【阅读练习】 阅读练习】
As the pace of life continues to increase, we are fast losing the art of relaxation. But relaxation is __1__ for a healthy mind and body.
Stress is a natural part of everyday life and there is no way to __2__ it. In fact, it is not the bad thing as it is often supposed to be. A certain amount of stress is vital to provide motivation and give purpose to life. It is only when the stress gets out of __3__ that it can lead to poor performance and ill health.
The amount of stress a person can withstand depends very much on the individual. Some peoplw are not afraid of stress, and such __4__ are obviously prime material for managerial responsibilities. Others lose heart at the first sight of __5__ difficulties. When exposed to stress, in whatever form, we react both physically and __6__. In fact we make choice between "flight or fight" and in more __7__ days the choices made the difference between life or death. The crises we meet today are unlikely to be so extreme, but however little the stress, it involves the same __8__. It is when such a reaction lasts long, through continued __9__ to stress, that health becomes endangered. Since we cannot __10__ stress from our lives it would be unwise to do so even if we could, we need to find ways to deal with it.
A)exposure B)characters C)answer D)chemically
E)avoid F)psychologically G)primitive H)transfer
I)unusual J)control K)remove L)escape
M)response N)backward O)essential
【答案】 答案】

  1.选 O)。此处应填形容词。前文中说人们正在失去放松的休闲方式,But 转折表明作者对 relaxation 的重视态 度,只有 essential“必须的,重要的”符合文意。

  2.选 E)。此处应填动词。前句说 Stress is a natural part of everyday life“压力是日常生活中很自然的一部分”,说 明人们不能避免压力。选项中只有 avoid 的意思为“避免,消除”,故 E)avoid 正确。

  3.选 J)。此处应填名词。前面说有压力并不是坏事,适当的压力能给人以动力,能赋予人生活的意义。只有 在什么时候,压力才会导致人们表现不佳,身体不好。根据上下文可知 get out of control“压力失控”的时候,才会 有不好的结果,故选 J)control。

  4.选 B)。此处应填名词。前句中 not afraid of stress“不怕压力”是一些人的性格特点,选项中可以表示人的性 格特点的词只有 characters,故选 B)。

  5.选 I)。此处应填形容词,修饰名词 difficulties。一些人遇到......的困难就灰心丧气,选项中的形容词中, unusual“不同寻常的”可以说明困难的程度,故选择 I)。

  6.选 F)。此处应填副词,与 physically 相对应,在此 physically 作为“身体上的”解释。选项中的副词有 chemically“化学地”和 psychologically“精神地”,很明显两个副词中选择 F)psychologically。

  7.选 G)。 此处应填形容词, 修饰名词 days。 ...days 与后文中的 today 相对应, 形成对比。 选项中的是 primitive, 即将人类的早期和人类的今天做比较 ,故选 G)。而 N)backward 说明的是社会发展的状态,不符合原文意思。

  8.选 M)。此处填名词。前句说,在人类的早期,选择不同就意味着生与死的差别;而现在人们碰到的危机不可 能那样极端。后面 but 转折,说明了不管是压力的大小,人们都是在“避免”和“战斗”之间选择,下句中的 such a reaction 也可以说明人们对压力的反应是一样的,选项中的名词 answer 和 response 中,M)response=reaction 符合 文意。

  9.选 A)。根据上题,这种反应长时间持续的原因就是长时间的面对压力,选项中的 exposure“暴露的状态,受 影响”符合上下文意思,故选择 A)exposure。

  10.选 K)。 此处要填动词原形, from 构成动介搭配。 和 人们应想办法应对压力, 而不是将它......出人们的生活。 选项中的 transfer 表示“转移”不符合原文意思;remove“移动,移除”可以和 from 连用,表示“除掉,移开”,符合原 文意思,故选 K)。
The typical pre-industrial family not only had a good many children, but numerous other dependents as wellgrandparents, uncles, aunts and cousions. Such "extended" families were suited for survival in slow paced __1__ societies. But such families are hard to __2__. They are immobile.Industrialism demanded masses of workers ready and able to move off the land in pursuit of jobs, and to move again whenever necessary. Thus the extended family __3__ shed its excess weight and the so-called "nuclear" family emergeda stripped-down, portable family unit __4__ only of parents and a small set of children. This new style family, far more __5__ than the traditional extended family, became the standard model in all the industrial counties. Super-industrialism, however, the next stage of eco-technological development, __6__ even higher mobility. Thus we may expect many among the people of the future to carry the streamlinling process, a stePfurther by remaining children, cutting the family down to its more __7__ components, aman and a woman. Two people, perhaps with matched careers, will prove more efficient at navigating through education and social status, through job changes and geographic relocations, than teh ordinarily child-cluttered family.A __8__ may be the postponement of children, rather than childlessness. Men and women today are often torn in __9__ between a commitment to career and a commitment to children. In the future, many __10__ will sidestePthis problem by deferring the entire task of raising children until after retirement.
【答案与解析 答案与解析】 答案与解析

  1. 选 J)。此处应填形容词,修饰名次 societies。文章第一句就说 The typical pre-industrial family...“工业化之前 的典型家庭模式......”, 即“extended" family 存在于工业化之前的社会,即 agricultural society。故 J)正确。选项中 的 primary”最初的,原始的“不符合原文意思。

  2. 选 A)。由 be hard to do sth.可知,此处应填动词原形。They are immobile“这样的家庭很难流动”,这说明这 样的家庭 are hard to...,选项中由 transplant 和 transport 两个动词原形,前者指的是“迁居,迁移”,后者指的是运 输,不难推断前者符合原文意思,故 A)transplant 正确。

  3. 选 C)。 因为这句话的句子结构完整, 固此处应填副词。 选项中的副词有 gradually 和 continually,原文中...and the so-called "nuclear" family emerged.所谓的“核心家庭”便出现了“,emerge 的意思是“浮现" ,强调经过一个过程 后出现的。 由此可以判断, 这句话坏死说明核心家庭从无到有逐渐出现, 而不是连续不断地出现, 故选择 C)gradually

  4. 选 O)。该句可拆分理解,即 a family unit... of parents and a smell set of children "一个家庭单元......父母和不 多的孩子“,由此可以推出这里要填的词是表示”包含,由......组成“的。选项中的 including 和 consisting 均可以表 示此意,但由原文中的 of 可排除 including,consist of 为固定刺诸,故 O)为正确答案。

  5. 选 H)。从原文中的 more...than 可知,此处应填形容词,构成形容词的比较级结构。由第一段最后一句可 知 the traditional extended family 是 immobile,那么新型的家庭模式比旧的因该是更有流动性,故应选 H)mobile,说 明新型的家庭模式的优点。

  6. 选 M)。此处应填动词,作这句话的谓语。Super-industrialism“(更发达的)超级工业化”......更具流动性的家 庭。可推知空格处应填表示“需要,需求”的词。requires 表示出自一种迫切的需要而提出的要求,很明显选择 M)requires。

  7. 选 E)。此处应填形容词,用来修饰名词 components。文中说明家庭被减缩到最......的成员,即由男人和女 人组成,男人和女人是一个家庭最基本的成员。选项中的 E)elemental“基本的,本质的”,而 N)primary“主要的, 最早的”,原文强调的是男人和女人是一个家庭最 basic 的组成部分,故 E)更符合原文意思。

  8.选 l)。此处应填名词。上段说两人家庭的优点,本句中提到 rather than childlessness“而不是不要孩子”,说 明晚要孩子是解决工作和孩子的折中的办法,故选项中的 L)compromise“妥协,折中”符合文意。而 solution 虽然 也表示解决办法,但不能表达夫妇们无可奈何的心情,故排除。

  9.选 F)。上题中已提到工作和要孩子之间存在矛盾即 conflict,根据上下文意思,这个题相对容易。

  10.选 I)。这段一直在说一个家庭里男人和女人因为工作和要孩子的事情发生争吵,那么将来要解决这个问题 的仍然是家庭中的夫妻两人,故这里应填 I)couples。
【阅读练习】 阅读练习】
Videoconferencing is nothing more than a television set or PC monitor with a camera Through the videocenferencing, not only your voice but also your face, the surroundings and any other graphic and phisical __1__ can be captured and transmitted through the communication system with or without wires. Of course, when you go into the details, the technology involved is very __2__ and the subject matter littered with jargon. Such as ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) or the __3__ behind bandwidth, latency and isochrony which are used to explain how videoconferencing works.Good people communication is __4__ in any business, and the more interaction you can achieve, the more likely it is that your __5__ will be the right ones. Videoconferencing not only allows you to
speak to people in different locations, but also note __6__ expressions and gestures that let you know what the other person is really thinking. Meetings are made more __7__ by sharing documents and computer applications that a simple telephone cannot __8__.__9__, organizations are discovering the competitive advantages and the power of videoconferencing. With advances in performance, economical pricing, the ability to __10__ essential meeting tools and connectivity to global telephone networks and standardized videoconferencing protocols, videoconferencing is now a practical reality for any organization.
A) fortunately
B) effective
C) images
D) articulate
E) facial
F) manage
G) decisions
H) connect
I) advanced
J) integrate
K) progressive
L) concepts
N) increasingly
O) important
【答案】 答案】

  1.选 C)。 空格中要填的是名词, 从后面的......can be captured and transmitted 可以选出选项中 images 和 pictures, pictures 指“画面,图片”,一般指静态的情景;而文中的意思表达的是实时的电视会议,画面应该是动态的,images 可以表示动态的形象,画面,故 C)images 正确。

  2.选 I)。这里应填形容词,修饰 the technology。选项中的 advanced,progressive,important 可以用来修饰 the technology,注释 1 说明了 the technology 中包含了很多行业术语,是很深奥的,排除 important;而 progressive“上 进的, 进步的”, 强调寻求更好的, advanced“领先的, 有高深的, 并非人人都能接受的含义”, 根据上下文 I)advanced 更符合题意。

  3.选 L)。首先判断这里应填名词,再根据注释 2 种“用于解释视频会议工作原理的......”,原文中有 explain“解 释,说明”可以退出,选项中的名词中 concepts 最符合题意。故选 L)。

  4.选 O)。此处应填形容词。这个分句后面说交流越多,你越可能成为正确的那一个,说明交流很重要,与本 土的视频会议一种交流的工具主题一致,这里应该填 important。

  5.选 G)。 由空格后的 ones 可知, 这里应填名词的复数形式。 前面提到 the more interaction..., the more likely...be the right ones“得到的交互信息越多,你的......就更有可能正确的”。人们通过电视会议谈判协商,了解得信息越多, 自己的判断,决策才会更正确。故这里应填 G)decisions。concepts“概念”是打扰项,这里和概念无关。

  6.选 E)。此处应填形容词。由上文 Videoconferencing not only allows you to speak to people in different locations“视频会议不仅可以让你与不同地方的人说话”,...expressions and gestures that let you know what the other person is really thinking.“......表情和姿态, 从而让你知道他们的真实想法”, 很明显修饰 expressions 的应该是 facial, 意思是“面部



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