2010年 英语三级考试试题 2010年6月英语三级考试试题
Part I Listening Comprehension [15 minutes]
Directions: This part is to test your listening ability. It consists of 3 sections.
Section A
Directions: This section is to test your ability to understand short dialogues. There are 5 recorded dialogues in it. After each dialogue, there is a recorded question. Both the dialogues and questions will be spoken only once. When you hear a question, you should decide on the correct answer from the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D given in your test paper. Then you should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. Example: You will hear: You will read: A. New York City. C. An air trip. B. An evening party. D. The man’s job.
From the dialogue we learn that the man is to take a flight to New York. Therefore, C. An air trip, is the correct answer. You should mark C on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. Now the test will begin.
  1. A. The man can have a room with a shower. B. The man can’t have a room at present. C. The man should come tomorrow. D. The man booked a double room.
  2. A. At the post office. C. In the street.
  3. A. Go camping. C. Go shopping.
  4. A. Frozen foods. C. Office equipment. B. At the bank. D. In the office. B. Go sightseeing. D. Go skating. B. Sports goods. D. Household appliances.

  5. A. Complaining about the mobile phone. B. Asking about the price of the mobile phone.
C. Comparing the models of the mobile phone. D. Inquiring about the functions of the mobile phone.
Section B
Directions: This section is to test your ability to understand short conversations. There are 2 recorded conversations in it. After each conversation, there are some recorded questions. Both the conversations and questions will be spoken two times. When you hear a question, you should decide on the correct answer from the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D given in your test paper. Then you should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. Conversation 1
  6. A. A job related to computers. C. A job related to marketing.
  7. A. Ask for an interview. C. Write an application letter. Conversation 2
  8. A. She has forgotten the man’s address. B. She cannot meet the man this afternoon. C. She has suddenly fallen ill with a bad cold. D. She cannot attend the training course this week
  9. A. Visit an important client. C. Attend a sales meeting.
  10. A. At 1 p.m. tomorrow. C. At 3 p.m. tomorrow. B. Go to a department store. D. Move to a new office. B. At 2 p.m. today. D. At 4 p.m. today. B. A job related to designing. D. A job related to advertising. B. Look for a well-paid job. D. Try some advertising companies.
Section C
Directions: This section is to test your ability to comprehend short passages. You will hear a recorded passage. After that you will hear five questions. Both the passage and the questions will be read two times. When you hear a question, you should complete the answer to it with a word or a short phrase (in no more than 3 words). The questions and incomplete answers are printed in your test paper. You should write your answers on the
Answer Sheet correspondingly. Now listen to the passage.
  11. What does the speaker think of his working conditions? He thinks that the working conditions are .
  12. How many hours does the speaker work every week? .
  13. How does the speaker spend his holiday in winter? He usually takes one week to .
  14. What system did the company introduce last year? It introduced a flexible system.
  15. When can the speaker start his work in the morning? Any time between .
Part II
sentences. It consists of 2 sections.
[15 minutes]
Directions: This part is to test your ability to construct grammatically correct
Section A
Directions: In this section, there are 10 incomplete sentences. You are required to complete each one by deciding on the most appropriate word or words from the 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Then you should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
  16. Our company’s visitors decided to stay in our city for two days as they wanted to have a look around. A. other B. the other C. another D. other’s

  17. According to the time table, the train for Beijing at 9:10 p.m. from Monday to Friday. A. was leaving B. is leaving C. leaves D. has left

  18. The new drug will not be put on the market it has proved safe on humans. A. if B. until C. since D. when

  19. Students are expected to pay the loan back they are earning enough. A. so far as B. now that C. even if D. as soon as

  20. Immigrants have to adapt themselves culturally and physically to the new
surroundings they have moved. A. on which B. by which C. into which D. from which

  21. The proposal at the meeting now is of great importance to our department. A. being discussed C. having discussed B. to be discussing D. discussing

  22. It was because of his good performance at the interview he got the job with the big company. A. so B. what C. that D. while

  23. It is reasonable for people to pursue a career in fields related their favorite hobbies. A. on B. for C. at D. to

  24. There is no evidence he was on the site of the murder. A. where B. that C. which D. how

  25. Only when we hurried to the airport the flight was cancelled. A. we found C. have we found B. did we find D. we have found
Section B
Directions: There are 10 incomplete statements here. You should fill in each blank with the proper form of the word given in brackets. Write the word or words in the corresponding space on the Answer Sheet
  26. Nowadays, electronic (pay) is a more convenient way to pay for purchases than cash and checks.
  27. Most of the high school students who (interview) yesterday believed that they should continue with their education.
  28. According to the survey (conduct) recently, 52% of American business people booked their business travel online last year.
  29. The (grow) of online shopping is producing a fundamental change in consumer behavior.
  30. The total output of this factory (double) since it was put into operation in 20
  31. It is the (responsible) of the Human Resources Department to employ new
staff members.
  32. It was reported that the (injure) people were taken to the hospital immediately after the accident.
  33. The bank refused (accept) my application for the loan because they weren’t convinced by my business plan.
  34. It’s important to realize how (quick) this disease can spread over the globe.
  35. Of all the marketing plans proposed at the meeting, this one is believed to be the (practical) .
Part III
Reading Comprehension
[40 minutes]
Directions: This part is to test your reading ability. There are 5 tasks for you to fulfill. You should read the reading materials carefully and do the tasks as you are instructed.
Task 1
Directions: After reading the following passage, you will find 5 questions or unfinished statements, numbered36 to
  40. For each question or statement there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should make the correct choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. College is a place to explore many possibilities; you really can’t do it all?unless you manage your time wisely. Here are some tips I have found very helpful for managing my time and maximizing my study efforts:
  1. Determine your goals. What do you want to get out of a college education? Academic (学术的) knowledge? Leadership experience within a club? Decide what is most important to you. Then devote proportionate (成比例的) amounts of time to those efforts.
  2. Plan ahead. You may think you can keep everything in your head, but as the activities on your schedule start piling up, making a schedule can really help organize even little tasks.
  3. Study at strategic (关键的) times. Don’t wait until you’re falling asleep to study. Study first. Save those e-mails to check later, because tasks that don’t require much energy and attention can still be done when you’re tired.

  4. Motivate (激励) yourself! You know that TV show you’ve been dying to see, or that game of chess you’ve been waiting all week to challenge your friend to. These and many other special activities can be used for motivation. Promise yourself that you’ll finish your biology assignment before you go off and “play”. That way, you’ll force yourself to work efficiently. (Don’t rush through the assignment, though.)
  5. Take a nap. Sometimes even a 20-minute nap in the afternoon will give you the extra energy you need to get through the day.
  36. We need to plan ahead in order to . A. keep a record of all the events C. store everything in our head
  37. Strategic times are best for us to. A. save energy C. study efficiently B. check e-mails D. organize activities B. better organize our activities D. pile up little tasks neatly

  38. Which of the following could be used as a motivation to do our assignments? A. Remembering our urgent tasks. C. Taking a break in the afternoon. B. Any activities we’re eager to do. D. The promise to study efficiently.

  39. What can help us to keep refreshed throughout the day? A. Doing some physical exercise. C. Rushing through some assignments. B. Taking a short nap in the afternoon. D. Playing a game of chess with a friend.

  40. Which of the following could be the best title for this article? A. Study Habits and Time Management B. Business Management and Leadership C. University Education and Campus Life D. Life Goals and Academic Development
Task 2
Directions: This task is the same as Task
  1. The 5 questions or unfinished statements are numbered 41 to
  45. Welcome to our small business set-up guide, providing all the information you need to start your business on a healthy, solid basis. From choosing the right name for your company and making your first business plan, through to up-to-date taxation (税务) advice, banking and insurance tips, each
subject is discussed in the guide. We also look at the vital characteristics you’ll need to survive in business. Determination and originality (原创性) are key. Equally, so is the ability to organize your time and to put in the required effort during the early days. As with any new business, success can never be guaranteed, but our aim is to reduce the difficulties involved in setting up a business on your own. We’ll forewarn you of the most common problems, including failure to research your market in sufficient detail and not setting aside e-nough funds for tougher financial times. Starting up even the smallest business can be challenging. But take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. In fact, of the four million businesses currently in operation in the UK, more than
  99.3% are classified as “small,” with fewer than 50 employees. In order to keep this guide as brief as possible, where we’ve not had enough room to include every detail, you’ll find a link taking you to the most relevant (相关 的) articles. Good luck with your business idea!
  41. This guide is intended to help people to . A. cope with an economic crisis C. raise funds for a new firm B. start a new small business D. build up public relations

  42. What are most important for a business to survive? A. Banking and insurance services. C. Organization and management. B. Research and business planning. D. Determination and originality.

  43. What does the word “forewarn” (Line 2, Para.
  4) mean? A. Deal with. C. Advise beforehand. B. Argue with. D. Give instructions to.

  44. What kind of businesses are regarded as “small” in the UK? A. Those with fewer than 50 employees. B. Those with only two or three owners. C. Those with a loan of
  99.3% in their capital. D. Those with an output value less than ?4 million.
  45. More information about how to start a small business is available by. A. contacting the writer in person B. linking to other relevant articles
C. reading the advertising brochures
D. communicating with other readers
Task 3
Directions: The following is an announcement After reading it, you are required to complete the outline below it (No.46 to No.
  50). You should write your answers briefly (in no more than three words) on the Answer Sheet correspondingly.
How to write contact details in your CV?
Print your name in large letters .at the top of the page. You don’t have to write “Curriculum Vitae” across the top, as we know what it is, and what we need to know is who you are. Make it as easy as possible for prospective (未来的) employers to talk to you, so include your address, email, and mobile phone number. If you are posting your CV on a website, then remember basic web security and just use an email address. You do not have to include your home phone, and take care with work numbers and emails. You do not need to give any personal information such as date of birth, marital status, disabilities, health and details of parents or children. There is no need to include a photograph unless it is requested.
How to write contact details in your CV?
Top of page: 46 your name in large let



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