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高考英语语法教材???第一部分 高考英语语法综合训练

  1. ??OK.. A. I'll need it
  3. B . I'll take it
??This green coat looks nice on you and it is only 200 Yuan. C. It's much too expensive. D. I'd like to sell it. D. with; see; out
He left any of his friends him . A. with; seeing; off B. without; seeing; off C. without; see; / is the students to find out the meaning and the usage of new words. A. What a dictionary does; help C. How a dictionary does; help B. What dictionary does; to help D. All that a dictionary does; helps

The landowners in India would not vote to lose their land and wealth, it resulted a fairer society. A. even if; in B. even though; of B. /; a C. /; the C. as if; in D. the; / D. whether; of

Towards evening, heavy rain began to fall. A. the; a ??Do you have more to get in the market? ??No, only some bread and butter. A. something B. everything B. are to go C. nothing C. is to go D. anything D. is about to go.

The teacher as well as her students to visit the Moter Company tomorrow. A. go The building is . A. twenty-metre-high C. twenty-metres-high B. twenty metre high D. twenty metres high B. costs, spend B. with, either C. costs, cost C. in, both D. pays, cost D. at, none ?? . C. Here it is D. Here he is

The book three Yuan, but it only me two Yuan. A. spends, take A. in, either

  10. They are the same size. You can take half of the bread.
  11. ??Hello. May I speak to Mr. Wang, please? A. Hold the line. please A. no matter what A. much less A. hang up A. get on A. to live B. Wait for a minute
  12. You can choose book you like among these. B. whatever B. much little B. to hung up B. get along B. for living C. whose C. many less C. to be hung up D. whichever D. much more than D. to be hanged up D. get down D. living
  13. This kind of paper was as soft and light as silk but expensive.
  14. It had rained for several days. The clothes had near the fire to dry.
  15. The line is engaged. I can't now. C. get through C. from living
  16. We should prevent pollution happily.
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高考英语语法教材???第一部分 高考英语语法综合训练
  17. As we all know, knowledge comes from practice. A. the; the A. while B. a; a B. when C. the ;× C. as C. heard D. ×; × D. for D. learned from
  18. Sports build the body reading builds the mind.
  19. The mother her son's success in the newspaper. A. learned about B. learned "." A. I don’t' A. take part in A. same…as B. I won't B. attend B. the same …like C. I can't C. go all out C. such …as B. In 1990 D. Only until the end of the year B. Jack leaving C. Jack having left B. was making fun D. was made fun D. Jack to be left D. I haven't D. join D such… like
  21. She was given the chance to designing the new bridge.
  22. Don't read books you can not understand.
  23. Bob: How long have you lived here? A. Since the beginning of the year. C. Not long ago
  24. Do you mind alone at home? A. Jack's being left
  25. Mary realized she . A. was playing a joke about C. was being made fun of
  26. Peter: Do you want a ride? Dick: Peter: I asked if you wanted a ride? A. I don't mind. C. I'll take a taxi.
  27. the manager? A. Who is in place of C. Who shall take the place of Sue: . A. It is on sale C. It looks very good on you
  29. Patty: How about going for a walk? Nancy: . A. I'll walk with you at eight C. Walking is a kind of exercise A. sit…and read B. seated…reading B. That's not a bad idea D. It will take me minutes to have a walk C. sitting…and read D. seating…reading B. You really have a new dress D. I think it's a birthday present for you B. Who is in the place of D. Who will take place of B. I beg your pardon? D. I don’t' want a ride. Sue: .
  20. "Don't forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow."

  28. Mary: What do you think of my new dress?

  30. I found him in an armchair, .
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高考英语语法教材???第一部分 高考英语语法综合训练
  31. If you don't turn up by 8 o'clock, we'll go you. A. without B. except C. but D. besides
  32. ??Has Jane arrived yet? ??No, she an hour ago. A. was supposed to come B. must have come C. should come D. ought to have come
  33. in time, little Franz was afraid. scolded. A. Not having come…of being B. Having not come…to be C. Having not come…of being D. Not having come…to be
  34. No one but Rose and Kate a fine red coat. A. put on B. is wearing C. dresses D. have on
  35. The battle lasted for a few hours and at last the enemy . A. was defeated B. were beat C. were won D. defeated
  36. He is not a man easy . A. to deal B. to deal him C. to deal with D. to deal with him
  37. Mr. Li is gaining . He has to do some exercises to lose . A. weighty…weigh B. weight…weight C. fat…weigh D. weighty…heavy
  38. The clock and we realized it was five o'clock. A. hit B. beat C. struck D. run
  39. Reading without stop is a piece of work. A. tire B. tired C. tiresome D. troubled
  40. He was afraid there was any wild animal around him, looking round from . A. time to a time B. time to time C. a time to a time D. times to times
  41. It that there is no way out of difficulty. A. looks B. thinks C. believes D. seems
  42. We were told that it was our to read the text together. A. action B. turn C. absence D. sign
  43. ??Why doesn't he buy you a drink? ??I don't know why, but it isn't he had no money. A. even if B. as if C. that D. because
  44. What way are you thinking of rid of this kind of pollution? A. to get B. get C. getting D. got
  45. The angry boss from the chair and went directly to him. A. lifted B. raised C. rose D. carried
  46. The schoolboy regretted after he didn't pass his exam. A. the time on TV B. to spend so much time on TV C. taking most of his time on TV D. spending so much time on TV
  47. Have you found his name in the papers? A. signing B. signed C. to sign D. sign
  48. Since we have met again after all these years, let's each other from now on. A. keep up with B. keep out of C. keep in touch with D. keep touching
  49. The in the mountain village struck most of the visitors. A. scenes B. space C. absence D. flight
  50. It is difficult for you to what will happen in space without gravity.
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高考英语语法教材???第一部分 高考英语语法综合训练 A. depend on A. double A. sent me looking B. have some idea of C. keep from B. deal C. slight D. equip with D. opposite D. was fit
  51. The two brothers carried a bed into the room.
  52. The accident for a new car. Because the old one was destroyed. B. made preparations C. kept me from looking B. It's quite all right D. It's far from school C. from C. With C. above all C. discovered C. succeed ??$ 20, I think. C. worth C. made from D. taken D. made in D. in D. In D. after all D. arrived D. failure
  53. ??How is it that you are late for class again? A. By bus and then on foot C. Because I missed the bus A. at A. Below A. at all A. noticed A. a success A. spent A. made up of
  61. ??Can I help you? ??I'd like to have my package , madam. A. be weighed A. spare A. set out A. called
  65. John: Jack: In two weeks. John: Are you going to Japan? Jack: No. I'm going to Australia. I went to Japan two years ago. A. How long have you been here? C. When are you leaving for Australia? A. succeeded C. succeeds in
  67. Tell the child not to drink water. B. When is your holiday? D. How long do you plan to stay here? B. succeeded in D. succeeds B. to be weighed B. share B. set about B. calling C. to weigh C. spend C. set up C. being called D. weighed D. take D. set to D. been called
  62. I'm so busy that I can't the time for a holiday at present.
  63. They would for Guangzhou the next morning and so they went to bed early.
  64. He insisted on his Dr Turner instead of Mr. Turner. B. for B. Under B. in all B. uncovered B. success B. cost B. made out of ??.

  54. Hearing the sound of shots, the birds flew away all directions.
  55. the normal condition, he can read 150 words a minute.
  56. Tom is good boy and he is honest. He never tells a lie.
  57. Many facts proved that long before Columbus America, Chinese had visited it.
  58. The meeting was . Many people were for our plan.
  59. ??How much is it ?

  60. The world is seven continents and four oceans.

  66. Mary passing the entrance examination.
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高考英语语法教材???第一部分 高考英语语法综合训练 A. boiled A. on A. count A. to help Joe: A. No problem. I was more than glad to do it. B. I appreciate it, but I'm already finished watering them. C. Thanks for offering your help, but my brother's going to do it. D. Certainly watering plants is my favorite pastime.
  72. ??Don't you think it's going to rain over the weekend? ??. A. I don't believe B. I don't believe it . A. plan B. offer C. suggestion B. No, of course not D. No, you can't take it C. to C. was it D. / D. wasn't it D. great number of D. request
  74. ??Do you mind my taking this seat? A. Yes, sit down please C. Yes, take it please A. in A. is it A. plenty of B. of B. isn't it B. great many ??. C. I believe not so D. I believe not B. boil B. up B. count for B. to helping C. boiling C. to C. count out C. helping D. boils D. out D. counting D. for help
  68. I set tomorrow on my journey to America.
  69. The shop owner would his money every day.
  70. The old lady devoted her lifetime the homeless children.
  71. Tom: Would you like me to water your plants while you're on your holiday?

  73. I knew I should not accept anything from such a person but I found it difficult to turn down his

  75. How I envy you your good luck!
  76. This event was rather unusual, ?
  77. We have books in our library. C. a great deal of B. get on … get off D. get on … get into C. my going and see D. my go to see B. if the doctor wouldn't operate D. had the doctor not operated
  78. The police saw the woman a bus and a taxi. A. get off …get on C. get off …get into A. if I go and see B. if I go seeing A. if the doctor didn't operate C. would the doctor not operate

  79. Do you mind how you succeed?
  80. The boy would have died, on him without delay.

  81. Only when in 1918, happily back to work. A. the war was over … he went B. was the war over … did he go C. the war was over … did he go D. was the war over … he went
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高考英语语法教材???第一部分 高考英语语法综合训练
  82. ??Who telephoned just now? ??Sorry. I couldn't the voice. A. recognize B. realize C. know B. many difficulty D. much difficulty C. spend ??. C. You're right D. That's OK D. at … of D. take D. understand
  83. He had in finding Mr. Green's house. A. many difficulties C. much difficulties A. cost A. All right A. with … to B. pay B. That's right

  84. I don't want to money on such books.
  85. ??Thank you for your help.

  86. The man is standing his back the fire. B. with … against C. on …for B. in search of D. searching of B. left B. repay B. washing B. so long C. leaves C. pay for C. be washed C. as long D. leaving D. repay for D. washed D. so long as C. failed breaking D. failed broken
  87. I looked everywhere in the house a key that had been lost. A. in searching for C. to search
  88. I insisted that he at once. A. leave A. pay A. wash A. unless A. failed to break A. matter…matters C. matters…matter A. given A. longed A. hunted A. fond ?? A. Yes, would you please help me with the bag? B. taken B. long for B. found B. pleased
  89. When will you me the money that was borrowed?
  90. "Do you have any clothes to , Tom?" mother asked.
  91. You may use the book as you like, you keep it clean.
  92. He the world record. B. failed to breaking
  93. No what you say, exists in three states. B. matter…matter D. matters…matters C. served C. longing C. looked for C. merry D. eaten D. longing for D. searched for D. glad

  94. I wonder what time lunch is in your school.
  95. The people in some countries freedom.
  96. I all the bookshops in our town for the book I needed but I couldn't get one.
  97. A piece of music will make you happy.
  98. ??You seem to get lost. Need help?
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高考英语语法教材???第一部分 高



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