2010 年六月大学英语四级答案 四级作文: 1,如今不少学生在学习中不重视拼写; 2,出现这个现象的原因是 3,为了改变这种状况,我认为 ...... Due Attention Should Be Given to Spelling They say "mind breeds physiognomy", which implies the importance of one's appearance. Similarly, a correct and neat spelling of a composition can not only reflect a success of the composition but embodie the decent disposition of the writer as well . Unfortunately , a great number of students pay little attention to their spelling though their composition turns out quite good either in content or in logic, thus leaving the teacher in a dilemma whether to give a high score or not. Tracing the reasons hidden behind, we can easily find it is mainly because some students are unaware of the importance of the spelling. In their minds, the content absolutely outweighs the form so the attention to spelling can be pleasantly spared. Objectively speaking, in the examination, the limited time and urgent situation make students have no more effort to care about their spelling and the fact is that they have to write as quickly as possible to finish it on time, leaving some characters vague or incorrect. Just as is said above, spelling, in a sense , mirrors the content, so a direct result of the bad spelling is the low academic score in the exam for it is hard to expect a text full of undistinguishable words to receive a good appreciation. Further, once the habit of lax spelling was formed, in a long run the quality of being negligence could also be gradually shaped, which would undoubtedly exert negative impact for our future work and life. 四级听力: 对话部分答案:
  11. C. He cannot get access to the assigned book.
  12. A. She will drive the man to the supermarket.
  13. C. Tidy up the place.
  14. A. The talks can be held any day except this Friday.
  15. A. He understand the woman's feelings.
  16. D. She has to invite David to the party.
  17. C. Many students find Prof. Johnson's lectures boring.
  18. D. Assemble a computer.
  19. B. It requires him to apply theory to patience.
  20. D. It demands physical endurance and patience.
  21. D. In a hotel.
  22. B. Paying attention to every detail.
  23. A. The pocket money British children get.

  24. C. It often rises higher than inflation.
  25. B. Pay for small personal things. 短文听力部分: 26A Direct mangers. 27D The important part played by direct mangers. 28B Fifty percent of them were female. 29B He was not gender sensitive. 30C Aask to see the manger politely but firmly. 31D You can't tell how the person on the line is reacting. 32D Stick to the point. 33B Architect. 34A Do some volunteer job 35C A baby-sitter is no replacement for a mother. 复合式听写: Almost every child, on the first day he sets foot in the school building, is smarter, more (
  36)curious, less afraid of what he doesn't know, better at finding and (
  37)figuring things out, more confident, resourceful, persistent, and (
  38)independent than he will ever be again in his schooling--or, unless he is very (
  39)unusual and very lucky, for the rest of his life. Already, by paying close attention to and (
  40)interacting with the world and people around him, and without any school-type (
  41)formal instruction, he has done a task far more difficult, complicated and (
  42)abstract than anything he will be asked to do in school or than any of his teachers has done for years. He has solved the (
  43)mystery of language. He has discovered it. Babies don't even know that language exists-- (
  44) and he has found out how it works and learned to use it appropriately. He has done it by exploring, by experimenting, by developing his own model of the grammar of language, (
  45) by trying it out and seeing whether it works by gradually changing it and refining it until it does work. And while he has been doing this, he has been learning other things as well, (
  46) including many of the concepts that the schools think only they can teach him, and many that are more complicated than the ones they do try to teach him. 阅读部分 快速阅读:
  1.A Her daughters' repeated complaints
  2.D People haven't yet reached agreement on its definition
  3.C can realize what is important in life
  4.A it seriously affected family relationships
  5.C depressed
  6.B His family had intervened
  7.B curb his desire for online gaming

  8. had an Internet Addiction
  9. professional help
  10. online dating 精读
  57.D It is an indispensable device on an airplane.
  58.A Data for analyzing the cause of the crash.
  59.C The early models often got damaged.
  60.C To make them easily identifiable.
  61.A There is still a good chance of their being recovered.
  62.B It is based on the concept of positive thinking.
  63.A Encouraging positive thinking may do more harm than good.
  64.C You are emphasizing the fact that he is not intelligent.
  65.C Forcing a person to think positive thoughts may lower their self-esteem.
  66.B Meditation may prove to be a good form of psychotherapy. 选词填空: 47-56 G) incredibly K) replace J) reduced L) sense H) powering D) exceptions E) expand O) vast F) historic I) protect 完型: 67-71 C) differ B)via B)used B)lies B)lies 72-76 D) selects A) sends in A) visible B) over D) allows 77-81 A) after D) insignigicant C) corporations D)only B) later 82-86 D) provided D) Besides A) and C) widespread A) acquired 翻译:

  87. concentrating on the experiment
  88. did she lose her temper
  89. being invited to attend the opening ceremony
  90. should be installed by the window
  91. her parents' strong objection



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