2010 年安庆市高三模拟考试(二模) 英语试题参考答案 参考答案
1-5 CABCA 6-10 BAACB 11-15 BCBBA 16-20 CCBAC 21-25 CCBAB 26-30 BCCDB 31-35 DCCBB 36-40 ACDAC 41-45 BDCBA 46-50 BCABD 51-55 BCDAB 56-59 DCBC 60-63 BBBD 64-67 ABAB 68-71 BDCD 72-75 ACDB
  85.rooted/involved One possible version Dear friends, I'm honored to make a speech about Internet shopping on behalf of my group. Internet shopping is a new way of shopping. It offers a number of benefits for the shoppers. The most important advantage is convenience. You can shop what you like as the on-line shops are open 24 hours a day. Secondly, it is easy to find what you are looking for on the Internet. Finally, it is often cheaper to buy goods through the Internet. However, there are disadvantages, too. The main disadvantage is that you can't actually see the product you are buying or check their quality. Also, some people are worried about the safety of paying for goods using credit cards. Besides, many people will miss enjoying the pleasure to go shopping with friends. That's all for my speech. Thanks for your attention. 录 音 材 料 Text1 W: How is your math class going, Tom? M: The more the teacher teaches, the less I understand. Text2 M: Jean, shall we go to the concert this evening? W: Great idea, if we can finish our homework first. Text3 W: Peter, what does this traffic sign mean? M: It means people are repairing something on the road, so drivers must be careful. Text4 W: I bought a recorder on sale. It was $
  50. M: Including tax? W: No, I paid another $2 for that. Text5 W: If I were you, I would give up the job in that company. M: It is hard for me to leave the company, though I don't get much money there. But thank you all the same for your advice. Text6 W: Hello, housekeeper speaking. M: Oh, hello. This is …Er, I'm phoning from Room 5
  04. W: What can I do for you?
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M: It's about some clothes I sent to be washed this morning. They are not back yet and you see…we're leaving tomorrow. W: They are, sir. You'll find them in your cupboard. They are in the top drawer on the left. M: Oh, I didn't look in the cupboard. Thank you very much. Sorry to have troubled you. Text7 M: Hi, get up. It's time to do morning exercise. W: But Daddy, I'm too tired. I want to have a good rest. M: It's important to rest, but it's also important to do exercise. You mustn't be too lazy. W: Oh, Daddy! Mum doesn't do any exercise, either. I'm not the sporty type. M: The doctor told her that she had to rest because of the problems she has with her heart. W: But what about Peter? You never ask him to do such things! M: He's too busy. After all, he has to work long hours and he can't finish earlier. It is impossible for him to do exercise. W: I know. You and mummy prefer boys to girls. You're always asking me to do exercise. M: Come on, darling. Doing exercise will do you good. Text8 M: Hello, is that Dr. Brown's office? W: Yes, it is. Can I help you? M: Yes, I'd like to speak to Dr. Brown, please. W: Sorry. He has gone to the supermarket. May I ask who is calling? M: This is Jim White. W: Oh, yes, Mr. White. Dr. Brown said he would wait for you this afternoon. M: Good. What time can I come? W: At three o'clock. M: Ok, I will have my bad teeth pulled then. Does it hurt? W: Not really. And it can be done in just a few seconds. M: OK. Thanks. Text9 M: You don't look too happy, Lucy. What's the problem? W: I have been looking for a job for over a year, but I haven't got one yet. M: I know how bad you feel. But if you don't keep on looking, you'll never get a job. W: If I had taken our father's advice, I wouldn't have had so much trouble. M: But you didn't want to be a farmer as he, I remember. W: Yes, I thought I was going to find a good job in the city. M: Well, there are so many people out of work nowadays. It is not easy to find a job. W: Besides, it is too crowded, too dirty, and too noisy here in the city. M: Well, are you thinking of going back to the farm? W: If I can't find a job tomorrow, I will return to our father's farm in the countryside. M: Good luck! W: Thank you. Text10 It is known to the world that in 2001, the twin towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by some people. However, four new building will rise again on the site soon, bigger and better than before. Famous Polish architect, Daniel, and American architect, David, were chosen by the public in 2003 to lead the project. The project started in April and should be completed by 2008 and ready to be used by 20
  11. A museum on the ground floor will be built to remember those who died on September 11, 20
  01. On it a new tower called the Freedom Tower will be built. It will be 1776 feet high, referring to the year in which the US won independence from Britain. Three other buildings will be built on the site, but they will not be as tall as the Freedom Tower. Some American business people will pay for the rebuilding costs. They want to fill the hole in the heart of the city with interesting buildings, which they think will help people to recover from the terrible event.
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