2010 届高三英语第一次模拟试题
第一节 单项填空(共 40 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 40 分)
  1. He came here by way of London. In way his health is much improved, but he is still not really well. A. a, a B. /, a C. the, the D. a, the

  2. I found her nice and honest I saw her. A. for the first time B. the first time C. on the first time D. at first

  3. Only ticket holders will be the stadium. A. admitted into B. allowed in C. admitted entering D. allowed entering

  4. Who it be that hasn’t handed in his composition? It be Robinson. He it in yesterday. A. can, will, should hand C. may, may, can’t have handed B. can, must, should have handed D. will, can, could have handed

  5. The weather isn’t good enough for an outing, isn’t it? Not in the least. We can’t have at this time of the year. A. a worse day B. a nicer day C. such bad a day D. so fine a day

  6. The Internet gives people the chance to have the information they need to them quickly and cheaply. A. to deliver B. deliver C. delivering D. delivered

  7. In the reading room, we found her at a desk, with her attention on a book. A. sitting, fixing C. sitting, to be fixed B. sit, fixed D. seated, fixed

  8. On a morning the little girl was found at the corner of the street. A. freezing, freezing C. frozen, frozen B. freezing, frozen D. frozen, freezing

  9. We all feel it is Jack as well as his wife that for their son’s bad behaviour at school. A. are to blame B. is to be blamed C. are to be blamed D. is to blame

  10. The railway construction had to be stopped for money. A. short of B. result of C. need of D. lack of

  11. Only if the examinations get the gift promised by your father. A. you have passed, you will C. you have passed, will you B. have you passed, will you D. have you passed, you will

  12. You can never imagine what great trouble I had the poor boy who was hurt seriously. A. help B. to help C. helped D. helping

  13. Research universities have to keep up with the latest computer and scientific hardware price. A. on account of B. regardless of C. in addition to D. in line with

  14. What made him worried? help the people in the snowstorm in the South. A. Not known how to C. Our knowing not how to B. Because we didn’t know how to D. Our not knowing how to

  15. It is high time that you down to a careful plan. A. got, make B. get, making C. got, making D. will get, make

  16. To test which foods are better for a long space journey, the astronauts in Shenzhou VII had as many as 50 dishes . A. to choose B. to be chosen C. to choose from D. to be chosen from

  17. I suggested the thief into prison. A. referred to being put C. referred to be put B. referring to being put D. referring to be put

  18. With the road with snow, many passengers had to spend the New Year’s Eve at the station. A. to be blocked B. to block C. being blocked D. blocked

  19. Do you have any idea of any chance left? A. how much B. there not being C. there was not D. there not to be

  20. Large quantities of information since the organization was built. A. has offered C. have been offered B. had been offered D. is offered

  21. surprises us most is she doesn’t even know the difference between the
two opinions lies. A. It, that, which C. What, that, where B. What, that, what D. That, what, where

  22. He gave us another piece of advice, of great help to the research work. A. which I think is C. I think which is D. I think it is B. which I think it is

  23. Has your former classmate come back from America? Yes, he there for eight years. A. has stayed B. stays C. stayed D. had stayed

  24. He a Japanese lady with a lot of money. He has her for five years. A. married with; married with C. married to; been married B. married; married D. married; been married to

  25. Are you ready to attend Mary’s party? Not unless ; but I haven’t any invitation yet. A. inviting; accepted C. invited; received B. inviting; received D. invited; accepted

  26. fun it is to a cold bath on a very hot day! A. How B. How a C. What a D. What

  27. Are you a Beijinger? . I was born in Henan. I came to Beijing when I was ten and have lived here ever since. A. Exactly B. No actually C. Just so-so D. Not really

  28. Understanding the cultural habits of another nation, especially containing as many different cultures as America is a difficult thing. A. the one B. one C. it D. either

  29. It is said that people are likely to tell lies over the phone as they are in emails. A. as twice B. twice as C. twice more D. twice than

  30. Look! Everything here is under construction. What’s the pretty small house that for? A. is being built B. has been built C. is built D. is building

  31. After graduating from high school, you will reach a point in your life you need to decide what to do. A. that B. what C. which D. where

  32. Tom reached home at last, . A. tired and hunger C. tired and hungry B. tired and hungrily D. felt tired and hungrily

  33. What a wonderful that they are working hard! A. scene B. sight C. view D. seeing

  34. How disappointing! They have finished 5% of the work. A. no more than B. no less than C. more than D. not less than

  35. this is only a small town, it’s crowded with tourists who come here all year round. A. Since B. Unless C. Once D. While

  36. When he came back to life, the young man found himself in a small hounse and everything he . A. lay; had been stolen C. lying; had stolen B. lay; was stolen D. lying; had been stolen

  37. I felt it very difficult to carry on the work all by myself. I could have helped you, but you me to. A. hadn’t asked C. haven’t asked D. don’t ask B. didn’t ask

  38. She is the only one among the writers who stories for children. A. woman, writes B. women, write C. women, writes D. woman, write

  39. One of the men held the view the book said was right. A. what that B. that what C. that D. what

  40. Have you finished your report yet? No, I will finish it in ten minutes. A. another B. other C. more D. less
第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题
  1. 5 分,满分 30 分) Dear Laura,
I just heard you tell an old story of gift giving and unselfish love in your program. You doubted that such unselfish love would happen in today’s world. Well, I’m here to give you 41 . I wanted to do something very 4 2 perfect child. He 43 for my fifteen-year-old son, who has always been the
all summer to earn enough money to buy a used motorcycle. Then, he 44 it looked almost new. I was so 45 of him that I bought
spent hours and hours on it
him the shiniest helmet and a riding outfit. I could 46 wait for him to open up his gift. In fact, I barely slept the night before. Upon 47 48 the coffee, tea, and morning goodies. In the living : “To my wonderful mother, all my love, your
awakening, I went to the kitchen to room was a beautiful keyboard with a son. ” I was so that I could 51 . 50 49
. It had been a long-standing joke in our family that I wanted a piano so lessons. “Learn to play the piano, and I’ll get you one,” was my husband’s
I stood there shocked, crying a river, asking myself how son could 52 gift. Of course, the kisses were 54 53
this expensive
awoke, and my son was thrilled 激动的 ) ( with my reaction. Many 55 my gift. 56 what I was expecting.
,and I immediately wanted him to
As he saw the helmet and outfit, the look on his face was not Then I 57
that he had sold the motorcycle to get met the keyboard. 58 on that day, and my feet never hit the ground
Of course I was the proudest mother for a month.
So I wanted you to know, that kind of love still world of me, me, me! I thought you’d love to Yours, Hilary 60 this story.
and lives even in the ever-changing
P. S. The next day, my husband and I bought him a new “used” already shiny motorcycle. 41 A. hope 42 A. polite B. advice B. similar C. support C. special D. courage D. private
43 A. played 44 A. after 45 A. sure 46 A. perhaps 47 A. start 48 A. note 49 A. disturbed 50 A. give 51 A. reason 52 A. present 53 A. neighbor 54 A. exchanged 55 A. tear 56 A. purely 57 A. realized 58 A. only 59 A. works 60 A. send
B. studied B. before B. fond B. really B. cook B. notice B. confused B. take B. request B. afford B. building B. experienced B. open B. basically B. remembered B. still B. exists B. publish
C. traveled C. unless C. proud C. almost C. set C. word C. astonished C. draw C. comment C. find C. home C. expected C. check C. obviously C. imagined C. ever C. matters C. share
D. worked D. until D. confident D. hardly D. serve D. sign D. inspired D. teach D. response D. order D. house D. exhibited D. receive D. exactly D. supposed D. even D. counts D. write
第二部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 第一节(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 A Scores of people queued up to use a cash machine after it started giving out double money requested. The cash machine, outside a Sainsbury’s store in Barham Road, Hull, attracted a big crowd hoping to take advantage of the fault, on Tuesday night. Police officers were eventually sent to guard the machine and prevent more money from being taken out. The fault is thought to have affected cash machines at supermarkets across the city. It is not yet known whether the customers will have to repay the cash or how much money was taken out. A spokeswoman for Humberside Police said, “Officers were sent out and an attempt was
made to contact the owners of the machine and officers remained at the scene to prevent more people from taking more money out. ” The spokeswoman said those who benefited from the fault could be traced and face theft charges, but investigations would only take place if the operator made an complaint. The cash machine is owned by a company called Payzone, a spokesman later confirmed. He said the fault was due to the machine being filled with the wrong denomination(面值)of notes. An investigation was under way into the incident and the machine had been taken out of service, he added. The Payzone spokesman said, “The cash in Transit Company which is contracted to service this ATM has filled it up with the wrong denomination of notes, which means it is paying out double. ” He could not say how much money had been taken out of the machine, or whether it would have to be paid back. It was understood that a number of cash machines owned by other companies had also been affected by this problem in Hull, he added.
  61. When people found the cash machine outside a Sainsbury’s store broke down, . A. they queued up to check their own money. B. they asked the police to protect the cash machine C. they waited outside the store for the generous cash machine D. they took out money from the other cash machines
  62. People who got illegal money would face theft charges if. A. the police traced their theft B. the police contacted the owners of the machine C. they got more money after the police came D. the operator complained to the police
  63. Which situation probably caused the cash machine’s fault? A. The largest denomination put into the machine was the one hundred-dollar bill. B. Notes of larger denomination were put into the machine instead of the required ones. C. Notes of new denomination were issued by the bank. D. Notes put into the machine included different denomination.
  64. What is the best title for the passage?
A. Greedy customers B. Cash machine gives double money C. Who is the owner of the cash machine D. How to get more money from ATM B More and more birds are flying to settle at Qinghai Lake, one of the highest inland lakes in China, thanks to the protection efforts of local governments. Covering an area of over 4,000 square kilometers. Qinghai Lake is also the country’s biggest salt-water lake . Located in Northwest China’s Qinghai Province, the lake is famous for the two islands at its northwest point--Cormorant Island and Egg Island. The two islands have plenty of floating grass and various schools of fish, offering rich food sources for birds. The islands have become a paradise for different kinds of groups of birds and have been called ‘Bird Islands’. Each March and April, when ice and snow covering the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau starts to melt, over 20 kinds of birds fly to the Bird Islands to lay eggs. During the months, flocks of birds cover the whole sky over the islands and birds eggs can be found everywhere. Visitors can hear the singing of birds from miles away . These have become a world famous symbol of the lake. To protect this paradise for birds and support calls for ecological protection, China set up the Qinghai Lake Natural Protection Zone at the end of 19
  97. Meanwhile , the State has pointed out the Bird Islands and Spring bay of the Qinghai Lake as central protection zones. Inspection officials and management employees often patrol the lake , improving local residents’ knowledge of related laws and spreading knowledge about animal protectio



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