2010 届高考英语(单项选择题)题库 1
  21. Unfortunately, when I dropped in, Doctor Li for Beijing to join in the fight again SARS, so we only had time for a few words. A. just left B. has just left C. is just leaving D. was just leaving
  22. He hasn’t come yet. What do you consider to him? A. happens B. has happened C. happening D. to happen
  23. is known to us all is that China has launched Shenzhou V spaceship successfully. A. That B. What C. It D. As
  24. You’ve made great progress in your studies of English, haven’t you? Yes, but much . A. remains to do B. is remained to do C. remains to be done D. is remained to be done
  25. that the South African writer John Coetzee won the Nobel Prize in Literature for 20
  03. A. They’re reported B. He’s reported C. We’re reported D. It’s reported
  26. the Atlantic Ocean crosses the equator, the trade winds cause a flow of water to the west. A. That B. When C. Where D. Though
  27. You can’t finish the book in less than an hour, I suppose? --. A. Yes, I’m sure I can B. No, hardly C. Sorry, I can’t D. I don’t think I can of them are not fit for them.
  28. It’s impossible for all the people to get jobs because A. none B. all C. not all D. every one
  29. When will you leave for Paris for a visit? --next month. A. Until B. After C. At D. In
  30. The two old sisters, so long,held each other and burst into tears. A. being separated B. having been separated C. having separated D. had been separated
  31. Never forget the days when together with you. A. shall I; I lived B. shall I; did I live C. I shall; I lived D. I shall; did I live
  32. Why didn’t you tell me there was no meeting today? I all the way here the heavy snow. A. needn’t have driven; through B. can’t have driven; across C. mustn’t have driven; through D. shouldn’t have driven; cross
  33. It was the training he had at school made him good jumper. A. what; what B. that; that C. what; that D. that; had
  34. It was great shock to the world that two airplanes crashed into World Trade Centre in New York on Sept.
  11. A. a; / B. the; the C. a; the D. /; the
  35. For quite students,their teacher’s advice is more important than of their parents’. A. few; one B. a few; that C. a little; some D. a lot; many 2
  21. I will never know what was on his mind at the time, nor will. A. anyone B. anyone else C. no one D. no one else
  22. I don’t mind telling you what I know. You . I’m not asking you for it. A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D. needn’t
  23. I accept that he is not perfect, I do actually like the person. A. While B. Since C. Before D. Unless
  24. He got to the station early, missing his train. A. in case of B. instead of C. for fear of D. in search of
  25. The man insisted a taxi for me even though I told him I lived nearby. A. find B. to find C. on finding D. in finding
  26. More patients in hospital this year than last year. A. treated B. have treated C. had been treated D. have been treated

  27. Tom owns larger collection of books than any other student in our class. A. the; / B. a; / C. a; the D. /; the
  28. You haven’t lost the ticket, have you? . I know it’s not easy to get another one at the moment. A. I hope not B. Yes, I have C. I hope so D. Yes, I’m afraid so
  29. It’s ten years since the scientist on his life’s work of discovering the valuable chemical. A. made for B. set out C. took off D. turned up
  30. A man is being questioned in relation to the murder last night. A. advised B. attended C. attempted D. admitted
  31. The old man, abroad for twenty years, is on the way back to his motherland. A. to work B. working C. to have worked D. having worked
  32. The house smells as if it hasn’t been lived in for years. A. little white wooden B. little wooden white C. white wooden little D. wooden white little
  33. is often the case, we have worked out the production plan. A. Which B. When C. What D. As
  34. Sales of CDs have greatly increased since the early 1990s, when people to enjoy the advantages of this new technology. A. begin B. began C. have begun D. had begun
  35. How long are you staying? I don’t know.. A. That’s OK B. Never mind C. It depends D. It doesn’t matter 3
  6. Tom’s fame has spread well the walls of his college. A. across B. through C. beyond D. over
  7. the cost, the project will take a lot of time as well. A. Other than B. Except for C. In addition D. Apart from
  8. I have done most of the housework. Would you please finish ? A. the other B. the others C. the rest D. another
  9. For years scientists have been worried about the of air pollution on the earth’s natural conditions. A. effect B. result C. account D. cause
  10. As people want to their ideas quickly when talking on line, a lot of short forms are used. A. get; through B. get; over C. get; across D. get; out
  11. The next step in exploring outer space might be sending people there in spaceship. A./; a B. /; / C. the; / D. the; the
  12. a room in the hotel, Mr. Wood went out for a walk around the small town. A. Taking B. Taken C. To take D. Having taken
  13. By reading the story, you may understand to be successful. A. it takes what B. you take what C. what takes you D. what it takes
  14. the problem of land erosion getting more serious, the government is searching for a way to deal with it. A. As B. With C. When D. If
  15. Some people against toll booths (收费站) argue that roads, once , should be free. A. building B. built C. having built D. being built
  16. Hello, Rosa! I heard you went to New Jersey. I away for a week. But I’m back now. A. am B. have been C. was D. had been
  17. Mum, it’s none of my business. Why I care? Just because she is your sister. A. can B. should C. will D. may
  18. I can say nothing ? we haven’t to any decision on the matter now. A. come B. got C. turned D. gone
  19. It was in the evening the hurricane struck the area. A. while B. that C. as D. until
  20. I first met John at my sister’s wedding. He with the bridegroom at the time.
A. talked
B. was talking
C. had talked 4
D. had been talking

  21. Although he knew little about large amount of work done in the field ,he succeeded where more well-informed experimenters failed. A. a ; the B. the ; a C. a ; / D. / ; the
  22. I didn’t know you were good friends . You I have known her since she moved here. You were studying abroad then. A. may have B. needn’t have C. couldn’t have D. must have
  23. I wonder what will become of my daughter. endless homework ,she also bears other leading loads such as revision and recitation. A. As well as B. With C. Except D. Rather than
  24. Nearly all trees have seeds that fall to the ground, , and eventually produce new seeds. A. taking root B. take root C. took root D. to take root of the interpreter 口译员) the Chinese FM press conference of 6-party talks on TV? ( at
  25. How did you like the A. performance B. achievement C. material D. words
  26. Have you persuaded him? Yes .After some hours of discussion, I to reason him in accepting the new plan. A. had managed B. would manage C. have managed D. managed
  27. you keep on trying ,I don’t really mind whether you can come top in your class. A. So long as B. As soon as C. Once D. The moment
  28. If you be in time for the early bus , be sure to get up before five o’clock in the morning. A. are to B. are about to C. are going to D. are due to
  29. Clothing made of man-made fibres has certain advantages over made of natural fibres like cotton ,wool or silk. A. the ones B. one C. that D. what
  30. Children brains cannot develop they lack protein(蛋白质). A. since B. when C. because D. unless
  31. Persons with whom we can our innermost feelings are our closest friends. A. tell B. value C. share D. respect
  32. Without facts , we can’t form a correct opinion ,for we need to have actual knowledge our thinking. A. which to be based on B. which to base on C. on which to base D. which to base
  33. They all the details of the plan time and again to make sure that the project went smoothly. A. got through B. went through C. got over D. dipped into
  34. Nothing wrong with it , ? No .Yours is a specially-built model. Drive carefully , though .It takes time to run in a new car. A. is it B. has it C. are they D. is there
  35. Got your driving license? No .I too busy to have enough practice, so I didn’t take the driving test last week .I’m going to next week. A. was B. have been C. am D. had been 5
  21. I have just had my watch repaired. How much did they for that? A. cost B. charge C. spend D. take
  22. It’s been a wonderful Halloween Party. Thank you very much. --A. My pleasure B. I’m glad to hear that. C. No, thanks D. It’s OK
  23. How about the book you are reading? many problems we have come across in our study. Good indeed. It
A. says B. talks C. covers D. refers
  24. The room is in a terrible mess; it cleaned. A. can’t have been B. couldn’t be C. may have been D. would be
  25. He the test, but he wasn’t careful enough. A. was able to pass B. must have passed C. could have passed D. might be able to pass
  26. I have kept that picture I can see it every day as it always reminds me of my university days in London. A. in which B. where C. whether D. when
  27. He expected there more room for him to put in a desk. A. will be B. is C. to be D. being
  28. The sports meet, originally due to be held last Friday, was finally because of the bad weather. A. set up B. broken down C. worn out D. called off
  29. Ants are the most common life form on earth, tiny, their combined weight is greater than that of the combined weight of all humans. A. though B. although C. even though D. as if
  30. Xiamen is most beautiful coast city and I believe I will come for second time. A. the, an B. a, a C. the, the D. a, the
  31. Our team was ahead during the first half, but we in the last ten minutes. A. had lost B. would lose C. were losing D. lost
  32. With a lot of difficult problems , the manager felt like a cat on hot bricks. A. to settle B. settling C. settled D. being settled
  33. People think that the beauty of the mountains is great than of the desert. A. one B. the one C. those D. that
  34. Driving a car is not as difficult as you imagine, if you the rules. A. depend on B. believe in C. turn to D. stick to
  35. Would you please make a copy for everybody in the office and extra ones for the visitors? A. other B. many C. few D. some 6
  21. Some doctors were sent to the front where medical workers were . A. in great need B in desperate need of C needed great D needed in
  22. The police have caught the murderer. Yes, and he admitted his boss on a rainy night seven years ago. A. to kill B to have killed C having killing D have been killed
  23. Did you reach the top of the mountain? Yes. Even I myself didn’t believe I could make. A. that B. it C. myself D. them
  24. The Chinese are good at table tennis the English are interested in football. A. if B as C while D since
  25. Was it in front of the market the road accident happened yesterday? A. where B that C which D why
  26. I’m sorry that I didn’t work out this problem. It’s our ability. I didn’t worked it out, too. A over B beyond C more than D above
  27. Since I won the big prize, my telephone hasn’t stopped ringing. People to ask how I am going to spend the money. A. had phoned B. will phone C. were phoning D. are phoning
  28. He didn’t like coffee tea, but water. A. and B or C. but D. with
  29. It is better to ask someone for advice rather than something. A. risk doing B risk to do C to risk doing D. to risk to do
  30. Your neighbors may you with playing your radio too loudly at night. I know. They never say anything that me especially. A. accuse, appeals to B charge, appeal to C. charge, appeals to D. blame, appeals to

  31. I spoke that slowly but I didn’t my meaning . A. come…across B. get…across C. get…about D. get…ahead
  32. If , the bird flu would produce a powerful poison that would kill the patients. A. not treat B not treated C untreated D. Both B and C
  33.Johnny is a great dancer; he above the rest for his perfect performance. A. stands by B stands for C stands out D. makes for
  34.This race was her last chance to win a place on the national team so everything was . A. dangerous B. in stake C. at stake D. in charge
  35. He studied very hard all the time because he didn’t want to in his studies. A. fall behind B. be left behind C. left behind D. Both A and B 7
  21. Don’t be afraid. Although you are newcomer to botany, we will try our best to help you. A. the ; a B. a; the C. a ; / D. / ; /
  22. To understand the grammar of the sentence, you must break it into parts. A. down B. up C. off D. out
  23. Shenzhou VI, on Oct, 12, 2005, has greatly inspired the whole nation. A



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