二、名词 (一)真题解析 名词的考试重点是:名词的含义;名词和动词的搭配;名词的所有格。
  1. 名词的含义 例一 It is a good idea for parents to monitor the as well as the kind of television that their children watch. (06,11; No.
  33) A. number B. size C. amount D. screen 例二 I’m afraid that there isn’t for you in my car. (06,11; No.
  34) A.place B. seat C. corner D. room 例三 The old people often raise for the sake of companionship. A. pets B. pipes C. pills D. pies 例四 Don’t leave matches or cigarettes on the table within the of little children. B. reach C. space D. distance (06,11;No
  39) A. hand 例五 The idea sounds very good but will it work in ? (04, 11; No.
  20) A. practice B. place C. advance D. company 例六 Yesterday Mr. Smith gave a vivid of his recent visit to China. (04, 11; No.
  39) D. account A. dialogue B. idea C. tale 例七 It is important to remember the saying that is better than cure. (04, 4; No.
  24) A. prevention B. promotion C. permission D. proportion 例八 He took the medicine, but it didn’t have any . (03, 11; No.
  23) A.answer B.cause C. effect D. work 例九 There was nobody when we came round the corner. (03, 11; No.
  23) A. out of sight B.at sight C. by sight D. in sight 例十 Since you won’t take advice, there is no in asking for it. (03,11; No.
  43) A.place B.point C. reason D. way 例十一 The of the play is so great that many people want to see it. (01, 6; No.
  21) A. attention B.attraction C. attempt D. attack 例十二 He has been teaching for two years, but being a teacher is not his . (01,6; No.
  25) A. chance B. character C. attitude D. choice
  2. 名词和动词、介词的搭配 例一 E-mail writing has become the usual means of communication people some distance away. (06,11; No.
  34) A. for B. on C. to D. with 例二 Have you any that you were not there at 9 o’clock last night? (06, 4; No.
  41) A. statement B. cause C. words D. proof 例三 Since there isn’t much time left, you can just tell us about it . (06, 4; No.
  25) A. in detail B. in short C. in all D. in brief 例四 Your sister has made an for you to see the dentist at 3 this afternoon.(02; 4No.
  24) A. appointment B. interview C. opportunity D. assignment 例五 The committee is expected to a decision this evening. (02; 4; No.
  25) A. reach B. arrive C. bring D.take (习惯搭配:come to a decision; arrive at a decision; reach a decision)
  2. 名词的所有格 例一 Sorry, I don’t know he is a friend of . (01; No.
  56) A. your brother B.your brothers D. your brother’s C.your brother’s friend
* a(an) + 名词 + of + 名词性所有格,如:a friend of mine; a friend of ours; a friend of my mother’s 例二 Don’t you know he is an old friend of ? (1999 年 60 题) A. my brother B. my brothers C. my brother’s D. my brother’s friend (二)模拟训练和答案 C
  1. Rainfall is the main of water supply in that area. A. kind B. sort C. source D. resource A
  2. I shall give you the book you return it no later than tomorrow. A. on condition that B. in condition that C. with condition that D. in any condition D
  3. David’s over deafness, blindness and muteness(哑,聋,不能说话) was a miracle. A. triumph B.trumpet C. success D. victory A
  4. What are the that distinguish the Chinese from the Japanese? A. characteristics B. differences C. features D. contradictions D
  5. Students should develop a good towards the test. A. view B. opinion C.idea D.attitude C
  6. The of their success in the new year are good. A. perspective B. property C. prospects D. future A
  7. The serious along the border increased our fears of war. A. incident B. accident C. case D. event B
  8. The dam was built along the river floods. A. in any case B. in case of C. in no case D.in case D
  9. His was to graduate from medical school and become a great surgeon. A. mistake B. destination C. intelligence D. purpose C
  10. If you read this book, you will have a better of the cause of trouble. A. understanding B. learning C. knowledge D. explanation C
  11. People are contributing to the industrial and agricultural in China. A. structure B. instruction C. construction D. direction A
  12. his being out of town, the meeting will be postponed until next Friday. A. In the event of B. With respect to C. In correspondence with D. In the case C
  13. The city suffered the worst US air since 19
  79. A. event B.disease C. disaster D. damage A
  14. We did a marketing study for yellow telephone boxes and found the too strong. A.resistance B.contraditction C. assistance D. evolution A
  15. He read the carefully before assembling the instrument. A. instructions B.directions C. notices D. advertisements B
  16. The noise has to be broken down into its parts for analysis. A. element B. component C. opponent D. region D
  17. They were asking for guarantees of full and wages. A. triumph B. career C. occupation D. employment D
  18. One of the of belonging to the club is that you can use its tennis courts on weekends. A. implications B.advantages C. profits D. privileges B
  19. In New York, average in one place is less than four years. A. inhabitant B.residence C. accommodation D. quarters
  20. The fastest speed these animals can run at is about 65kph and their hunting methods have to be very efficient indeed. A. in addition B.in consequence C. in advance D. in short B
  21. The size of the furniture should be the size of the room. A. in regard to B.in proportion to C.in honour of D. in consistent with B
  22. What key influenced the energy situation in 1979? A. incidents B.events C. accidents D. affairs D
  23. We were not prepared for the violence of his towards Sandy. A. impression B.response C. relation D. reaction A
  24. Final grades should be plenty of good evidence. A. based on B.basis on C. adjusted to D. on foundation of A
  25. The Reagan was planning a new war on drugs. A. administration B.construction C. management D. institution A
  26. Picasso painted a red circle as a of the Revolution. A. symbol B.behalf C. formula D. figure B
  27. We secured the contract in the face of from several foreign firms. A. comparison B.competition C. corporation D. contradiction C
  28. The teacher wrote his in the margin of the composition. A.critic B.commands C. comments D. commission C
  29. his laziness, he was fired. A. In relation to B. In accordance with C. In consequence of D. In step with A
  30. I have no to take notes in hopes of future use. A. leisure B. spare C. laundry D. league 三 形容词和副词 (一)真题解析 出题重点在于:常见形容词、副词的含义及用法;与介词、名词的搭配;及特殊短语。
  1. 常见形容词、副词的含义 例一 When climbing the hill, John was knocked unconscious by an rolling stone.(07,4;
  47) C. unexpected D. unbelievable A. untouched B.unfamiliar 例二 As Christmas was coming, the town began a cleaning on a large scale.(06,11; No.
  31) A. through B.thorough C. though D. thought 例三 The river here is very wide but , so you can walk across it.(06, 11; No.
  37) A. narrow Barrow C. shallow(浅的) D. hollow 例四 The children looked up as the plane passed . (06, 4; No.
  42) A. overall B.overhead C. outward D. forward 例五 Many people found it harder to appreciate music than pop music.(06, 4; No.
  44) A. simple B.light C. ancient D. classical 例六 The workers are busy models for the exhibition. (04, 11; No.
  38) A. to make B.with making C. being making D.making 例七 The definition leaves for disagreement. (04, 11; No.
  40) A.a small room B.much room C. great deal room D. not so big a room 例八 Over ten people died and twenty people were wounded in the train crash. (04, 4;
A. horribly B.wrongly C. bitterly D. seriously 例九 Today books are to everyone because they are no longer expensive. (03, 11; No.
  16) A. available B.preferable C. reliable D. actual 例十 This is a very situation and we don’t know how to face it yet (01, 6; No.
  26) A. comprehensive B.compound C. complicated D. competent 例十一 One car went too fast and missed hitting another car. (1998, 6; No.
  35) C. narrowly D. little A.completely B.greatly
  2. 常见形容词、副词和介词的搭配 例一 She is very to ring me tonight. I can sense it. (07, 4; No.
  28) A.liable(有可能受。。) 。 B. possible C. likely D. likeable(可爱的) 例二 He got a job so that he could be independent his parents. (04, 11; No.
  21) A. on B.in C. of D. from 例三 All the arrangements should be completed prior our departure. (04, 4; No.
  29) A. in B.to C. by D. before 例四 They have developed techniques which are to those used in most factories.(03; 11;
  45) D. superior A. more B.better C. greater
  3. 形容词、副词和名词在一起时的位置 例 My next neighbor John seems to have opinion on the show last night. (2000; No.
  60) A. rather the strong B.rather strong C. a rather strong D. the rather strong
  4. such … that 和 so … that 的用法 例一 So is the weather in England that by lunchtime there could be thunder and lightening. A. various B.varies C. variable D. variation (04, 4; No.
  28) 例二 They are students that they all performed well in the nationwide examinations. (02; 43 A. so diligent B. such diligent C. so much diligent D. such very diligent



   二、名词 (一)真题解析 名词的考试重点是:名词的含义;名词和动词的搭配;名词的所有格。 1. 名词的含义 例一 It is a good idea for parents to monitor the as well as the kind of television that their children watch. (06,11; No.33) A. number B. size C. amount D. screen 例二 I’m afraid that there isn’t f ...


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   06 成人高等学校招生考试专升本英语模拟试题 I. Phonetics (5 points ) Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A, C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify B, the one that is different ...


   art.一(个);任何 一 (个) 每一(个) ; a.m. (缩)上午,午前 ability n.能力; 能耐, 本 领;专门技能, 天资 able 出色 a.有能力的; 的 aboard prep.在船(飞机、 车)上;上船(飞 机、车) about prep.关于; 对于; 在…周围;大约; 附近 above prep.在…之上, 高于 ad.在上面, 以上 abroad ad.国外,海外; 传开 absent a.缺席,不在;心 不在焉的 absolute a.绝对的, 完全的 ab ...


   art.一(个);任何一(个) ;每一(个) a.m. (缩)上午,午前 ability n.能力;能耐,本领;专门技能,天资 able a.有能力的;出色的 aboard prep.在船(飞机、车)上;上船(飞机、车) about prep.关于;对于;在…周围;大约;附近 above prep.在…之上,高于 ad.在上面,以上 abroad ad.国外,海外;传开 absent a.缺席,不在;心不在焉的 absolute a.绝对的,完全的 absorb v.吸收;吸引…的注意,使全 ...


   成人高考专升本英语模拟试卷 一、语音知识(共 5 小题;每题 1.5 分,共 7.5 分。) 在下列每组单词中,有一个单词的划线部分与其他单词的划线部分的读音不 同。找出这个词。 1. A. piece B. cheek C. dealt D. receive 2. A. glove B. stone C. globe D. spoke 3. A. flew B. knew C. threw D. grew 4. A. hotel B. hopeless C. holiday D. hone ...


   at at a loss 困惑不解,茫然不知所措 at all (用于否定句)丝毫(不),一点(不) at all costs 不惜任何代价,无论如何 at all events 不管怎样,无论如何 at any rate 无论如何,至少 at best 充其量,至多 at ease 舒适(地),安逸(地) at first 最初,起初 at hand 近在手边,在附近 at large 详尽的,普遍的;未被获取的 at last 终于,最后 at least 至少 at most 至多,不 ...


   成人高考专升本英语语法复习资料 第一部分: 第一部分:语气的定义和种类 1 语气(mood) :语气是动词的一种形式,表示说话人对某一行为或事情的看法和态度。 2 语气的种类 ⑴、陈述语气:表示动作或状态是现实的、确定的或符合事实的,用于陈述句、疑问句和某些感叹句。如: ①There are two sides to every question.每个问题都有两个方面。 ②Were you busy all day yesterday?昨天一整天你都很忙吗? ③How good a teac ...


   全天 24 小时服务咨询电话 010-82335555 免费热线 4008135555 小时服务咨询电话 0104008135555 2010 年成人高考专升本英语考试大纲 图) 年成人高考专升本英语考试大纲(图 全天 24 小时服务咨询电话 010-82335555 免费热线 4008135555 小时服务咨询电话 0104008135555 全天 24 小时服务咨询电话 010-82335555 免费热线 4008135555 小时服务咨询电话 0104008135555 全天 24 小 ...


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   wq2010学年度新目标英语 wq2010-2011 学年度新目标英语 8 年级上册 2010 学月考试卷(2010 年 11 月) 单项选择( 一. 单项选择(每小题 1 分,共 20 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. -The apple is too big. -You can first. B. cut them up B. How C. cut up them C. Why D. cut up it D. Who D. How far A. cut it up A. W ...


   多视角的英语词汇记忆法 江南大学外语系 龚晓斌* 摘 要:词汇记忆一直是英语学习过程中的“瓶颈”,因此如何有效地记忆词汇成为教学双方所关注的问题。词汇记忆是一个复杂的过程,单一的记忆方法使得学习者事倍功半。本文提出了观察记忆法、联想记忆法、头韵记忆法等11种视角不一的词汇记忆方法,旨在帮助学习者更轻松、更有效地记忆英语单词。 关键词:词汇 记忆 策略 视角 一、导言 中国人学习英语会碰到不少困难,其中“最大的困难就是单词记不住,前记后忘”(岳德宇,1998:VII)。的确如此,英语不是我 ...


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仁爱版英语教学案例九上Unit3 Topic3

   Unit 3 Topic 3 Section A The main activities are 1a and 3. 本课活动是 1a 和 3。 Ⅰ. Teaching aims and demands 教学目标 1. Learn some useful words and expressions: dare, sleepy, at times, feel like doing, grammar, copy, diary, keep a diary I think I should work ...


   英语学习方法经验总结 学习任何外语,都需要有持之以恒的精神,除此以外,适合自己的方法也很 重要,自己总结了一点经验,希望能对你起到帮助。 1. 单词。 单词的重要性,体现在英语的方方面面,词汇量不足,会让你听说读写都受 到限制,所以这一关我们必须攻克。那么,我们需要多少词汇量呢?大学英 语四级的词汇要求是 4000,大学六级要求 5500,英语专业的学生,专业四 级的大纲要求是 8000,而专业八级要求是 13000。GRE 考试则要求 20000 以上。对比一下英国美国,受过普通教育的一般 ...