

  28. at any moment 任何时刻 at the moment 在这时 at the critical moment 紧急时刻 for the moment 暂时
  29. be in no mood to do There seems nothing to be done for the moment. 没有心情干… be in the mood to do 有心情干
be in a good mood = be in a good humour = be in high spirits = be in a good humour 有好心情
  30. the moral sense 道德感 moral standards 道德标准
Would you like some more coffee ? , more and more 越来越 , the more ... the more ... The more exercise you take, the more good it will do you. more or less more than no more than 或多或少;大体上 ① = over 超过 ①两者都不 I more or less agree with you. ③ = very
② = not only 不仅仅是
② = only 只不过 He is no more than a little boy.
You are no more capable of speaking Chinese than I am. 你同我一样都不会讲中文. once more 再;又 Read it once more. what is more 更重要的是
more…than… 与其…倒不如说…
She is more mad than stupid. 此外,而且

  31. Moreover = besides = furthermore = in addition
  32. at most 至多
make the most of 好好使用 这药主要由糖和水组成.
The medicine is mostly sugar and water.
They are mostly/mainly/chiefly from workers' family.
  33. not much of a ...不太好的 much more + 比
  34.muddy He is not much of a doctor. 庸医 much too + adj.
much the best + 最高级 muddy water

  35.murder 谋杀
  36. mysterious
murder sb 神秘的 a mysterious letter



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