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Unit 1 Great women and their achievements
一、语言要点 I 单元要点预览 单元要点预览(旨在让同学整体了解本单元要点) 词语 辨析
  1. campaign / war / battle
  1. connect vt.连接;联系; 接通电话 vi.连接,衔接
  2. argue vt.&vi.讨论;辩论
  3. crowd n. 人群,群众; v. 聚集;挤满;挤,推
  4. inspire vt. 鼓舞;激发; 启示
  5. considerate adj.体贴的, 体谅的
  6. deliver vt.递送(邮件), 接 生;生(小孩);发表(演说)
  2.worth / worthy / worthwhile connection n.联系,关 系;连接 argument n.[c]争论; 争 辩; crowded adj.充(拥)满 了的,拥挤的 inspiration n. 鼓舞; 灵 感 consideration n.考虑, 要考虑的事;体贴 delivery n.[c,u]投递; 演讲 inspired adj.受灵感启示 的 inspiring adj.鼓舞人 心的 considerable adj.相当大 (或多)的 deliverer 递送者
  3. argue / debate
词形 变化
词 汇 部 分
重点 单词

  1. achievement n.[C]成就,功绩
  2. behave vt.&vi. 举动;(举止或行为)表现
  3. observe vt. 观察;观测;遵守
  4. respect vt.&n. 尊敬;尊重;重视
  5. argue vt.&vi. 讨论;辩论;争论
  6. support vt.&n. 支持;拥护;支撑;赡养;给予帮助? 同情等的人
  7. intend vt. 计划;打算
  8. deliver vt. 接生(小孩),递送,发表(演说)
  1. look down upon / on 蔑视;瞧不起
  2. refer to 谈到;查阅;参考;查询;提及;指……而言
  3. come across (偶然) 遇见;碰见
  4. carry on 继续;坚持
  5. live/lead a... life 过着……的生活
  1. Watching a family of chimps wake up is our first activity of the day.
  2. Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project.
  3. She also worked hard to make as many countries as possible agree not to use them. 主谓一致(见语法部分)
重点 词组
II 词语辨析 (旨在提供完形填空所需材料)
  1. campaign / war / battle
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【解释】 war “战争”的总称,一般包括多个战役的大规模战争。 battle “战斗”,指有组织的武装部队之间的战斗,有持续几小时的,也有持续几天的。 campaign“战役”, 指在某一地区所进行的一连串有固定目的的军事行动, 规模比 battle 大; 还用来表“政治或商业性的活动、竞选活动”campaign for/against 从事运动 【练习】根据句子的意思在括号里填入适当的词。
  1). They won the but lost the .
  2). The city hall is planning to start a against smoking. Keys:
  1). battle; war
  2). campaign
  2. worth / worthy / worthwhile 【解释】 worth 只能作表语, 其后接钱数、 名词或及物动词的动名词的主动一般形式: be worth doing worthy 可作表语, 后接 of+名词/of+动名词的被动形式/不定式的被动形式: be worthy of + n. / of being done / to be done 也作定语,“值得……的”,“有价值的”:a worthy winner 名副其实的赢家 worthwhile 可作表语和定语: a worthwhile job 值得做的工作 it is worthwhile to do/doing 【练习】根据句子的意思在括号里填入适当的词。
  1). The necklace was 100 francs at most.
  2). It’ s to discuss the question again.
  3). You would find it your while to come to the meeting.
  4). Can’ t you find something doing at all? The book is (很 值得读) a second time.
  5). This place of interest is worthy / / (参观). Keys:
  1). worth
  2). worthwhile
  3). worth
  4). worth; well worth reading
  5). of a visit / of being visited / to be visited
  3. argue / debate 【解释】 argue 指某人坚持自己的主张,举出事实和理由说服某人或反对其他方面的意见。 debate 指辩论者长在自己的立场公开争论一个问题。 【练习】根据句子的意思在括号里填入适当的词。
  1). We with her how to go there.
  2). They the case for hours.
  3). They the question openly.
  4). Last week, our class had a over whether middle school students should carry cell phones at school. Keys:
  1). argued; about
  2). argued
  3). debated
  4). debate III 词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料)
  1. connect vt.连接;联系; 接通电话 vi.连接,衔接
  2. argue vt.&vi.讨论;辩论
  3. crowd n. 人群,群众; v. 聚集;挤满;挤,推 connection n.联系,关 系;连接 argument n.[c]争论;争辩; crowded adj.充(拥)满了的,拥 挤的 inspired adj.受灵感启示的

  4. inspire vt. 鼓舞;激发; inspiration n. 鼓舞;灵感
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  5. considerate adj.体贴的, 体谅的
  6. deliver vt.递送(邮件), 接 生; 生(小孩); 发表(演说) consideration n.考虑, 要考虑的 事;体贴 delivery n.[c,u]投递;演讲 inspiring adj.鼓舞人心的 considerable adj.相当大(或多) 的 deliverer 递送者
  1). It was (consideration) of you not to play the piano while I was asleep.
  2). The good news (inspire) us with hope.
  3). The children had an (argue) about what game to play.
  4). Please pay on (deliver).
  5). Taking everything into (consider), the event was a great success.
  6). The narrow roads were (crowd) with holiday traffic.
  7). What is the (connect) between the two ideas? Keys:
  1). considerate
  2). inspired
  3). argument
  4). delivery
  5). consideration
  6). crowded
  7). connection IV 重点词汇 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料)
  1. behave vt.&vi. 举动;(举止或行为)表现 behavio(u)r n. 行为;举止;习惯 [典例]
  1). Behave yourself; don’ t make a fool of yourself. 注意你的举止, 别闹出笑话来。
  2). How is your new car behaving? 你的新车性能如何? [重点用法] behave oneself 使某人自己举止规矩 behaviour towards/to... 对……的态度/行 为 [练习] 根据句子的要求在括号里填入适当的词或翻译。
  1). It’ s hard to train children to (举止得体) at the table.
  2). She is always (举止得体) at school.
  3). Their (behave) (介词) me shows that they do not like me. Keys:
  1). behave well
  2). well behaved
  3). behaviour towards
  2. achievement n.[c]成就,功绩 achieve vt. 取得,完成 [典例]
  1). He received the Nobel Prize for his scientific achievements. 他因科学上取得的成就而获得 诺贝尔奖。
  2). Flying across the Atlantic for the first time was a great achievement. 首次飞越大西洋是一个 伟大的功绩。 [重点用法] achieve an aim / goal 达到目标 achieve success 获得成功 [练习] 根据句子的意思在括号里填入适当的词。
  1). Without the support of the people we can .
  2). I have achieved only half of I hope to do. (介词) such a complete victory.
  3). Congratulations to you Keys:
  1). achieve nothing
  2). what
  3). on; achieving
  3. observe vt. 观察;观测;遵守 observation n.[u] 观察;观测;监视
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  1). The police observed the man entering/enter the bank. 警方监视着那男子进入银行的情况。
  2). The woman was observed to follow him closely. 有人看到那女子紧跟着他。 [重点用法] observe sb. do sth. 观察某人做某事(已做完) observe sb. doing sth. 观察某人正在做某 事 under observation 被监视 [练习] 用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空或翻译。
  1). They were observed (enter) the bank then.
  2). Keynes (观察到) humans fall into two classes. Keys:
  1). entering
  2). observed that
  4. respect vt.&n. 尊敬;尊重;重视 [典例]
  1). If you don’ t respect yourself, how can you expect others to respect you? 自己不自重, 又怎 能受到别人尊重呢?
  2). I have the greatest respect for you. 我非常尊敬您。 [重点用法] respect sb. for sth. 因某事而尊敬某人 have / show respect for sb./sth. 尊敬 某人/事 gain/get/earn/win the respect of sb. 赢得某人的尊敬 out of respect 出于尊敬 [练习] 根据句子的要求在括号里填入适当的词或翻译。
  1). The new officer soon (赢得) the respect of his men.
  2). I you (因某事而尊敬) your honesty.
  3). I have great respect (介词) his ideas, although I don’ t agree with them. Keys:
  1). won/earned
  2). respect; for
  3). for
  5. argue vt.&vi. 讨论;辩论;争论 argument n.[c]争论;争辩;争吵 [典例]
  1). Don’ t argue with your mother. 不要和母亲争辩。
  2). I argued that we needed a larger office. 我据理力争我们需要大些的办公室。 [重点用法] argue for (sb./sth.)为(某人/某事)而辩护 argue against (sb./sth.) 反对某人 /某事)而辩护 argue with sb. ( about/over sth.) 与某人(为某事)而争吵 argue that... 主张…… argue sb. into/out of doing sth. 通过争论使某人做/不做某事 have an argument about/over sth. 辩论某事 [练习] 根据句子的要求在括号里填入适当的介词或翻译。
  1). We (说服她加入) us.
  2). We argued the waiter the price the meal. Keys:
  1). argued her into joining
  2). with; about; of
  6. support vt.&n. 支持;拥护;支撑;赡养;给予帮助? 同情等的人 [典例]
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  1). Is this bridge strong enough to support heavy lorries? 这座桥禁得住重型卡车通行吗?
  2). He was weak with hunger, so I had to support him. 他饿得没有力气, 我得搀着他。 [重点用法] support sb./ a family 支持某人/ 赡养家庭 support sb. in (doing) sth. 在(做)某事方 面支持某人 support sb. by (doing) sth. 通过做某事支持某人 in support of sb/sth 支持或支援某人/事物 support oneself 自力更生 give support to sb. 支持、支援某人 [练习] 根据句子的要求在括号里填入适当的词或翻译。
  1). Will you support me (介词) my campaign for election?
  2). Jim was a great support (介词) them when their father died.
  3). 我求学期间由父母供养。 Keys:
  1). in
  2). to
  3). I was supported by my parents when I was studying.
  7. intend vt. 计划;打算 intention n. 意图,意向,目的 [典例]
  1). I hear they intend to marry/intend marrying. 听说他们要结婚了。
  2). I intend you to take over. 我打算让你来接管。 [重点用法] intend to do/doing sth. = mean to do sth. 打算做某 sth. be intended for (某物)是为而准 备的 intend sb. to do sth. 打算让某人做某事 intend sth. as/to be 打 算 让 某 物 作……用 intend that... 打算…… [练习] 根据句子的要求在括号里填入适当的词或翻译。
  1). This book is (是为初学者写的).
  2). Was that remark intended (介词) a joke?
  3). I didn’ t intend her (see) the painting until it was finished. Keys:
  1). intended for
  2). as
  3). to see
  8. deliver vt.接生(小孩),递送,发表(演说) delivery n. 投递 deliverer 递送者,交货人 [典例]
  1). The baby was delivered in a clinic. 孩子是在一个医疗站接生的。
  2). Comrade Yang delivered the opening speech. 杨同志致开幕词。 [重点用法] deliver a baby 接生小孩;生小孩 delivere sth. to ...... 把某物送到…… express delivery 快递 on delivery 送达时,货到时 [练习] 根据句子的要求在括号里填入适当的词。
  1). Some new books have (deliver) (介词) the schoo
  2). The actor his speech (介词) a soft voice. Keys:
  1). been delivered; to
  2). delivered/gave; in V 重点词组 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料)
  1. look down upon/on 蔑视;瞧不起 [典例]
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  1). She looks down on people who've never been to university. 她瞧不起没上过大学的人。
  2). You can’ t look down upon a person because he is poor. 你不能因为某个人穷而瞧不起他。 [重点用法] look 短语: look on sb./ sth. as = consider sb./ sth. as 把某人看作 look on 袖手旁观 look into sth. 调查或观察某事物 look up 查阅(单词、资料);向上看 look (sb.) up and down 上下打量(某人) look out for sb/sth 警惕或留心某人/ 物 [练习] 根据句子的意思在括号里填入适当的词或翻译。
  1). He was (被人看不起) because of his humble background.
  2). He is (被认为是) the leading authority on the subject.
  3). If you want to know how a word is used, it in a dictionary. Keys:
  1). looked down on
  2). looked on as
  3). look; up
  2. refer to 谈到;查阅;参考;查询;提及;指……而言 [典例]
  1). We agreed never to refer to the matter again. 我们同意不再谈这件事了。
  2). She thought I was referri



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   外语下载中心 http://down.tingroom.com 透析中考英语语法名词考点 【名词命题趋势与预测】 名词命题趋势与预测】 1、 根据近几年全国各地中考试题对名词部分考查的分析可知,今后对名词部分的考查重点 为: 2、 名词的可数与不可数性。 3、 名词单复数在特定情况下的使用。 4、 名词的普通格与所有格作定语的选用。 5、 物质名词、抽象名词具体化。 名词词义的区别与固定搭配。 考点诠释】 【考点诠释】 名词的各种分类。 一、名词的各种分类。单、复数的用法及单数名词变复数名词 ...



   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com] 网络课堂电子教材系列 高一写作真题 高一英语写作真题讲义 主讲: 主讲:姚振华 欢迎使用新东方在线电子教材 自我介绍 fred-fried 课程介绍: 课程介绍:全部选用各个省市、中学高一英语期中、期末考试试题,真题难度和 高一英语程度相符,具有测试效度;试卷来自全国各地,题目形式、要求各不相 同,差异有助于了解总体趋势;高一英语写作试题主要形式有单词填空、句子翻 译、短文改错、书面表达。一共接触 10 套试卷的写作题目,书面表达题约有 11 ...


   李阳疯狂英语 1000 句(上) 1. I see. 我明白了。 2. I quit! 我不干了! 3. Let go! 放手! 4. Me too. 我也是。 5. My god! 天哪! 6. No way! 不行! 7. Come on. 来吧(赶快) 8. Hold on. 等一等。 9. I agree。 我同意。 10. Not bad. 还不错。 11. Not yet. 还没。 12. See you. 再见。 13. Shut up! 闭嘴! 14. So long. 再见 ...


   请您在观看以下幻灯片时,点击“F5”或点击“观看放映”幻灯片,即可 便捷使用超级点读课本。 ...


   教育类 素质教育 education for all-round development 应试教育 the examination-oriented education 义务教育 compulsory education 片面追求升学率 place undue emphasis on the proportion of students' entering schools of a higher level 高分低能 good scores but low qualities 扩招 expan ...


   高等教育自学考试网上辅导 高等教育自学考试网上辅导 》 《英语(一) 英语( Text A How to be a successful language learner New words successful a. 成功的 adult n. 成年人 a. 成年的,成熟的 disagree statement guarantee vi. 有分歧,不同意;2.不一致,不符 n. 声明,陈述 n./vt. 保证,担保,保修 intelligent a. 聪明的,明智的 conversely a ...