1. Is Peter there? , please. I'll see if I can find him for you. A. Hold up B. Hold on C. Hold out D. Hold off

  2. Fred entered without knocking and, very out of breath, sank a chair. A. on B. off C. into D. to

  3. After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane her job as a doctor in the countryside. A. set out B. took over C. took up D. set up

  4. Little Johnny felt the bag, curious to know what it . A. collected B. contained C. loaded D. saved

  5. The fact that she never apologized a lot about what kind of person she is. A. says B. talks C. appears D. declares

  6. I used to quarrel a lot with my parents, but now we fine. A. look out B. stay up C. carry on D. get along

  7. Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still the traditional customs. A. perform B. possess C. observe D. support

  8. As nobody here knows what is wrong with the machine, we must send for an engineer to the problem. A. handle B. raise C. face D. present

  9. The present situation is very complex, so I think it will take me some time to its reality. A. make up B. figure out C. look through
  10. It's the sort of work that A. calls for B. makes up D. put off
a high level of concentration. C. lies in D. stands for .

  11. Don't take too much of the medicine; it does you more harm than good if you A. do B. take C. like D. have

  12. Don't respond to any e-mails personal information, no matter how official they look. A. searching B. asking C. requesting D. questioning

  13. Someone who lacks staying power and perseverance is unlikely to a good researcher. A. make B. turn C. get D. grow her permission for things, think

  14. If you think that treating a woman well means always again. A. gets B. got C. to get, D. getting

  15. We went to Canada to travel and my cousin as our guide. A. played B. showed C. acted D. performed into parts.

  16. To understand the grammar of the sentence, you must break it A. down B. up C. off D. out

  17. The evening news comes on at Seven o' clock and only thirty minutes. A. keeps B. continues C. finishes D. lasts

  18. Some parents are just too protective. They want to their kids from every kind of danger, real or imagined. A. spot B. dismiss C. shelter D. distinguish

  19. Do you have enough to all your daily expenses? Oh yes, enough and to spare. A. cover B. spend C. fill D. offer

  20. Before making your speech, you'd better your thoughts and ideas. A. collect B. gather C. get D. prepare

  21. His father died and him a lot of money. A. gave B. left C. sent D. offered
  1. B hold up"阻止,举起";hold on"稍等会儿, (打电话时)别挂断";hold out"伸出,提出"; hold off 本题考查的是打电话时的用语;hold off"推迟,战胜,克服".从语境看这是打电话时 叫对方别挂.故选 B.
  2. C 考查动词与介词的搭配. "sink into sth"意思是"渗入, 陷入, 沉入; 投入……"等意思, "sink into a chair"意思是"(一屁股)坐到椅子上".其它搭配均不恰当.
sink into…是一个非常有用的搭配,可与很多名词连用,表示多种意思,如 sink into one's mind(教训等)铭记在某人心中,sink into the sea 沉入海中,sink into a deep sleep 沉睡.
  3. C set out 动身,出发,开始干;take over 接管;take up 从事;set up 建立,成立.题意是"在 一所医学院学了五年后,Jane 在乡下从事医生这项工作."
  4. B collect 收集;contain 包含,容纳;load 装载;save 节约,节省.题意是"小强尼摸了摸那 口袋,很想知道里面装的是什么."故选 B 项.
  5. A 考查动词词义的区别. 句意为"她永远不会道歉很大程度上说明了她是一个什么样的人". A 项 say 意为"说明,表达,显示" ,B 项 talk 意为"谈论",C 项 appear 意为"出现,显得…"D 项 declare 意为"宣布,声明",语意都不合情境.
  6. D look out 当心;stay up 熬夜, carry on 继续做,坚持干;get along(on) (与某人)和睦相 处,关系融洽.题意是"我以前常和父母吵架,但现在我们关系融洽了".
  7. B observe 指遵守法律,习俗,规章等,题目中指出很多中国人虽然在国外了很多年,但是 他们还是保持传统的习惯和风俗,B 符合题意.
  8. A 根据题意可以选出答案,因为没有人知道机器到底出了什么毛病,我们必须派人去请工 程师来处理这个问题 handle the problem 符合题意.Raise problem 和 present problem 都表示提 出问题,face 是"面对"
  9. B 此题要把题目理解清楚,意思是现在的情形太复杂了,我要花点时间弄清楚真实情况. Make up 组成,弥补 look through 看穿,审核 put off 推迟,figure out 想出来,弄清楚,B 符 合题意.
  10. A call for 意为"要求".根据句意可判断出表示"这是一种需要高度精力集中的工作".故选 A 项.make up 意为"弥补,虚构,缝制,整理,包装,和解,编辑,化妆";lie in 意为"在于";stand for 意 为"代表,代替,象征,支持".

  11. A 考查动词 do 的用法.此处 do 用于替代句子前面一个相同的动词 take.
  12. C 本题考查在实际语境中对于动词的区别能力.考生容易选到 asking,asking 后面应加 for.
  13. A 词义区别. make: to become or develop into 造就. 成为. 如:The room would make a nice office. 这个房子做个办公室倒不错.
  14. D mean doing 意味着,mean to do 打算做
  15. C 考查动词的固定搭配.我们去加拿大旅行,我表弟当导游. 本题测试动词搭配的用法.act as 担当;其他选项均不与 as 连用.
  16. A 考查动词短语. 注意 break 与不同的介词或副词搭配, 意思不同. break down 的意思为"停 顿,分解,中止,垮掉";break up 的意思为"打碎,变坏"等;break off 的意思为"中断,断绝, 解除";break out 的意思为"爆发".根据句子的意思:为了理解句子中的语法,你必须把句子 分解成为几个部分.故正确答案为 A.
  17. D keep 保持(某种状态)=continue to be,remain,in a specified condition;last vi. 继续,延 续,维持,其后常跟时间状语;continue=stay at/in,remain at/in 继续,仍旧.所以 D 为正 确答案.
  18. C. 根据上句 Some parents are just too protective. 可知下文要说父母们想庇荫孩子们不受到任 何伤害.shelter 做动词可表示"保护;庇护".spot"弄脏,认出,发现,定位",dismiss"开除, 使解散",distinguish"区别".
  19. A cover 意为(钱)足够的.
  20. A collect one's thouhts 表示"集中思想",collect 在此表示"集中(思想等) ,使镇定".
  21. B
原题中 his father died 这一信息暗示表示人死后留下什么东西 leave sth. (after death, through a will) ,因此只能用 leave.



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   高中英语教材常见重点动词短语集agree on 商定,决定,达成共识 商定,决定, The building of a new car factory was agreed on last month and a new company has been started. SIL22) agree to do sth. 同意做某事 Do they agree to sow wheat close together? ( SIL 95 ) add... to... 把…加到 上 加到…上 加到 ...


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