2010 年公共英语考试辅导 四级 英译汉经典语句 年公共英语考试辅导:[四级 四级]英译汉经典语句

  1、他这次考试失败使他意识到定期复习功课是多么重要。 He failed in the exam, which has made him aware of the importance of reviewing his lessons regularly.
  2、请一定不要忘记离家前你父母对你说过的话。 Be sure not to forget what your parents said to you before you left home.
  3、我确信她的英语知识对这项工作来说是足够的。 I’m sure her knowledge of English is adequate for the job.
  4、这篇文章的目的是告诉学生怎么培养良好的学习习惯。 The purpose of his article is to tell the students how to develop good study habits.
  5、在当今时代,人们越来越多地依靠计算机来解决各种各样的难题。 In our age, people depend more on computers to solve various kinds of difficult problems.
  6、略读不仅帮助你对将要阅读的东西有所了解,还帮助你读得快些,提高你的阅读理解 力。 Skimming not only helps you get some idea of what you are going to read, but also helps you read faster and improve your comprehension.
  7、有些人认为男孩子考试成绩总是比女孩子好。然而,事实未必如此。 Some people think that boys performance on tests is always better than girls. That is not necessarily the case, however.
  8、即使智力一般的学生也可以通过改进学习习惯而成为优等生。 Even students of average intelligence can become top students by improving their study habits.
  9、幸好附近有家医院,我们立即把他送到了那里。 Fortunately there was a hospital nearby and we took him there at once.
  10、我们常常发现运用一个规律比懂得它要难的了。 We often find it much more difficult to apply a rule than to know it.
  11、他决心继续他的实验,不过这次他将用另一种办法来做。 He is determined to continue his experiment but this time he’ll do it another way
  12、她读这部小说时,不禁想起了她在农村度过的那五年。 When she read the novel, she couldn’t help thinking the five years she had spent in the countryside.
  13、玛丽觉得单靠自己的力量执行她的计划是困难的。 Mary thought it difficult to carry out her plan all by herself.
  14、我们认为他不能在一刻钟内走完那段距离,但他却成功地做到了这一点。 We didn’t think he could cover the distance in a quarter of an hour, but he succeeded in doing it.
  15、这两只动物外貌很相似,但它们属于不同的种类。 The two animals are similar in appearance, but they belong to different species.
  16、我并不确切地知道他申请的贷款(loan)银行是否会给。 I don’t know for sure whether the bank will grant him the loan he has applied for.
  17、那位名演员似乎很乐意在剧中扮演一位次要角色。 That famous actor seemed content to play a minor part in the play.
  18、国庆节要到了,咱们把寝室彻底打扫一下吧。 National Day is round the corner. Let’s give our bedroom a thorough clean.

  19、她同意让一位年轻医生为她作手术。 She agreed to be operated on by a young doctor.
  20、他们已安排好让我们明天去游览长城,我相信我们在那儿一定会玩得很开心。 They’ve arranged for us to visit the Great Wall tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll have a good time there. (we’ll enjoy ourselves there)
  21、作者想通过这篇文章向读者传达她对赞扬与批评的看法。 Through the article the author wants to convey to the readers his view on praise and criticism.
  22、这家餐厅十二名女侍中,只有三名先前有过干这种活的经历。 Of the dozen of waitresses in the restaurant, only three have had any previous experience.
  23、有迹象表明,不少工厂正面临着十分困难的局面。 There are indications that numerous factories are faced with a very difficult situation.
  24、一切都表明他的计划出了毛病。 Everything points to the fact\indicates that something has gone wrong with his project\plan.
  25、接受这份工作就得经常在周末上班,但约翰并不在意。 To take this job would involve working on weekends frequently, but John didn’t mind.
  26、那名罪犯被从严判处十五年徒刑。 The criminal was given a stiff sentence of fifteen years.
  27、我祖父母说,发明电视的那个人曾住在他们的那个地段。 My grandparents said that the man who invented television had once lived in their neighborhood.
  28、我提议咱们会后马上去办公室找史密斯教授,邀请他参加我们的英语晚会。 I propose that we go to find Prof. Smith in his office after the meeting and invite him to our English evening.
  29、警察要求司机把事故讲述得更详细一些。 The policeman asked the driver to describe the accident in greater detail.
  30、彼得的数学不好,但要说到体育,他却是班上最好的。 Peter is not good at maths, but when it comes to sports, he is the best in the class.
  31、我真希望你能拿出一个比这更好的解决办法来。 I do hope that you can come up with a better solution than this one .
  32、巨额投资使这一些地区的经济得以迅速发展。 Vast amounts of investment have enabled the economy of the area to grow rapidly.
  33、史密斯医生从窗口望出去,突然看到一个年轻人正向他的诊所奔来。 Look out of the window, Dr. Smith caught sight of a young man running towards his clinic.
  34、艾米过去除了咖啡什么也不喝。 Amy used to drink nothing but coffee.
  35、迈拉得知丈夫在事故中受了伤便哭了起来。 Myra broke into tears when she learned that her husband had been injured in an accident.
  36、我们好几天没有看见怀特小姐了,她是病倒了还是怎么了? We haven’t seen Miss White for quite a few days. Has she fallen ill or something?
  37、研究所所长亲自查明一切都没有问题。 The director of the research institute came in person to make sure that everything was all right.

  38、伦尼今天早晨上学又迟到了。他应该早一点起床的。肯定是昨晚睡得太晚了。 Lennie was late for school again this morning. He ought to \should have got up earlier. He must have stayed up too late last night.
  39、整个上午他都在忙于写那篇故事,只是偶尔停下来喝杯茶。 He was busy writing the story all the morning, only breaking off occasionally to have a cup of tea.
  40、对护士来说,坚持这项规定是很重要的。 It is very important for nurses stick to this rule.
  41、据报道,那条铁路因洪水而停止修建。 It was reported that the building of the railway had been held up by a flood.
  42、罢工结果,资方接受了工人的要求。 The strike resulted in the management’s accepting the workers demands.
  43、煤矿工人们决定为争取更好的工作条件举行罢工。 Workers of the coalmine decided to go on strike for better working conditions.
  44、我很想买这本英文字典,遗憾的是我身上带的钱不够。 I want to buy the English dictionary very much. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money on me.
  45、那位外国专家希望在三年内达到所有的目标。 The foreign expert hopes to achieve all his objectives in three years.
  46、如果对此还有疑问,就请举手. Those who still have doubts on this, please hold up their hands.
  47、目前世界上使用的语言估计有几千种. It is estimated that there are several thousand languages and dialects spoken in the world today.
  48、另外一个人似乎胸有成竹. There was another man who seemed to have answers.
  49、他们聊得情投意合,只觉相见恨晚. They found so much in common that they regretted not having met earlier.
  50、我想再问您两个问题,您不会介意吧? You don’t mind my asking you two more questions, do you?
  51、因为外面声音嘈杂,他没法让大家听到他讲的话. He couldn’t make himself heard because of the noise outside,
  52、今天开会还是明天开会都一样. It doesn’t make any difference whether(if) the meeting is held today or tomorrow.
  53、我们建议尽快召开一次会议. We suggest that a meeting (should) be held as soon as possible.
  54、使我们失望的是, 他没有恪守诺言. To our disappointment, he failed to keep his promise.
  55、在你的建议中没考虑老人们的特殊需要. In your proposal you haven’t taken into consideration (account) the special needs of old people.


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