2010 年度春季培训九年级英语第一讲 年度春季培训九年级英语第一讲 9B Unit 3 Asia
Welcome to the unit 一、翻译词组
  1. 最好做某事
  2. 继续到终点
  3. 休息一下
  4. 把某人叫醒
  5. 在某人回来的路上
  6. 一个亚洲国家
  7. 名胜
  8. 中国结
  9. 中国剪纸
  10. 舞龙 二、单项选择 carelessly in class.
  1. We’d better A. listen to the teacher B. to listen to the tape C. not listen to the teacher D. listening to the teacher
  2. Where is the Summer Palace? It’s in . A. Gansu B. Xi’an C. Beijing D. Lanzhou
  3. , we met Jim. A. On the way school B. On the way back school C. On the way to school D. On the way back to here
  4. Why not before 6:00 o’clock so that we have enough time to get there. A. wake up him B. to wake him up C. get up D. to get up
  5. There’s on the ground. It’s . A. too much snow, too much cold B. too much snow, much too cold C. much too snow, much too cold D. much too snow, much too cold Reading 【当堂巩固】 一、选择填空 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. I hurried A. although A. consists of )
  3. He A. used to live )
  4. It is A. a great fun A. until 二、词组翻译。
  1. 欢迎来北京 )
  2. The Swimming Club B. makes up of B. is used to live to cycle around Guilin. B. a fun B. after C. great fun you work hard. C. unless
  2. 中国的首都
I wouldn’t be late for class. B. so that C. as twenty members. C. contains D. includes D. used to living D. a great funny D. when D. than
in Shanghai for five years. C. is used to living
  5. You can’t catch up with others

  3. 迷路
  4. 在北京的中心
  5. 过去住在那
  6. 被吸引
  7. 这些家具美丽的设计
  8. 皇帝过去使用的衣服和家具
  9. 充满
  10. 为了,以便
  12. 著名的中国式园林
  11. 看国旗的升起
  13. 自然风景
  14. 主要包含山和人工湖
  15. 整个地区
  16. 用石头和砖块建成
  17. 在古代
  18. 国家的北部边境
  19. 世界八大奇迹之一
  20. 经历它的美丽和伟大
  21. 一步步
  22. 位于漓江两岸
  24. 亲眼看见某物
  23. 以不同的形态存在 三、完成句子
  1. 你必须更加努力地学习,以便能赶上你的同学。
  2. 现在它作为一个博物馆对公众开放。 It’s now
  3. 你不能想象出他们是多么的神奇除非你亲眼所见。 You can’t The Great northern 的。 You will that the Vocabulary 一、单词拼写
  1. Our journey by camel was quite an amazing .(经历)
  2. Many soldiers are guarding the . (边境)
  3. The valley in the southern part of India.(位于)
  4. Cut out the pumpkin into different . (形状)
  5. There are many strange things in the world.(地下的)
  6. Twenty-four lived in the Forbidden City. (皇帝)
  7. My sister is better at clothes than I am. (设计)
  8. What has the government done to water and air pollution. (阻止)
  9. Please pass me a pair of . (筷子)
. . Wall . so that the you see them

  4. 长城是在古代用石头和砖块制成,这样可以保护国家的北部边境。

  5. 你会被这些建筑、服装和家具的美丽的设计吸引,这些东西都是过去皇帝们使用过

  10. Tokyo is Japan’s city. (首都)
  11. You will by its beautiful designs. (吸引)
  12. You can experience its and greatness through climbing it step by step.(美)
  13. Please write a guide to an country for the American exchange students.(亚 洲)
  14. The Forbidden City was a palace for two d .
  15. The Great Wall protects the northern of our country. (a line dividing two countries)
  16. When you are in Guilin, you can ride around the city . (safe)
  17. The Summer Palace is a famous Chinese-style garden (build) in a (nature) landscape. (north) China while Guilin is in the (south) of
  18. Beijing is in China.
  19. Have you ever walked in a d ? Yes, it’s terrible. You can see only sand everywhere.
  20. There is a beautiful w between Canada and America. is between China and Japan.
  21. The Pacific O
  22. Please cut a path through the j , then you can go t the woods from here. 三、阅读理解 Singapore’s public transport system(交通系统) is one of the best in the world, so you should have no problem finding your way around like a local (当地人). There are three main forms of public transport that you would find in any other major city trains, buses and taxis. TRAINS Trains run from 6:00 am to midnight. Single trip tickets start at 80 cents. If you buy an EZ-Link card for $15, you can ride the trains and buses as you like. If you need more information, just call Transit Link on 1800 767 43
  33. BUSES There are several bus services in Singapore and fares start at 80cents. Be sure always ask the driver the cost of your ticket as he can not give change. If you need help, just call Transit Link on 1800 767 43
  33. TAXIS There are three main taxi companies ?City Cab (6552 22
  22), Comfort (6552 11
  11) and Tibs (6552 88
  88). Booking can also be easily by calling the numbers listed above. RENTAL CARS Driving in Singapore is a pleasure and if you like to travel at your own pace, renting a car is a good choice. Renting takes away the hassle of getting to places around Singapore. Just sit back and enjoy the city. It also means you’ll get to see a lot more that a train or a bus won’t let you see. For car rental, call Avis on + 65 6737 16
  1. By an EZ-Link card, you can take . A. both buses and trains B. only trains C. both buses and taxis D. only rental cars
  2. When you take a bus there, always remember to . A. take your own license with you B. ask the driver how much your ticket is C. buy the bus map of Singapore D. book your ticket ahead of time
  3. What does the word “hassle” mean in Chinese? A. 麻烦 B. 乐趣 C. 景点 D. 费用

  4. What do you know about traveling in Singapore from the passage? A. A local has no trouble finding his way around B. It’s much cheaper to go around by bus than by train. C. You can see a lot more in Singapore only by renting a car. D. It’s very convenient(方便的) for visitors to travel in Singapore. Grammar although, unless 与 so that
  1. although 是从属连词,意思是“尽管,虽然”,可用于句首或句中。Although 的意思 和 but 相近,但在同一个句子中 although 和 but 不同时出现。 Although there’s still a lone way to go, we’d better continue to the end. Although the Forbidden City is almost 600 years old ,it is still very beautiful.
  2. unless 意思是“如果不,除非”。引导条件状语从句。用来引出例外情况,它相当于“if not ”。unless 引导的条件状语从句常用一般现在时表示将来。 例 1:除非邀请你否则别进来。Don't come in unless you are invited to. 例 2:除非他来,我们不可能去。Unless he comes, we won't be able to go.
  3. so that 引导目的状语从句时, 表示“以便; 为了”, 从句中常使用 can /could /may /might /will /would /should 等情态动词或助动词; 例
  1:为了使皇帝能看到美丽的湖水,颐和园里建了一个人工湖。 A man-made lake was built in the Summer Palace so that the emperors could see the beautiful water 例
  2:他们准备在北京多待一周,以便游览更多的名胜。 They are going to stay in Beijing for one more week so that they can see more sights 注意:so+形容词或副词+that ...引导结果状语从句。
  1)so+形容词或副词+that ...引导的肯定的结果状语从句,意思是“如此......以至 于......”。 例如: 当球迷们看到贝克汉姆的时候,他们如此激动以至于大喊大叫。 When the football fans saw Beckham, they got so excited that they cried out.
  2) so+形容词或副词+that ...引导的否定的结果状语从句, 意思是“如此......以至于不 能......”。 例如: 他太小了不能自己穿衣。 He is so young that he can’t dress himself. 【当堂巩固】 一、翻译词组
  1. 下大雪
  2. 感到汗流浃背
  3. 车站上很拥挤
  4. 把某人叫醒
  5. 正确地看地图
  6. 生病
  7. 建议不要带伞
  8. 匆忙 __
  9. 没有必要早起
  10. 对北京的风景感兴趣 二、单项选择

  1. all the problems, they enjoyed the food very much. A. Although B. Because C. While D. Since
  2. You can’t catch up with others you work hard. A. until B. after C. unless D. when
  3. I have a raincoat an umbrella. That’s why I have to wait until the rain stops. A. neither; nor B. either; or C. not only; but also D. both; and
  4. I suggest children to the park this coming Sunday. A. to take B. taking C. taken D. take
  5. , please never forget your home town. A. Where you go B. Where to go C. Wherever you go D. Wherever you will go
  6. The police are searching the whole city they can find the murder. A. in order to B. so as to C. so that D. unless 三、翻译句子
  1. 除非天气预报说明天下雨,否则我们去远足。 .
  2. 老师建议我们外出时不要带很多钱。 .
  3. 他租了一辆自行车以便更好地欣赏扬州的美景。 .
  4. 尽管大雨倾泻不止,运动员们仍坚持训练。 . 四、缺词填空 In 1620, about half the USA was c1 with forests. Today the forests h__2 almost gone. A l3 of good land has gone with them, leaving only sand. China doesn't want to copy the USA's e __
  4.We're p__5 more and more trees. We've built the ‘Great Green Wall’ of trees across northern p__6 of our country. The Great Green Wall is 7,000 k7 long, and between 400 and 1,700 kilometres wide. It will stop the wind f8 blowing the earth away. It will stop the sand from m__9 towards the rich farmland in the south. More "Great Green Walls" are needed. Trees must be g__10 all over the world. Great Green Walls will make the world better. Integrated skills and Pronunciation 一、词组翻译。
  1. 去日本的一次旅行
  2. 在第二天
  3. 去度假
  4. 带某人参加北京
离开日本去其他国家 由于…而闻名 日本最高的山 更多的了解东京

  5. 天气预告
  10. 学习日本文化
  11. 美国交流学生
  12. 用尽可能多的信息
  13. 一路爬到山上
  14. 计划呆在那儿三天
  15. 再呆在北京一周
  16. 去观光
  17. 去滑雪
  18. 带他们去自然博物馆
  19. 他们将参观的第二个国家 Study skills 根据汉语意思,用适当的过渡词填空。 I think life on Mars is much better than that on Earth, especially with my robot Tim. (首先), I can have Tim do all the housework, (如), doing the laundry, cleaning dishes, making the bed, etc. (结果), I will have more free time. ( 第二点), Tim can help me a lot with my study. (当) I study at home, I can have Tim take notes for me. It can ( 也 )help me with my homework. (还有), it will correct the mistakes in my homework. (然而), if it catches a virus, it causes trouble. (为了) make it work normally, I have to check it once a week. Main task 一、词组翻译。
  1. 去韩国的一次旅行
  6. 主题公园
  2. 首都城市
  7. 懂中文
  3. 旅行的方式
  8. 数百家商店
  4. 吸引游客的地方
  9. 肯定会找到你想要的东西
  5. 最美丽的宫殿
  10. 去滑雪 二、翻译下列句子。
  1. 在韩国人们主要说韩国语,但是他们当中一些人可能懂汉语和英语。 In South Korea people , but some of them .
  2. 那儿使用的货币是韩元。 The is the South Korea Won.
  3. 在北京银行兑换钱币很容易。 It’s easy in Beijing.
  4. 奥运会公园是 1988 年首尔奥运会举行的地方。 Olympic Park is .
  5. 韩国也是一个购物的好去处。在明洞购物区有数百家商店。 South Korea is also . There are in Myeongdong Shopping District.
  6. 你和你的学生们肯定会找到你们想要的东西。 You and your students will there.
  7. 虽然交通总是很繁忙,然而有足够的公共交通服务以便人们可以容易地到达任何地
方。 always busy, there are enough people can go anywhere easily.
  8. 我希望人们能够步行或骑车而不是开车,除非是确实需要。 I wish people instead of it is really necessary. Checkout 一、选择填空 ( )
  1. It is very difficult to talk. There is noise. A. much too B. too many C. too much D. too far ( )
  2. There are museums in Guilin. A. too few B. too much C .too little D. a



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