英 语
Part I Listening Comprehension (30 marks)
Section A (
  22.5 marks)
Directions: In this section, you will hear six conversations between two speakers. For each conversation, there are several questions and each question is followed by three choices marked A, B and C. Listen carefully and then choose the best answer for each question.
  You will hear each conversation TWICE.
When will the magazine probably arrive?
A. Wednesday. B. Thursday. C. Friday. The answer is B.
Conversation 1

  1. Why do they want to buy a gift for their mother?
A. It's her birthday. B. It's Mother's Day. C. It's Women's Day.
  2. What are they going to buy?
  A. Some flowers. B. A box of chocolates. C. A book.
  Conversation 2
3, What does the woman ask the man to do?
  A. Go to a bank. B. Mail letters. C. Buy some magazines.

  4. What time will the man probably be back?
  A. 9:
  00. B. 9:
  30. C. 10:
  Conversation 3

  5. What is the woman going to do tonight?
  A. Go to a concert. B. Phone her doctor. C. Prepare for an exam.

  6. What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?
  A. Teacher and student. B. Classmates. C. Doctor and patient.
  Conversation 4

  7. Where does the man want to go?
  A. The history museum. B. The Central Park. C, The high school.

  8. How far away is the place?
  A. Two blocks. B. Three blocks. C. Five blocks.

  9. When is the place open?
A. From Monday to Friday. B. Through the whole week. C. On Saturday and Sunday.
  Conversation 5

  10. Why is Mr. Jackson out of the office?
  A. He has been injured.
B. He has gone to London.
C. He is looking after his wife.

  11. How long will he probably be away from work?
A. One week. B. Two weeks. C. Three weeks.

  12. Who will do his work while he is away?
A. His wife. B. The boss. C. The secretary.
Conversation 6

  13. Where are the two speakers?
A. In a dining hall. B. In a hospital. C. In a lecture room.

  14. What did the man do?
A. He saw a doctor.
B. He took some medicine.
C. He had vegetables for lunch.

  15. What does the woman think the man should do?
A. Have meals regularly.
  B. Go to Dr. Kevin's office.
  C. Pay attention to his health.
Section B (
  7.5 marks)
Directions: In this section, you will hear a short passage. Listen carefully and then fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard. Fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.
You will hear the short passage TWICE.
Part II Language Knowledge (45 marks)Section A (15 marks)
Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices markedA,
B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.
The wild flowers looked like a soft orange blanket the desert.
  A. covering B. covered C. cover D. to cover
  The answer is A.

  21. Listen! Do you hear someone for help?
  A. calling B. call C. to call D. called

  22. Father goes to the gym with us although he dislikes going there.
A. hardly B. seldom C. sometimes D. never

  23. You buy a gift, but you can if you want to.
A. must B. mustn't C. have to D. don't have to

  24. This coastal area a national wildlife reserve last year.
A. was named B. named C. is named D. names

  25. John's success has nothing to do with good luck. It is years of hard work has
made him what he is today.
A. why B. when C. which D. that

  26. Dina, for months to find a job as a waitress, finally took a position at a local advertising agency.
A. struggling B. struggled C. having struggled D. to struggle

  27. I was just going to cut my rose bushes but someone it. Was it you?
A. has done B. had done C. would do D. will do

  28. I've become good friends with several of the students in my school I met in the
English speech contest last year.
A. who B. where C. when D. which

  29. If he my advice, he wouldn't have lost his job.
A. followed B. should follow C. had followed D. would follow

  30. So far nobody has claimed the money in the library.
A. discovered B. to be discovered
C. discovering D. having discovered

  31. I walked slowly through the market, where people all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
I studied the prices carefully and bought what I needed.
A. sell B. were selling C. had sold D. have sold

  32. Tim is in good shape physically he doesn't get much exercise.
A. if B. even though C. unless D. as long as

  33. Listening to loud music at rock concerts caused hearing loss in some teenagers.
A. is B. are C. has D. have

  34. I'm tired out. I all afternoon and I don't seem to have finished anything.
A. shopped B. have shopped
C. had shopped D. have been shopping

  35. Cindy shut the door heavily and burst into tears. No one in the office knew she
was so angry.
A. where B. whether C. that D. why
Section B (18 marks)
Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context.
Behind our house is the start of a fascinating trail (小径). This trail is one of the old roads that wind through untold miles of forest. My 36 , Beans, and I walk the trail frequently. Normally, Beans sniffs alongside the trail to follow the smell of a deer track or 37 some cause known only to him.
Beans is a white dog, quite handsome and very 38 . He not only understands what
we tell him, but also often makes sounds as if he were trying to 39 back.
One morning, we took a different route, which led us to an unfamiliar trail. I was sure this trail would eventually lead us to our familiar 40 . But, no. We seemed to be far off course. After two hours, I suddenly realized that Beans probably 41 the way home. So I urged, "Beans, take me home." He ran down a new trail. But it merely led to an intersection (岔道口) of trails.
Soon it became 42 that we were getting nowhere. I began to picture the rest of the day in the 43 , without food or drink. We had walked about ten miles. But Beans seemed totally 44 . The sniffing and exploring was going well for him.
Finally, we 45 a crossroad near a highway. Lady Luck suggested I should turn left. We did and 46 reached a cottage beside a field. I knocked on the door and explained my situation to an old man. He laughed and then drove us home.
Since our adventure, I 47 that Beans probably knew all along how to get home.
He was just having too much fan exploring new trails.

  36. A. deer B. dog C. lady D. man

  37. A. imagine B. consider C. explore D. present
38, A. smart B. sweet C. slow D. shy

  39. A. turn B. kick C. jump D. speak

  40. A. driveway B. path C. crossroad D. highway

  41. A. knew B. saw C. showed D. made

  42. A, mysterious B. ridiculous C. fascinating D. apparent

  43. A. house B. forest C. field D. cottage

  44. A. unconcerned B. unconscious C. undecided D. uncomfortable

  45. A. left for B. went off C. came to D. drove toward

  46. A. punctually B. frequently C. formally D. shortly

  47. A. regretted B. remembered C. concluded D. confirmed
Section C (12 marks)
Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word
that best fits the context.
Parents are busy people. If they are working, they are usually not at home 48
their children return from school. Sometimes it is necessary for a parent to write 49 after-school note for their children. They sometimes put the note on the kitchen table, the refrigerator, 50 another place where their children are sure to find it. A note is often a 51 way to "talk" with a child than using the telephone. For one thing, parents have time to think about 52 they want to say before they write. 53 another, the note lists all the information in one place. It is easy to read again and again People often forget all the details that 54 hear in a telephone call. Finally, cell phones can be turned 55 or telephone calls not answered. For these reasons, after-school notes are very popular with parents.
Part III Reading Comprehension (30 marks)
Directions: Read the following three passages., Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B,C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage.
Lipitor is a prescription medicine.Along with diet and exercise,it lowers "bad,'
cholesterol(胆固醇)in your blood.It can also raise "good'' cholesterol?
Lipitor can lower the risk of heart attack in patients with several common risk factors,
including family history of early heart disease,high blood pressure,age and smokin9?
Who can take LIPITOR:
.People who cannot lower their cholesterol enough with diet and exercise
?Adults and children over l0
Who should NOT take LIPITOR:
.Women who are pregnant,may be pregnant,or may become pregnant. Lipitor may harm
your unborn baby.
.women who are breast-feeding.Lipitor can pass into your breast milk and may harm
your baby.
?People with liver(肝脏)problems
Serious side effects in a small number of people:
.Muscle(肌肉)problems that can lead to kidney(肾脏)problems,including kidney failure
.Liver problems.Your doctor may do blood tests to check your liver before you start
Lipitor and while you are taking it.
Call your doctor right away if you have:
.Unexplained muscle pain or weakness,especially if you have a fever or feel very fired
.Swelling of the face,lips,tongue,and/or throat that may cause difficulty in breathing or
?Stomach pain
Some common side effects of LIPITOR are:
?Muscle pain
?Upset stomach
?Changes in some blood tests

'Take Lipitor as prescribed by your doctor.
'Try to eat heart-healthy foods while you take Lipitor.
'Take Lipitor at any time of day, with or without food.
'If you miss a dose(一剂),take it as soon as you remember.But ifit has been more than
12 hours since your missed dose,wait.Take the next dose at your regular time.
'Do not change or stop your dose before talking to your doctor.
?Do not stal-t new medicines before talking to your doctor.

56, What is a major function of Lipitor?
A. To help quit smoking.
B. To control blood pressure.
C. To improve unhealthy diet.
D. To lower "bad" cholesterol.

  57. Taking Lipitor is helpful for .
A. breast-feeding women
B. women who are pregnant
C. adults having heart disease
D. teenagers with liver problems

  58. If it has been over 12 hours since you missed a dose, you should .
A. change the amount of your next dose B, eat more when taking your next dose
  C. have a dose as soon as you remember D. take the next dose at your regular time

  59. Which of the following is a common side effect of taking Lipitor?
  A. Face swelling. B. Upset stomach.
  C. Kidney failure..D. Muscle weakness.

  60. What is the main purpose of the passage?
  A. To teach patients ways for quick recovery.
  B. To present a report on a scientific research.
  C. To show the importance of a good lifestyle.
  D, To give information about a kind of medicine.
When Mary Moore began her high school in 1951, her mother told her, "Be sure and take a typing course so when this show business thing doesn't work out, you'll have something to rely on." Mary responded in typical teenage fashion. From that moment on, "the very last thing I ever thought about doing was taking a typing course," she recalls.
The show business thing worked out, of course. In her career, Mary won many awards. Only recently, when she began to write Growing Up Aga



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