精题分解: 精题分解:2010 届高考模拟单项选择题汇编

  4.The increase in home computers means that families have much easier A.measure to information. B.access C.way D.method

  2.(2010温州市八校高三 8 月联考) economies in Wenzhou. A. injury B. wound

  11. Typhoon Morakot has caused great to the local
C. ruin
D. damage

  3.(2010温州市八校高三 8 月联考)

  12. ?Have you known each other for long?
?Not very long, we started to work in the company. A. after B. before C. when D. since

  22.Although I had read the book assigned by the professor several times , it didn't make any A.meaning B.importance to me. D.significance

  13. ?Has the little boy passed third try. P. E. test?
?He has tried twice and the teacher will allow him to have A. the; 不填 B. a; the C. the; a D. the; the
[解析]考查冠词.第一空表示双方都知道的"体育考试",冠词用 the;第二空后序数词前加不定冠词表 示"又一,再一"之意,选 C.难度较大.
  6.(2010天津市耀华中学高三暑假验收考试) rather use A.the;the chopsticks,sir? B.a:/ C./;the D.the;the
  12.Would you like knife and fork,or would you

  7.(2010温州市八校高三 8 月联考) cold. A. 不填; a B. the; 不填

  2. Winters in north of China are for most part dry and
C. 不填; 不填 D. the; the
  2. two pandas from Chinese mainland has become

  8.(2010浙江省杭州高中高三上第一次月考) hot topic in Taiwan. A. The, a B. A, a C. /, the
D. The, /

  29. concern about food safety seems to be subject that is being discussed all over the world.
A.The; a B.A; / C.The; the D./; the

  21. Now I've been out of work for weeks, I've joined the ranks of unemployed. A. the; 不填 B. the; the C. 不填; the D. 不填; an top directors

  21.Zhang Yimou is considered to be one of in film industry. B.the;the C.the;a D.a;the

  12. 2010 ( 湖南省长沙市一中高三上第二次月考) No matter how long is your life, you will, at best, be able
  21. to read only a few books of all that have been written, and few you do read should include best. A. a; the B. the; the C. the; a D. /; the

  13. 2010 ( 黑龙江省哈三中高三上 9 月月考) Stay a bit longer, please. It's been such fun having
  21. you here. Thank you, but I've got early start tomorrow morning. A. /; the B. a; an C. /; an D. the; an

  11.?Is Mike a diligent student? ?No,but he is a lazy one,if A.anything B.something . C.everything D.nothing

  35.? What is like being a sailor? ? Wonderful. A.one B.that C.this D.it
  29.?Have you finished your report yet?

  16.(2010山东省兖州市高三上模块检测) ?No,I'11 finish in A.another B.other ten minutes. C.more

  33. I've got used to the Chinese food. But I don't like when a Chinese host keeps serving me the food I don't like. A. it B. that C. this D. those

  34. After the robbery, the jewelry shop fixed an alarm system further losses. A. for B. from C. against D. towards


  29. Did your boss phone you again the next day?
No, it was a week he gave me a second call. A.that B.when C.before D.after

  20. 2010 ( 湖南省长沙市一中高三上第二次月考) Prices continued to rise while wages reminded low
  22. the Government became increasingly unpopular. A. even though C. with the result that B. in order that D. because

  21. (2010 黑龙江省哈三中高三上 9 月月考) What you smell as you sleep may influence your dreams. Smell
  24. the flowers before you go to sleep you may just end up with rosier dreams. A. and B. / C. or D. but

  23. ?Do you think our teacher is ?Yes, he always corrects our homework and prepares his lessons A. careful; careful C. carefully; carefully B. careful; carefully D. carefully; careful . ?
[解析]考查形容词和副词,第一空作表语,用形容词;第二空作状语,用副词,选 B.难度中等.
  27. Yesterday our head teacher made such an felt . B. excited; excited D. excited; exciting speech that we all
A. exciting; exciting C. exciting; excited
[解析]考查形容词.第一空作定语修饰物,用-ing 形式;第二空作表语,修饰人,用 v-ed 形式,选 C.难 度:中等.
  24.(2010温州市八校高三 8 月联考)
  13. It is not for me to return all the books to the library now because I still need them.
A. difficult
B. convenient
C. available
D. important

  6. She is so that no one can ever persuade her. A. reliable B. stubborn C. artificial D. intelligent , it will be on Monday.

  30. I'll probably see you on Sunday; A. thus B. then C. after all D. if not
[解析]考查副词.题干意思是:我周日有可能要来看你.如果来不了,将会在周一.选 D.难度较大.
  8.After having gone to turn back. A.enough B.much C.such D.that far, George did not want

  28.(2010温州市八校高三 8 月联考)
  7. The news came as quite a shock to us, but he seemed to be surprised. A. simply B. entirely C. absolutely D. hardly

  28. She always thinks of she can do more for her students. A. what B. how C. if D. whatever

  18. ?Wow, your house is so big! ?Yes, it's three times yours.
A. the size as B. more than C. bigger as D. bigger than [解析]考查倍数的表示法.英语中倍数的表示法有以下三个句型: ①A is. . . times as + adj + as B ②A is. . . times + the + noun(size/length/width/depth, etc)+ of B ③A is. . . times + adj-er + than B 由此可知本题符合句型的是 D 项.难度中等.
  17. To our surprise, we got people to attend the meeting as we expected. A. as twice B. twice many C. twice many as D. twice as many


  28.After the new technique was introduced,the factory
in 2001 as the year before. B.twice many as machines D.twice as many machines
  23. Did Tom win the 200-meter race at our sports meet?
A.as twice many machines C.as many machines twice

  33.(2010黑龙江省哈三中高三上 9 月月考)
Of course not. I'm a poor runner and he did than I. A. as well as B. no better C. no worse D. not better

  11. ?I am wondering if we could go boating on the weekend. ?It A. sound a good idea. B. sounded C. sounding D. sounds
[解析]考查系动词,所填词作应答句的系动词,根据前文时态用一般现在时,选 D.本题较易.
  12. The building around the corner caught fire last night. The police are now the matter. A. looking up B. looking out C. looking into D. looking for [解析]考查动词短语.look up 查询,查找;向上看;看得起;look out 当心;注意;警惕;朝外看;look into 调查;look for 寻找.题干意思是:街角的那座大楼昨晚着火了.警察们正在调查此事.选 C.难度中等.
  14. The food here smells very good, but what does it A. feel B. taste C. touch D. sense [解析]考查系动词. 四个选项都可用作系动词, 都可以与介词 like 搭配, 根据题干意思选 B, 构成 taste like, 意思是:尝着…….本题较易.
  24. ?Madam, your clothes are ready now. ?Thanks. And how much shall I A. cost B. take C. spend D. pay [解析]考查动词词义辨析.四个选项都有"支付,花费"之意.而根据空后的介词 for 可知选 D.难度较大.
  25. Miss Brown is having a lot of trouble with the washing machine, but she doesn't know whom to for help. D. talk about for them? like?
A. turn to B. look for C. deal with
[解析]考查动词短语.turn to 转向;翻到;向……求助;look for 寻找;deal with 处理,对付;talk about 讨论.题干意思是:布朗小姐的洗衣机出了问题,但她不知道向谁求助.选 A.
  21. Although the children in age seven to thirteen, they have a lot in common. A. expand, from B. differ, between C. range, from D. tell, between a great

  40. (2010安徽省芜湖七中高三上第一次调研考试)
  2.The novel "The Da Vinci Code" success and was translated into 44 languages in 20
  04. A.appreciated B.enjoyed C.won D.seized

  23. In the past, he rarely spoke unless others were speaking about something that to him. A. tended B. addicted C. appealed D. applied

  27. Without my glasses, I couldn't whether that figure on the blackboard was a three or an eight. A. make out B. make up C. make for D. make off

  3.A truly creative person can tell the same story time after time and still A.come along with fresh ideas. B.come on C.come up D.come out it

  5. Jack must be worried about something. You can from the look on his face. A.regard B.recognize C.read D.realize

  45.(2010温州市八校高三 8 月联考)
  14. We may be able to you in some way if you can not finish your work on time. A. assist B. insist C. provide D. evaluate

  46.(2010温州市八校高三 8 月联考)
  16. At the meeting, student representatives some very good suggestions. A. put out B. put off C. put forward D. put down

  47.(2010温州市八校高三 8 月联考)
  19. His parents him to work in a big company but he failed them. A. suggested B. demanded C. recommended D. hoped

  5. On Christmas Eve, we put up some balloons to the festival atmosphere.
A. make for
B. add up
C. add to D. join in
  7. No one is sure who the dictionary . A. belonging to C. is belonged to B. belongs to D. is belonging to

  50. (2010 浙江省杭州高中高三上第一次月考) You must to the rules and behave properly even if you
  11. think they are unfair. A. get across B. keep to C. take up D. make up

  51.(2010宁夏银川实验中学高三上第一次月考)23 . The lift and we were trapped inside it. A.broke down B.broke up C.broke out D.broke in

  27. The old woman insisted that the book Mr. Thopson talked about . A. was worth reading C. being worth reading B. was worth to be read D. be worth reading

  32. -How many chapters does the book have? -It three chapters. A. consists with C. including B. consists of D. is contained
  26.Do you think our great ship will the hurricane?

  54.(2010山东省兖州市高三上模块检测) A.live with C.die from B.go through D.live through

  27.It's said that the team players. A.consists of C.are made up of B.is consisted of D.make up of
twelve top European

  56.(2010山东省兖州市高三上模块检测) for the missing boy. A.resign B.abandon C.conduct

  33. Due to bad weather, police had to the
the search

  23. His silence at the meeting suggested that he with you. A. didn't agree C. wouldn't agree B. hadn't agreed D. shouldn't agree
  28. What's your favorite music, by the way?

  58.(2010黑龙江省哈三中高三上 9 月月考)
I really progressive jazz. A. go to B. take for C. addict to D. go for

  16. Cathy is taking notes of the grammatical rules in class at Sunshine School,where she English now. D. was studying
A. studies B. studied C. is studying
[解析]考查动词时态.根据时间状语 now 和主句的时态可知用现在进行时,选 C.
  20. The unemployment rate in this district past two years. A. has fallen B. had fallen C. is falling D. was falling from 6% to 5% in the
[解析]考查动词时态.根据时间状语 in the past two years 可知用现在完成时,选 A.本题较易.
  26. Could you tell me what he said just now?
Sorry, I what was going on outside. A. had thought B. was thinking C. thought D. think

  62.(2010温州市八校高三 8 月联考)
  10. Mr. Smith would have come to see you if it had been possible, but he



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