2010 年高二英语基础知识复习 Unit 1 Living Well
  1. The theatre has very good access for the (残疾人).
  2. We test your (视力)before giving you a driving license.
  3. I couldn’t have done it without your (鼓舞).
  4. Tom is an old lady of great (尊贵的).
  5. Tom is studying (政治)at university.
  6. One of her a is to become a doctor.
  7. She went on holiday alone?she’s very i.
  8. She took a year’s leave of a from her job.
  9. The tale of Two Cities is one of the great works of English l
  10. He g from high school and went to college last year.
  15. The newly-built cinema is convenient for the d to get in. D is one of the musical instrument, which is his favourite. Last night, all the students saw a great m with my famous actors in in the stadium. Doing morning exercises surely has some b effects on our health. The book has been written so that the students can understand it easily. In other words, it is a for the students. To my surprise, he was not out of b after running so long. During his a, another teacher took his place. Though he was made fun of, he was not a. You’d better learn to be i, for you cannot depend on your parents all your life. He has been living abroad since he r from his job. Without your a, I couldn’t have succeeded. We all c our classmate on his becoming one of the Olympic torch holders. I like bright colours, red in p. On Sundays, he usually goes to the bookstore with some c. With the development of modern agriculture and i, our life has been greatly improved. set up out of breath as well as have difficulty in
◆词组活用 in other words
  1. I was after running for the bus.
  2. He was kind sensible.
  3. They got married and house together.
  4. Your performance in the exam did not reach the required standard, , you failed.
  5. He understanding him as he spoke too fast. ◆句型转换
  1. All the students in his class went to school except Tommy this morning. Tommy was from school this morning.
  2. Considering everything, we had a good time. , we had a good time.
  3. Luck helped to cause his success.
Luck his success.
  4. The room is so large that it can hold one hundred people. The room is large hold one hundred people.
  5. Not only his friends but also William was invited. William, well his friends, invited. ◆巩固练习 一. 根据所给提示,用本单元所学的词完成句子。
  1. As he has no opportunity to achieve his a, he intends (resign) from the company.
  2. When something can help people or improve their lives, we say it is (有益的) to people.
  3. I’m afraid it’ll be very hard for you (adapt) this story for children.
  4. You’d better not get (annoy) at his ignorance.
  5. Finland gained (independent) from Russia during the First World War.
  6. The manager c his business carefully.
  7. I’m interested in the classical (文学) of France.
  8. We must give (assist) to the elderly.
  9. A (伙伴) is a friend that you spend a lot of time with, or someone you are traveling with.
  10. I offer you my hearty (congratulate)
  11. Being afraid of losing d, he doesn’t dare to take on any challenging task.
  12. He received a lot of (鼓励) from his teacher. 二. 写出所给词的相应形式。
  1. stupid (同义词)
  3. handkerchief (复数)
  5. disabled (名词)
  7. harmful (反义词) 三. 短语翻译。
  1. 换句话说
  3. 取笑
  5. 特别 ◆第一单元 检测题 第一节: 第一节:单项填空
  21. I don’t know who invented telephone, it’s really most useful invention. A. the; a A. it A. judge A. there was B. the; the B. this B. tell B. there is C. a; a C. that C. divide C. there being D. 不填;不填 D. which D. separate D. there have
  22. She heard a scream, brought her heart into his mouth.
  23. It seems difficult to “hurt” from “injure” in meaning.
  24. I have never dreamed of such a good hotel in this town.
  25. Which one will I choose? Well, you can take of them; I’ll keep none.
  2. 总而言之
  4. 一切顺利
  6. 在于
  2. absent (名词)
  4. access (形容词)
  6. former (反义词)

  7. 祝贺某人某事
  8. 上气不接下气
A. both
B. all
C. any
D. either

  26. She remained for a while after the movie ended, which made others . A. sitting; puzzling C. seated; puzzled A. available B. valuable B. sitted; puzzled D. seated; puzzling C. imaginable D. comfortable

  27. Sometimes, the entrance tickets are free of charge from the university.
  28. How about this one? Well… it is too expensive and the color doesn’t suit me. A. somewhat A. As soon as it. A. whether A. to A. concerned Sunday? A. is leaving; is taking off C. is leaving; takes off A. set up . A. It’s very kind of you to say so. C. You are so kind. 第二节: 第二节:完形填空 I’ve loved my mother’s desk since I was just tall enough to see above the top of it as mother sat doing letters. Standing by her chair, looking at the ink bottle, pen, and white paper, I decided that the act of 36 must be the most 37 thing in the world. Years later, during her final illness, mother 38 different things for my sister and brother. “But the 39”, she said, “is for Elizabeth”. I never saw her angry, and never saw her cry. I knew she 40 me, she showed it in action. But 41 a young girl, I wanted heart-to-heart talks 42 mother and daughter. They never happened. And a gulf(深渊) opened between us. I was “too emotional”. 43 she lived “on the surface”. As years passed and I graduated from college, I loved my mother and I wrote to her in 44 words and asked her to let me know in any way she chose that she did 45 me. I posted the letter and waited for her answer. 46 came. My hope turned to 47, then little interest, finally, peace it seemed that nothing happened. I couldn’t be sure that the 48 had even got to Mother. I only knew that I had written it, and I could 49 trying to make her into someone she was not. B. Thanks, I will. D. Thanks, what a good idea. B. set off B. leaves; takes off D. leaves; is taking off C. set about D. set aside B. why B. through B. concerning C. that C. in C. including D. what D. with D. included
  31. As we have already known, dolphins use sound to communicate each other.
  32. All cases children are dealt with in a special children’s court.
  33. Miss. Black Beijing in a few days. Do you know when the earliest plane on B. however B. As long as C. somehow C. Even if D. anyway D. As if
  29. you keep on practicing English, I’m sure you will be able to speak it fluently.
  30. Though I have no idea the new film is about, I know it is popular with all who have seen

  34. Let’s our personal feelings for now, and get to our business.
  35. Goodbye, Peter, remember me to your parents.
Now the 50 of her desk told me, as she’d 51 been able to, that she was 52 that writing was my chosen work. I 53 the desk carefully and found some papers 54 a photo of my father and a one-page letter, folded and refolded many times. “Give me an answer”, my letter asks, “in any way you chose”. Mother, you always chose the 55 that speaks louder than words.
  36. A. speaking
  37. A. wonderful
  38. A. bought
  39. A. pen
  40. A. loved
  41. A. like
  42. A. with
  43. A. So
  44. A. careful
  45. A. ignore
  46. A. No one
  47. A. surprise
  48. A. ides
  49. A. stand
  50. A. present
  51. A. always
  52. A. sorry
  53. A. moved
  54. A. inside
  55. A. gesture B. writing B. tiring B. gave B. paper B. disliked B. as B. among B. And B. active B. accept B. None B. joy B. information B. stop B. appearance B. ever B. encouraged B. cleaned B. outside B. method C. looking C. funny C. designed C. chair C. appreciated C. be C. beside C. But C. thankful C. forgive C. Something C. disappointment C. news C. continue C. shape C. never C. regretful C. fixed C. below C. action D. listening D. productive D. kept D. desk D. sympathized D. unlike D. between D. Or D. serious D. dislike D. Neither D. happiness D. letter D. practice D. sight D. often D. pleased D. emptied D. above D. way
第三部分: 第三部分:阅读理解 A Balzac was good at buying things at its lowest price. One day he wanted to buy a vase in a shop window that was much more expensive than he could offer. Not being able to make the shopkeeper cut down its price very much, he left without further talking. Collecting a half dozen of his friends, he explained his wish to them and they worked a plan. The first would enter the shop and make an offer, lower than the marked price. Not getting the vase at his price, he would walk out. Shortly after another would enter and ask for a price lower than the first. In this way, each of the others would offer a price lower than the one before, and the last of his friends made a great effort to attempt to get it at the lowest price. Before long Balzac himself would return, offer more than the last two or three persons made and trust to luck. The plan worked Balzac got the vase at his price!
  56. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. A vase in the window was placed much higher than Balzac could reach. B. At first the price of the vase was much higher than Balzac could offer. C. Balzac always wanted to buy a vase that was much more expensive than he could pay D. Balzac was very poor. He couldn’t buy the vase at a high price.
  57. How many friends did Balzac gather? A. Six B. Twelve C. Ten D. Five

Who asked for the lowest price? A. The first one. C. The last of his friends. B. The second one. D. Balzac. C. Selfish B D. Clever

What kind of person does the writer try to tell us about Balzac and his friends? A. Unkind B. Dishonest
How does a place become a World Heritage Site ( 世界遗产 ) ? It takes a lot of people to decide.
  1) If a country wants one of its places to be on the World Heritage List, it has to ask UNESCO ( 联 合国教科文组织 ) . The place must be important and special. UNESCO put the Great Wall on the list in 1987 because, it said, it was a great part of Chinese culture and beautifully made to go with the land. When a country asks, it must also make a plan for taking care of the place. 2 ) The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO talks about different places and decides whether to put them on the list. The committee meets every June. Many experts help the committee to decide.
  3) After a new place goes on the list, UNESCO gives money to help keep it looking good. If a place is in serious danger, it may be put on the list of World Heritage Sites in Danger. UNESCO gives special care and help to those places.
  60. Countries have to give UNESCO regular reports about places on the list. If UNESCO thinks a The passage implies that . A. becoming a world heritage site takes hard work. B. a place with beautiful scenery is often on the World Heritage List. C. a place which was taken good care of is often on the World Heritage List. D. the Great Wall become a World Heritage Site for its history.
  61. If a place successfully becomes a World Heritage Site, the country . A. can ask UNESCO for more money and help B. should continue to take special care of it C. won’t take trouble of caring for it D. will try to put it on the List of World Heritage Sites in Danger
  62. The passage mainly discusses . A. how the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO decides a World Heritage Site B. how the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO protects a World Heritage Site C. how the Great Wall becomes a World Heritage Site D. how a place becomes s World Heritage Site
  63. The purpose of putting a place on the World Heritage List is . A. to attract more tourists from other countries B. to get more money and help from other countries C. to have it taken better care of D. to make it known to other countries C Classified Ads(广告) (广告) For direct classified service, call 800-0667 10 a.m.?4 p.m., MondayFriday. For Rent Best on Campus country isn’t taking good enough care of a place, the site will be taken off the list.
Excellent Room for girls, begins Jan. , 2, 4, or 8 months lease. Single, $ 1
  05. $1
  25. Double, $ 1
  40. Call 800-19
  32. Family Home, 3 bedrooms, large yard. $ 2
  75. Call 800-43
  00. For Sale Sheepskin Coat, men’s size 42, 1year old. $
  85. After 6 p.m. call 800-52
  24. Moving: Must sell. Color TV 21, $ 150; transistor radio, $ 15; recorder, $


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