2010 届高考英语语法单项选择模拟训练专项 03 形容词 副词

  1. Mrs White. bought a wallet for her husband. A. black leather small B. small leather black C. black small leather D. small black leather
  2.I think the company may not offer you a good pay. , I won’t take the job. A. That is to say B. What is more C. In other words D. In that case
  3.?Let me help you , Tom ! ?Thank you . I can do it. Here’s to hold all these things . A. a big enough case B.an enough big case C. a case enough big D.a case big enough
  4.?How did you find your visit to Disneyland? ?I enjoyed it very much. It was than I had expected. A. far more interested B. far more interesting C. so interesting D. even more interested
  5.? Yao Ming has begun his new season in NBA. ?Yes, he couldn’t have wished for a start to the new NBA year. He scored 19 points in 20 minutes in the opening game. A. better B. good C. nice D. best
  6.?George is a wise person . ?But in my opinion , he is than wise . A. cleverer B.braver C. more brave D.less brave
  7.)?Could we stay here for the night? ?Sorry. I have to hold you all. A. too small a room B. very small a room C. a too small room D. such small a room
  8. The bicycles in the other shops will be but . A. cheaper, not as good B. more cheap, not as better C. cheaper, not as better D. more cheap, not as good
  9. The finance minister is not very now since he has raised taxes to a such a high level. A. famous B. well-known C. popular D. favourable
  10. He’s not got another job yet and it’s not he will for some time. A. likely B. easily C. nearly D. lonely
  11. ?Has the design of the city square been decided? ?No, it’s still to suggestions. A. open B.welcome C. ready D.hopeful
  12. Jane was so for the news of her lost child that she was almost driven . A. proper , madly B.thirsty , mad C. sad , madly D.curious , mad
  13. It’s always difficult being in a foreign country, if you don’t speak the language. A. naturally B. basically C. unluckily D. especially
  14. Dr Watson wrote his name and carefully at the top of the paper. A. anxiously B.attentively C. obviously D.clearly
  15. We do meet now and then, but not . A. freely B.commonly C. regularly D.presently

  16.?What a pity ! I’ve not got a ticket for the football match . . ?Don’t worry . It’ll be broadcast A. live B.lively C. alive D.living , even when we have a break after class .
  17. We all do more speaking A. now and then B.by and by C. step by step D.more or less
  18. , most teenagers now listen to rock music . However, Jonah prefers classical music . A. In a word B.In general C. In particular D.In total
  19. I thought horseback riding would be the sport for me until I fell down from the horse back .As you can imagine ,I haven’t been invited back . A. later B.since C. after D.ever
  20. It’s widely known that first aid is important and you can save lives if the right action is taken. A. terribly B.hardly C. scarcely D.rarely
  21. He slipped and had his leg broken. ,he will have to be away from school for two or three months. A. In any case B.After all C. As a result D.In this way
  22.?Do you like Nack ? ?Yes , Nack is good , kind , hard ?working and intelligent; , I can’t speak too highly of him . A. as a result B.in a word C. by the way D.on the contrary
  23. This play, , is very wonderful: there are many interesting characters in it. A. out of the question B. on the whole C. in doubt D. under no condition
  24.-If I’m not mistaken, your birthday is coming up. Has your brother sent you anything? -Not yet. He never forgets, . A. since B.therefore C. so D.though
  25. He is ready to help others ,seldom, refusing them when they turn to him. A. if never B.if ever C. if not D.if any 【答案解析】
  1、D 此题考查名词前多个形容词的排列顺序。 一般顺序为: size + general description + age + shape + color +material + origin + purpose ( A Practical English Grammar ) , 故选 D。
  2、D 本题考查副词短语在具体语意环境下的应用。此题可先排除语义一致的 A、C 两项。B 项表 示递进,D 项表示条件。该题语意为:假如那家公司给出的工资不高的话,我就不要那份工 作。故选 D 项。
  3、A 本题考查 enough 与形容词连用时的位置关系。当 enough 修饰形容词或副词时,enough 应 放在形容词、副词之后,故选 A。
  4、B 本题考查形容词及其比较等级的用法。interesting 一般用来修饰事物,interested 一般用来 修饰人,可排除 A、D。比较等级前可用 much、a lot、any、a little、 far 等表示程度的副词 来修饰。故选 B。

  5、A 本题形容词的比较等级表示最高级含义的用法。 形容词的比较级用在否定句中可表示最高级 含义,本句句意为:他不可能希望有比这更好的开端。故选 A。
  6、C more…than…与其说…,倒不如说…,多用来对某一事物内部不同性质的比较。与其说他聪 明,倒不如说他勇敢。故选 C。
  7、A 本题考查形容词与 too 连用时的特殊词序。当形容词与 too,how, as, so 连用时,词序是: too/how/as/too+形容词+a/an+名词。 需要注意的是, 该结构必须有冠词。 D 则应分别改为: B、 a very small room; such a small room .故选 A。
  8、A 本题可采用增元法或补全法来解题。把句子补全为:The bicycles in the other shops will be than the ones in this shop , but they won’t be _ as the ones in this shop. 很明显,答案为 A。
  9、C 本题考查考生对近义形容词的辨析能力。 因为财政部长把税收提高了那么高的水平, 所以他 不受欢迎。be popular 受欢迎。故选 C。
  10、A likely 形容词,意为“有可能的” ,easily 、nearly 为副词, lonely 意思不适合,故选 A。
  11、A be open to: 向…开放,为固定短语。故选 A。
  12、B 孩子丢了,Jane 当然非常想知道孩子的消息,以至于几乎要发疯。be thirsty for 渴望。 drive sb mad 使某人发疯。故选 B。
  13、D 在国外非常不容易,尤其是如果你不会说该国的语言。故选 D。 ...
  14、D Dr Watson 非常仔细地签了名字,当然应该也非常清晰。故选 D。
  15、C 由 now and then 可知并不经常、有规律。故选 C。
  16、A live adj :活的,现场直播的,adv,以直播方式; lively 精力充沛的; alive 活着的; living 活着的, 有生命的。根据句意,足球比赛将现场直播。故选 A。
  17、A now and then 不时地,by and by 不久、马上,step by step 逐步地, more or less 几乎、差不 多。本句句意为:我们即使在班空时,也不时地进行练习。故选 A。
  18、B 通常,大多数的少儿喜欢听摇滚音乐,而 Jonah 喜欢听古典音乐。in general 大体上,通常; in a word ,总之,起概括作用;in particular 尤其,特别;in total 总共。故选 B。
  19、B 自从我从马背上摔下来后,再也未参加骑马运动。since :adv 从…以后。故选 B。
  20、A terribly : 很,非常,hardly 几乎不,scarcely 仅仅、几乎不,rarely 不常。由句意知,急 救是非常重要的。故选 A。
他滑了一跤,腿摔断了,结果是,他不得不休息两到三个月。as a result :结果是。故选 C。
  22、B 前面列举了 Nack 的很多优良品质,最后总结道:我再怎么赞扬他也不过分。四个选项只有 in a word 表示概括、总结。故选 B。
  23.B out of the question : 不可能的,on the whole : 总的来说,in doubt : 不确定的,under no condition : 决不。由“戏剧里有很多有趣的角色”可知“这部戏剧总的来说是好的” !故选 B。
  24、D though : adv ,虽然如此,可是。本句语义环境为:虽然他还未给我礼物,但他从未忘过。故 选 D。
  25、B 由句意可知: 他总是乐于助人, 如果说他曾经拒绝过别人的话, 那也是很不经常的。 故选 B。


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   1.Be well prepared. 做好充分准备是成功的基本保障,这包括对考试风格,模式,题型和最新动态的熟悉,更包括大量的, 有针对性的口语练习。 但必须指出一点,准备的过程不应是背诵的过程。很多考生对自己在面试中的表现感觉良好,最终却对自 己出乎意料的低分大吃一惊,百思不得其解,其实原因很简单:考官对考生背诵事先准备好的答案很反感, 尤其当他/她听到同一种答案被很多考生重复使用时,那种令人作呕的感觉可想而知。在考官看来,Using a prepared answer is simil ...


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