Unit 5 Topic One Section C
What place is it ? Where is it ?
东方之珠 the Oriental Pearl 购物天堂 the Shopping Heaven 赌 城 宝 岛 the Gambling City
Hong Kong Hong Kong Macao Taiwan
the Treasure Island of China
Question: What can we visit if we go to Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan? Hong Kong PeakMacao PaulTaiwan Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria Mazu Temple, Ruins of St. Sun Moon Lake, Mount Ali
When did Hong Kong return to the motherland.
Ocean Park
When did Macao return to the motherland?
Knowledge points
  1. be known as被认为是 作为 而 被认为是…作为 被认为是 作为…而 著名,也可说 be famous as 著名 也可说 ? It’s known as the most dangerous part of the city. He’s known as an outstanding scientist.
? be known/famous for…因…而知名 因 而知名 ? be known to对…是知名的 也可用动词 是知名的.也可用动词 对 是知名的 become 强调过程 强调过程. Andy Lau is known to many Chinese people for his acting and singing.
  2. regard … as 把… 看作 把… 认为 看作, 认为, as 是介词 后接名词 常用被动语态 是介词, 后接名词. 常用被动语态, be regarded as , 相同的表达有 be 相同的表达有: considered as… ? Mr. Wang is considered as an excellent teacher.

  3.serve /act as :充当、起…作用; 充当、 作用; 作用 He acts as a manager in a foreign company. Hong Kong serves as bridge which connects the mainland with the rest of the world.
a. I rented broke down. ① The car b. has a very long neck. ② May I use that your PC ③ The driving c. you bought last license which month? ④ A giraffe is a kind of animal
d. was taken away by the police is mine.
? Finish the exercises on p
  41. The weather in the north is quite different from that of the southern s part. regard ?
  42. People r Taiwan as “the Treasure Island of China”. surrounded ?
  43. Our school is s by many tall trees.
  44. I left my notebook at home. fetch Could you please f it for me? famous ?
  45. Hong Kong is f as “the Shopping Heaven”.
  1)Suppose one student wants to go on a trip. He/She needs to know something about the place he/she’s going to. The other introduces it to him/her. Make a dialog that is about a trip with your partner. (
  2)Write a passage according to the pictures below.

  1.桂林位于广西境 桂林位于广西境 内,是一个漂亮的 旅游城市; 旅游城市;每年吸 引一千多万国内外 游客
  2.清澈的水、漂亮 清澈的水、 清澈的水 的山使桂林享有 桂林山水甲天下” “桂林山水甲天下” 的美名。 的美名。
This is a picture about Guilin. Guilin lies in Guangxi Province. Guilin is a beautiful place which is famous for its mountains and water. We all know Guilin’s mountains and water are the first in the world. I hope to go on a trip to Guilin some day.
I’m only a high school student. I have never been to other places. This is a picture about my hometown. Look, the green mountains and water. The green mountains are called Mount Hong, which is the birthplace of Mount Hong culture. The long river isn’t wide, but it’s clear. We are proud of being children of Mount Hong. The people there are very friendly. Welcome to my hometown.


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   闽侯实验中学师生案 8 年级 课题 课型 Unit4topic2sectionC 新课 科目 英语 使用者 学生 授课教师 程文江 上课时间 学习目标 知识点 中考考点 谈论 Internet be sure 教学过程 一、自主学习 结构表示肯定和不肯定。 be sure 结构表示肯定和不肯定。 be sure 一般用来表示肯定,be not sure(whether/if)表示不肯定。 be sure 后面可以跟不定式和宾语从句。跟不定式一般译为“一定……” ,跟 宾语从句,译为“确信…… ...

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   胡海龙 今天讲的题目是"道家智慧与英语学习".大家知道,道家的大宗师老子与孔子一样,被 后世尊为"圣人",供奉在庙观里享受香火.道家与儒家,佛家一起,并称为我国传统文化的 三大支柱.道家"综罗百代,博大精微",其流被所及,对我国历史文化的方方面面影响至深 至巨.现代人对道家的智慧也仰慕不已.道家思想的代表著作《道德经》 (即《老子》,在 ) 近代以来信奉西方文化中心论的欧美国家, 已出版了一百多种译本. 现代人对道家思想的应 用颇多 ...


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   练好英语口语的方法 练好英语口语的方法 [阅读: 616] 和汉语一样,英语也是一种语言而非一门课程。把英语当作一门知识来学的人,从小学 到大学,到最后,还是学不好英语。作为一种语言,交流是目的,而不是语言本身。语 言的交流与掌握大量的词汇、句型、语法是两回事。为什么同样是学英语,有人却学成 了哑巴英语? 缺少的就是在交流中来运用英语!只有在交流中我们才能与对方进行思维 密码的相互破译。同样的话在不同的语言交流环境中所表达的意思是不一样的。我建议 要把我们学习的目标收缩,把追求大而广的英语知 ...

2011年中考英语专题课件7 连词

   专题7 专题 连 词 中考英语对连词考查的重点集中在以下两个方面:一是连接两个词或连接一个并列句时 并列连词的选择,此类题型要求我们必须确切地理解句子的意义,在此基础上确定词与词之 间及两个分句之间的关系,从而确定出正确的并列连词;二是对从属连词的考查侧重和从句 的理解相联系,对应句子或上下文,正确把握从属连词。 知识网络 连词 联合关系:and,not only...but also..., neither...nor...等 并列连词转折关系:but,however等 因果 ...