2010 年 12 月全国大学英语四级考试听力部分听力原文
Section A
  11. M: Oh my god! The heat is simply unbearable here! I wish we’d gone to the beach instead. W: Wow, with the museums and restaurants in Washington, I’d be happy here no matter what the temperature. Q: What does the woman mean?
  12. M: How’s the new job going? W: Well, I’m learning a lot of new things, but I wish the director would give me some feedback. Q: What does the woman want to know? 13 W: Can you help me work out a physical training program John? M: Sure, but whatever you do, be careful not to overdo it. Last time I had two weeks worth of weightlifting in three days and I hurt myself. Q: What does the man suggest the woman do? 14 M: I have an elderly mother and I’m worried about her going on a plane. Is there any risk? W: Not if her heart is all right. If she has a heart condition, I’d recommend against it. Q: What does the man want to know about his mother?
  15. M: Why didn’t you stop when we first signaled you at the crossroads? W: Sorry, I was just a bit absent-minded. Anyway, do we have to pay a fine? Q: What do we learn from the conversation?
  16. M: I’m no expert, but that noise in your refrigerator doesn’t sound right. Maybe you should have it fixed. W: You’re right. And I suppose I’ve put it off long enough. Q: What will the woman probably do?
  17. M: I did extremely well on the sale of my downtown apartment. Now I have enough money to buy that piece of land I’ve had my eye on. and build a house on it. W: Congratulations! Does that mean you will be moving soon? Q: What do we learn about the man from the conversation?
W: My hand still hurts from the fall on the ice yesterday. I wonder if I broke something. M: I’m no doctor. But it’s not black and blue or anything. Maybe you just need to rest it for a few days. Q: What do we learn about the woman from the conversation? Long conversation 1: M : Mrs. Darlson Thanks very much for coming down to the station .I just like to go over some of the things that you told to the police officer Palar at the bank . W :All right M : Well, Could you describe the man who rob the bank for this report that we’re filling out here ? now anything at all you can remember would be extremely helpful to us W: Well ,just ,I can only remember basically what I said before M :That’s all right W: The man was tall ,six foot ? and he had dark hair and he had a moustache M: Very good ,all right ,did he have any other distinguishing marks ? W: Eh , no, none that I can remember M: Do you remember how old he was by any chance? W: Oh ,well ,I guess around thirty ,maybe younger .give or take a few years M :En ,all right ,do you remember anything about what he was wearing ? W: Yes yes , he had on a dark sweater ,a solid color M :Ok ,anything else that strikes you at the moment ? W:I remember he was wearing a light shirt under the sweater yes yes M : All right Mrs. Darlson ,I really appreciate what you have been through today. I ‘m just going to ask you to look at some photographs before you leave if you don’t mind .It won’t take very long .Can you do that for me ? W: Oh of course W: Would you like to step this way with me please ? W: OK ,sure M: Thank you ! Questions 19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
  19. What do we learn about the woman ?
  20. What did the suspect look like ?
  21. What did the man finally ask the woman to do ? Long conversation 2: W: Good morning, I am calling about the job that was in the paper last night.” M: “Well, Could you tell me your name?” W: “Candid Forseat.” M: “Oh yes, what did exactly is it that interests you about the job” W: “Well, I thought it was just right for me.” M: “Really, en, could you tell me a little about yourself” W: “Yes I am twenty- three, I’ve been working abroad” M: “Where exactly have you been working?” W: “In Geneva.”
M: “Oh, Geneva, and what were you doing there?” W: “Secretarial work, previous to that, I was at university” M: Which university was that? W: The University of Manchester, I’ve got a degree in English M: You said you’ve been working in Geneva, do you have any special reason for wanting to come back? W: I thought it would be nice to be near to the family M: I see and how do you see yourself developing in this job? W: Well, I am ambitious. I do hope that my career in secretary will lead me eventually into management M: I see, you have foreign languages? W: French and Italian M: Well, I think the best thing for you to do is to reply in writing to the advertisement W: Can’t I arrange for an interview now? M: Well, I am afraid we must wait until all the applications are in in writing and we will then we decide on the short list, and if you are on the short list, of course we shall see you W:Oh, I see M:I look forward to receiving your application in writing in a day or two W:Oh, yes, yes, certainly M:Ok. Thank you very much, good bye W:Thank your goodbye Questions 22-25 are based on the conversation you’ve just heard.
  22. How did the woman get to know the job vacancy?
  23. Why did the women find the job appealing?
  24. What has the woman been doing in Geneva?
  25. What was the woman asked to do in the end? Section B Passage 1: One of the greatest heartbreaks for firefighters occurs when they fail to rescue a child from a burning building because the child, frightened by the smoke and noise, hides under a bed over a closet, and is later found dead. Saddest of all is when children catch the gleams of the masked firefighter but hide, because they think they have seen a monster. To prevent such tragedies, firefighter Eric Voles gives talks to children in his community, explaining that they should never hide during a fire. He displays firefighter’s equipment including the oxygen mask which he encourages his listeners to play with and put on. “If you see us”, Voles tells them, “don’t hide, we are not monsters. We’ve come to rescue you.” Voles gives his presentations in English and Spanish, growing up in San Francisco, he learnt Spanish from his immigrant parents. Vulres and other firefighters throughout the North America who give similar presentations will never know how many lives they’ve saved through their talks. But it’s a fact that informative speaking saves lives. For example, several months after listening to an informative speech, Pea Gangatre in North Carolina rescued his brother who was chocking on food by using the method taught by student speaker Julie Perris. In addition to saving lives, informative speakers help people learn new skills, solve problems and acquire fascinating facts about the exciting world in which they live.
Questions 26 to 29 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  26. Why did some children trapped in the burning building hide from masked firefighters?
  27. What does this passage tell us about firefighter Eric Voles?
  28. What do we learn about Pea Ganatre?
  29. What message is the speaker trying to convey? Passage 2: Some people may want to make and save a lot of money in order to retire early. I’’ve seen people pursuing higher pay and increasingly demanding careers to accomplish this goal. They make many personal sacrifices in exchange for income today. The problem is that tomorrow might not come even if all goes according to plan.We don’t know how to be happy when you are not working.if we spend our entire life making money. More importantly, who will be around for you to share your lesuire time with? At the other extreme are people who live only for today. “Why bother save when tomorrow may not come.?” they argue. The danger of this approach is that tomorrow may come after all. Our most people don’t want to spend all their tomorrows working for a living. The earlier neglected saving however makes it difficult not to work when you are older. You may be surprised to hear me say that if you must pick an extreme, I think it’s better to pick the spend-all approach. As long as you don't mind continuing to work assuming your healthy lives you should be ok. At least you are making use of your money and hopefully deriving value and pleasure from it. Postponing doing what you love and being with people you love until retirement can be a mistake It may never come. Retirement can be a great time for some people, for others it is a time of boredom, loneliness and poor health. Question 30-32 are based on the passage you have just heard. 30 Why do some people pursue higher pay and demanding careers? 31 What is the danger facing people who live only for today? 32 What does the speaker seem to advocate? Passage 3: Imagine that someone in your neighborhood broke the law and the judge put the whole neighborhood under suspicion, how fair would that be? Well! It happens everyday to high-schoolers. Just because some students have stolen things in shops, all of us are treated like thieves. Even though I never steal, store employees look at me like I’m some kind of hardened criminal. For example, during one lunch period, my friend Danny and I went to the Grabbing-Go restaurant to have a hot dog. We arrived to find a line of students waiting outside. A new sign in the window told the story“no more than two students at a time”. After fifteen minutes, we finally got in. But the store manager laid the evil eye on us. I asked him about the new sign, and he said, “You kids are stealing too much stuff!” “You kids? Too much stuff?” We were not only assumed to be thieves, but brilliant, greedy thieves. The most annoying thing though, is the way the employees watch my friend and me. It’s horrible! Once, at a drug store, I was looking around and found a guy standing on a large box, stocking the shelves. He was watching my hands more than he was watching his own. I showed him that my hands were empty. He got down off his box and rushed off as if he was going to get the store manager. How crazy is that! Questions 33 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  33. What does the speaker find to be unfair?

  34. What measure did the Grabbing-Go restaurant take to stop stealing?
  35. What happened in a drug store that greatly annoyed the speaker? Section C Writing keeps us in touch with other people. We write to communicate with relatives and friends. We write to preserve our family histories so our children and grandchildren can learn and appreciate their heritage. With computers and Internet connections in so many households, colleges and businesses, people are emailing friends and relatives all the time. We’re talking to them in writing in online chat rooms. It is cheaper than calling long distance and a lot more convenient than waiting until Sunday for the telephone rates to drop. Students are emailing their professors to receive and discuss their classroom assignments and to submit them. They’re emailing classmates to discuss and collaborate on homework. They’re also sharing information about concerts and sports events as well as jokes and their philosophies of life. Despite the growing importance of computers, however, there’ll always be a place and need for the personal letter. A handwritten note to a friend or a family member is the best way to communicate important thoughts. No matter what content of the message, its real point is I want you to know that I care about you. This writing practice brings rewards that can’t be seen in bank accounts but only in the success of human relationships.



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   2010 年 12 月全国大学英语四级考试听力部分听力原文 Section A 11. M: Oh my god! The heat is simply unbearable here! I wish we’d gone to the beach instead. W: Wow, with the museums and restaurants in Washington, I’d be happy here no matter what the temperature. Q: What d ...


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