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  1.If you my advice, you your failure now. You your victory. A took.. wouldn’t cry over… would celebrate cried over… would have celebrated celebrating D had taken… wouldn’t have cried over….would be celebrating
  2.It is fitting that he more people about the feasibility of the plan. A should consult B shall consult C will consult D consults B had taken…. Wouldn’t have
C had taken… aren’t crying over…. are

  3.If the plane (take off ) as scheduled yesterday, I (enjoy) the beautiful scenery in Paris now. A took off… am enjoying B had taken off … would be enjoying C would have taken off… would been enjoying D .has taken off… would enjoy
  4.I (not pass) the exam but for his help. A didn’t pass B wouldn’t pass C wouldn’t have passed D hadn’t passed

  5.I prefer that we (hold) the meeting tomorrow morning , instead of tomorrow afternoon. A will hold B shall hold C should hold D are going to hold
  6.You ( be fired ) but for the fact that it’s the first time that you (make) such a serious mistake. A would be fired.. made B would have been… made made D would be fired… have made
  7.I wish I (prepare) before I came here. If so, I (not fell ) so awkward now. A prepared.. wouldn’t feel B had prepared… wouldn’t be feeling C have prepared…. Will not feel D had pre pared … can’t be feeling C would have been… have

  8.I’d rather that you ( tell ) her the truth. Look at how upset she is now. A tell B told C had told D would tell

  9.Let us pray that he ( recover) soon. A would recover B should recover C recovers D will recover

  10.Should you do the same thing again, you immediately. A will be fired B shall be fired C would be fired D should be fired

  11.There is a real possibility that these animals could be frightened a sudden loud noise. A being there B should there be C there was D if there be

  12.A safety analysis the target as a potential danger. Unfortunately it was never done. A would identify B will identify
C would have identified D will have identified
  13.Had Paul received six more votes in the last election, he our chairman now. A must have been B would have been Cwere D would be
  14.My uncle always talks s though he a public meeting. A addresses B addressed C is addressing D were addressing
  15.It is time that we more houses to improve people’s housing conditions. A are to build B should build C built D will build

  16.Please write down your address here lest I it. A will forget B shall forget C should forget D forgot
  17.The manager would rather his daughter in the same office. Ahad not worked B not to work C doesn’t work D didn’t work

  18.The proposal put forward at the meeting is that the housing conditions of the teachers as quickly as possible. A will be improved B are improved 附:虚拟语气答案: 1D 2A 4B 4C 5C 6D 7B 8C 9B 10C 11B 12C 13D 14D 15C 16C 17A 18C C be improved D should improve
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  1. I’ve tried . But I couldn’t. Why don’t you try some sleeping pills?
  2.sleeping… to take B to sleep…. To take C sleeping …. Taking D to sleep…
  3.The new album next month is expected to bring him greater fame. A being released B will be released C to be released D re leased

  4.It’s cowardly you to nothing while the old man was bullied. A for… say B of …say C for… have said D of you … have said

  5.Rather than word by word, he practiced for the gist, which improved his reading speed. A read… to read B to read… to read D read… reading www .kaoyee .com
C reading … to read

  6.I’d like to help you. It’s only that I didn’t have the time. A being able to B to be able to C be able to D to have been able to

  7.If you have trouble the teacher, you’d better sit at the front row. A to listen to B to hear C listening D hearing

  8.I would rather out to look for a job instead of moping around here everyday. A to go B going C went D go

  9.He chanced the hostage without carrying any weapons but he failed. A to rescue B rescuing C to have rescued D having rescued

  10.I recall him somewhere. I’ll remember you if I run into him again. A to have seen… telling B seeing… to tell
C to have seen.. .to tell D seeing… telling
  11. There is no need more time trying to win him over. A wasting B to waste C you waste D your wasting

  12. I must have eaten something wrong. I feel like. I told you not to eat at a restaurant. You’d better at home.
A to throw up… to eat
B throwing up… eating
C to throw up.. eat D throwing up.. eat
  13. The heater doesn’t work. There is nothing . We have to light a fire to keep us warm. A done B to do C to be done D being done

  14. He didn’t expect into so much trouble though he did anticipate certain difficulty. A to have run… to have running …. to have
  15. Since there isn’t anything now, we might as well go out for a walk. A to be done B to do C to be doing D being done B to run … to have C running … having D

  16. That the case, we couldn’t following our usual schedule. A to be B being C is D was

  17. Everything assigned to us , we felt a great load taken off our mind. A has been finished C having been finished B had been finished D was finished

  18. All things , the plan isn’t so feasible. A taking into account C taken into account B are taken into account D be taken into account

  19. from space, our earth, with water 70% of its surface, appears as a “ blue planet”. A seeing… covering C seeing … covered 附:非谓语动词答案: 1D 2C 3D 4D 5 D 6D 7D 8B 9B 10A 11D 12C 13A 14B 15B 16C 17C 18D B seen… covered D seen…. Covering
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  1.Scientists have experimented for years in expectation discovering a cancer cure. A in B of C for D with

  2.They sought shelter the rain under a large overhanging rock. A off B of C for D from

  3.He worked very hard as he is determined to be a credit his parents. A for B to C of D with

  4.Some people show an indifference other people’s sufferings. A to B for C with D by

  5.University graduates have an advantage others in getting a job. A above B over C to D from

  6.She is always very particular the dresses she wears on different occasions. A with B to C about D of

  7.His bad reputation is attributable the many affairs he has with women. A to B for C of D in

  8.Vegetables and fruits sold in this supermarket are free chemicals. A of B from C about D in

  9.The father was deprived the eight to visit his son because of his bad records. A from B of C about D off
  10.People are inclined to be more emotionally attached their children when they become old. A with B to C on D for

  11.You should keep an eye the slightest changes in the patient while the doctor is away. A for B on C to D about

  12.All evidences point an incontrovertible conclusion that he is the very person who committed the crime.
A for
B against
C to
D in

  13. The man who was suspected murder was later charged such a criminal behavior. A with…. of
  14. A on B of… with C about…. with D with… for
He failed to bring home his son the importance of being honest. B for C to D about
附:介副词答案: 1B 2D 3B 4A 5B 6C 7A 8B 9B 10B 11B 12C 13B 14C
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  1. nobody in the office at this time of the day is something unusual. A There being B For there being C There is D For there to be

  2.She hates so much noise outside while she is working. A there being B there to be C there is D being there

  3.There is no point to persuade him?he simply won’t listen. A to try B trying C your trying D try

  4.He always dreams of a chance for him to bring into full play his potential. A there being B there to be C there is D being
附:there be 句型答案: 1A 2B 3B 4A
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一致句型 The number of residents who on this matter is quite small. A has been questioned C is questioned B have been questioned
D is questioning
Neither Russia nor the United States to convince the other that its social system is the better of the two.
A have been able
B are able
C has been able
D were able3 .There
a TV set, a portrait and several albums on the shelf. A are B is C being D have

  4.The minister, accompanied by some of his assistants, . A have already come B had already come C has already come D came

  5.It is he, rather than you, who responsible for what has happened. A is B are C has been D have been origin from-kaoyee .com

  6.Poor health, in addition to other unfavorable circumstances, his failure. A contributes B contribute C contributing D have contributed

  7.Many a college student to return to the easy days of high school. A wish B wishes C have wished D has wished
  8.Few of my friends that movie. A see B sees C have seen D has seen

  9.More than one hundred workers to be involved in the strike. A are said B is said C say D have said

  10.The editor and publisher of the magazine in a car accident. A was rumored to die B were rumored to have died D have been rumored to die
C has been rumored to die

  11.Neither the place nor the people there since after the war. A has changed B changed C have changed D have been changing

  12.We have already dialed 119, but the police yet. A didn’t arrive B hasn’t arrived C haven’t arrived D won’t arrive

  13.That is the only one of those books that me. A interest B interests C is interested D are interested

  14.Has Peter or Ann realized folly? A their B his C her D one’s

  15. one thousand dollars a huge sum of money?
A Are
B Is
C has…. been
D have…..been
附:一致练习答案:1B 2C 3B 4C 5A 6A 7B 8A 9A 10A11 C12 C 13A 14C 15B
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I hope that everything I have told you by the next lesson. A will not have been forgotten C not have been forgotten B will not be forgotten D is not to be forgotten
He used to help his neighbors without. A asking B being asked C to be asked D having been asked
The idea that learning is a lifelong process by philosophers and educationalists throughout the centuries. A have been expressed C has been expressed B was expressed D has expressed
I won’t sign the contract unless you to promote me. A are going to agree B will agree C agree D are to agree
Would you please inform me as soon as he the final decision? A will make B make C makes D has made
He a few friends ever since he to this new compound. A made…moved B made… has moved C has made… has moved
D has made…moved Don’t you know it’s the first time he this kind of meeting? A attends B attended C has attended D is attending
He is the most difficult person I in my life. A I have been dealing B I have dealt with C I dealt with D I deal with
In the past 50 years, there a great increase in the amount of research on the brain. A was…did B has been… to be done C was… doing D has been…done

  10.This is, by far, the only encouraging news we . A hear B heard C are hearing D have heard

  11.The house vacant for a year when the new tenant, brining with him several pets. A was… has arrived B has been… arrived
C has been…has arrived D had been….arrived
  12.By the time the semester to an end, we a lot about computer science. A will come…will learn C comes… will learn B will come … have learned D comes…will have learned

  13.No sooner his mouth than she to yell at him. A did he open…has started started B had he opened… started C had he opened… had
D he opened… had started

  14.He slipped out of the house before I what . A realized… has happened C realized… happened B had realized… happened
D had realized… has happened

  15.If traffic problems soon, driving in cities impossible. A won’t be solved…becomes B aren’t solved… will become D aren’t solved….. becomes
C won’t be solved… will become

  16.Isn’t it lovely to think that I myself on ht e sunny beach tomorrow at this tome. A will enjoy B am enjoying C will be enjoying D shall enjoy

  17.Ever since he his hometown, he from one place to another. A has left… has wandered B left… has wandered
C left … has been wandering D has left…. has been wandering
  18.Up until the time the war, nobody that HitlerPoland. A broke out… had known… would invade B has broken out… knew… invaded C broke out…. knew… had invaded
D has broken out… had known… had invade 附:时态与语态答案 1A 2B 3C4 C 5C 6D 7C 8B 9D 10D11 D12 D 13B 14A 15B 16C 17C 18A
13:32:11 考易网
I hope that everything I have told you by the next lesson. A will not have been forgotten C not have been forgotten B will not be forgotten D is not to be forgotten
He used to help his neighbors without. A asking B being asked C to be asked D having been asked
The idea that learning is a lifelong process by philosophers and educationalists throughout the centuries. A have been expressed C has been expressed B was expressed D has expressed
I won’t sign the contract unless you to promote me. A are going to agr



   2010 年中考英语语法题大攻略 虽然说在新课标的旗帜下要求"淡化语法",但没有人会否认语法在英语学习中的重 要性.那么在中考中,怎样才能做好语法题呢?除了掌握大纲要求的词汇之外,了解常考的 语法点也非常重要. 在对近年全国各地的中考试题进行综合分析之后, 笔者对常考的语法点 进行了一次大盘点. 名词 在中考试题中, 每年对名词的考查都占有相当大的比例. 名词的考点主要涉及词 义理解,复数形式的构成,不可数名词的容量表示法以及名词所有格等方面.下面节选的一 道宁波的中考题 ...


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   2010 年大学英语四级词汇表 abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 abnormal a.不正常的;变态的 aboard ad.在船(车)上;上船 abroad ad.(在)国外;到处 absence n.缺席,不在场;缺乏 absent a.不在场的;缺乏的 absolute a.绝对的;纯粹的 absolutely ad.完全地;绝对地 absorb vt.吸收;使专心 abstract a.抽象的 n.摘要 abundant a.丰富的;大量的 ...


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   2010 年 GCT 英语考试复习 2010-07-09 13:55 " 形容词及其用法 点击次数:684 来源:赛尔教育 http://www.zzyjs.com 形容词修饰名词,说明事物或人的性质或特征。其位置不一定都放在名词前面。 1) 直接说明事物的性质或特征的形容词是性质形容词,它有级的变化,可以用程度副词修饰,在句中可作定 语、表语和补语。例如:hot 热的。 2) 叙述形容词只能作表语,所以又称为表语形容词。这类形容词没有级的变化,也不可用程度副词修饰。大 多数以 a 开头的 ...


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牛津英语 7a unit3-4

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高三英语课件:Unit9 wb integrating skills

   WHO Word Health Organization Headquarters(总部) Headquarters(总部) 总部 in Geneva Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) She is remembered as a pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods. For most of her ninety years, Nightingale pushed f ...


   在职考研英语词汇复习要求 作为任何一门外语考试, 它不外乎检测一个外语学习者的词汇量、 语法基础、 阅读能力、 语言运用能力(听说写译)以及语言的纯正性(翻译写作的规范性、对西方社会文化习俗的了 解)。简言之,英语考试考查考生在英语的输入(阅读) 和输出 (写、译)方面的能力,即考生 的英语基础知识和基本运用语言的能力,而这一切都是以词汇为基础的。 因此, 对刚开始复习英语者来说, 词汇复习是基本功, 诚如解构主义的学习法所认为的, 词汇是英语学习的第一阶梯,没有这一级的坚实基础,语法、读、 ...


   七年级上册 Unit1-6 学案 一 基础知识巩固 词组 1.用英语读 read in English 2.拼写你的名字 spell your name 3.用…号码给某人打电话 call sb at … 4. 一串钥匙 a set of keys 5.你的全家福(2 种)a photo of your family/your family photo 6.为……而感谢你 thank you for doing sth. 7. 问问题 ask questions 8. 回答问题 answer ...