1,we inrestig ated other...(b\how) 2,the human resources...(A\in(reased)) 3,the tearm is going...(A\competes) 4,Don't risk any...(C\unless) 5,By the end of...(D\will have worked) 6,(C\on arrivig)attlne... 7,Not until...(C\Did't i learn) 8,Miss sinth's...(B\working) 9,tom night have...(A\followed) 10,Jack said...(D\which) 二、填空题 1,I have a work(education) 2,more than half of the staff ...they(comfortable) 3,the student asked...(needed) 4,at that time i worked...(was considered) 5,all types of water...(harmful) 6,if the inrestment...(carefully) 7,Among all the internet...(best) 8,companies are legauy...(to keep) 9,please read through...(filling) 10,At the meeting i made...(interested) 三、阅读理解 task1 when i come 1,in the anthor's... tearawork skills 2,According to he second... B\are learned while working in a term 3,Team bulidiy... B\encouraging employees to co-operate 4,why are team member ... A\to come an agreement 5,what's is the best title of passager A\team build task2 1,fairway kenwood is a company that C\provides private car hire service 2,the company's vehicies are equipped with B\the latest computer systems 3,from the passage we know tha you can coutact the sales... C\telephone 4,the prafessiona sale of the company can help clients to... B\do sightseeing at a lower price 5,which of the following speacil se.... A\wedding service task3 Der mr smith job applicant (John Brown) post...(human resource managoment) personal in...(educational background) (work experience) time avabile (early afternoons) task4 cash plus gives you extra cash 1,what service does cashplus offer(personal line) 2,what is the upper credit limit for cashplus up to($100,000cash)or twice your monthly in come 3,what is the benefit if you get cash from cashplus(low interest rate) 4,what is advantage of cashplus (monthly repaynont)flexlble monthly repay ments 5,how can cashplus be used? online banking 四、 连线题 旅 (O) travel documents 儿 (A) child help 急医 (D) emergency medical operation 第(M)third party insurance 医疗 (F)medical expenses 程 (N)travel delay
李 (B) dainaged baggage 罢 (L) strike risk 租 (K) rental vehicle excess 战 (Q) war risk 五、翻译题 以下给出的是错误答案,请选择正确答案。
  1、All of the infrorun that you need to a apply for your visa is available free of charge. A\你申 请签证时所需要的一切证明材料全由我的贸易网站 woriz bridge 向你提供。
  2,if you... B\如果无法预付租金,你可以从两类社会基金中获得贷款
  3,these products certainly C\你们发来的产品和我们所看到的样品都不合格,顾客要求退换。 4,A compuny's goals and... 董事会决心修改公司的方针政策, 他们有权对重大问题采取措施。 六、重点单词及短语 attend your appointment 赴约 conrenient 方便 as soon as possible 尽快 enable 能够 offer 提供 patient 病人 rebook 重新预约 cancel 取消 change 改变 method 方法 作文:写辞职信 , 表示要辞职 I am wrieing to inform you about my decision to resign from my….
  2, 辞职的原因 I have accepted an oiffer by anther firm and have decided to tender my resignation……
  3, 说明辞职时间 Effective amonth later, I will be resing my employment with your’s company…..
  4, 表示感谢 Thank you for your company and consideration in these several years wrking. 一 选择题 1 We insvest...the. 选 B How 2 The Humen...this year. 选 A increased 3 The team... 选 B completed 4 Dn't...losing it. 选 C unless 5 By ... 选 D will have worked for 6 .... 选 C on arriving 7 Not...campaiy. 选 C did I learn 8 Miss... 选 B working 9 Tom...advice 选 A followed 10 Jack...to us. 选 D which 二 填空题 括号外面的是答案
  4.(consider)was considered
  8.(keep)to keep
  9.(fill) fillin
  10.(interest)interested 阅读 一.1 D. Team work skills 2 .B. Are learned while working in a team 3 B. Encouraging employees to co-operate 4 A .To come to an agreement 5 A. Team building 二.1 C. Provides private car hire service 2 .B. The latest computer system 3 C. Telephone 4 .B. Do sightseeing at a lower prile 5 A. Wedding service 填空 John Brown human resource management 1 educational background 2 work experience 3 early afternoons 五.阅读填空 根据提示到文中找阅读理解
  1.It offer..of credit?答案 It offers a personal line 2…..? 答案 Up to (美元符号)100,000 cash or twice your monthly 3……?答案 You can enjoya low interest rate 4…..? 答案 It's flexible repayments 5 How can …? 答案 Through Online Banking. 六.翻译(不选以下的 其它自己看着办都有分)
  1.All of the…our commercial partner. 不选 A 你申请
  2.If you Can't. 不选 B 如果你无法预付租金,你的…两种贷款
  3.These …customers. 不选 C 你们生产的…都是不合格的…顾客要求退换。 4 A company's 不选 D 董事会决..他有权对重大问题采取措施 七.作文 关于辞职信 December 19th,20
  10. Dar mr xxx,
  1, 表示要辞职 I am writing to inform you about my decision to resign from my….
  2, 辞职的原因 I have accepted an oiffer by anther firm and have decided to tender my resignation……
  3, 说明辞职时间 Effective a month later, I will be resing my employment with your’s company…..

  4, 表示感谢 Thank you for your company and consideration in these several years working Part I S A
  1. May I see you boss now? A. Just a moment, please.
  2. When is the manager leaving? D. In twenty minutes.
  3. Can I help you with your luggage? A. Yes, please.
  4. Have you even been to the United States? B. Many times
  5. What do you think of our sales plan? C. It’s perfect. S B
  6. A. He’s got a headache.
  7. C. Make a phone call.
  8. A. The sales manager.
  9. C. ****** officer and driver.
  10. D. Booking a room. S C
  11. introduce
  12. sell
  13. North America
  14. customers
  15. look forward to Part II S A
  1. I am sorry,。 C. ask
  2. 。 Please give us 。 A. why 。.
  3. Peter will B. take over
  4. There is no。 。D. that
  5. I feel it is a 。 C. to be invited
  6. Don’t me to D. expect
  7. It was 2 years 。 A. that 。 。
  8. The gene。 B. look into
  9. If you move, 。 D. of
  10. his lecture is short ,。 C. 。 。 。 Although Part III T 1 & T 2
  1. A convenient
  2. C offers more services
  3. D It can spread information without being limited by time.
  4. B small business
  5. D The advantages of online advertising.
  6. B can pass on its saving to tourists
  7. C stand in line at major sights.
  8. B make new friends from around the world.
  9. A Early payment
  10. D on the website T3
  1. apples
  2. little spots
  3. a reduced price
  4. a credit
  5. the right quality
  1. 远离热 源 请勿用刀 C -- Q --
  2. 此面朝上 此处开启 O -- this side up J -- open here
  3. 竖 立安放 暗室开启 P -- to be kept upright K -- open in dark room
  4. 小心轻放 注意平放 B -- handle with care F -- keep flat
  5. 不可抛掷 保持干燥 I -- Not to be throw down E -keep dry T5
  1. interviewing
  2. design engineer
  3. XELL Company
  4. opportunity
  5. 0811-8222-5555 P IV
  6. D 如果贵。。进货。
  7. D 首先,感谢。。的建议。
  8. C 近 。 。 来制。。更有趣。
  9. A 如果这些。。方便呢? S A
  1. Thomas was cheerful and (help) 。 。 helpful …
  2. The goods that you order 10 days ago will (deliver) be delivered to you tomorrow.
  3. Gas prices are (high) higher here than in other parts of the country.
  4. The past decades has been great economic (develop) development in this country.
  5. If the engineer (come) had come here yesterday, the problem would have been solved.
  6. While this new law does not (direct) directly affect the quality of the work, it will greatly benefit employees.
  7. Now many young people spend several hours a day (talk) talking on a mobile phone.
  8. In China, it’s quite (nature) natural for people to go back home for the Spring Festival.
  9. The manager was surprised at the news when he (receive) received the phone yesterday.
  10. Adventures in medical technology have made it possible for people (live) to live longer 英语三级 A B 卷答案顺序不同 一 选择题 1 We insvest...the. 选 B How 2 The Humen...this year. 选 A increased 3 The team... 选 B completed 4 Dn't...losing it. 选 C unless 5 By ..D will have worked for6 ..C on arriving7 Not...campaiy. C did I learn 8 Miss...B working 9 Tom...advice 选 A follwed 10 Jack...to us. 选 D which 二 填空题
  4.(consider)was considered
  8.(keep)to keep
  9.(fill) filling
  10.(interst)interested 16-20 D B D C A 21-25 C A B C C 26have been held 27 application 28 Not having passed 29 (should)be 30 phenomena( 复 数 形 式 ) 31 occasional 32 broken 33 modernize 34 stealing 35 friendship P Ⅲ Task 1 36-40 D B D C A Task 2 41-45 D B C B C Task 3 46 agreement 47 written 48 state clearly 49 pay for 50 definite terms
Task 4 51 J K 52 I E 53 O B 54 C N 55 L G Task 5 56 Personnel Dept 57 New Vice President 58 Mr. David Lee 59 Next month 60 Director 61 A-B-D-C 62 A-C-B-D 63 B-A-D-C 64 B-C-D-A 65 最近,您不断听到汽车公司大谈安全问题。在通用公司,我们自豪地说安全已是我们多 年传统的一部分。因为对我们来说,安全不仅仅是最新发展趋势,它更是多年来我们与顾客 建立信任的关键。 Part V Writing NOTICE December 25th, 2008 The freshmen of our college will go out for an autumn on December 27th.We 'll first go to the botanical garden and see an exhibition on Human & Nature th ere in the mornin
  9.We plan to have a picnic in the garden.Please bring lunch and some drinking water with you . After that , we'll pay a visit to the Summer Palace where we'll spend the whole afternoon. Please gather at our college gate at
  7:00 a.m.on that day. Those who want to take part in the activity should enter your names at the Students’ Union before Thursday. The Students’ Union



   月英语六级真题、答案详解 详解及听力原文 2010 年 12 月英语六级真题、答案详解及听力原文 Part I Writing (30 minutes) Direction: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled My Views on University Ranking. You should write at least 150 words following the outl ...


   2010 年 12 月英语四六级备考:听力课堂笔记(1) 短对话部分 短对话听力的一些原则 1. 推理原则:一般需对对话进行推理,故直接在对话中听到的一般不是正确答案。 2. 挫折原则:通常要办的事情都是不顺利的(如买东西买不到,订房间客满等) 3. 男女原则:一般男生比较衰,女生比较牛。男生提出的观点女生都是不同意或有不 同看法的,反之女生提出的观点男生都是同意和赞赏的。 男生的特征:脏、乱、差、浪费、穷、小气、不良习惯、迟钝、不顾家 女生的特征:爱干净、节约、富有、好学、能干、聪明、大度 ...


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   2010 年 12 月英语四级答案完整版 参考答案 Part Ⅰ Writing How Should Parents Help Children to be Independent Nowadays, there is a growing concern over such a phenomenon, that is, some parents take care of almost everything concerned with their children, including s ...


   2010 年 12 月英语六级考试写作模板 大全(17) 大全 1. in the first place, some aspects of the traditional technology and methods a re harmful and hampering the development of modern technology science. 首先,传统技术方法有些部分是有害的,并且会阻碍现代科技的发展。 2. although modern science and te ...


   学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说: 难死了 难死了”。 学英语简单吗?肯定会有许多学生说:“难死了 。 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢?答案只有一个:“不得法。” 英语与汉语一样都是 为什么有好多学生对英语的学习都感到头疼呢? 答案只有一个: 不得法。 不得法 一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利?那是因为你置身于一个汉语环境中, 一种语言,为什么你说汉语会如此流利?那是因为你置身于一个汉语环境中,如果你在伦敦呆上 半年,保准说起英语来会非常流利。但很多中学生没有很好的英语环境, 半 ...


   热点作文 1 【写作题目】 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Secondhand Goods. You should write at least 150 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below: 1)目前购买二手货的人越来越多 2)分析产生 ...


   本题由学生范文网为您收集整理自网上, 本题由学生范文网为您收集整理自网上,请记住我们的网站 www.xsfanwen.com 2009 年 12 月大学英语四级考试答案详解 Part Ⅰ Writing 审题谋篇 本次四级作文主题为“绿色校园” ,这是一个看似简单普通的话题,写起来却不是那么 容易。因为很多考生对于“绿色校园”所表达的内涵感觉比较生僻。假如对“绿色校园”这 一主题感到难以把握,考生可以从作文提纲入手进行分析以获取对“绿色校园”这一概念的 相关信息。根据作文提示 2,可以看出此 ...


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   英语六级听力解析 2010 年 12 月 英语六级听力解析 11. What can we infer from the conversation? 【答案】A The man is the manager of the apartment building 【解析】从对话中看出女士在找 apartment building,不是男士。因此选 A。 12. What is the woman eager to know? 【答案】B How the pictures will turn ou ...



   八大常用句型 一)原因 1.A number of factors are accountable for this situation. A number of factors might contribute to (lead to )(account for ) the pheno menon(problem). 2. The answer to this problem involves many factors. 3. The phenomenon mainly stems fro ...


   考研英语复试口语常见问题 30 例 Where do you come from? 2. What kind of landscape surrounds your hometown? 3. What do you do during the Spring Festival? 4. Tell me something about the customs of your hometown. 5. Could you tell me something about your family? 6. ...


   如果你经常听 30 首以上,说明你英语歌品味不错 1. don't cry--guns n' roses 这首歌曾唱哭了千万人。总是能够触痛了心底最软的地方,心抽痛 着,眼圈红了,却没有眼泪渗出,每多听一次就多一次的依恋... 2. fade to black--METAllic 金属乐队也有很经典歌曲,相信国内有好多人都是听了这首歌的 前奏才去学吉他的!METALLICA 经典中的经典,也是METALLICA 饱受争议的作品,因为当 时有乐迷自杀就是出于这首歌,胆小别听哦~ 3. drea ...

外研社版 新标准《小学英语》三年级起点 第三册 Module 7

   新标准《小学英语》 外研社版 新标准《小学英语》三年级起点 第三册 Module 7 赵晶 教学年级:小学四年级 课题名题:We’re going to go to Hainan. 课时说明:第 1 课时(40minutes) 一、教材分析: 教材分析: 本节课是外研社新标准小学英语第三册第七模块第一单元第一课时, 本节课 所需时间为 35 分钟。课前的学习内容主要是复习所学有关动作、指令的单词。 学习如何用 be going to 结构来描述自己的出行计划。根据这一主要内容,我确定 了本课 ...


   初中英语阅读教学行为研究案例 初中英语阅读教学行为研究案例 高洁弟 《摘要》 中学英语要立足于素质教育,取得好的教育成效,必须以“培养学生运 用英语能力”为中心,进行“听、说、读、写”综合训练,而阅读能力的培养具 有十分重要地位,并且《英语课程标准》也明确规定要“侧重培养阅读能力”。 阅读是吸收英语语言材料、增加语言知识、扩大词汇量的最重要手段,而且阅读 能力的提高将为英语口语能力与写作能力的发展打下良好基础, 也能使学生从英 语阅读中认识学习英语的真正意义和价值,体验学习英语的乐趣,树立学 ...