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2010 年广州市小升初联考英语试卷
(时间:50 分钟 时间: 分数: 分数:100 分)
注意事项: 注意事项:

  1、 试题共六页,七大题。
  2、 请考生在试卷上用蓝色或黑色圆珠笔、签字笔或钢笔作答。
第Ⅰ卷(50%) )
一、语音知识(10%) 语音知识( ) A) 找出与所给单词划线部分读音相同的词。 (5%) ) 找出与所给单词划线部分读音相同的词。 ( ) ( )
  1. any A. make B. factory ( )
  2. often A. soldier B. come ( )
  3. football A. food B. look ( )
  4. throw A. Thursday B. then ( )
  5. exercise A. close B. rice
C. many C. kilo C. broom C. there C. Canada
D. wash D. borrow D. afternoon D. other D. coloured
B)指出划线部分读音部分不同于其他三个词。 指出划线部分读音部分不同于其他三个词。 指出划线部分读音部分不同于其他三个词 (5%) ( ) ( )
  6. A. stay B. say C. today ( )
  7. A. today B. tomorrow C. factory ( )
  8. A. great B. leave C. cheap ( )
  9. A. half B. all C. talk ( )
  10. A. lunch B. machine C. teach
D. Sunday D. love D. speak D. ball D. French
二、单项选择(20%) 单项选择( ) A) 选出能替换划线部分的选项,保持句意不变。 选出能替换划线部分的选项,保持句意不变。 (5%) ( ) ( )
  11.Yesterday’s meeting was not interesting . A. important B. exciting C .boring ( )
  12.Jack is a top student . A. bad B. best C. tall ( )
  13.We need a lot of power to do things every day . A. energy B. activities C. engineer ( )
  14.The hair clips go well with her beautiful dress . A. match B. make up with C. fit ( )
  15.Neil is not very often late for school . A. always B. seldom C. sometime B) 选择最佳答案。 选择最佳答案。 (15%) ( ) ( )
  16.?Would you like juice??Yes, please . A. any B. some C. a ( )
  17. does Lily dance every day? A. how often B. how long C. how many
D. an D. how much
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( ( ( ( ( (
( (
( (
  18.There too much sugar in the coffee. A. is B. are C. have D. has )
  19. his father, David playing football . A. Like, like B. Likes, likes C. Likes, like D. Like, likes )
  20.?Who are you , Andy ??Mum. A. wait B.waiting C. waiting for D. wait for )
  21.?How do you like the film, Shirley ? ? . A. Yes, I do B. Good idea C. Very well D. Very interesting )
  22.Sandy’s present 20 yuan . A. costs B. pays C.spends D.takes )
  23.Wendy has a teddy bear . You can also buy one in . A. an electrical shop B. a toy shop C. a clothes shop D. a sports shop )
  24.? you chatting with Frank on the Internet ? ?No, aren’t . A. Do, we B. Are, they C.Is, I D. Are, we )
  25.How do we say “99, 118” ? A. ninety-nine thousand, and one hundred and eighteen B. ninety-nine thousands, one hundreds and eighteen C. ninety-nine thousand, one hundred and eighteen D. ninety-nine thousands, and one hundred and eighteen )
  26.?It’ s cold in the room . I close the window, Mum ? ?Yes, you may . A. Can B. May C. Must D.Can’t )
  27. is the capital of Japan . A. Moscow B. Bangkok C.Paris D. Tokyo )
  28.Which of the following describes the right order ? A. First ? Next ? Then ? Afterwards ? Finally B. First ? Then ? Next ? Afterward ? Finally C. First ? Next ? Afterwards ?Then ? Finally D. First ? Then ? Next ?Finally ? Afterwards )
  29.The window of my bedroom is the door . A. under B. after C. below D. opposite )
  30.?We moved into a new flat , Eric . ? . A. It’ s OK B. Of course C. Congratulations D. I see
三、词汇运用(15%) 词汇运用( ) A) 根据句意和首字母,写出句中所缺单词。 根据句意和首字母,写出句中所缺单词。 (4%) ( )
  31. We needn’t buy Ricky a bike . He has a new one a.
  32. Do you usually make a shopping list b you go shopping ?
  33. Let’s i our teachers to our party . They’ ll be very happy to be with us .
  34. The box is very l . You can carry it easily .
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B) 根据句意和中文提示,写出句中所缺单词。 根据句意和中文提示,写出句中所缺单词。 (4%) ( )
  35. The girl wants to (改变) her hair style .
  36. Annie has a (圆的) face .
  37. Hurry up . The (出租车) is coming .
  38. It’ s midnight . Dad is ( 仍,还) working . C) 根据句意,用括号中所给词的正确形式填空。 根据句意,用括号中所给词的正确形式填空。 (7%) ( )
  39. The boy never (lie) . Believe him!
  40. Now , the students (collect) stationery for the children from Wenchuan .
  41. (not stay) out too late, Wendy .
  42. My uncle plans (study) in London next year.
  43. The (story) are very interesting .
  44. Kitty is arriving on Sunday , the (five) of January.
  45. I can spend 20 (many) minutes in bed now . 请把 Betty 与 Tim 之间的对话重新排列, 之间的对话重新排列, 使句意通顺, 将正确的序号写在横线上。 四、 使句意通顺, 将正确的序号写在横线上。 5%) ( ) Is Bob In ? Betty Tim
  46. Bye!
  51.Hello, Bob .
  47.Hello! 6503794
  52.Ok.Thanks . Goodbye!
  48.Oh, sorry! He’s not at home .
  53.Hi, Betty. This is Tim .
  49.No, this is Betty.
  54.Is Bob in ? Betty!
  50.Fine, thanks, Tim.
  55.How are you ? ( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )→( )
第 Ⅱ 卷 (50%) )
五、完形填空(10%) 完形填空( ) Mrs. Wang lives in Nanjing now. She is 102 years old. People often ask her 56 she can keep healthy in her life. Mrs. Wang says everyone 57 live to 102 if he eats healthy food and does some exercise every day .Mrs. Wang thinks , first of all, 58 is very important. She often 59 a glass of milk and two eggs for it at about 8:00 a.m. Milk and eggs give her energy. So she doesn’t often feel 60 in the morning. She 61 eats snacks because she doesn’t think they are healthy food. She seldom eats meat too. She usually has some 62 and vegetables for lunch and supper. And 63 meals , she usually has an apple or a banana. Mrs Wang does some exercise too. She thinks she is still young. She plays Taiji for 64 every day. Sometimes she also dance with her friends. “Do you want to be 65 forever ( 永 远 ) ? I’m sure you can if you have a good lifestyle!” Mrs. Wang says to us . ( )
  56. A. what B. when C. where D. how ( )
  57. A. can B. should C. need D.must ( )
  58. A .lunch B. breakfast C. supper D.dinner
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( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) )
  59. A. is having
  60. A.tired
  61. A.often
  62. A.pork
  63. A.beside
  64. A.a year
  65. A.young
C. has C. well C. always C. beef C.behind C. 2 o’clock C. luck
D. have D. excited D. never D.meat D.between D. half an hour D. hungry
B. are having B. happy B.usually B.rice B. in front of B. a week B. old
阅读理解:根据短文内容选择正确答案。 (每题 六、 阅读理解:根据短文内容选择正确答案。 每题 2%,共 30%) ( , ) (A) Basketball match: Changchun vs shengyang Day: Saturday Time: in the morning (10:
  00) Place: Changchun Stadium Telephone: 70504266 Film: Superman Day: Saturday Time: in the afternoon and in the evening (15:00-17:00; 18:00-20:
  00) Price: adult 16 yuan; child half price Telephone: 62603941 Swimming lesson Day: Thursday Time: in the morning (8:
  00) Place: Great Swimming pool Telephone: 58796324 Concert (音乐会 音乐会) 音乐会 Day: Wednesday Time: in the morning (10:30-12:
  00) Place: People Theatre Price: 35 yuan Telephone: 9968724 ( )
  66.Where is the swimming lesson? A.Changchun Stadium B.Great Swimming Pool C.People Theatre D.Great Garden )
  67.When is the concert? A.On Thursday(18:00?20:
  00) B.On Saturday(10:
  00) C.On Wednesday(10:30?12:
  00) D.On Wednesday(10:00?
  30) )
  68.If you want to ask something about the basketball match, you can call A.62603941 B.70504266 C.58796324 D.99687241 )
  69.On Saturday, you can . A. watch the basketball match and have the swimming lesson B. see the film Superman and go to the concert C. have the swimming lesson and go to the concert D. watch the basketball match and see the film Superman )
  70.Two adults and one child will spend seeing the film Superman. A.
  87.5 yuan B.40 yuan C.8 yuan D.16 yuan
( (
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(B) Today is Sunday, so Peter doesn’t go out. He asks his parents about the traditional Chinese clothes. Mother tells him that Qipao is the traditional dress for women in China. It is usually made of colourful silk and sometimes made of cotton . Many women in the West like it very much too. Father can remember that all the VIPs wore Tang suit(唐装)at APEC in Shanghai. They all looked smart in the traditional Chinese clothes. Many young people find it cool to wear the clothes in their own styles. Many young people find it cool to wear the clothes in their own styles. Peter’s cousin says the modern clothes are better. Finally, they think the fashion should be comfortable first. ( )
  71.Where does Peter talk with his parents? A.At home B.At school C.At APEC in Shanghai D.At a fashion show )
  72.Qipao is usually made of . A.cotton B.leather C.silk D.paper )
  73.The VIPs at APEC in Shanghai wore clothes in . A.modern style B.Tang style C.the style from the 1980s D.their own styles )
  74.Peter’s is at his home too. A.sister B.brother C.grandfather D.cousin )
  75.They think the clothes should be first. A.beautiful B.cheap C.comfortable D.expensive
( (
( (
(C) The New Year’s Eve party was going on when the bell rang. A tall man opened the door and came in. Nobody knew him, but the host went over and took him in. The man sat there happily for an hour and drunk. Then he said, “invited me to this party. I don’t know you, or anyone else here. My wife and I wanted to go out in our car, but one of your friend’s cars was in front of our gate, so I came here to find him, and my wife is still waiting in our car!” ( )
  76.When did the story happen? A.At 7:00 B.In December C.On New Year’s Eve D.When the bell rang ( )
  77.The “bell” here means the . A.time bell B.doorbell C.church bell D.bell for class ( )
  78.The host went to meet and took him in because he took the tall man for . A.one of his friends B.his brother C.his classmate D.his teacher ( )
  79.The tall man’s wife waited in the car for . A.a long time B.two hours C.a half hour D.an hour ( )
  80.At last, the host might be a little . A.happy B.surprised C.worried D.afraid
七、书面表达: 书面表达
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Carmen 是一名时装模特,今年 20 岁。她身材苗条,饮食习惯和生活习惯健康,酷爱游 泳运动,平时喜欢购物、交友、看电影等等。请你根据她的职业特点和爱好,发挥你的想象 力, 综合考虑住所的四周环境, 为她选择一处理想的住所, 并简要说明理由。 字左右。10%) 60 ( Carmen’s ideal home
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所民校联考英语试卷,参考答案, 2010 年广州市小升初 17 所民校联考英语试卷,参考答案,评卷用
一、 1 C 11 C 2 D 12 B 3 B 13 A 4 A 14 A 5 B 15 B 6 D 7 D 8 A 9 A 10 B
二、 16 B 26 B 17 B 27 D 18 A 28 A 19 D 29 D 20 C 30 C 21 D 22 A 23 B 24 D 25 C
  31. already
  32. before
  33. invite
  35. change
  36. round
  37. taxi
  38. still
  39. lies
  40. are collecting
  41. Don’t stay
  42. to study
  43. stories
  45. more 四、47-51-49-53-55-50-54-48-52-46 五、 56 D 六、 66 B 76 C 七、 略 67 C 77 B 68 B 78 A 69 D 79 D 70 B 80 B 71 A 72 C 73 B 74 D 57 A 58 B 59 C 60 A 61 D 62 B 63 D 64 D

  44. fifth
65 A
75 C



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