2010 年 6 月英语四六级考试必记的热点词句
  1.向祝贺,向干杯 raise a glass to sb. 婚礼上,人们举杯向这对新人祝贺,祝福他们永远幸福. At the wedding party, people raised a glass to the new couple wishing them a happy life for ever.
  2. (疑心 / 兴趣 / 好奇心)与日俱增 (one's suspicions / interest / curiosity) to be aroused over time 随着孩子们年龄的增长,他们对周围世界的好奇心与日俱增. As children get older, their curiosity about the outside world around them is aroused over time.
  3. 全部买进 buy up 听说要涨价,市民们纷纷到商店大量抢购. Word of price rise sent the citizens to shops to buy up as much as they could.
  4. 投入大量资金 / 投资于 provide a large injection of cash into pour money into sink money into 政府投入了大量的资金去改善生活环境. The government provided a large injection of cash into bettering the living environment.
  5. 使起死回生 / 使焕发生机 bring sth. / sb. back to life 改革开放政策使深圳这个过去的小镇焕发了生机. The policy of reform and opening-up brought Shenzhen, a small town in the past, back to life.
  6. 实践梦想,生活在幻想中 live out a fantasy 她年轻的时候幻想着自己是个电影明星,过着和她们一样的奢侈生活. When young, she led an extravagant life, living out a fantasy that she was a movie star.
  7.提升为 rise to a position as 经过努力,这位年轻人很快升为公司的总经理. Through his own effort, the young man soon rose to a position as the general manager of the company.
  8.遭到不幸,倒霉 fall upon dark days 当那个地区的人民遭受不幸时,政府和社会各界都表示了他们的关怀和爱心. When the people in that area fell upon dark days, both the government and the people from all walks of life showed their concern and love.
  9.(尤指在困难时刻)继续支持,忠于 stick by sth. / sb. 尽管球队目前处于低谷,但忠实的球迷们继续支持她.
Although the team is at the lowest point, the devoted football fans stick by her as they used to.
  10. 收回,撤回 get sth. back / take sth. back 这位企业家在此小镇投入巨资,并无意收回,而只是为了回报家乡的养育之恩. This enterpriser sunk a large amount of money into the town with no intention of getting it back but with the mere purpose of repaying his hometown for her love and care for his growth.
  11.开展活动,反对 / 支持 conduct activities against / for… 被占领国的人民举行各种活动反对这个超级大国的入侵. The people of the occupied country conducted various activities against the invasion of the superpower.
  12. 深深地 吸引了某人;因使某人着迷 capture one's heart with 电影"泰坦尼克"以它那美妙的音乐和感人的情节深深地打动了许多年轻人的心. Titanic, a wonderful movie, captured many young people's hearts with its fascinating music and touching plots.
  13.消失在远方/夜幕中/人群中 disappear into the distance / in the dark / in the crowd 当夜幕降临时,整个村庄消失在黑暗中. As evening came, the whole village disappeared in the dark / into darkness.
  14.向远方行进 march over the horizon 部队唱着歌,迈着整齐的步伐向远方前进. Singing songs, the troops are marching in step over the horizon.
  15. 获取,得到 / 占领的绝大部分 acquire / conquer the bulk of sth. 通过收购其股票,这家国有公司很快控制了那家私营公司绝大部分的股权. Through purchasing the stocks, the state-owned company soon acquired the bulk of the stocks of that privately-run company
  16. 和打交道 / 作交易 strike / make a deal(s) with… 生意人应当以诚信为本,公平交易. A businessman must take honesty as his cardinal principle and make fair deals.
  17. 停滞不前 stand still 在人生的竞赛中,如果你总是安于现状,停滞不前,你永远也不会成为胜者. In the race of human life, you will never win any place if you are always satisfied with what you are and stand still.
  18. 前进,向前 move ahead 只要不断进取,勇于创新,你就能登上最高领奖台. As long as you keep on moving ahead and strive to bring forth new ideas, you will reach the top of the winner's platform.
  19. 落后,落伍
fall behind 那个领导的观点已经落伍了. The leader's opinion had fell behind.
  20. 受支配 be slaves to… 意志坚强的人主宰自己的人生,而意志薄弱者甘愿受命运摆布. A man of strong will feels in control of his own life while a man of weak will feels himself to be a slave to his fate.
  21. 深深感到 have a rather acute sense of 风雨同舟几十年,这对老夫妇深感人生中爱情的珍贵. Having gone through many years of hardship in the same boat, the old couple have a rather acute sense of the true value of love in their life.
  22. 寻求注意力,引起注意 seek attention 这家公司独特的宣传和推广活动使它最终在交易会上出尽了风头. The unique publicity and promotion eventually helped the company seek more than enough attention from the public at the trade fair.
  23. 匆匆忙忙地做 race through 时间不够了,这些学生只好匆匆忙忙地做完卷子上剩下的题目. As the time is running out, these students have to race through the rest of the questions on the test paper.
  24. 恢复,返回 get back to 退耕还林使这个地区又恢复了昔日的秀美. The move to return grain for green has got this area back to its former beauty.
  25. 认为某事是针对某人的 take sth. personally 当老板进行泛泛的批评时,不要对号入座. When the boss makes general and negative comments, don't take it personally.
  26. 伴随,配合 go with 幸福未必总与金钱相伴,而常常与积极的人生观相伴. Happiness doesn't always go with money. More often than not, it goes hand in hand with a positive outlook on life.
  27. 增进(信任等) develop a sense of (trust 等) 军校生活的熏陶,使我增强了责任感和国防意识. Nurtured in the military college life, I have developed my sense of responsibility and my awareness of national defense.
  28. 千方百计地做 work hard at the task of doing sth. 在危难时刻,这些共产党员千方百计地帮助灾民摆脱困境.
At the critical moment, these Communists worked hard at the task of helping the victims out of the trouble.
  29. 制定/做出一系列的 produce / make a steady flow of 在这次大会上,中央政府做出了一系列关系国计民生的重大决策. At this conference, the central government made a steady flow of significant decisions concerning the national economy and people's livelihood.
  30. 与关系不大或没有关系 have little or no relation to 与其说浪漫的生活与人的经济状况有关,倒不如说与人的性格有关. Romantic life has not so much relation to one's financial condition as to one's personality
  31. 更加重视 give added / increasing weight to sth. 随着全球环境的恶化,许多国家越来越重视对自然的保护. With the global environment worsening, many countries are giving increasing weight to the protection of nature.
  32. 把 看作一种标志 take sth. as a sign of 一些年青人把吸烟看作是成熟和具有男人气概的标志,但吸烟实际上是个潜在杀手. Some teenagers take smoking as a sign of being mature and manly, but actually smoking is a potential killer.
  33. 向 投入资金,精力和注意力 pour capital, energy and attention into… 她把自己全部的爱和精力都倾注到对这群山村孩子们的教育上. She poured all her love and energy into the education of these mountainous children.
  34. 关心,关注 concern oneself with The young people today should not just concern themselves with the pursuit of personal goals. Instead, they should keep the entire motherland in mind and the whole world in view. 今天的年青人不应该只关心个人目标的实现,而应该胸怀祖国,放眼世界.
  35. 出现,涌现 spring up During the past twenty years of China's reform and opening-up, thousands of modernized enterprises have sprung up around China. 改革开放的二十年间,一个个现代化的企业在中国大地上雨后春笋般涌现出来.
  36. 采取举措 make / undertake initiatives The central government is making some fresh initiatives to ensure a steady income for the farmers. 中央政府正在采取一些新举措,确保农民收入稳定.
  37.把降到低水平; 使沦落到 reduce sth. to a low level Increasing university enrollments doesn't mean reducing the entrance requirements to a low level.
  38. 对做出严格限制 set strict limits on The Ministry of Education no longer sets strict limits on the age and marital status of those who intend to participate in the college entrance examinations. 教育部不再对参加高考者的年龄和婚姻状况做出严格的规定.
  39. 采取措施(行动) take measures (steps/ action) to do sth In the face of dangers, it is better for one to take positive actions against them rather than wait passively for one's end. 在危险面前,与其坐以待毙,不如采取针锋相对的行动.
  40. 面对来自的抗议 face the protests from Facing the pressure from the stressful work and life, an increasing number of people prefer to get close to nature for relaxation. 面对紧张的工作和生活带来的压力,越来越多的人喜欢到大自然中放松自己.
  41. 保持生态多样性 preserve the ecological diversity Just as nature requires the ecological diversity, an open society needs to preserve the diversity of its cultures. 正如自然界需要生物的多样性一样,一个开放的社会需要保持其文化的多元化.
  42. 致力于,努力做 seek / struggle to do sth. This company has been seeking to exploit and develop the abundant natural resources in the western regions of China. 这家公司一直致力于开发中国西部地区丰富的自然资源.
  43. 改弦易辙 reverse course Once stuck in a dilemma, a wise man does not head blindly for a dead end but reverses his course in time to find his way out. 一旦陷入困境,聪明的人不是一味地钻牛角尖,而是适时地另辟蹊径以谋求出路.
  44. 批准/ 同意计划 agree to a plan to do sth. The government has agreed to a nationwide body-building plan to improve the general physical condition of the whole nation. 政府批准了一项旨在提高全民整体健康水平的全民健身计划.
  45. 作为典范 serve as a model for Lei Feng will forever serve as the role model for the whole society to follow in that his holy spirit has become the spiritual wealth of Chinese nation. 雷锋将永远是我们整个社会学习的榜样, 因为他的崇高精神已经成为中华民族的精神财 富
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