高考词汇表 (C)

  1. make a phone call 电话 call sb one's name 叫…名字 call on/at 拜访 answer the call 回电 call off 取消 take a call 谢幕 call up 打电话给…;应征入伍 号召 call for 需要;打电话叫…
call on sb to do sth/for sth

  2. keep calm = remain calm 保持镇定 calm down 别紧张
  3. cancel the meeting cancel the flight 取消航班 cancel the order 取消定单
  4. can't ( help ) but do 不得不 can't help doing 情不自禁 can't help to do sth 不能有助于…
  5. can't … too ... 再…也不过分 eg: You can't think him too much.你再感谢他也不过分.
  6. a capable man = an able man 能干的
  7. take care 当心 care about 介意 be capable of doing = be able to do do sth with care 很小心做…
take care of = look after 照顾 care for 担心;照顾;喜欢

  8. be careful in doing 小心的,仔细的 be careful to do
  9. carry sth away 带走 be careful with fire carry out 实施
be careful of sth be careful with your work/study carry on 继续 进行;经营 in no case 绝不

  10. in this/that case 在那种情况下 in any case
in most cases 在大都数情况下
无论如何 eg: In any case , try to do it. in the case of my mother.以我母亲为例. cast a net 撒网 Snakes cast their skin.蛇褪皮. catch a cold 感冒 catch fire 着火

  11. cast a vote 投票

  12. catch sb by the arm 抓住…手臂 catch sb doing 抓住…正在做…
I didn't catch what you said. catch sight of 一看到 catch/keep up with 跟上
catch one's eye/attention 引起…注意

  13. cause = lead to = result in = bring about 造成 the reason why/for the cause of
cause sb to do 造成…去做…
the cause of world peace 世界和平事业 the closing ceremony

  14. the opening ceremony 开幕式

  15. a certain = some 某 be certain to do 确实
a Mr.Tom = a certain Mr.Tom = some Mr.Tom
make certain that
It's certain that... for certain = for sure 的确
  16. a birth certificate 出生证 a marriage/ death certificate

  17. ake the chance of doing 利用去做什么的机会 the chance of / (to do) / for doing 机遇 *The chances are that...= It is likely that…
  18. He has a strong character.他有很强个性. create many characters 创造很多人物 a man of character 一个有个性的人. the leading character 主角 take charge of

  19. be in charge of sth 主管 be in the charge of sb = be in one's charge 负责... the man in charge 负责的人
What's the charge for a single?一个人要多少钱?
These books are under your charge .这些书你保管. charge sb with sth 指控 free of charge 免费 charge sb money for doing sth 因做…而向…索价 (pay sb money for)
  20. cheat in the exam 考试作弊
  21. check in 登记;检票 cheat oneself 自欺欺人 check up 核对 a blank cheque 空白支票
check out 结帐离开

  22. pay by cheque 用支票付款
cash this cheque 对换支票

  23. a large/wide choice of 选择 have the first choice 优先选择 have no choice but to do 别无选择
  24. choose her as /to be sth choose from 从中挑选 choose = pick out

  25. circle the correct answer 圈出 The moon circles the earth 围绕 a business circle 商业圈
  26. in/under no circumstances = on no account = in no case 决不=in no way=by no means
Under no circumstances should you lend him any money.in reduced circumstances 艰苦环境下
  27. civil rights 公民权力
  28. claim to do
  29. classify 分类 civil duties 公民义务 claim sth 认领…
claim that 宣称
The books in the library are classified according to subject. 按科目分类 the clear water 清澈河水

  30. clear the classroom clear away 把…清除掉 It is clear that... Make it clear that...
Is the road clear ?道路畅通无阻吗?
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Please clear the room before their arrival. clear the stones from the garden.
clear the snow from the path. 清除
clear one's throat 清嗓子
The clouds have cleared away.云散开.clear up the problem 解决问题 It will clear up soon 天放
  31. My watch keeps the time. The watch gains/loses 2 minutes.
Set the clock to the right by the radio.按照收音机把时间拨准.
  32. my close friend 我亲密的朋友 make a close study of 仔细研究 take /have a close looked at 仔细看 be close to = be next to 在…附近
be close to 将近,几乎 He is closer to tears. close down 关闭 close down on 禁止, 取谛
  33. the clue to sth
  34. collect sth 收集 线索 thread the clues 把线索串起来
collect money = raise money 募集
make money = earn money have a large collection of 有…收藏
  35. combine A with B 结合 apply theory to practice in the years to come 接下几年中

  36. They came running.他们跑着来. come up ① = come near 走近
② be put forward 被提出;出现 ③发芽 The seeds haven't come up yet. come to ①苏醒 come to oneself ③ come to an agreement 达成协意 come across = run into = meet with 偶遇 come in ①进来 Coming in, please. ③上市 Apples come in. come along = get along 进展 come by = pass by 路过 come back 回来;回想 It suddenly come back to me where I had met you before. How is your work come ing along? ② 合计达 add up to ④ come to a conclusion 得出结论
come from = be from 来自于 ②流行 The long skits come in this summer.
come down ①降临 Night come down.夜幕降临. ②降价 The meat come down. ③下降 The temperature come down. How came ? 怎么会这样?
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  37. comfort sb 使…舒适;安慰… lead a comfortable life. 过着舒适生活.
  38. command sb to do (order sb to do sth) command my respect have a good command of 博得尊敬 牢固掌握
He lives in comfort .他过得很舒适 a comfortable climate.舒适气候 command that + 虚 command my sympathy 博得同情 (have a good understanding / knowledge of) I gave him all the money at my command .由我支配的 *No comment 无可奉告
at one's command 听从…吩咐
  39. make comments on... 评论

  40. a commercial course 商科 a commercial theater 以赢利为目的的 a commercial radio
  41. commit murder
  42. a common name 犯凶杀 commit an unforgivable error 犯不可原谅的错误
a common disease
the common sense 常识
have sth in common 有…共同之处 communicate with sb 通讯
  43. compare A with B 拿…与…比较
get a general idea of 对…有大致了解 communicate sth to sb 把…传递给…;向…表达… compare A to B 把…比做…

  44. a sense of competition 一种竞赛意识
  45. complain to sb of / about sth 抱怨
  46. compose a song/ music/poetry
  47. conceal the truth 隐瞒真相 complain to sb that make complaints to sb about... be composed of = be made up of = consist of conceal sth from sb 向…隐瞒… concentrate oneself on

  48. concentrate on= focus one's attention/mind on

  49. He has no concept of wrong and right.= He can't tell right from wrong. 他没是非观念.
  50. The Energy problem concerns us all. 能源问题与我们都有关. as far as I am concerned = as for me 至于我 be concern about 为…担心 eg: Be concerned about the growth of the younger generation. 为年轻一代成长而担心. concerning prep. = about = with regard to
  51. draw/reach/form/gain/arrive at/come to conclusion a just conclusion 一个公正结论
  52. be in good/bad/poor condition the working conditions 工作环境
  53. a press conference 记者招待会
  54. confess doing 坦白
be concern for 关心
in conclusion 总之 under the present conditions 在当前形势下 on condition that = if = provided that
confess to sb that… (admit)

  55. have confidence in doing 对…有信心
  56. confirm the report 确认
We are confident of our future. confirm what he said

  57. the inner conflict 内心矛盾
  58. confuse A with B 搞混
  59. congratulate sb on sth
  60. connect… with… ① 连接
the armed conflict 武装冲突
the armed robbery 武装抢劫
confuse black with white 混淆黑白 祝贺 eg: The bridge connect the island with the mainland.
② 接通 Please connect me with the headmaster. I was connected to a wrong person.我接错电话了. ③交通工具上的相衔接
  61. conquer the fear of height 克服恐高症.
  62.be conscious / aware of 意识到 be conscious / aware that He is still conscious.他神志清醒
  63. consider doing/that 认为; 考虑 consider sb as sth 由…组成 经常的 consider sb to be consider sb sth *The early bus connects with the 8:30 train.

  64. consist of = be made up of = be composed of

  65. He needs constant (= unbreaking) medical treatment. He drove at a constant ( = fixed = unchanging ) speed.
  66. be under construction 在建造中
the construction site 建筑工地

  67. consult one's lawyer, consult a dictionary 请教律师,查阅词典
  68. consume a lot of fuel 很费汽油 consume a lot of alcohol lose contact with 与…失去联系

  69. make contact with = keep/get in touch with 与…联系 This kind of disease spread by contact. (通过接触).
  70. The bottle contains milk.
包含 contain = have sth within itself
include = have sth as a part

  71. I like its style but I don't like its content . 内容
The movie lacks content . 缺乏内涵 on the contrary 正相反

  72. What he said is the contrary of what he did. 相反 (be contrary to)
  73. What he said is a contrast to what he did.
  74. contribute $10 to a charity collection 对比
by contrast 对比之下
contribute to sth 促成,有助于 Does smoking contribute to lung cancer? Doing exercise contributes to our health. the contribution of money 捐赠
  75. be in control = be under control be in control of 掌管
be out of control = beyond control have no control over / of 管不住
have control over / of 管的住

  76. at one's convenience It is convenient to sb...
  77. tell lies 说谎
在…方便时 It is convenient for sth... talk nonsense 胡说 It is convenient for sb to do... talk business 说正紧事 around the corner The shop is around the corner. be in a tight corner

  78. in the corner of , at/on the corner of ,
Christmas is around the corner .圣诞将近.(=at hand = near) drive sb into a corner = corner sb 使…处于困境
  79. at a low cost 成本 it cost sb time/money to do... 花费
sth cost sb money

The accident cost him his life. 使…为代价
  80. have the courage to do 有勇气去干… lose courage

  81. The course of our life is from our birth to our death. …过程… complete my college course
  82.crawl 爬,匍匐前进 课程 in / during the course of 在…期间
a snake crawling along the ground A baby crawls before it can walk.

  83. You are crazy to do such things. 发疯的;不切实际的 be crazy about/on sth 着迷… He is crazy about dancing. create many characters 创造许多人物

  84. Labour creates the world. create a bad impression
  85. on credit 赊账
  86. the crew of the ship,
the staff of the school

  87. commit a serious crime 犯罪 a wanted criminal 通缉犯
  88. a political crisis criticize sb 批评 政治危机 criticize my taking risks a crowded bus be crowed with 挤满 bring sth to a crisis 使…到危机时刻

  89. a crowd of 一群人
  90. be cruel to 对…很残忍

  91. cultivate 耕作,培植,培养
  92. take a cure 接受治疗
cultivate one's mind 陶冶情操
cure sb of (表结果) 使…除去… cure these diseases

  93. cure the boy of his bad habit = break sb of a bad habit
  94. be curious about 对…好奇
  95. the current events 时事
the current number of this magazine 这本杂志最近一期
the current year = this year
  96. the cuts on his hand 伤口 a shortcut 捷径 a power cut / failure 停电
cut the student's burden 减少学生负担 cut one's hair 剪发
cut the cost of education 减少教育资费
cut the planned time by two hours 去掉两小时



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