2010 年 GCT 考试英语模拟试题及答案解析 2010-07-20 来源: GCT 考试网 在线咨询 外语运用能力测试(英语) 外语运用能力测试(英语) (50 题,每题 2 分,满分 100 分) Part One Vocabulary and Structure Directions: There are ten incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.
  1. Many newcomers complain of the rapid of life in Hong Kong. A. rate B. pace C. speed D. growth 答案 B。pace of life 意为“生活节奏”;rate 意为“比率,速率”;speed 意为“速度”;growth 意 。 为“发育,成长”。
  2. To one’s boss, an employee should dress neatly, be and show interest in the job. A. instant B. timely C. punctual D. quick 答案 C。instant 意为“立刻的,即时的”;timely 意为“及时的”;quick 意为“(做事)迅速的”; 。 punctual 意为“守时的,准时的”。
  3. The girl will not become a nurse because she will faint at the of blood. A. vision B. eyes C. sight D. view 答案 C。at the sight of 意为“看见”;view 意为“眼界,视野”;vision 是指人的视力或视野, 。 引申为梦幻景象。
  4. The government regulations that put this old city under protection. A. published B. issued C. discharged D. released 答案 B。issue 意为“发布,颁布,发行”;publish 意为“出版,印刷”;discharge 意为“释放出”; 。 release 意为“发布消息”。
  5. Unexpectedly the light and we were left in darkness. A. bum out B. put out C. turned out D. went out 答案 D。burn out 意为“烧光,烧完”;put out 意为“熄灭,扑灭”;turn out 意为“关掉,熄灭”; 。 go out 意为“熄灭,停止运行”。
  6. After a whole day’s heavy work, the old worker returned home, . A. hungry and felt exhausting B. hunger and exhausted C. hungry and exhausted D. hungry and having been exhausted 答案 C。从时态意义上讲,应该用过去分词,表示伴随情况,还应该考虑连词前后的平衡结 。 构表达法问题。
  7. The last half of the nineteenth century the steady improvement in the means of travel. A. has witnessed B. was witnessed C. witnessed D. is witnessed 答案 C。根据主语可判断出时间为过去时。 。
  8. She in the feet on her way home from work. A. was hurting B. is hurt C. hurts D. got hurt 答案 D。“get+-ed 分词”构成被动语态,get 通常表示动作的结果而非动作本身。 。

  9. Without computers, we the tremendous medical advancement in the last few decades. A. would not make B. will not have made C. could not make D. couldn’t have made 答案 D。without 作“如果没有”解,表示一种与事实相反的假设,意思上相对于一个 if 引导 。 的虚拟条件句。根据题中可看出 without computer 是与过去事实相反的假设,因此主句应该 用:would(should,could,might)+动词的完成时。
  10. that Susan hadn’t dared to make a sound. A. So was he absorbed B. So absorbed he was C. So absorbed was he D. So he was absorbed 答案 C。so 为程度副词,置于句首时,句子一般倒装。当 so 作为程度副词置于句首时,它 。 所修饰的形容词或分词一般紧跟其后。 Part Two Reading Comprehension Directions: In this part there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers. Choose the one that you think is the best answer. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET by drawing with a pencil a short bar across the corresponding letter in the brackets. Questions 11?15 are based on the following passage: Some psychologists maintain that mental acts such as thinking are not performed in the brain alone, but that one’s muscles also participate. It may be said that we think with our muscles in somewhat the same way that we listen to music with our bodies. You surely are not surprised to be told that you usually listen to music not only with your ears but with your whole body. Few people can listen to music that is more or less familiar without moving their body or more specifically, some part of their body. Often when one listens to a symphonic concert on the radio, he is tempted to direct the orchestra even though he knows there is a competent conductor on the job. Strange as this behavior may be, there is a very good reason for it. One cannot derive all possible enjoyment from music unless he participates, so to speak, in its performance. The listener “feels” himself into the music with more or less noticeable motions of his body. The muscles of the body actually participate in the mental process of thinking in the same way, but this participation is less obvious because it is less noticeable.
  11. Some psychologists maintain that thinking is . A. not a mental process B. more of a physical process than a mental action C. a process that involves our entire bodies D. a process that involves the muscles as well as the brain 答案 D。本题考点在文章第一句中的 mental acts such as thinking are not performed in the brain 。 alone, but that one’s muscles also participate。原文中的 not…alone, but…相当于考题里的 as well as, 所以考生对意思相似相近的表达要清楚。
  12. Few people are able to listen to familiar music without . A. moving some part of their body B. stopping what they are doing to listen C. directing the orchestra playing it D. wishing that they could conduct music properly
答案 A。本题的依据句是第二段中的第二个句子 Few people can listen to music that is more or 。 less familiar without moving their body or more specifically, some part of their body.
  13. Body movements are necessary in order for the listener to . A. hear the music B. appreciate the music C. enjoy the music fully D. completely understand the music 答案 C。本题依据关键在第三段第二句中的 derive all possible enjoyment from music,这与试 。 题中的 enjoy the music fully 意思相当。
  14. According to the selection, muscle participation in the process of thinking is . A. deliberate B. obvious C. not readily apparent D. very pronounced 答案 C。本题的依据是短文中的最后一句,关键部分是 this participation is less obvious,这 。 与选项 C、 not readily apparent 意思相当。
  15. The best title for this selection is . A. An Ear for Music B. Music Appreciation C. How Muscles Participate in Mental Acts D. A Psychological Definition of the Thinking Process 短文先指出思维中可能有类似听音乐时肌肉参与的情形; 接着描述了听音乐过程中 答案 C。 肌肉参与的情况;最后指出,肌肉在思维活动中的参与只不过没那么明显罢了。可见,全文 主要讨论的是肌肉在思维活动中的参与,既不是专门讲思维,更不是专门说音乐。故 C 选 项做标题合适。 Questions 16?20 are based on the following passage: During the summer session there will be a revised schedule of services for the university community. Specific changes for intercampus bus services, summer hours for the cafeteria, the infirmary (校医院) and recreational and athletic facilities will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the cafeteria. Weekly movie and concert schedules which are in the process of being arranged will be posted each Wednesday outside of the cafeteria. Intercampus buses will leave the main hall every hour on the half hour and make all of the regular stops on their route around campus. The cafeteria will serve breakfast, lunch, and early dinner from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the week and from noon to 7 p.m. on weekends. The library will maintain regular hours during the week, but shorter hours on Saturdays and Sundays. The weekend hours are from noon to 7 p. m. All students who want to use the library borrowing services and recreational athletic, and entertainment facilities must have a valid summer identification card. This announcement will also appear in the next issue of the student newspaper.
  16. Which of the following is the main purpose of this announcement? A. To tell campus personnel of the new library services. B. To announce the new movies on campus this summer. C. To notify university people of important schedule changes. D. To remind the students to validate their identification cards. 答案 C。本文讲的是“暑期校区各项服务安排变更情况”,首句即主题句为 During the summer 。 session there will be a revised schedule of services for the university community.选项 C 符合题 意。
  17. Specific schedule revisions for which of the following facilities are listed in this
announcement? A. Athletic and recreational. B. Food and transportation. C. Bookstore and post office. D. Medical and audio-visual. 本题属于细节题。 要注意题干中的 Specific schedule revisions, 即“具体安排的修改”。 答案 B。 。 第二段首句和第二句分别详细描述了公交车的发车时间、 地点和食堂就餐时间, 文中没有提 到 A. Athletic and recreational, C. Bookstore and post office 和 D. Medical and audio-visual.的 具体情况。
  18. Times for movies and concerts are not listed in this announcement because . A. film or concert occurs every Wednesday at 7 p. m. B. the full list would be too long C. films and concerts cannot be announced publicly D. the full list is not ready yet 本题的依据是文章第一段第三句话。 关键部分是 Weekly movie and concert schedules 答案 D。 。 which are in the process of being arranged,即“每周电影和音乐会计划还在安排当中”,故 D 为合理选项。
  19. According to the announcement which of the following is true of special summer hours for the library? A. It has them only on the weekends. B. It has them both weekdays and weekends. C. It has no special summer hours. D. The information is not available. 根据题干中的 special summer hours for the library 可以缩小寻找答案的范围, 只寻找 答案 A。 。 与“图书馆”有关信息即可。答案依据在第二段的第三句,其中 but shorter hours on Saturdays and Sundays 是关键部分。 shorter hours 表示 special, but 与平时不同; Saturdays and Sundays 指的就是 weekends。因此 A 为正确选项。
  20. According to the announcement, a validated identification card is required to . A. ride on intercampus buses B. read announcements in the cafeteria C. make use of the infirmary D. check books out of’ the library 答案 D。本题答案依据是短文倒数第二句。句中提到“借书和娱乐健身”需要有效证明卡。注 。 意题干里的 validated 和原文中的 valid 意思相同,即“有效的”。 Questions 21?25 are based on the following passage: The economy in the United States is heavily dependent on aluminum, a material widely used in the construction of buildings and in making such diverse things as cars, airplanes, and food containers. In 1979 Americans used over five million tons of new aluminum, and one and a half million tons of recycled aluminum. Some ninety percent of the bauxite (矾土) ore from which new aluminum is normally derived had to be imported to meet the demand. Poorer ores are abundant in the United States, however, and researchers at Purdue University may recently have found a way to obtain aluminum magnetically from these. Although aluminum is not attracted by ordinary magnets, under special conditions it becomes temporarily “paramagnetic”, or very weakly responsive to a magnetic field. This is achieved by immersing ore particles in water to which certain salts have been added and then filtering the ore through steel wool in the presence of a strong magnetic field. It is hoped that this technique will
reduce the amount of high-grade aluminum the United States must import.
  21. The passage focuses on . A. construction and manufacturing industry in the United States B. new technique of obtaining aluminum from poor ores C. consumption and production of aluminum in the United States D. the annual import of high-grade aluminum into the United States 答案 C。本题考查的是对短文主旨大意的理解。首段说的是美国对铝的需求及其来源,第二 。 段讲述了一种新的提取铝的方法。故 C、 consumption and production of aluminum in the United States 最符合题意,A、B、D 虽然提到与短文有关的内容,但都不够全面。
  22. It is believed that a new technique to will probably be found. A. recycle old aluminum products B. discover more bauxite ores C. make aluminum by putting ore particles under water D. take out aluminum magnetically from poorer ores 答案 D。本题的依据是第一段最后一句,关键部分是 Poorer ores,have found a way to obtain 。 aluminum magnetically。
  23. In the second paragraph the word “paramagnetic” means . A. slightly magnetic B. a weak magnetic field C. a strong magnetic substance D. the under-water magnetic power 答案 A。这是个词汇题。解这种题需要先找到该词



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《别惹蚂蚁 a》听电影学英语-中英文字幕-mp3歌词lrc同步文件

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