generations, it is the duty of every individual and people to take an active part in environmental protection. [2] We have often heard that there are dangerous levels of air pollution in major cities of the world all the way from Los Angeles to Seoul. Yet little has been done to solve this problem worldwide. Researchers are telling us that it will certainly cost money to clean up overcrowded cities, but if we do not, there will be a greater price to pay the price of shortening our own life expectancy. [3] As a result of continued pollution, we can expect higher expenses in health care in the future, not to mention the extra costs of cleaning up our water, and protecting our food supply.
30 天学不会英语 无效退款
Scientists are trying to inform us that in the long run, we will save money and our natural resources by now. [4] It seems to me that it is really a matter of having a very long term vision so that the activities of societies take into account any damages to the environment. In particular, it is for those economists in governments to take the costs of harm ing the environment into consideration . Once we do that, it will be clearer to everyone that it will pay to change the way we currently go about functioning in society. [5] Thanks to technologies, esp. clean technologies, a lot less pollution could be pro duced. It is just a matter of cost. And it will be very important that the industrialized world do not just export old, useless, and dirty technolo gies to the developing countries.
  76. What's the main idea of the first paragraph? (Please answer within 10 words)
  77. Which sentence(s) in this passage could be replaced by the following one? "Perhaps people should care much more for the future and pay attention to any possible harm people do to the environment. "
  78. Fill in the blank in the third paragraph with proper words to complete the sentence. (Please answer within 10 words)
  79. What's your opinion about what the writer wants to tell us in this passage? (Please answer within 30 words)
  80. Translate the underlined sentence in the last paragraph into Chinese. 答案:
  76. Environmental protection/Protect environment
  77. It seems to me that it is really a matter of having a very long term vision so that the activities
30 天学不会英语 无效退款
of societies take into account any damages to the environment.
  78. reducing pollution/ protecting the environment
  79. Everybody should work together to protect our environment, not the part of one's own country but also the whole world.
  80. 而对于工业发达的国家来说,有一点显得非常重要,那就是不能向发展中国家仅仅输出 一些陈旧的,无用的而且是高污染的技术.
6 (山东省滕州市育英学校 2010 届高三 10 月月考) [1] The need for love is deeply rooted in the human psyche. Love is a way of overcoming the feeling of human separateness. Separateness, according to psychologists, means to be cut off, helpless and alone in the world. It is the source of all anxiety. [2]. It can be selfish and possessive, or unselfish and giving. Abraham Maslow distinguishes between two kinds of love: B-love and D-love. B-love or' beinglove' means love for another person: ~ unselfish love not dependent upon your own needs. D-love or ' deficiency-love' is a selfish possessive love which is based upon someone else's ability to satisfy your needs. [3] D-love is conditional: it depends upon whether personal needs continue to be met…. But B-love is unconditional: it depends not upon what you do, but upon who you are. Furthermore, as it depends upon who you are, it is possible only when you allow yourself to be known to the other person. [4] The psychologist Erich Fromm also distinguishes between two types of love, namely, immature love, called by him symbiotic union 共生体 ), and mature love. Symbiotic union is an immature love based upon the satisfaction of needs and is similar to Maslow' s concept of D-love. [5] Mature love, on the other hand, is a relationship that allows individuals to retain (保持) their independence, their identity, and their integrity. In mature love people can overcome their sense of separateness yet continue to be themselves. The immature lover would say, ' I love you because I need you.' the mature one: ' I need you because I love you.'
  76. Which sentence in the passage is the closest in meaning to the following one? All worries and fears result from it.
30 天学不会英语 无效退款

  77. Fill in the blank in the Paragraph 2 with a proper sentence. ( within 7 words)
  78. Which do you prefer, D-love or B-love? ( within 30 words )

  79. What would be a proper title for the passage? ( within 5 words)
  80. Translate the underlined sentence in the third paragraph into Chinese. 答案
  76. It is the source of all anxiety.
  77. There are different (two) kinds (types) of love. / Love falls into different (two) categories.
  78. 略.
  79. Different Types of Love / Two Types of Love / Theories of Love / Love / About Love
  80. 而 B 型爱 ( B - love )是无条件的,它不取决于你的地位,而取决于你的品质.
7 (山东省聊城一中 2010 届高三年级模块测试 ) 阅读下面的短文,并根据文后面的要求答题.(请注意问题后的字数要求) JAY Chou, S.H.E.and Happy Boys? They are some of the singers who keep your music world busy . But Peking Opera? Is it only the favorite pastime of your grandfather? Now, you have the chance to get to know the real beauty of this traditional art.This term, a Peking Opera project is starting in 200 schools in 10 provinces and municipalities (直辖市).It will involve 15 works of Peking Opera, both classic and modern. So how much do you know about this 200-year-old art? Peking Opera combines instrumental music, singing, dancing, acting and acrobatics ( 杂 技 ). of Chinese cultural elements, Peking Full Opera presents to the audience an encyclopedia (百科全书) of Chinese culture with unfolding stories, beautiful paintings, wonderful costumes and graceful gestures.
30 天学不会英语 无效退款
The art form has created many "firsts" in Chinese dramas: the abundance of repertoires (曲 目), the number of artists and opera troupes and audience.So it is called the national opera of China. There are five main roles in Peking Opera: sheng, dan, jing, mo and chou . Sheng is the leading male actor.Dan is the female roles .Jing refers to male roles with colored face paintings who represent warriors (战士), heroes;statesmen, adventurers and demons (魔鬼). is a Mo minor male role.Chou is a male comic character with a white patch on the nose.They play roles of wit and humor.It is these characters that keep the audience laughing to ease tension in some serious plays .
  71.What is the best title of the passage? (Please answer within 10 words.)

  72.Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? Is it only the thing that your grandfather likes best to kill time?

  73.Please fill in the blank with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence (Please answer within 10 words.)

  74.What's your opinion about the Peking Opera project started in schools? (Please answer within 30 words.)

  75.Translate the underlined sentence into Chinese.
  71.Chinese Traditional Art??Peking Opera (评分要求:依据与文章整体内容的相关程度酌情给分)
30 天学不会英语 无效退款

  72.Is it only the favorite pastime of your grandfather? (评分要求:要求准确找出以上句子) do you feel about/find /like or what do you think of (评分要求:要求给出的答案能保持上下文的连贯性,而且与参考答案意思相近)
  74.I couldn't agree more.Because Peking Opera has created many "firsts" in Chinese dramas.As a Chinese, we should know the real beauty of this traditional art.(possible answer) (评分要求:内容合情合理且语言正确即得分)
8 (山东省育才中学 2010 届高三 9 月月考) Confidence: you've either got it or you haven't, right? Wrong. Most people learn confidence as they go through life. Even if you are shaking like a leaf on the inside, you'll make a lasting impression if you can come across as confident. Here are some confidence-building tips. Fake(假装 ) it! If you can pretend that you feel confident when you don't and keep on doing so, your fake confidence will soon turn into real confidence. It only takes a few repetitions of an activity for it to become a habit?so get in the habit of .
Think it. For an instant encouragement to yourself-esteem (自尊心 ), recall three things that give you positive emotions. It could be a great compliment somebody paid you, a special time when you felt happy and popular, or when you really excelled (胜过别人) at something. Bringing them to mind will help you to feel good instantly?and when you feel good, you have greater confidence. Focus it. Difficult situations, such as interviews or new jobs, can make you feel shy. If you're feeling anxious about yourself, stop thinking about yourself and focus on something else. It could be that you focus on something normal, like the view out of the window, or that you pay more attention to the task at hand?getting the job! Either way, you'll feel less awkward. Talk it. If you keep telling yourself that you're not good at something, you'll start to believe it. Next time you blame yourself, ask yourself whether you'd talk to your friends like that. So quit being negative and start recognizing and appreciating the things you are good at.
30 天学不会英语 无效退款
Walk it. Great posture can signal great confidence. Walk with a purposeful stride, walk with your back straight and with your head held up high!
  76.What is the best title of the passage? (within 8 words)
77 .Please fill in the blank in the 3rd paragraph with proper words to complete the sentence. (within 6 words.)

  78.Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? Stop finding fault with yourself and try to think more about your advantages.

  79.Which of the tips given in the passage will work best with you? Why? (within 30 words.)

  80.Please translate the underlined sentence in the third paragraph into Chinese.
  76.(How to)Build Your Confidence / How to Be Confident / Tips on Confidence-Building (confidence 和 confident 为中心词,学生所写答案有此词即可得 1 分)
  77. faking confidence / pretending self-esteem / pretending to be confident
  78. So quit being negative and start recognizing and appreciating the things you are good at.
  79. One possible version: I find the "Walk it " method is more helpful to me. I've ever tried it for some times and it does work. (答案合理即可; 此题为两个问题,一个问题 1 分)
  80. 即使你内心像树叶一样摇摆不定,那么如果你表面上显得很自信,你仍然会给人留下永 久的印象.
9 (山东省郓城一中 2010 届高三第一次诊断检测)
30 天学不会英语 无效退款
阅读下面的短文,并根据短文后的要求答题(请注意问题后的字数要求). Jiuzhaigou is a very beautiful place. It is in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Region in Sichuan Province. Jiuzhaigou is a valley. It is more than 40 kilometers long. The green and golden trees, the lofty and multi-shaped mountains and the clear and colorful waters form the unique beauty of Jiuzhaogou. The water of Jiuzhaigou is the soul of the beauty. There are more than 100 lakes of different shapes in the valley. These lakes have wonderful colors. They are called "haizi ", which means son of the sea. It is these beautiful lakes that make Jiuzhaigou a fantastic place. Between the forests and the lakes, there are nine Tibetan villages. The name Jiuzhaigou means Nine Village Valley. Jiuzhaigou was discovered because of a panda rescue program. The pandas were once endangered because the bamboo there was blooming. When people came to rescue the pandas, they were surprised by the beauty of Jiuzhaigou. After that, Jiuzhaigou became a protected scenic area. In China, there is a saying which goes like this: No mountain is worth seeing after you have seen Mount Huang and no other body of water will attract you after you have visited Jiuzhaigou. The beauty of Jiuzhaigou cannot be d



   2010 年各地高考英语听力真题全国 1 卷 第一部分,听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 回答听力部分时,请先将答案标在试卷上,听力部分结束前,你将有两分钟 的时间将你的答案转涂到客观答题卡上。 第一节(共 5 小题:每小题 1.5 分,满分 7.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话。 每段对话后有一个小题, 从题中所给的 ABC 三个选 项中选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。挺完美段对话后,你有 10 秒钟的 时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。 例:How much is the ...


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   全国卷 2 假如你是李华,你的美国笔友 Peter 曾表示希望来中国教书,你校现需招聘外教,请给 他写封信,告知招聘信息。内容主要包括: 1、教授课程:英语口语、英语写作、今日美国、今日英国等。 2、授课对象:高中生(至少三年英语基础) 3、工作量: 每周 12 学时,任选三门课 担任学生英语俱乐部或英语校报顾问(advisor) 北京卷 假设你是红星中学高二(1)班的学生李华,利用上周末的时间帮助祖父母安排了去北戴 河的旅行。 请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序, 写一篇英文周记, 叙述你从准备到 ...


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   届高三二轮复习各地模拟题书面表达汇编( 2010 届高三二轮复习各地模拟题书面表达汇编(15 篇) 1 (湖南省师大附中 2010 届高三上学期第二次月考) 几天前,你班召开了高三年级学生的家长会.会后,英语老师要求学生用英语写一篇短文谈 谈关于同学们对家长会的看法. 要点如下: 1. 家长会的目的:相互沟通,提高学习成绩. 2. 大部分同学赞同并陈述他们的理由.(至少写两点) 3. 少部分同学不赞同并陈述他们的理由. 4. 你的观点及理由. 要求:1. 可适当增加细节. Parents' ...


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   长风万里送秋雁,对此可以酣高楼。 长风万里送秋雁,对此可以酣高楼。 蓬莱文章建安骨,中间小谢又清发。 蓬莱文章建安骨,中间小谢又清发。 俱怀逸兴壮思飞,欲上青天览明月。 俱怀逸兴壮思飞,欲上青天览明月。 抽刀断水水更流,举杯消愁愁更愁。 抽刀断水水更流,举杯消愁愁更愁。 人生在世不称意,明朝散发弄扁舟。 人生在世不称意,明朝散发弄扁舟。 摘要:本文从学生的兴趣出发,在字母、单词、句型等英语教学中,运用童话故事的奇妙的 想象、神奇的道具和动人的故事情节,介绍了几种有趣的教学活动,从而充分调动了 ...


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