2010 届高考英语语法单项选择模拟训练专项 05 动词时态及语态

  1.I’m sorry, but there is no smoking on this flight. Oh, I that. Sorry, I won’t again. A.don’t know B. didn’t know C. won’t know D. haven’t known 2 .Could you lend me that book you me about when I telephoned you? No,I am sorry, I can’t. I gave it to a friend. A.were telling B. would tell C. had told D. had been telling
  3. ?The former president of Iraq was caught at last. ?Really? Where himself? A.has he hidden B.had he hidden C.was he hidden D.has he been hidden
  4. ?We didn’t find Smith attending the lecture. ?No one him about a lecture the following day. A.had told, there to be B. told, there was C.had told, there being D. told, there to be
  5. Unluckily, when I dropped in , Dr. Smith , so we only had time for a few words. A.was just leaving B. has just left C. had just left D. just left
  6. ?It’s a long time since we met last. Haven’t you graduated from college yet? ?. I English for four years in Nanjing University. A.No, study B. Yes, have studied C. No, am studying D. Yes, studied
  7. I to send him a telegram to congratulate him on his marriage, but I it. A.hoped, hadn’t managed B. has hoped, didn’t manage C.hope, don’t manage D. had hoped, didn’t manage
  8. Just look at the room. My roommate up his clothes. A.is never hanging B. will never hang C. never hangs D. never hanged
  9. ?Did you enjoy your holiday? ?Yes, it’s the best holiday I these years. A.had B.have had C.had had D.would have
  10. ?May I remind you that a Mr. Wang is waiting outside, sir? about it. ?Oh, that’s right. I A.forget B.had forgotten C.forgot D.have forgotten
  11. ?Such a mistake could have been avoided. ?Unfortunately, he the mistake again and again. A.repeated B. would repeat C.had repeated D. would have repeated
  12. ?Did you find the missing couple in the mountain yesterday? ?No, but we to get in touch with them ever since. A.have tried B. have been trying C.had tried D. had been trying
  13. Mike didn’t notice Alice entering his room. He a phone call.
A.answered B. has answered C. was answering D. is answering
  14. All of the guests by 9 o’clock , but the host until 15 minutes later . A.arrived ; didn’t turn up B.had arrived ; didn’t turn up C.arrived ; hadn’t turned up D.had arrived; hadn’t turned up
  15. ?Where is Tom ? ?Well , he you here . Otherwise he would come down right now . A.didn’t know ; were B.hasn’t known ; are C.doesn’t know ; are D.hadn’t known ; were
  16. After he left college, he was employed in an international company and there ever since . A.worked B.has worked C.had worked D.was working
  17. ?Well, that was really a good meal. I you were a really good cook. ?Thank you. A.didn’t know B.don’t know C.haven’t know D.hadn’t known
  18. Yassin’s death was not to stop Hamas’ ability to terror attack. A.hoped; go on B.decided; hold out C.intended; break out D.expected; carry out
  19.? John this week? ?Yes. ?Where him? ?In the library. A.Did you see; did you see B.Have you seen; did you see C.Do you see; have you seen D.Have you seen; have you seen
  20. I should very much like to have gone to the party but I . A.am not invited B.am not being invited C.shall not be invited D.was not invited
  21. He traveled to many mountain villages and saw many poor children out of school. This experience his life. A.would change B.had changed C.was to change D.was changing
  22. ?This returned Chinese scholar has become one of the top experts in this field . in Africa with wild animals for eight years . ?Yes , I know him very well . He A.has worked B.had worked C.worked D.has been working
  23.?How are things going? ?The disabled no relatives in Guangzhou by the volunteers, who will graduate from Zhongshan University next year. A.with, are taking care of B.have, will be taken care of C.with, are being taken care of D.have, are being taken care of
  24. As time on, Sally began to wonder if Bruce Bilk’s new poem called
Tabled’ Hute. A.has gone; had read B.went; has read C.goes; has read D.went; had read
  25. A: Hi , Randall,Come on in . B: Uh, yeah, I by to see if you for a roommate to share your house. A.stopped; were still looking B.will stop ;are still looking C.have stopped ; were still looking D.stop ; will have looked
  26.?Don’t you feel surprised to see Bruce at the meeting ? ?No. I really didn’t think here . A.he has been B.he had been C.he would be D.he would have your sweater inside out .
  27. I can guess you were in a hurry. You A.had worn B.are wearing C.were having on D.were dressing
  28. The article suggests that when a person under unusual stress he should be especially careful to have a well-balanced diet. A.be B.is C.were D.was
  29. US president George Bush the war in Iraq on March 20,20
  03. But internationally, the US war in Iraq as one country misusing its power over a weaker nation. A.started, has been criticized B. has started, had been criticized C.started, has criticized D. had started, was criticized
  30. I don’t understand how you got a ticket. I always you a careful driver. A.think;are B. am thinking, are C. thought, were D. think, were 【答案与解析】
  1. B 本题考查在具体语言环境下使用基本时态的能力。 “不知道”是发生在说话之前的事情, 所以我们要用瞬间过去时。
  2.A When I telephoned you 是一个明确的过去时间点,表示那时正在发生的动作应用过去进 行时。
  3.B hide 动作发生在 caught 之前,故用过去完成时。B 项为最佳答案。
  4.C 由语义环境可知, “未告诉”这一动作发生在“未参加会议”这一过去时间之前,排除 B.D 两项;about 为介词,后应用-ing 形式。故选 C
  5.A 由 so we only had time for a few words 可知:当我们到访时,Dr. Smith. 正要离开,was leaving 过去进行时表将来。故选 A。
  6.D 对于否定式疑问句的回答,若是肯定的事实,则用 yes,若是否定的事实,则用 no,结合
语义及选项,可知“我”已毕业, “我”在南京大学学了 8 年的英语,在“南京大学学英 语”为过去的动作。故选 D。
  7.D 由句意可知: “我”本希望给他发封贺电,但未办到。had hoped/thought/meant……本希望 /想/打算做某事,但与过去事实相反。故选 D。
  8.C 本句的语义环境为:瞧瞧我们的房间,我的室友从未挂好他的衣物。表示一般性.经常的 动作。故选 C
  9.B 这是我这么多年来过得最好的假期。从过去一直延续到现在,符合现在完成时的用法。 故选 B
  10.C forget 是发生在第一个人提醒(remind)之前,表示瞬间的过去。故选 C
  11.A 由 could have been avoided(本来可以避免)可知双方在谈论过去的事。故选 A
  12.B 从昨天到现在我们一直在努力与他们联系,表示过去的动作一直延续到现在还在进行, 用现在完成进行时。故选 B
  13.C 本句的语义环境为: a phone call when Alice entered his room 表示过去某一时间正在 He 发生.进行的动作,用过去进行时。故选 C
  14.B 本题对过去发生的动作的陈述,客人的到来发生在主人的到来之前。故选 B
  15.C 本句的语义环境为:第一个人现在想见 Tom,而 Tom 未来,是因为 Tom 现在还不知道第 一个人在那儿。故选 C。
  16.B ever since 是关键词,表示从一毕业到现在,他都在外企工作,用现在完成时。故选 B。
  17.A “不知道”是过去的事情,现在已知道,应用瞬间过去时。故选 A。
  18.D 预料亚辛的死亡并不能阻止哈马斯开展恐怖袭击。 is expected to do, 据预料某人会做某 Sb 事。carry out:开展,执行。故选 D。
  19.B “你本周见 John 了吗”?强调对现在造成的影响,用现在完成时; “在哪儿见的”强调的 为过去的事实,用一般过去时。故选 B。
  20.D 由 should like to have gone 可知是对过去事实的谈论,我本想去的,但未被邀请。故选 D。
be to do sth 除可表示将要做某事外, 还可表示注定要……。 SBⅢ L65: Those first words 如 were to change my world。故选 C。
  22.C 考生极易受 for eight years 这一时间状语的干扰,从而选完成时。其实,只要仔细审题, 就不难看出这是对一般过去事实的论述。故选 C。
  23.C 问话人询问的是现在这一特定时间的情况,应用现在进行时,且 take care of 与主语之间 存在被动关系,with 表“具有” 。故选 C。
  24.D 要做好本题,began 是关键词。时间的推移与 began 同步,应用一般过去时;宾语从句中 应用过去时的某种形式。故选 D。
  25.A 本题依然考查对瞬间过去时的掌握情况。stop 是刚刚发生的动作,用一般过去时,从句 依然要用过去时的某种形式,由题意可知,应用过去进行时。故选 A。
  26.C 主句用过去时,从句则应用 will 的过去时 would,我真的没想到他会在这儿。故选 C。
  27.B “我”为何能猜出你很匆忙?因为现在你的毛衣穿反了。表示现在时刻特定的状态,应 用现在进行时。故选 B。
  28.B 本题是一般性的理论陈述,故选 B。
  29.A 美国对伊拉克发动战争是过去(March 20,20
  03)的事,应用一般过去时,而这场战争一 直受到国际社会的批评,应用现在完成时的被动语态。故选 A。
  30.C 你得到一张罚单令我不得其解,因为我过去总是认为你是一名细心的驾驶员,现在已不 这样认为了。故选 C。



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