2010 年海淀区中考二模英语完形填空原题: For years Peter Smith's life was badly disturbed by the memory of an accident that caused the death of one of his classmates, Oliver. His wife left him after six years of marriage, He 36 his work. Then suddenly the news about Peter 37 His wife came back and he found a new job. One day he told me what had changed his life. "I used to think that nothing could call off what 1 had done. The thought of my mistake would 38 me in the middle of a smile or a handshake. It put a 39 between my wife and me. Then I had a / an 40 visit from the person I was "afraid most to see -- the mother of the classmate who died. ' Years ago, ' she said, ' I found it in my heart to have forgiven (原谅) you. So did Oliver and your friends. ' She paused, and then said 41 , ' Peter, you are the one who hasn't forgiven yourself. Who do you think you are to stand out 42 the people around you and God?' 1 looked into her eyes and found there a kind of permission to be the person I might have been 43 her boy had lived. For the first time in my life I felt worthy to love and be loved. " It is only through forgiveness of our 44 that we gain the freedom to learn from experiences. But forgiving our. shortcomings doesn't mean denying (否认) that they exist. Instead, it means 45 them honestly, realistically. Can a person be all-forgiving and still be human? A scientist I know spent four years as a slave labor in Germany. His parents, his younger sister and elder brother were killed by Nazi. This is a man who has every reason to hate. Yet he is filled with a love of life that he passes on to everyone who knows him. He explained it to me the other day, "In the beginning I was filled with hatred. 46 I realized that in hating I had become my own 47 . Unless you forgive, you cannot love. And without love, life has no meaning. " Forgiveness is truly the saving grace, which gives the people who make mistakes a chance to correct them.
  36. A. got
  37. A. started
  38. A. knock
  39. A. bridge
  40. A. unusual
  41. A. seriously
  42. A. for
  43. A. if B. left C. lost D. took C. worked C. fail C. wall D. stop D. door D. friendly D. sadly D. went
B. changed B. take B. house
B. unexpected B. carefully C. toward C. after
C. surprising C. directly D. against D. unless
B. with B. when

  44. A. excuses
  45. A. facing
  46. A. Yet
B. mistakes B. seeing B. Only
C. failures C. finding
D. lessons D. receiving
C. Then
D. Still C. friend D. enemy

  47. A. classmate 详细解析:
B. teacher

  36. C 根据后线索。在第一段最后一句话 "he found a new job"。工作没有丢也就无 所谓找到新工作。lose/drop/miss 春季的时候辨析过多次,春季有一篇完型填空就是填 everything was lost. lose 意向很多,概括起来说就是"主观不愿意地丢",比如 lose one's hope (失去希望,绝望) ,lose one's purse(丢钱包) ,lose one's job(丢工作,丢饭碗) ,lose one's way(迷路) 。
  37. B 根据后线索。 "what had change his life"。Peter 之前一直过得很衰,突然生活 重现光明,发生 change,一定是之前一直给他带来阴影的那条 news 发生了 change。
  38. D 根据前线索。 "I used to think that nothing could call off what I had done." 意译: ( 我曾认为之前的所作所为会是我心里永远都无法迈不过去的坎) off 指的是"取消, call 放弃, 抵消作用"。顾名思义,我头顶一直阴云不散,所以哪怕是在向人微笑或者与人握手的过程 中我都会被负罪感打断(stop) 。
  39. C 根据前线索。第一段中 "His wife left him",必然两人之间有了隔阂,wall(墙 壁)是比喻的说法。Bridge (桥梁) 是建立沟通的象征,英语中有 bridge the gap(消除隔阂) , 显然不选。House(房子)显然也不符。Door 是可以开启的,不是隔阂。
  40. B 这是一道难题。关键在两点:第一,注意 visit 后的介词 "from",而非 'to', 所以首先明白是别人拜访他。第二,unexpected 也是春季讲过的词,expect(V.)指的期望, 预料, unexpected 指的是"不期而至", unexpected guest/visit 是极为常见的形容词名词搭配, an 翻译成不速之客,不请自来都可以。联系后线索, "from the person I was afraid most to see', 显然是我不愿意见到的人。B 选项是最佳选项。
  41. A 这一空与西城一模完型填空最后一空如出一辙。作为 Oliver 的母亲安慰我, 她一定是语重心长,特别认真地(seriously) 。其他选项,carefully(小心翼翼地) ,directly (直接地) ,sadly(哀伤地)都不符合情境。她既然来安慰 Peter 一定已经从难过的情绪中 恢复过来了。
  42. D 这道题考察介词,难度较大。关键在于理解介词 against 的用法,against 作为 介词的含义概括起来就是"与…相对的, 与…相反的"。 此句的含义是自从发生了那场不幸后, Peter 就把自己与周围的世界孤立出来, "stand out against'指的是强烈的抵触。其他介词含 义均不合适。

  43. A
择合适的连词。选 if 表假设,引导一个表示虚拟语气的从句。

  44. B 根据后线索。实际上 'forgiveness of our "即后文 'forgiving our shortcomings'。跟 shortcomings(缺点)最接近的是 mistakes(错误) 。
  45. A 根据前线索。前文 "forgiving our shortcomings doesn't mean denying that… Instead,"故正确的选项应是 deny(否认)的反义词,应该是承认,直面的意向,选 facing(名 词意思是脸,面;动词意思为直面。春季复习过哦! )
  46. C 根据前线索。 前一句中 'in the beginning' (开始) 显然接下来描述然后 , (then) 。

  47. D 根据单词感情色彩判断。In hating 必然是消极意向,四个选项 classmate(同 学) ,teacher(老师) ,friend(朋友) ,enemy(敌人)中显然只有 enemy 这个选项合适。



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