2010 年 12 月英语三级(B)考试模拟题(语法词汇篇)
Directions: There are 10 incomplete statements here. You are required to complete each statement by choosing the appropriate answer from the 4 choices marked A ), B), C) and D ).You should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
  16. The new dictionary him 15 dollars. A) paid B) took C) spent D) cost
  17. His good sense of humor made a deep impression us. A) in B) on C) for D) to
  18.He had so little education he was unfit for this job. A) but B) what C) as D) that
  19. had enough time,they would have visited the Great Wall。 A) Had they B) Have theyC) Would they have D) If they,
  20.Noise is unpleasant, when you are absorbed in readin
  9. A) essentially B) especially C) specially D) strangely
  21.It was so dark in the cinema that I could hardly my roommate. A) pull out B) run out C) pick out D) turn out
  22.When along the street in the evening,the young lawyer saw her former teacher. A) walking B) to walk C) walk D) walked
  23.I’ll accept any job I don’t have to get up early. A) as soon as B) as long as C) as far as D) as much as
  24.They were angry because you your promise. A) didn't keep B) have not kept C) don't keep D) had not kept
  25.Mary had an ;she's been knocked down by a taxi. A) event B) occurrence C) accident D) incident

  16. Jane had promised to give me a timetable for tomorrow. She failed, A) either B) though C) but D) too
  17. When I got to the company, the meeting for five minutes. A) had begun B) has been on C) has begun D) had been on
  18. ?I wonder why Mr. Brown hasn't showed up at the meeting yet. ?I' m not sure, but he in a traffic jam driving here. A) could be stuck B) might stuck C) might have been stuck D) must have stuck
  19. With the development of the Internet, people's life in the past few years. A) is improved B) has been improved C) is improving D) had been improved
  20. Mary is always ready. to help others when they are in trouble and she never their requests. A) turns up B) turns over C) turns in D) turns down
  21.?Good evening. I to see Mary. ?Oh, good evening. I'm sorry, but she is not in. A) came B) come C) have come D) had come
  22. Is it true the snow stops, it will be as hot as in the summer here? A) when B) that when C) whenever D) that
  23. The time he has devoted in the past years the disabled is now considered of great value. A) to help; being B) to helping; to be C) to help; to be
D) helping; being
  24. different life today is what it was 15 years ago. A) How; from B) What a; from C) What; from D) How; with
  25. I will have begun to do the work 5 o' clock this afternoon. A) by B) at C) after D) before
  16. Mr. Allen said that he did not want to any further responsibilities. A) take on B) put on C) get on D) look up
  17. Only after I had reached the airport that I had forgotten to take my ticket with me. A) I realized B) have I realized C) did I realize D) I had realized
  18. Recently he every night until after one o' clock, preparing for the final exam. A) shows up B) show off C) stays in D) stays up
  19. In order to search for the escaped prisoner, the policeman decided to question comes along this road. A) who B) whom C) whoever D) whomever
  20. Breakfast is the first of the day. A) food B) dinner C) lunch D) meal
  21. He can hardly understand what the teacher has said,. A) nor shall I B) neither can I C) so do I D) so I can

  22. I' m amazed that the young actress married the photographer so soon, for she him very well. A) won't have known B) can't have known C) shouldn't know D) mustn't know
  23. Some people say that we live the age of computers. A) with B) in C) on D) for
  24. Peter come with us tonight, but he is not very sure yet. A) must B) can C) may D) will
  25. I've heard him about you often.A) spoke B) speaks C) speak D) speaking
  26. As Edison grew older, he never lost his (interesting) in science.
  27. The report showed us very (clear) how the plane crashed.
  28. Since you have passed the (drive) test, you can drive your own car.
  29. When he got to the Crossroads, he went in the wrong (direct)
  30. I prefer (live) in the city rather than in the country.
  31. Her mother was ill. She had to (stay) at home to look after her.
  32. I can not afford (go) out tonight. I don't have enough money.
  33. He feels like (have) a good rest after a long journey.
  34. They used to (live) in France, but now they live in England.
  35. Last night we all went to the cinema, because the film was very (excite) .
  26. Give up smoking. Your (healthy) will improve soon.
  27. Both of the twin brothers are capable of doing (technique) work at present.
  28. I want to rent a more (comfort) room.
  29. Nothing can (do) unless we are given more information about the situation.
  30. We will have an exam. We should (prepare) lessons at home.
  31. The light is off. She may (sleep) .
  32. As a public relations officer, he is said (know) some very influential people.
  33. The old couple are seen (take) a walk in the park every day after supper.
  34. We'd better postpone (discuss) it next week.
  35. It is no much use my (buy) laptop if you don't like it.
  26. This building is 4 times as (high) as that one.
  27. She opened the door quietly so as( not disturb) the sleeping child.
  28. The police asked the (village) where he found the lost child.
  29. (near)
  1.9 million guns were produced in the United States last year.
  30. After Jackson (wait) for an hour, he reached the conclusion that Mr. Smith was not coming.
  31. It is a great pity that we (not catch) the train.
  32. They succeeded at last after adopting an (effect) teaching method.
  33. They will have you (arrest) if you don' t pay your taxes.
  34. It is no use (tell) him what to do next.

  35. That one is not good; this one is even (bad) .

  26. It is (believe) that you have been 56 years old. You look much younger than that.
  27. The father was (delight) to see his son.
  28. He can' t be a good teacher because he has no (patient) with children.
  29. Our computer (repair) now.
  30. My parents often tell me that I ought to (study) hard.
  31. Shelly told me that I needn't (wash) clothes for her.
  32. I don' t mind (have) a dog in the house as long as it' s clean.
  33. He always has great trouble (understand) what the teacher says in class.
  34. The (manage) of a company is a very important part of the working process to its development.
  35. If only my husband (be) here with me! Directions: This part, numbered 61 to 65, is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese. Each of the four sentences (No. 61 to No.
  64) is followed by four choices of suggested translation marked A),B), C) and D). Make the best choice and write the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet. Write your translation of the paragraph (No.
  65) in the corresponding space on the Translation/Composition Sheet.
  61. A large number of talented people have come to the fore in economic construction. A)在经济建设中涌现了大量优秀人才。 B)一大批优秀的人才在经济建设中崭露头角。 C)一大批优秀的人才来到了经济建设的前沿。 D)许多聪明的人走在了经济建设的前列。
  62.Having been given such a good chance,how could she let it get away? A)当机会到来的时候,她为什么要一个人走开? B)人家给了她这么好一个机会,她怎么可能轻易放弃? C)得到这么一个好机会,她怎会让它溜走? D)机会到来的时候,她为什么要放弃?
  63.We are quite rich in terms of money,but not in terms of happiness? A)我们有钱,但是并不开心。 B)就金钱而言,我们很富有;但就幸福而言,则并非如此。 C)说到钱,我们很开心。 D)我们不以金钱来衡量幸福。
  64.So absorbed as he is that she did not dare to make a sound. A)他那么聚精会神,她不敢说一句话。 B)他那么吸引人,她不敢弄出一点声音。 C)他那么聚精会神,以至于她都不敢弄出一点声音。 D)他那么吸引人,她一句话都不敢跟他说。
  65. 5th October. bought one of your expensive On I “Apollo” fountain pens from Julian's(朱 利安公司), big department store of this town. a Unfortunately, have been unable to use the pen I because it leaks(漏墨水).I am very disappointed with my purchase.On the advice of Julian's
manager I am returning the pen to you.Please arrange for the pen to be fixed or replace it with a new one and send it to me as soon as possible.

  61. The doctor,not wishing to alarm her, did not tell her how serious her condition was. A)这位医生不顾她的警告,没有认真地告诉她的实况。 B)这位医生不希望她惊慌,没有把她的严重病情告诉她。 C)为了不让她惊慌,这位医生没有把她的严重病情告诉她。 D)为了不让她惊慌,这位医生没有认真地告诉她实况。
  62.I gave my youth to the sea and I came home and gave my wife my old age. A)我把青春献给了海洋,等我回家见到妻子的时候已经是白发苍苍了。 B)我把青春扔到大海里去了,之后我才娶了妻子直到中年。 C)我把青春献给了海洋,等我回家献给妻子的便只有迟暮之年了。 D)我一生在海上拼搏,到了晚年退休与妻子儿女团聚。
  63.They said interest shall be divided into 5 parts and distributed as follows. A)他们曾说过利益将分为 5 份并马上兑现。 B)该项利息可分为 5 份并马上兑现。 C)他们曾说过利息将分成 5 份并按下述方法分配。 D)该项利息可分为 5 份并按下述方法分配。
  64.If that's the case,could you please be big enough to say you arc sorry? A)如果事实如此,请你大大方方地去说声抱歉好吗? B)在那个案子上,你能大度一点去说声对不起吗? C)如果事实就是那样,你能大度一点去说声对不起吗? D)如果事实如此,你能大大方方地去说声抱歉吗?
  65. To recognize business opportunity is vital for all business. Exploiting the opportunity requires decision-mak-ing. Management must decide what type of opportunity to pursue(追求). Decision is also needed when management recognizes a problem. Decision must be made regarding a clear definition of the problem.

  61. The new product that they show at the fair still needs improving. A)新产品只要展出,就需要改进。 B)展销会上他们展出的新产品需要进一步改进。 C)他们在展销中推出了新产品,仍然需要不断进步。 D)他们在展销会上推出的新产品仍需改进。
  62. recent years. living standard of the Chinese people has been markedly improved. In the A)几年以后,中国人民明显地改进了自己的生活水准环境。 B)近年来,中国人民的生活水平已经有了明显的改善。 C)最近几年,中国人民的生活水准已经被明显提高了。 D)最近,中国人民很快地提高了中国的生活水平标准。
  63.It was four days later that she remembered having left her dictionary in the library. A)四天后,在图书馆她才想起忘了拿字典。 B)四天后,她才记得带着字典离开图书馆。
C)过了四天她才想起把字典忘在图书馆了。 D)过了四天她才想起把字典放到图书馆。
  64.No one knew about this beautiful place until last year. A)直到去年,人们才知道有这么美丽的地方。 B)到去年还没有人知道这个美丽的地方。 C)没有人知道这个美丽的地方,直到去年。 D)去年才有人到过这个美丽的地方。
  65.Based in New York,Spring Inc.designs and manufactures an updated collection of women's casual (休闲的)sports wear under the“SPRING”label.As one of the fastest growing companies in the apparel(服装)industry,it had enjoyed all average annual sales growth rate of 180% in the last few years.



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