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家长是否应该帮助孩子走向独立 有些家长替孩子包揽一切 为了帮孩子自立,家长应该 In our modern and contemporary society, whether parents should offer a helping hand to making their children independence has become a hot button. In other words, we cannot afford to lose sight of the trend that the kids’ independence has become a social focus, which triggers wide concerns across the nation, especially the parents. This tide does exist in our society. In our society, a sizable portion of parents, especially the young parents, spoil their kids from all aspects. Spefically speaking, they help their children pile and clear up their school bags, wash their clothes, even socks. Besides, they also talk to their children “if only you succeed in your study, please leave anything to me”. This prevalent tide sparks our deep thought. From my viewpoint, in an effort to reverse and eliminate this unfavorable trend mentioned above, considering the seriousness of this headache, Parents are supposed to teach their kids how to cope with a variety of complex siuations. In addition, parents also should take every opportunity to equip themselves with advanced educative knowledge and keep pace with the times and communicate with other parents who enjoys a wealth of educative experiences. In a word, We all hope that these children have less reliance on their parents and become independent economically and mentally.

  1. A) People instinctively seek nature in different ways
  2. D) Things that are purchased
  3. B) More access to nature makes children less likely to fall ill
  4. D) are less likely to be involved in bullying
  5. B) provide more green spaces for children
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  6. B) They enjoy a life of better quality
  7. C) access to nature contributes to the reduction of violence
  8. separable
  9. the wild world
  10. harmony
Section A 短对话(11~
  18) 答案及解析:
  11. A) The man should visit the museums. B) She can’t stand the hot weather. C) The beach resort is a good choice. D) She enjoys staying in Washington. 答案:D 解析:Woman 最后说到 I’ll be happy here no matter what the temperature. 这表明了她待在这 里很愉快,很享受待在华盛顿,故选 D。
  12. A) Her new responsibilities in the company. B) What her job prospects are. C) What the customers’ feedback is. D) The director’s opinion of her work. 答案:D 解析:Woman 说到 but I wish the director would give me some feedback. 这表明了她希望得到 director 的意见(即反馈) ,故选 D。
  13. A) Combine her training with dieting. B) Repeat the training every three days. C) Avoid excessive physical training. D) Include weightlifting in the program. 答案:C 解析:Man 以自己上次因运动(举重)过量而受伤为例,建议女士应该量力而行,避免过 量运动,故选 C。
  14. A) When she will return home. B) Whether she can go by herself. C) Whether she can travel by air. D) Whether she will completely recover. 答案:C 解析:Man 开头就说到 I’m worried about her going on a plane. 从中可知,他担心的是年老的 母亲能不能乘飞机,故选 C。
  15. A) The woman knows how to deal with the police. B) The woman had been fined many times before. C) The woman had violated traffic regulations. D) The woman is good at finding excuses. 答案:C 解析:警察开头问到 Why didn’t you stop when we first signaled you at the crossroads? 通过这
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句话就可以知道女士没有遵守交通规则,故选 C。
  16. A) Switch off the refrigerator for a while. B) Have someone repair the refrigerator. C) Ask the man to fix the refrigerator. D) Buy a refrigerator of better quality. 答案:B 解析:Man 说到 Maybe you should have it fixed,女士回答到 You’re right. 这说明女士也同意男士的看法,但并未提到让这个男士来修,故选 B。
  17. A) He owns a piece of land in the downtown area. B) He has got enough money to buy a house. C) He can finally do what he has dreamed of. D) He is moving into a bigger apartment. 答案:C 解析: 第二句话说到 Now, I have enough money to buy that piece of land I’ve had my eye on Man and build a house on it. 表明他能实现买地建房的理想了,故选 C。
  18. A) She is black and blue all over. B) She has to go to see a doctor. C) She stayed away from work for a few days. D) She got hurt in an accident yesterday. 答案:D 解析:Woman 说的第一句话是 My hands still hurts from the fall on the ice yesterday.从中可知 这位女士昨天在冰上滑倒受伤了, 但是男士认为伤势并不严重, 只建议她休养几天就可以了, 不必去看医生。C 是较强的干扰项,应该是女士现在需要休息而不是过去已经休息了几天, 故选 D。 对话精析: 第一个短对话: 谈论天气 the heat is unbearable,强调有了华盛顿的 museums and restaurants,天气再热也无 所谓 I’ll be happy here no matter what the temperature. 学会看看生活中的积极因素,有了博物馆和餐馆,天气再热都热爱华盛顿,这是何等的乐天 精神啊! 第二个短对话: 谈论新工作,I’m learning a lot of new things, but I wish the director would give me some feedback.我学了很多新东西呢,但是我希望上司能给我点反馈!!feedback 是反馈也是答案 ! 的题眼。这位女士想知道什么呢,想知道上司对她的看法嘛! 第三个短对话: 关于锻炼身体的,还是关于制定锻炼身体的计划的!Can you help me work out a physical training program, John?你能帮我制定个锻炼的项目吗?Sure, but whatever you do be careful not to overdo it. 当然啦,不过不管你做什么,得小心点别过头啊!接下来的句子是举例子 Last time I had two weeks’ worth of weight-lifting in three days and I hurt myself.上次我三天就 完成了两个星期的举重的训练,结果我就受伤了。
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问题是这个男人要建议这个女人什么? 四六级考试委员会一片苦心啊,这里分明在告诫同学们,平时锻炼身体悠着点儿。 第四个短对话: 这个对话好!弘扬爱护老人的美德的! 儿子说,我妈妈年纪大啦,I have an elderly mother 然后表达他对妈妈乘飞机的担心 I’m worried about her going on a plane. Is there any risk?有没有危险啊? 接下来, 医生的回答, 再次体现四六级客观而乐观的精神, if her heart is all right. If she has Not a heart condition, I’d recommend against it.她心脏没问题就没事啊,如果她心脏有问题的话, 那我就不建议她去(乘飞机啦) 第五个短对话: 交通违规怎么做?! 四六级听力教你谦恭有礼做回答。 首先, 第一句的男士质问, Why didn’t you stop when we first signaled you at the crossroads?我们第一次示意让你在交叉口停车, 你干 嘛不停呢?(潜台词是,瞧,还不是被我给逮回来训话了么?!在这种情况之下,这位女士态 度是诚恳的,Sorry, I was just a bit absent-minded. Anyway, do I have to pay a fine? 对不起啊, 我有点心不在焉。但不管怎么说,我需要罚款吗? 人嘛, 都是有时候情绪化的嘛, 并且我认罚, 这句子学会了顺便大家开车的素质都提高了哈! 第六个短对话: 家庭琐事。 第一个人说,I’m no expert 我不是专家 but that noise in your refrigerator doesn’t sound right. Maybe you should have it fixed.但是你冰箱里面的噪音听起来不大对啊, 也许你应该去修理了 吧。 have it fixed 这个结构是考官们发誓要考生学会的 have sth done 的结构。 第二个人开腔了,You’re right.对话基调钉牢,我同意你,就是冰箱确实坏了。And I suppose I’ve put it off long enough.我恐怕我已经拖得够久了,put off,另一个考官立誓要教会全中国考 生的内容,拖延,put off,核心之核心。 问题,这女的可能会怎么做呢? 她学会了核心单词听懂了整个对话以后, 一定会去修冰箱! 并且, ! 这里强调 是找人修冰箱, have it fixed 而不是她自己修! she will fix it herself. 第七个短对话: 买房问题。全国热议啊,考试考到的角度那是真叫一个艺术! 我市区的公寓卖得不错!I did extremely well on the sale of my downtown apartment.也就是说 卖了一个好价钱啦! Now, I have enough money to buy that piece of land I’ve had my eye on and build a house on it.现在,我可有钱买一块我早就看中的地啦,我能建一所房子啦! 偷偷感叹下,这说明了城乡的房价是多么滴有茶具啊!不过考官还是仁慈的,不考那么隐晦 的, 来个简单的, 听到这句话的人呢说 Congratulations! Does that mean you’ll be moving soon? 恭喜你啊,那这是不是说明你很快要搬家了啊?! 问题问我们知道第一个陈述的那个男人什么情况?!简单,字面意思就够你用来解答了,卖 公寓了有了钱买地建房子了! 第八个短对话: 还是运动,不过这里面涉及了一点点西方的固定搭配,black and blue 又黑又蓝,这实际上 说的是咱中文里面的, 身上摔得又青又紫。 第一个人是在说她昨天在冰上摔了一跤, 手到现在还疼呢, hand still hurts from the fall on My the ice yesterday. I wonder if I broke something.我想知道我是不是摔坏哪儿了啊 (I wonder if 这个句型好,走过路过不要错过,I wonder if I could get married with Sister Phoenix 我真想知道我能不能娶凤姐啊?! )
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下面这位男士的回答是, I’m no doctor, but it’s not black and blue or anything. Maybe you just need to rest it for a few days. 我不是医生,但是如果没有什么又青又紫也没其他问题的话, 也许你只是需要休息几天罢了。 问题,此女发生了什么问题? 答案,手摔了,焦虑,问了一男的,这男的很冷静,告诉她没啥事。 长对话(19~
  25) 答案及解析:
  19. What do we learn about the woman? 答案:D) She was a witness to the crime. 解析:文中男士需要女士描述一下抢劫银行的人(describe the man who robbed the bank) 。选 项中 B 提到了 robbery,但是对话中没有说明女士是受害者(victim) 选项提到了她目击 ;D 了某个犯罪经过,robbery 显然是 crime 的一种。
  20. What did the suspect look like? 答案:A) A tall man with dark hair and a moustache. 解析:原文中提到 The man was tall, six foot, and he had dark hair, and he had moustache.,对应 选项 A。
  21. What did the man finally asked the woman to do? 答案:A) Identify the suspect from pictures. 解析:对话结尾处,男士要求女士 look at some photographs,很显然,他的目的是让女士通 过照片来辨别嫌疑人。因此选择 A。
  22. How did the woman get to know about the job vacancy? 答案:A) By reading a newspaper ad. 解析: job vacancy 指空缺的职位。 在对话一开始, 女士就说到她的目的: calling about the I’m job that was in the paper last night.从这句话中可以看出她得知职位信息的来源是 the paper last night,对应 A 选项。
  23. Why did the woman find the job appealing? 答案:B) She could work close to her family. 解析: 本题关键词是 appealing, 意为引起兴趣的。 女士提到她喜欢这份工作的原因是 be near to the family.,close 是 near 的同义替换词,因此选择 B 选项。
  24. What had the woman been doing in Geneva? 答案:C) Working as a secretary. 解析:女士提到她在日内瓦做了一些 secretarial work,也就是选项 C 中的 secretary。虽然她 也提到之前在大学学习,但是她取得的学位是 a degree in English,而非选项 D 中的 a degree in French.
  25. What was the woman asked to do in the end? 答案:C) Send in a written application as soon as possible. 解析: 对话中女士希望得到面试机会, 但是男士要求先要递交书面申请 (reply a writing to the advertisement) ,并不是所有人都能得到面试机会,因此选择答案 C。 题材考点分析: 长对话第二篇围绕女士求职面试展开, 男士问了很多关于女士个人信息的问题, 女士做出回 答。做题时需要考生把握住对话大意、抓住细节信息以及两人的态度。 对话中的考点主要集中在细节、重点一些词组含义,以及同意词组替换。对话中关键信息包 括:been working in Geneva, secretarial work, degree in English, be near to the family, applications in writing 等。考题也正是针对这些关键信息出的,在听的时候考察考生对于细
福医大公共卫生学院 09 预而任海波编辑
节的把握,尤其是叙述相同类型的事情时,更需要记下其中的区别,从而在做题时能够准确 的选出选项。如对话中提到女士会 French 和 English,区别是会说 French



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