月大学英语六 2010 年 12 月大学英语六级考试完整版 标准答案
2010 年 12 月真题 写作 Directions: For this part you are allowed30 minutes to write a short essay entitled My View on University Ranking。 You should write at least 150 words following the outline given below。
  1. 目前高校排名相当盛行
  2. 对这种做法人们看法不一
  3. 我认为…… My View on UniversityRanking There is no denying the fact that it has become a prevailingtrend for some individuals or organizations to rank universities. Taking a lookaround, we can find examples too many to list. To this phenomenon people’sattitudes differ sharply。 Some hold the positive view. They claim that rankinguniversities can help high school graduates or their parents to make a soundchoice when enrolling in a university or college. Besides, this practice canhelp promote the level of higher education as a whole in that many universitieswill exert efforts to elevate their position。 Others, however, hold the opposite view. They point out that theresult of ranking is not always credible, for many individuals or institutionsdo it merely for the purpose of colleting money. Furthermore, some universitiesoveremphasize the result of ranking and waste large amounts of resources。 Personally, I believe that we should not go to extremes. On theone hand, it must be admitted that ranking is an effective means to encourageuniversities or colleges to compete with each other and improve their work. Onthe other hand, it should not be conducted and used in the wrong way。 快速阅读部分
  1. A)not be sustained in the long term

  2. B)Intergenerational conflicts will intensify
  3. D)politicians are afraid of losing votes in the next election
  4. A)allow people to work longer
  5. D)younger workers are readily available
  6. B)large numbers of immigrants from overseas
  7. B)They find it hard to balance career and family
  8. take risks
  9. have families
  10. military service 听力部分 Listening Comprehension Section A
  11. A The man is the manager of the apartment building
  12. B How the pictures will turn out。
  13. C The suitcase can be fixed in time。
  14. B He needs a vehicle to be used in harsh weather。
  15. A She has made up her mind to resign。
  16. D Replace the shirt with one of someother material。
  17. D At a “Lost and Found”
  18. C Convert in into a hotel
  19. D Careful plotting and clueing。
  20. D To be entirely alone。
  21. C They look at the world in a detached manner。
  22. B Like it or not, you have to use them。

  23. D The monopoly of British Railways。
  24. B Competition from other modes of transport。
  25. D They lose a lot of money。 Section B Passage One
  26. C Many coastal cities will be coveredwith water。
  27. B How unstable the West Antarctic icesheet is。
  28. A It collapsed at least once during thepast
  1.3 million years。
  29. A The West Antarctic region was once a open ocean。 Passage Two 30 B Whether a deleted photo is immediately removed from the web。 31 B The way they store data。 32 C When the URL isreused。 Passage Three
  33. A
  34. B
  35. C Section C
  36. diverse
  37. tragic
  38. commit
  39. outcome
  40. scale
  41. colleagues

  42. accurate
  43. averages
  45. Students with high hope set themselves higher goals and know how to work toattain them,
  46. went beyond the simple notion that hope is merely the sense that everythingwill turn out all right。
  47. Having hope means believing you have both the will and the way toaccomplish your goals, whatever they may be。 简答及精读部分
  47. feminine and weak
  48. lose composure
  49. stress-related disorders
  50. their emotional inexpressiveness
  51. aggressive
  52. A)solve virtually all existing problems
  53. D)They realized science and technology alone were no guarantee for abetter world
  54. B)Some Asian countries have overtaken America in basic scienes
  55. A)Insufficient funding
  56. C)Humanistic thinking helps define our culture and values
  57. D)It will be some time before a new Einstein emerges
  58. B)His independent and abstract thinking
  59. D)They often go into fields yielding greater financial benefits
  60. C)Papers like Einstein’s would unlikely get published today
  61. B)was little known in academic circles 完形填空

  62. B) set out
  63. D) abandoning
  64. A) with
  65. B) intends
  66. A) exceeded
  67. A) on
  68. D) charge
  69. C) such as
  70. B) free
  71. C) acknowledged
  72. C) bet
  73. C) circulation
  74. A) behind
  75. B) While
  76. D) claim
  77. C) maintains
  78. A) like
  79. C) rough
  80. C) suffered
  81. D) loan 翻译答案
  82. cannot be too careful (结构)
  83. did I realize that reading could not be neglected (倒装与时态)
  84. to the researchers’ surprise(搭配)

  85. I must have left it somewhere(情态动词)
  86. would rather join you to work as volunteers(结构与搭配)



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