2010 年 12 月英语四六级考试阅读专项 练习(
  1) 练习(
No one knows exactly how many disabled people there are in the world, but 11 sugges t the figure is over 450 million. The number of disabled people in
India 12 is probably more than double the total population of Canada.
In the United Kingdom, about one in ten people have some disability. Disability is not just something that happens to other people: as we get older, many of us wi ll become less 13 , hard of hearing or have failing eyesight.
Disablement can take many forms and occur at any time of life. Some people are born with disabilities. Many others become disabled as they get older. There are ma ny 14 disabling diseases. The longer time goes on, the worse they become. Some peop le are disabled in accidents. Many others may have a period of disability in the fo rm of a mental illness. All are affected by people's attitude towards them.
Disabled people face many 15 barriers. Next time you go shopping or to work or to visit friends, imagine how you would 16 if you could not get up steps, or on to buses and trains. How would you cope if you could not see where you were going or c ould not hear the traffic? But there are other barriers; 17 can be even harder to b reak down and ignorance 18 represents by far the greatest barrier of all. It is alm ost impossible for the able-bodied to fully appreciate what the severely disabled g o through, so it is important to 19 attention to these barriers and show that it is the individual person and their ability, not their disability, which 20
A. inevitably B. evaluations C. estimates D. manage
E. alone F. counts G. prejudice H. physical
I. mobile J. indifferently K. withdraw L. progressive
M. regular N. accounts O. draw
Passage 3
The greatest recent social changes have been in the lives of women. During the twentieth century there has been a remarkable shortening of the proportion of a wom an's life spent in caring for the children. A woman marrying at the end of the nine teenth century would probably have been in her middle twenties ? and would be likel y to have seven or eight children, of whom four or five lived till they were five y ears old. By the time the youngest was fifteen, the mother would have been in her e arly fifties and would expect to live a further twenty years, during which custom, opportunity and health made it unusual for her to get paid work. Today women marry younger and have fewer children. Usually a woman's youngest child will be fifteen w hen she is forty-five years and is likely to take paid work until retirement at six ty. Even while she has the care of children, her work is lightened by household app liances and convenience foods.
This important change in women's life-pattern has only recently begun to have i ts full effect on women's economic position. Even a few years ago most girls left s chool at the first opportunity, and most of them took a full-time job. However, whe n they married, they usually left work at once and never returned to it. Today the school leaving age is sixteen, many girls stay at school after that age, and though women tend to marry younger, more married women stay at work at least until shortl y before their first child is born. Very many more afterwards return to full-or-par
t-time work. Such changes have led to a new relationship in marriage, with the husb and accepting a greater share of the duties and satisfactions of family life, and w ith both husband and wife sharing more equally in providing the money, and running the home, according to the abilities and interests of each of them.

  21. According to the passage, it is now quite usual for women to.
A. stay at home after leaving school B. marry men younger than themselves
C. start working again later in life D. marry while still at school

  22. We are told that in an average family about 19
A. many children died before they lived to more than five
B. seven or eight children lived to be more than five
C. the youngest child would be fifteen
D. four or five children died when they were five

  23. Many girls, the passage claims, are now likely to.
A. give up their jobs for good after they are married
B. leave school as soon as they can
C. marry so that they can get a job
D. continue working until they are going to have a baby

  24. One reason why a woman today may take a job is that she.
A. is younger when her children are old enough to look after .themselves
B. does not like children herself
C. need not worry about food for her children
D. can retire from family responsibilities when she reaches sixty

  25. Nowadays, a husband tends to.
A. play a greater part in looking after the children
B. help his wife by doing much of the housework
C. feel dissatisfied with his role in the family
D. take a part-time job so that he can help in the home
Passage 4
When blood is sent to the lungs by the heart, it has come back from the cells i n the rest of the body. So the blood that goes into the wall of an air sac (Jl) con tains much dissolved carbon dioxide but very little oxygen. At the same time, the a ir that goes into the air sac contains much oxygen but very little carbon dioxide.
You have learned that dissolved materials always diffuse (扩散) from where ther e is more of them to where there is less. Oxygen from the air dissolves in the mois ture on the lining of the air sac and diffuses through the lining into the blood. M eanwhile, carbon dioxide diffuses from the blood into the air sac. The blood then f lows from the lungs back to the heart, which sends it out to all other parts of the body.
Soon after air goes into an air sac, it gives up some of its oxygen and takes i n some carbon dioxide from the blood. To keep diffusion going as it should, this ca rbon dioxide must be gotten rid of. Breathing, which is caused by movements of the chest, forces the used air out of the air sacs in your lungs and brings in fresh ai r. The breathing muscles are controlled automatically so that you breathe at the pr oper rate to keep your air sacs supplied with fresh air.
Ordinarily, you breathe about twenty-two times a minute. Of course, you breathe faster when you are exercising and slower when you are resting. Fresh air is broug ht into your lungs when you breathe in, or inhale, while used air is forced out of your lungs when you breathe out, or exhale.

  26. In the respiratory process, only one of the following actions takes place: it is.
A. the diffusion of blood through capillary walls into air sacs
B. the diffusion of carbon dioxide through capillary and air sac walls into the blood
C. the diffusion of oxygen through the air sac and capillary walls into the blo od
D. the exchange of nitrogen within air sacs

  27. The number of times per minute that you breathe is.
A. independent of your rate of exercise
B. fixed at twenty-two times per minute
C. influenced by your age and sex
D. controlled automatically by an unspecified body mechanism

  28. The process by which carbon dioxide and oxygen are transferred does not dep end on
A. the presence of nitrogen in the blood
B. breathing muscles
C. the flow of blood
D. the moisture in the air sac linings

  29. The author's style in this passage can best be described as.
A informal and matter of fact B. impersonal
C. personal P- matter of fact and formal

  30. Which of the following words can replace the word "exhale"?
A. Breathe out. B. Breathe in.
C. Diffuse. D. Exchange.
  12. E
  13. I
  14. L
  15. H
  16. D
  17. G
  18. A
  19. O
  20. F
  21. C
  22. A
  23. D 2
  4. A
  25. B
  26. C
  27. D
  28. A
  29. A
  30. A



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