2010 年 12 月大学英语四级考试今天已落下帷幕,搜索、综合各大网站的有关本次考试的答案和解析,发 布 2010 年 12 月英语四级考试的试题和参考答案。2010 年 12 月英语四级考试 作文及 1 至 91 题参考答案公布,该答案全部来源于网络,答案准确性请大家自行斟酌。 第一部分: 第一部分:作文 英语四级作文题目:
How Should Parents Help Students to Be Independent

  2、为了让孩子 独立,父母应该…… 英语四级作文范文:
In recent years, floods of parents are willing to make arrangements and decisions for their children. And there’s no denying that majority of children take their parents’ concerns for granted. According to statistics, over 80% of parents still accompany their children to the universities, even the examinations. In this essay, I will discuss the measures that should be taken to help students be independent and offer my view on it。
First and foremost, parents should abandon the stereotyped role in Chinese parenting and render their children free to the fascinating world. Besides, we, the children themselves, should manage our own daily stuffs. In addition, the society should set up more courses and camps for children to cultivate their capability to be independent。
As far as I’m concerned, the all-covering parenting method may give rise to severe consequences, and a spoiled child won’t be competitive in this world full of the fierce competitions. Thus, the whole society should attach great importance to this problem and make our contribution to avoid this. 第二部分:快速阅读( 第二部分:快速阅读(1-
  10) )
2010 年 12 月英语四级快速阅读参考答案公布

  1.A.people instinltively
2 D..things purchused
3 B.more access

  4. D.are less

  5. B.provide
6 B.they enjoy

  7.C.access to

  8.separable things

  9.the wild world

  10.harmony 第三部分:听力 第三部分:听力(11-
  46) 2010 年 12 月英语四级考试复合式听力参考答案公布 2010 年 12 月英语四级听力选择题答案(11 至 35 题) 2010 年 12 月英语四级听力短对话原文及答案
20 10 年 12 月英语四级听力短对话解析

  11.C)She enjoys staying in Washington。

  12.C)The director’s opinion of her work。

  13.D)Avo id excessive physical training。

  14.C)Whether she can travel by air。

  15.B)The woman violated traffic regulations。

  16.B)Have someone repair the refrigerator。

  17.A)He can finally do what he has dreamed of。

  18.B)She got hurt in an accident yesterday。

  19.A)She was a witness to the crime。

  20.B)A tall man with dark hair and a moustache。

  21.D)Identify the suspects for pictures。

  22.C)By reading a newspaper ad。

  23.A)She would work close to her family。

  24.B)Working as a secretary。

  25.A)Send in a written application as soon as possible。

  26.D)They mistake the firefighters for monsters。

  27.A)He often teaches children what to do during a fire。

  28.D)He saved the life of his brother choking on food。

  29.D)Informative speeches can save lives。

  30.C)To make money for early retirement。

  31.A)They may have to continue to work in old age

  32.B)Making wise use of your time。

  33.C)Innocent people being suspected groundlessly。

  34.D)Allowing only two students to enter at a time。

  35.B)He was closely watched。
Writing keeps us in touch with other people. We write to communicate with r elatives and friends. We write to preserve our family histories so our children and grandchildren can learn and appreciate their heritage. With computers and Internet connections in so many households, colleges, and businesses, people are e-maili ng friends and relatives all the time -- or talking to them in writing in online chat r ooms. It is cheaper than calling long distance, and a lot more convenient than wa iting until Sunday for the telephone rates to drop. Students are e-mailing their prof essors to receive and discuss their classroom assignments and to submit them. T hey are e-mailing classmates to discuss and collaborate on homework. They are al so sharing information about concerts and sports events, as well as jokes an d their philosophies of life. Despite the growing importance of computers, however, there will always be a place and need for the personal letter. A hand-written note to a friend or a fa mily member is the best way to communicate important thoughts. No matter what the content of the message, its real point is, "I want you to know that I care about you." This writing practice brings rewards that can’t be seen in bank a ccounts, but only in the success of human relationships

  36. preserve

  37. appreciate

  38. households

  39. chat

  40. convenient

  41. rates

  42. receive

  43. submit

  44. They are also sharing information about concerts, sports events, or jokes and philosophy of life

  45. A handwritten note to a friend or a family member is the best way to communicate important thoughts

  46. This writing practice brings rewards that cannot be seen in bank account 第四部分:选词填空( 第四部分:选词填空(47-
  66) ) 2010 年 12 月英语四级阅读选词填空 47 至 56 题参考答案
1037 0 年 12 月英语四级考试阅读理解参考答案完整版(47-66 题)

  47. M) rai sed

  48. L) psychological

  49. E) contributions

  50. A) abilities

  51. B) achieve

  52. N) smart

  53. I) extent

  54. J) indicates

  55. G) essentially

  56. H) eventually Section B 仔细阅读参考答案

  61:C A B D A

  62-66: D B A A B 第五部分:完形填空( 第五部分:完形填空(67-
  86) ) 2010 年 12 月英语四级完形填空参考答案(67-86 题) 2010 年 12 月英语四级完形填空答案解析 2010 年 12 月英语四级完形填空参考答 案

  67. D came out

  68. C less

  69. D by

  70. A almost

  71. B developed

  72. C growth

  73. B lead

  74. A pressure

  75. B services

  76. B into

  77. C driven

  78. C wealth

  79. C unless

  80. D expand

  81. C at

  82. C common

  83. A major

  84. D trend

  85. C but

  86. B possibilities 答案及解析: 答案及解析:
  67. D came out 表示出版,公布,这里表示报告的公布。
  68. C less 根据上下文可知这里说的是都市人口的增长, 强调之前的少和现在的多, 所以用少于更合适。 less than:少于,不到。
  69. D by 在这里表示截止到某时间为止。
  70. A almost 几乎,将近,对前面的解释,说明人口有多少。

  71. B developed 根据上下文意思, 以及后文相对的 developing world 可知应该是发达国家, developed 即: countries。
  72. C growth 仔细阅读的话可以发现下文就有答案,这里讲的是都市人口的增长,所以用 growth。
  73. B lead lead to 表示导致,通向,本段末也有出现过,在这里是说都市化有助于社会和经济的进步。
  74. A pressure 从下文的描述可以看出过快的都市化也给城市带来了巨大压力,所以选 pressure。
  75. B services 服务,城市为人们提供住房和服务。
  76. B into 介词选择,move into 移入,迁入;固定搭配。
  77. C driven 表示推动,驱动,driven by 由…驱动,由什么原因引起的。
  78. C wealth 财富;social division and differences in wealth 社会分化和财富上的差距。
  79. C unless 除非,这里说的是除非城市规划更好,否则各部分财富分配不均的局面将可能导致犯罪问 题。
  80. D expand 指扩张, expand into rural areas 扩张到农村地区。
  81. C at at a much faster rate 以更快的速度,固定搭配
  82. C common 表示某事件很普遍,平常。从下文的 across America 可知这种情况很普遍很常见。
  83. A major major cities,大城市,与后文中的 smaller cities 形成对比
  84. D trend 趋势,这里是对前面情况的概括,a trend toward de-urbanization 表示一种逆城市化的发展 趋势。
  85. C but 表示转折,说城市还是有自身优点的,与前面的“逆城市化”形成转折关系。
  86. B possibilities 可能性,这里表示城市依然能够提供农村所不能提供的机会和可能性。 整篇解析: 这篇完型填空取材自 2009 年 10 月 9 日的 VOA Special English 节目,谈论的是城市发展的问题。从抓 主旨的角度来说,这样一篇小小 200 词的文章,纵览了世界城市发展史,又横览了城市化带来的种种问题, 里面的核心论点之间逻辑关联紧密,考生如果没有任何背景知识和推理能力,解题会遇到一定的困难。比 如说第二个空格,很多考生在 more 和 less 之中犹豫不决,在没有具体背景信息的情况之下,就需要依据 上下文的文脉进行推理。既然强调的是城市化的迅速发展,从 5%到几乎 70%,这个 5%前面究竟填入超过 还是不到。从作者的叙述语气一致可以推知,他必定在感叹这个变化的巨大,因此前文应该是不到 5%。对
于 into/at 这样一些介词小词的考查历来都是完型填空的重点, move into cities/ at a faster rate, 这都是比较容 易选择的基础搭配。 2010 年 12 月大学英语四级翻译答案公布

  87.(为了确保他参加会议),I called him up in advance.

  88.The significant museum(据说建成于)about a hundred year s ago.

  89.There would be no life on earth (没有地球独特的环 境)。

  90.(给游客印象最深的)was the friendliness a nd warmth of the local people.

  91.They requested that (我借的书还回图书馆) b y next Friday.

  87. To ensure that he can attend the meeting

  88. is said to have been built

  89. without the distinct environment of the earth

  90. What impressed the tourists most

  91. I return the book to the library



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