12) 大学英语六级考试作文预测(20
恩波教育英语研究所 预测作文( 预测作文(一)
Aging Before Wealthy

  1. 物价上涨,通货膨胀,社会压力越来越大,很多白领出现“未富先老”的现象。
  2. 作为一个大学生,走出校门后,你将如何应对这种情况。
【范文】 范文】 Stress has been around human beings ever since its existence; it is an unavoidable consequence of life. In current society, everyone is required to work in a fast pace with the competition getting more and more hectic. What one earns does not make ends meet. Therefore a lot of white collars are suffering from “aging before wealthy”. As university students, we will face those issues in no time. The first thing we should do is to stay positive. Secondly, knowledge is power. A competent person will accomplish his/her goal easier than others. So when we are still in campus, we shall spend more time in improving our skills, as well as broadening our horizons. In addition, everyone needs to learn stress management that suits them in order to cope with the current pace of the society. All in all, by following the above steps and recognizing the seriousness of the reality, I am quite confident that we can face the future challenges and eventually survive. 【点评】 点评】
首段交待“未富先老”的历史和社会背景,先讲压力自古有之,后讲现代社会的压力更 大。不仅如此,收入与支出的不和谐更是导致当今社会白领压力过大的重要原因。三句话步 步深入,层层递进。 “收支不平衡”使用 what one earns does not make ends meet。 第二段提供了三个应对措施。 第一是从心理上保持乐观积极。 第二是增强自身的业务技 能。第三是进行压力管理。整段长短句结合,在表达“某人应该做某事”这个意思时,分别 使用了 sb. should do, sb. shall do, sb. needs to do 等,使语言更加丰富。另外,在遇到和就业 压力、升学压力、生存压力、心理健康等话题时,可供参考的短语和词组有:hectic(疯狂 的)competition, suffer from, stay positive, a competent person(有竞争力的人) ,stress management, cope with, confident 和 survive.。
预测作文(二) 预测作文(
Audaciousness (出位 出位) 出位

  1. 目前,互联网上有很多出位的现象,比如裸奔 (streaking) 等。
  2. 是不是在新时代要获取关注,就要靠出位呢?
  3. 你如何看待这种现象?
【范文】 范文】
Currently, audaciousness online like streaking has grabbed many people’s attention. It seems that in order to be famous, people have to resort to audaciousness. However, I believe that audaciousness may not be a proper way to draw public attention and realize one’s self-value. To acquire fame and success, one has to consider three basic factors, namely goal, methods, and persistence. First, one needs to set a crystal-clear goal. This goal should aim at achieving the wholesomeness of the society. Second, one has to make the most of the mass media, since we are in an information age, and people gain news from various kinds of ways. Finally, persistence makes sure that success is within one’s reach. In conclusion, by doing right things at the right time, we can also grab the public’s attention. Yet it is without doubt that audaciousness is not a good choice. 【点评】 点评】
第一句话开门见山,用 sth. has grabbed(抓住) sb’s attention。接下来使用的 “have to resort to”表现了一种被迫和无奈之感, 但转折词 however 马上话锋一转, 引出了作者的观点。 在表达对像搏出位这样的社会现象时, 切不可武断使用 bad 一类的词语进行价值评判。一会 显得措辞鲁莽,二会显得过于主观。所以这里推荐使用 sth. be/not be a proper way to do sth. else. 以显示客观中立。 第二段讲了对出位的认识。 文章没有直接讲这种行为的优点或缺点, 而是从追求成功的 角度阐释一个人应该具备目标、 达到目标的方法和坚持不懈的毅力。 言下之意是间接否定了 出位。比较好的表达有:明确的目标(crystal-clear goal),社会完整(the wholesomeness of the society),充分利用(make the most of ),志在必得(sth. is within one’s reach.)。最后 一段是重申主题和作者的立场。
预测作文( 预测作文(三)
Marriage: Is it still a tradition?

  1. 剩男剩女越来越多。
  2. 传统的成家立业、结婚思想是否会发生变化?
  3. 未来社会是否会有更多的人选择不结婚,单身过日子,谈谈你的看法。
【范文】 范文】 Marriage, what a holy and inspiring word for human beings is. However, with the passage of time, the concept of marriage changes dramatically, as can be seen from the increasing numbers of single men and women in contemporary society. From my perspective, this interesting phenomenon well reflects the young’s value shift in the aspect of marriage, family and so forth. First, the substantial development of our nation’s economy greatly changes the way young people treat marriage. They are more financially independent and attempt to seek individual freedom. Second, young people are becoming growingly competitive that they subconsciously raise the standards of their ideal partners, which lead to the fact that many find it hard to find their perfect matches. As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe that single life is not the main trend
in the long run for both men and women, because marriage can bring a lot happiness to us. Accordingly, the future of marriage will still be promising. 【点评】 点评】
首句欲抑先扬,指出婚姻是 holy and inspiring(神圣并振奋人心的) 。接着通过转折词 however, 状语 with the passage of time, 非限制性定语从句和被动语态 as can be seen 的使用, 使句子结构丰富,并不失连贯性与逻辑性。 第二段讲述了年轻人婚姻观发生转变的社会和个人原因。 最后一段表达自己对婚姻乐观 积极的观点。值得一提的是此文中的副词和状语。副词如 dramatically, greatly, financially, growingly, subconsciously, strongly 等使它们修饰的动词和形容词更加形象生动;另外,中文 里的动词在英语中通常可以用副词和状语来处理。如第一段中的 with the passage of time(随 着时间的流逝)。
预测作文( 预测作文(四)
Government Officials and Their Words

  1. 最近不断有官员爆出“雷人”话语,令人咋舌。
  2. 你如何看待这种现象?
  3. 请反思这种现象背后的原因。
【范文】 范文】 It is reported that floods of stunning words have burst into our society out of the mouths of some government officials. Some of those words are really astonishing and audacious, which arouse significant concern among the public. As for me, I think that there are two major reasons accounting for this controversial issue. One is the misinterpretation of the mass media. It is universally acknowledged that lots of media exaggerate or uglify the facts in order to gain more attention from the public and achieve more profit. So they may have defamed some of the remarks made by the government officials so as to win the mass attention. Another reason is the government officials themselves. It is true that increasing numbers of officials fail to behave appropriately in public due to their lack of social etiquettes and poor education, which result in their improper remarks. In general, I do hope our government officials can build up an upright and respectable image for the public and minimize the negative influence of those stunning words. 【点评】 点评】
第一段使用了被动语态来描述一个社会现象,使文章客观。在形容相关官员的“雷人” 话语时,用了 stunning, astonishing 和 audacious 三个词,语言丰富而深刻。 接下来解释了“雷人”话语频现的原因。第一是大众传媒的误读(misinterpretation) 。 表达“it is universally acknowledged that”语出英国小说家简?奥斯汀的名著《傲慢与偏见》 的第一句话:It is a universally acknowledged truth that a young man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife, 译为“……是一件举世公认的真理” 。在重复“误读”这个 信息时,用了 exaggerate(夸大) 、uglify(丑化)和 defame(使名誉扫地)来替代,不仅避
免了一词多用,还挖掘了误读的真正涵义。另一个原因是政府官员自身的素质不够,社会责 任感不强。 最后一段表达了作者对政府官员的希望,提出要树立一个正直和令人敬重的形象(an upright and respectable image) ,并将“雷人”话语的负面影响降低到最低(minimize) 。
预测作文( 预测作文(五)
Information Security

  1. 信息安全问题日益重要。
  2. 信息安全事故可能导致的危害。
  3. 如何做到信息安全。
【范文】 范文】 Information has already become a vital element in contemporary society. Therefore, the importance of information security has also drawn great attention in the society. As I can see, accidents of information security will bring about appalling consequences. First, the exposure of key information of some big enterprises can be quite a heavy blow not only to the company but also to its main business partners. Second, the intrusion of personal information is also terrifying because it can ruin one’s fame, reputation and that of other people’s. Furthermore, the accidents of information security will give away critical intelligence of a nation, the result of which is definitely devastating. Thus, in order to guarantee the information security, both the government and individuals should join hands and make a difference. It is expected that the government make strict and sound legal system to combat violation of information security. For individuals, they are supposed to be more cautious and alert so as not to be intruded of their privacy. 【点评】 点评】
第一段言简意赅,突出信息安全的重要性。这主要通过两个单词来体现:vital 和 importance。 紧接着在第二段一开始, 作者用 appalling 一词呼应了 “重要” 这个重点。 表达 the exposure of key information 体现了中英文的区别。中文的动词,如本文中的“暴露”在英文中变成了 名词,且在句中充当了名词。另外 the intrusion of personal information 翻译成中文为侵犯个 人信息,也是中文动词变英语名词的例子。这两个表达照顾到了结构上的对称,使句子读起 来工整有致。第二段末句的 devastating 与此段首句遥相呼应,再次重申了信息安全的重要 性。 最后一段是解决措施。 一般有两条万能解决方法。 一是政府和有关部门制定法律并保证 有效实施,二是公民要加强教育、增强自身意识。有效的表达有:make strict and sound legal system(strict 和 sound 头韵, 为英语一种修辞手法), violation (侵犯、 践踏) cautious and alert , (小心与警觉) 。



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