(本大题共 小题, 二、单项填空。 本大题共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分。 单项填空。 ( )
  26.Look! The kites in the sky are in different . Some are big and some are small. A.size B.sizes C.color D.colors
  27.Don’t talk to Simon like that. He is just eleven-year-old boy. A. a B. an C. the D. /
  28.My father is ill in bed. I have to look after at home. A. he B. his C. him D. himself
  29. you your brother can join us. We want one of you. A. Both; and B. Neither; nor C. Either; or D. Not only; but also
  30. This is Mr. White’s visit to Beijing. He has been there twice before. A. two B. second C. there D. third
  31. Louis computer games when her brother phoned her. A. plays B. playing C. has played D. was playing
  32. Connie arrived the village a snowy night. A. at;on B. at;in C. in;at D. in;on
  33.??How are you feeling today? ??Much .I can go to school next week. A.good B.better D.well
  34.??We can use QQ to chat with each other on the Internet. ??Really? Will you please show me it? to use B.what to use can I use D.what can I use
  35.Robert with his two kids to the beach for vacation every year. A.go B.goes C.went D.are going
  36.Paul’s uncle is the man taught us math last year. A.where B.which C.who D.when
  37. I saw Kevin in the supermarket this morning. N him. He moved to Canada last week. A.can be B.must be C.can’t be D.mustn’t be
  38.The boy has a new MP
  4, ? A.doesn’t he B.isn't he C.does he he
  39.?? Do you know her well? ??Sure.We friends since ten years ago. A.were B.have made C.have been D.have become
  40.??will you come back? ??In an hour. A.How soon B.How often C.How far D.How long
  41.Zhang Liangying's new CD will next month. A.come along B.come up C.come over D.come out
  42.The l6th Asian Games in Guangzhou in November.20
  10. A.holds B.will hold C.was held D.will be held
  43.The Greens will Visit Hainan as soon as they to China. A.comes B.come C.came D.will come
  44.??Yesterday I won the first place in the l00-meter race. ??Really? !
A.Congratulations B.Never mind C.That is all right D.I'm sorry to hear that
  45.The policeman asked the boy . A.where is his mother B.where his mother is C.where was his mother D.where his mother was 完形填空( 小题, 三、完形填空(本大题有 l0 小题,每小题 l 分,共 l0 分)
One day a rich woman lost her purse with a lot of money in it.So she made a
  46.“If anybody finds my purse and 47 it to me,I'll give half the money to him.” A poor man 48 the purse near a shop.He sent it back to the woman,but the rich woman
  49.“There was an expensive ring in my purse besides money,”said the woman, “I won’t give you half the money in my purse until you return it to me.”“But I've never seen an expensive ring in 50 purse,”said the man. They began to quarrel(争吵).The man became 51 and took her to a judge(法官). 52 the judge heard what had happened to them,he said to the woman,“I'm sure that you have lost a purse, there is an expensive ring in it. there is 53 a lot of money in this purse. I don’t think it’s and But So yours.54 some time.Maybe somebody will give your purse back.” Then the judge 55 to the man and said,“Take the purse home.If the owner doesn’t come to get it back in two days,it will be yours.”
  46.A.face B.mistake C.promise D.conversation B.shows C.points D.returns
  47.A.gets B.knew C.heard D.found
  49.A.kept her word B.changed her mind C.tried her best D.pulled her down B.her C.his
  51.A.sad B.angry C.excited D.Worried
  52.A.Before B.Though C.After D.If B.truly C.nearly D.really
  54.A.Wait for B.Listen to C.Look after D.Talk about B.came C.Want D.turned
小题, 四、阅读理解(本大题有 l5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 30 分) 阅读理解( A

  56.There are activities that people can do indoors. A.two B.three C.four
  57.People can taste food from different countries . Yunhai Square the City Library Hall the City Museum
  58.Those who want to find a right job should . A.1isten to the lecture presents C.bring food and drink
  59.Mr. Lee wants to take two skirts for her wife after the fashion show.He needs to pay A.more than 200 Yuan least 300 Yuan C.1ess than 200 Yuan
  60.If people want to get some information about some foreign countries,they can A.see the movies B.go to the pop concert C.see the fashion show
D.five front of the City Hall D.go to the fashion show . D.nothing at all . D.go to the library lecture
B Clothes are important and necessary to us,but do you know how to choose suitable clothes in a correct way? Here are some ideas for you. When you go shopping and want to buy some clothes, should think about which kind of clothes you really need you and decide how much money you can spend on them.Then look at the labels that are inside the new clothes.They tell you how to take care of the clothes.The label for a shirt may tell you to wash it in warm water.A sweater label may tell you to wash it in cold water.The label on a coat may say“dry clean only”and cleaning in water may ruin(损坏)this coat.If you do as the directions say on the label,you can keep your clothes looking their best. Many clothes today must be dry-cleaned. cleaning is expensive. Dry When buying new clothes you had better check
if they need to be dry-cleaned.You can save money if you buy clothes that can be washed or that are well made.Well-made clothes last longer.They look good even after they have been washed many times. Clothes that cost more money don’t always mean they are better made.They may not fit you,either.On the other hand,less expensive clothes may sometimes look better and fit you well.
  61.The first thing for you to do before you buy clothes is . know how to wash them look for well-made clothes read the directions inside them see which kind of clothes you need
  62.According to the passage,a sweater may be . A.washed in cold water B.washed once a week C.washed in hot water D.dry-cleaned only
  63.What does the underlined word “label” mean? A.品牌 B.标签 C.价格 D.尺寸
  64. look good even after they have been washed a lot of times. A.Cheap clothes B.Expensive clothes C.Dry.cleaned clothes D.Well-made clothes .
  65.The main idea for the passage is A.buying less expensive clothes B.washing clothes in a right way C.being a clever clothes shopper D.choosing the well-made clothes C 配对阅读 左栏是五个人的情况简介,右栏是澳大利亚广播公司(ABC)的七个电视节目。请将这五个人与他们感 兴趣的节目配对,并将最佳选项的字母编号填写在答卷相应题目的答题位置上。
A.Trip to the Planets
  66.John is a movie fan.He . loves to get the news about It’S a documentary about planets.It has six episodes(集) and each one lasts 55 minutes.After watching it,you will the latest movies.His favorite Australian actor is know more about the space. Nicole Kidman. B.I Rock .
  67.Alice is a housewife who has The daily 30一minute comedy tells a story about a rock band three children.She loves called Boy Crazy. The band is trying to become famous in the cooking and wants to learn world.Enjoy the funny comedy and the rock music as well. to cook different kinds of C.Media Watch . Australia’S leading talk show about TV,radi
  0,newspaper food for her family.
  68.Jenny is a middle school and Internet.It focuses on those who make the news and student.In her spare time, deliver the world to our home,such as the reporters,editors, she usually listens to rock and photographers. music and watches TV.Her D.The Changes of Australia . favorite TV shows are Share your stories about life in Australia from l9
  45.You can comedies but she can’t stand have your own photos or videos.They Can be funny or sad, documentaries at all. big events or the small things of everyday life.
  69.Jimmy loves talk shows.He E.Big Ideas . wants to be a reporter and A talk show about everything that is the most interesting and work in a TV station in the challengin
  9,and everywhere from cities to the countryside future.So he would like to and from the south to the north across Australia. learn more about TV from F.At the Movies . the talk show. It’s a talk show about movies. goes into the world of cinema It And it
  70.Sam is 80 years old now.He every week and tells you what’S new on the big screen. moved to Australia in has interviews with the famous directors or actors. 19
  50.Today he is still G.Pan’S Kitchen . missing the life in Australia It used to be called Master Chef,now it has a new name in the l950s and often because of the lady who is called Pan Lin
  9.She can cook Chinese food and Western food. mentions it.
本大题有l0小题 五、看图短文填空(本大题有 小题。每小题 .5分。共15分) 看图短文填空 本大题有 小题。每小题l. 分 分 阅读下面短文,并借助上下文和插图补充所缺信息。每个空只能填写?个形式正确、意义相符的单词。并将答案 填写在答卷相应题目的答题位置上。
One day when Mr. Kong was walking in the 71 ,he saw Miss Lan, a friend of his, sitting in a bench with a dog 72 her. Kong walked up to her and said,”Hello,Miss Lan,how are you? May 73 down and talk with you for a while?”
“Of course,”Lan said.Kong sat down next to her and they 74 happily together.The dog was looking up at Lan, as if waiting to be fed. “That’s a nice dog.”Kong said. “Yes.he’s strong and healthy.” “And he’s 75 now,”Kong said,He hasn’t taken his eyes off you.He thinks you’ve got some food for him.” Lan said.“But I haven’t.” The two 76 laughed and then Kong said,“Does your dog bite(咬)?” “N
  0,”she said,“He has 77 bitten anyone.” When he heard this,Kong put out his left 78 and touched the animal’s head.It 79 up at once and bit him. “Hey!”Kong shouted。“You said he didn’t bite.” “N
  0,I didn’t,”Lan replied,“But that's not my dog. 80 is at home.” 本大题分为A、 两部分 两部分, 六、读写综合(本大题分为 、B两部分,共20分) 读写综合 本大题分为 分 A.信息归纳 .信息归纳(共5小题,每小题l分) 请阅读报纸上发表的一篇关于校园安全的短文,根据所提供的信息。完成下面表格,并将答案写在答卷相应 题目的答题位置上。
Safety Activities for Middle School Kids School is not the safe place as it used to be. How to keep school safer? How to help students stay away from danger? There are many activities that teachers can do to teach safety in an easy way.Here are some stories from the students who have had the safety class in N
  0.1 Middle School. Mike Smith:About Sports Safety : Once,our head teacher made up a story about sports safety.All we needed to do was to point out safe and unsafe sports behaviors in the story.From this lesson,we knew we should always do warm?up(热身)activities before playing sports and drink some water after that. Amy Youn
  9:About Classroom Safer7 : Yes,making up stories is a good way to learn and enjoy ourselves.We were once asked to make up a story about a boy called Little Naughty.He always did something naughty(淘气的)in the classroom and got himself into trouble.In this way,we learned to behave(行为)well and get on well with each other. Frank Green:About Fire Safety : In our school,we have a fire emergency response practice(火警应急演习)in September every year.So we know where to go if there is a fire in school. learn to use the fire extinguisher(灭火器), We too. I don't think we should be But allowed to put out the fire alone,it’s too dangerous for young students like us. Information Card The school that the students are from The person who talked about classroom safety What to drink after playing sports Time to have fire emergency response practice 81 82 83 84
The number of the students who talked about school 85 safety
B.书面表达(本题l5分)根据要求完成短文写作,把答案写在答卷指定的位置上。 .书面表达 你觉得你的校园生活安全吗?请你写一篇题为“How to Keep Safe in School”的短文。谈谈你的看法。 内容包括:
  3.呼吁每个学生要注意校园安全。 作文要求:
  1.不能照抄原文;不得在作文中出现学校真实的名称和学生的真实姓名。如需使用学校 名称或学生的姓名,



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