2010 年 12 月湖北省英语三级答案(不分 AB 卷) 月湖北省英语三级答案(
听了: 1-5 CDBBA 6-10 ABDCA
  12、a very fine performance
  13、Dog Days of Summer

  11、get the first prize
The flowers so beautiful 16?

  15、The machine is broken, doesn't work
26althoug she is only 27 Complete 28 Guangzhou Asian Games 29responsibility 30to accept 31 conducted 32 had 33 to be able 34 be good at 35 the weather forecast 36?40 BBCCD 51?55AC DJ 41?45 CCABD EF HI MN
  57、write contact details in your CT
  58、people to pursue a career in frelds
  60、on the shoulder 46?50ABCDA

  56、august 2010 61?65 BCCAA

  59、 is the total value of the contract
翻译题: Foreign trade company refers to foreign trade business qualification of trading company, its 翻译题: business focus in abroad, through the research of market, foreign goods imported into domestic to sell, or purchase domestic goods sales abroad, from which earn price difference. Also, do some currently has no right of import and export, import and export agency charged unit of fee. This series of trade activities in the first thing is to have right of import and export under the premise of ability undertakes, the whole process will through the link is generally customs, commodity inspection, banking, insurance, chamber of commerce, government departments, etc 翻译: 翻译:外贸公司是指有对外贸易经营资格的贸易公司,它的业务往来重点在国外,通过市场 的调研,把国外商品进口到国内来销售,或者收购国内商品销售到国外,从中赚取差价。还 有,做一些目前没有进出口权单位的进出口代理,收取代理费。 作文: 作文:假如你是 2010 年广州亚运会的一位志愿者,遇到一个美国观众要去看开幕式,但 是不知道怎样走,请你帮助他……………… 参考单词:开幕式 opening ceremony 观众 spectator
附表:历年英语三级考试答案及考试试题: 附表:历年英语三级考试答案及考试试题:
A 卷 1620 42132 2125 43122 26 lucking 27 introduction 28 to make 29informeds 30rebuilts 31 had lived 32winning 33mores 34heavily 35lefts 36--40 13323 41--45 12234 46tuiters 47returning 48 pocket money 49educational career 50February 51DQ 52LJ 53AE 54NP 55GI 56 14week 57sales support activity 58an online catalog 59business communication 60in interview 61--64 4221 B 卷 16--20 ACBCC 21--25 BDACB 36--40 BCDCD 41--45 BBACC 51DQ 52LJ 53AE 54NP 55GI 61--64 DBAD 一、翻译 This city gaverment recognizes that citizens have certain new needs.To better meet
your needs ,we have made several changes in community facilities in 20
  09.Three sations for suburbs have been added to the western train service.Broad band cable is now available to all the parts of the city .5000 new books are bought for city library.Some new facilities at the city hospital have been installed. Next year ,we will try our bext to make your life even better 翻译:这个城市的政府认识到,公民有某些必要的新需求。 为了更好地 满足您的需求,在 2009 年,我们在社区设施方面取得了一些变化。.三个站台已添加到郊区的西部列车。 这个城市的所有地区都用上了宽频带电缆 。 5000 本新书被购买给都市图书管 一些新的设备已经被安装 到这所医院。 明年, 我们将尽我们的最大努力让你生活的更好 二、16~~25 题
  1)be worth doing
  2)Spend money on sth to do
  3)独立主格 with +n.(名词)--doing 现在分词 --done 过去分词
  4)介词后 跟动名词 after forbeginning ofpreferring
  5)enough (lucky enough)
  6)more than
  7)Doing , 主谓 Dnee (上面的个几率高)
  8) suggest that .....原形
  9) until
  11)or (否 not 则)
  12)先行词指人 which whom who that (who 的几率高)
  13)by the end of this year 过去式 过去 would have + v-ed(这个几率高) 未 0 来 will have + v-ed
  14)Hw had ever been
  15)Enclosedv...主+动词 ?will+动词原形
  16]introduce 的名词是 introduction 三、
  37、 (没有答案)
  40、 B
  42、 43 没有
  45、 D C C B 四、 51~?55 assembly cine 装配器 explosive 爆炸的 extinguisher 灭火器 boots 长筒靴 conveyer 传送带 earmuffs 耳罩 四、作文 Dear Mr Wang, I would like to express my interest in your recently advertised position for a waitress. I am enclosing my resume, which further Not only do I have the qualifications and work details my previous work experience and qualifications. experience for this job, but I also have the right personality for a waitress. I am a friendly person who can quickly establish a rapport with people of all ages. The fast-paced environment of waiting on tables suits me, because I enjoy working under pressure. My former boss was surprised at my efficiency in dealing with customers’ orders. As a working group, during the crisis, so as not to resign, not-for-work, not to change jobs. A large number of business failures, layoffs, a large number of returning migrant workers. If I can serve for your restaurant, I will work hard to create more value with my colleagues. I hope to meet with you to discuss the possibility of working at your restaurant. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.
  1. The new drug will not be put on the market _B______it has proved sage on humans . A. if B. until C .since D when
  2.It was because of his good performance at the interview_ _C__he got the job with the big company. A. so B. what C. .that D. while
  3.Our company is visitors decided to stay in our city for_C___two days as they wanted to have a look around. A. oter B .the other C, another D. other's
  4.According to the time table, the rain for Beijing _C___at 9:10pm.from Monday to Friday . A. was leaving B. is leaving C. leaves D. has left
  5.Although she is only 14,she looks like a _D__woman, beautiful and full in figure. A. ripe B. grown C. big D. mature
  6.The proposal _____at the meeting now is of great importance department. A. being discussed B. to be discussing C. having discussed D. discussing 7:C.(casual)

  8.When he patted her on the shoulder, she was very upset at his _B___style. A. where B. that C. which D. how 9:D(to)
  10..It is reasonable for people to pursue a career in frelds related_B____there favorite hobbies. A. pleserve B. pelsrst C. insist D. endure
  1.Nowadays,electronic (pay) _payment_____in a more convenment way to pay for purchase than cash and checks.
  2.Most of the high school students who (interview)_were _interviewed____ yesterday believed that they should continue with then education.
  3.It is important that he__was____ (be)called back ……
  4.According to the survey (conduct)_conducted______recently ,52% of American business people booked then business travel online last year .
  5.If I (be)_were____ you ,I will study hard.
  6.It is the (responsible)_responsibility__of the human resources department to employ new staff members.
  7.It was reported that the (injure)_injured____people were taken to the hospital immediately after the accident.
  8.The bank refused (accept)__to accept______my application for the loan because they weren’t convinced by my business plan .
  9.It is important to realize how (quick) _quickly_____this disease can spread over the globe.
  1.(内容:只是一点内容,文章的第一句)College is a place to explorer many possibilities, you really can't do it all unless you manage your time wisely………………………………………………. (问题)(
  1).We need to plan ahead in order to__B______? B. better organize our activities (
  2)Strategic times are best for to? C C.study sfficiently (
  3)Which of the following could be used as a motivation to do our assignments ? B B.Any activities we're eager to do 4:B(Taking a short nap in the afternoon) (
  5).Which of the following could be the best little for the article ? A A.Study Habits and Time Management. 二 Welcome to our small business set-up guide,providing all the information you…….
  1. This guide is intended to help people to __………
答案:start a nem small business.(下同)
  2. What are most important for a business to surrive? Determination and orginality.
  3. What does the word “forewarn”mean? Advise beforehand.
  4. What kind of businesses are regard as “small”in the UK? Those with fevrer than 50 empcoyees.
  5. More information about how to start a small……… Linking to other relevant articles.
  3. 阅读理解 三 How to write contact details in your CV? Print your name in lage letters…………… Top of page: (Print) your name inlarge letters To be in cluded:
  3.mobile phone number Not to be included:
  1.(personal information),such as......
  2.(Include a photograph)unless it is requested.
  5. 五 Sale contract No:SC~3 Done and signed in Beijing on this 4th day...
  1. What is the brand of the Apple Jam? 答案:Great wall Brand(下同)
  2. What is the total value of the contract? Us $
  3. When will the goods be shipped? Auyust 20
  4. What are the terms of payment? By letter of credit.
  5. Where are the goods to be sent to? Vancouver Canada. 翻译题. Trade agreement 贸易协定 Cash price 现金价格 Sales contract 销售合同 Port of arvival …..到达港 Supply agreement 供货合同 Late panyment 逾期付款 Note of claim 索赔通知 Letter of credit 信用证 Fixed price 固定价格 Prompt shipment 即期转运 翻译句子
  1. When exporting goods,it is essential to arrange in surance cover in case the goods are lost or damaged in transit.
当出口商品,它是必要的安排在 surance 盖万一货物在运输途中丢失或损坏。
  2. If we do not receive payment by the end of this month, we will have no alternative but to take legal action. 如果我们没有收到付款到这个月底,我们将别无选择只好采取法律行动。
  3. Party B has the right to cancel the contract with a written notice to party Aunder the following conditions. 乙方有权解除合同,一份书面通知乙方有下列情形 Aunder
  4. I have already given instructions for the tash to be taken up firit. 我已经给予了说明,对 tash firit 挪开。
  1. This is to introduce that……
  2. We have great pleasure in introducing to you,by this letter,Ms/Miss/Ms……..
  3. Thsnk you fou the trouble you will have to take for…….
  4. We are writing to introduce that……..
  5. I am looking for ward to hearing frow you soon ………
  6. yours sincerely.
B 一、选择题(hunnans 为最后一个单词 以此类推)
  1、 hunnans?(b)、 until
  2、 compam?(a)、 that
  3、 arumd?(c)、 another
  4、 fridy?(c)、 leaves
  6、deoaetment?(a)、being discussed
  7、style?(c)、casual 8mueder?(b)、that
  10、up?(b)、persist 二、填空题
  2、were interviewed
  5、were (you)
  8、to accept
  9. Visiting
  7、injured 三、阅读理解(下面 abcd 前面的是题目) (一)、
  1、order to ~~~~b、better organize our activities
  2、us to~~~~c、study efficiently
  3、ussigments~~~b、any activities we’re eager to do
  4、the day~~~b、taking a short nap in the afternoon
  5、this artide~~~a、study habits and time management (二)、
  1、people to~~~b、start a new small business
  2、to survive~~~d、determination and originality
  3、”forewarm” mean~~~c、advise beforehand
  4、small” in the uk~~~a、those with fewer than 50 employees
  5、available by~~~b、linking to other relevant articles 这一题答案 试卷上文章里都可容易找到 就不写答案了
(五)、(括号为题目) (Apply jam~~~~~) Great Wall Brand
  2、 (the ontract~~~) $30000
  3、 (be shipped~~~)Angust 2009
  4、 (of payment~~~) By Letter of Gredit
  5、 (be sent to~~~) Vancouver Canada 四、汉译英
  1、e、cash price (现金价格)
  2、d、sales contract (销售合同)
  3、j、port of arrival (到达港)
  4、a、supply agreement (供货合同)
  5、h、late payment (逾期付款)
  6、p、note of claim (索赔通知)
  7、b、trade agreement (贸易协定)
  8、m、letter of credit (信用证)
  9、g、fixed price (固定价格)
  10、k、prompt shipment (即期装运) 五、翻译 选择正确选项(我下面给的答案中随意选一个,括号里的为错误选项内容)
  2、ab、(如果本月底我们还收不到订货,我们就不得不采取其他办法了。/如果本月底我们 还收不到订货,我们就不得拒绝付款。)
  4、abc、(我已做了解释,首先必须有工程师同意加班工作才能有可能来完成这项工作。 六、作文题 可用到的单词和句型 完全地 completely 节能空调 air-conditioning 市场调查 market research 成立 found



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