2010 年曲靖一中高考冲刺卷英语(二) 年曲靖一中高考冲刺卷英语( 第一节:单项填空. 21 Which team won the game? Oh,they each order in the end, which was more than expected. A. beat Bwon C. tied D. defeated
  22.Smith says she can't clean the house because she has got a lot of work on. Well,shesay thatshe always uses that excuse. A should B. may C. can D. would 23Don't worry too much about mistakes.They are natural part of leaning . A. /;the B.the;/ C./;a D.the;the
  24. I try to make him understand that I'm not interested in him,but he never gets the A. information B.news .C message D.word
  25.No progress was made in the trade talk as either side world accept the conditions of. A.others B.the other C.either D.another
  26.Although Britain and Australia are far apart,they share a(an)language. A. ordinary B.common C.same D.similar 27 I tried many times ,but I still failed in the experiment. don't be discouraged ,and the problem will be settled. A.Having a little effort B. There being a little effort C.If you have a bit effort D.A bit more effort
  28.The washing machine .It hasn't worked for many years. A. didn't work B.wasn't working C.doesn't work D.isn't working
  29.If you take a job as a journalist, it goes without saying sometimes you have to work at weekends. A. it B.whether C.why D.that
  30.We all hoped the concert will be like a part everyone enjoys themselves. A. on which B.when C.what D.where
  31.Most children with healthy appetite are ready to eat almost anything that is offered and a child rarely dislike food it is badly cooked. A. if B.until C.that D.unless 32the wise leadership of our party,oyur country has made great achievements during the last 60 years. A. Owing to B.Thanks to C.In spite of D.Because 33I don't have any change with me,will you pay the fare for me? . A. That's right B.No problem C.Never mind D.Nothing serious 34Deeplyat the deadly disease H1N1,many people dare not to go outside for holiday.
A.concern B.concerd C.to concern D.concering 35Harry Petter, a well written book, children all around the world. A.appcals to B.attends to C.adjusts to D.adapts to 第二节:完形填空. Like most people, I was brought up to look upon life as a process of reveving. It was not until in my late thirties that I made this important 36 : giving-away makes life so much more exciting. You need not worry if you lack money. This is how I experimented with 37 . If an idea for improving the window display of a neighborhood store came to me, I would step in and make the 38 to the storekeeper. If an incident happened, the story of 39 I think the local Catholic priest could use, I would call him up to tell him about it, 40 I am not a Catholic .One discovery I made about giving-away is that it is almost 41 to give away anything in this world without getting something 42 , though the return often comes in an unexpected form. One Sunday morning the local post office43 an important special delivery letter to my home, though it was 44 to me at my office. I wrote the postmaster a note of 45 . More than a year 46 .I was 47 at the window that there were no boxes 48 , . As I was about to leave, and that my name would have to go on a long waiting49 the postmaster 50 in the doorway. He had overheard our 51 . "Wasn't it you that wrote us that letter a year ago about delivering a special delivery to your 52 ?" I a box in this post office if we have to said yes. "Well, you certainly are going to 53 make 54 for you. You don't know what a letter like that 55 to us. We usually get nothing but complaints."
  36.A.decision B. preparation C. promise D. discovery 37 A. sending out B. giving away C. carrying on D.giving up 38A. plan B. action C. research D. suggestion 39A. which B. that C. whom D. what
  40.A. although B. because C. even D.still
  41.A. natural B. impossible C. certain D. again
  42. A. instead B. again C. immediately D.back
  43.A. posted B. gave C. delivered D. returned
  44.A. written B. introduced C. named D.addressed
  45.A. thanks B. apology C. worry D. instruction
  46.A. ago B. later C. before D. away
  47.A. showed B. advised C. proved D. informed
  48.A . reached B. left C. received D.taken
  49.A.list B. time C. table D.way
  50.A. came B. moved C.appeared D.spoke
  51.A. conversation B. quarrel C. problem D. question

  52.A. office
  53.A. take
  54.A. it
  55.A. works 第三部分:阅读理解
B. company B. receive B. one B. says
C. home C. have C. them C. means
D.school D. accept D. that D. contains
A Let us go together to the western end of Mediterranean Sea.Here two continents almost meet.The lands of Africa and Europe are on both sides of the sea.There is only a small water-way for ships to come in and go out. On the northern shore,a big rock comes straight up from the ground.It is called the Rock of Gibraltar.It has been standing there for a very long time.Armies have fought battles to take it.Storms at sea never washed it away.The rock of Gibraltar has not changed.But its name has changed. The Greeks took the rock a long time ago.They called it Calpe.By A.D.711 Spain had the rock for herself.Spain used it to guard the entrance to her country. Next came the Arabs with an army of 12 000 soldiers.Their leader was Tarik Ibn Zaid.He took his army across North Africa to the rock.There his soldiers fought for three days and nights.At last they won the battle and took Calpe for themselves. Tarik and his men were very happy.Tarik ordered a castle(城堡)to be built at the top of the rock.It was completed in the year 7
  42.From there he could see the beautiful land and water below.His soldiers guarded the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. The rock was almost as high as a mountain.So the Arabian soldiers decided to call it the Mountain Tarik.They wanted to honour their brave leader.Now the Arabic work for a mountain is Jabal.So the place was called Jabal Tarik. In Arabic it is called by this name,but it has been changed in many other languages.The English name is now Gibralter.If you say both Arabic and English words you will hear some of the same sounds. Many nations and armies have taken Gibraltar since Tarik.But its name today till honours that great Arab leader,Tarik Ibn Zaid.
  56.This story is about . A.the Mediterranean Sea B.the Rock of Gibraltar C.how the Arabs got the rock D.a brave man called Tarik Ibn Zaid
  57.Tarik Ibn Zaid was . A.the king of Spain B.the commander of the Arabian army C.a Greek general D.a brave Arabian soldier
  58.How did Arabian army get to the rock? A.They went across North Africa. B.They got there through Europe. C.They climbed the Alps. D.They sailed the Mediterranean Sea.
  59.Tarik took the rock . A.from the Spaniards B.from the Arabs C.from the Greeks D.from the Englishmen
B A year ago, Dave Fuss and his wife,Cerrie,lost their jobs… Then Dave and Gerrie received a timely gift??$7,000,a legacy (遗产) from their neighbors Ish and Arlene Hatch, Dave hadn't expected that the Hatches would leave him or Gerrie anything but memories after they died. But the Fusses weren't the only folks in Alto and the neighboring town of Lowell to receive unexpected gifts from the Hatches. Neighbors helping neighbors-that was Ish and Arlene Hatch's story. After their marriage, Ish and Arlene moved to Lowell. There they lived in the farmhouse. Ish farmed the surrounding 300 acres, while Arlene taught English and math at the junior high school. For years after he retired from cattle farm in Lowell,he spent time with friends talking about world events or the price of grain, but often they talked about their town-about poor families trying to pay medical bills, pay for college. At sundown, Ish would walk back home, full of neighborhood news for his wife. Through the years, the Hatches discreetly paid for local children to attend summer camp when their parents couldn't afford it, and they made certain no child went without warm clothing when winter came to the farmlands south of the Grand River. Several years ago, somebody planted a sign in front of the old farmhouse that read "Honk If You Wish Ish Hatch a Happy 90th Birthday." So many passing cars blew their horns that for three nights, Ish and Arlene had a hard time sleeping. The story of Ish and Arlene Hatch-memories of the Depression, service in the war, hard work, and frugal living-seemed much the same as the stories of millions of other Americans of their generation.
  60.The best title for this passage could be . A. Ish and Arlene Hatch B. Checks games after Couple's Death C.Wealthy Cattle Farmers D. Neighbours Help Neighbours
  61.The third paragraph is mainly developed by. A. time order B. space order C. listing example D. giving examples th
  62.From the 5 paragraph ,what do you think of the couple?. A.Lonely B. Bored C.Wealthy D.Respectable
  63.In the next part, the author maybe will write about. A.the Depression B.service in the war C. other generous Americans D.frugal Americans C Win trip to Oregon coast! -- Dare to explore the Pacific Ocean: Build the biggest sand house on the beach Search tide pools for sea life-- Watch the bright orange sun over the ocean . Whether you have been to the Pacific Ocean before or not, only close your eyes and imagine it. We want to know how you would explore the Oregon coast if you had the chance to go this summer.
  1. Close relationship(联系) between the article and the drawing: 40%.
  2. Skill in design and form of drawing: 30%.
  3. Expression of one' s passion (激情) to draw and explore: 20%.
  4. Neat(整洁的) nature and whole quality (质量) of article: 10%. Prize By entering, you will have the chance to win an all-expense paid trip to the Oregon coast. Activities will include:
  1. Kite flying
  2. Studying beautiful sea creatures
  3. Searching for sea life from the bow of a boatScience exploration at a science ,center
  4. Roasting (烧烤) over a beach campfire Who may enter: The competition is open to kids aged 6-14 Term: Entries (参赛作品) must be postmarked no later than July 31, 2008 How to enter
  1. Surf traveloregon.com/kids to download (下载)and print out an entry form.
  2. Make sure to mark whether you have or have not been to the Pacific Ocean on the form.
  3. Create a drawing of the Pacific Ocean on a piece of paper using a pen or paint.
  4. Write an article of 100 words or less to explain why you want to go, what you think you would see, and what you would explore if you have never been to the Pacific Ocean, or describe your favorite memories from your last visit.
  5. Send to Dare to Explore the Pacific Ocean, NG1145 17th street NW, Washington, DC, 20036
  64. What is the most important for judging? A. The article and the drawing should be closely related. B. The skill of your drawing the map of the Pacific Ocean. C. Whether you show your feelings to draw and explore. D. Whether your article is written in a neat way. 65 If you win the competition, you may . A. build the biggest tower on the beach B. roast the sea creatures over a beach campfire C. search the ocean for sea plants D. fly a kite on the beach
  66. What information can you get from the passage? A. Every kid can take part in the competition. B. Your article should be more than 100 words. C. You must send out the article before July 31, 20
D. You should mark the drawing with your name.
  67. You can most probably read the passage in . A. a travel guide B. a newspaper C. a textbook D. a research book D Jim Madison was walking through the American Cemetery (公墓) at Normandy one day in 2001 when his eyes fell on a grave marker that caught him by surprise, "Elizabeth A. Richardson, American Red Cross, Indiana July 25, 1945".The chance discovery led to his new book-- An American Woman in World War Two, which tells about the war through the eyes of Richardson. Richardson joined the Red Cross in 1944 and worked on a Clubmobile-- a converted bus from which she and other women served coffee and chatted to American soldiers scattered across England and France. More important than the food, they were a reminder of home for lonely and miserable soldiers. She died at 27 in a crash of a two-seater L-5 Sentinel aircraft. She was one of four women buried at the American Cemetery at Normandy. Madison said the present understanding of World War Two just focused on the experiences of male soldiers, but women were also important to the war effort and brought their own views to the conflict. "The point I try to make in the book is how close Richardson came to understanding war," he said. "She saw the effects of it, and she grieved(感到悲痛)." When Madison returned from Normandy in 2001, he managed to contact Richardson's younger brother, Charles Richardson Jr. It was her family's keeping of her letters and diaries that made possible the book, which quoted from them extensively. Madison believes America's fascination with World War Two will outlive those who fought it and the generations that follow them. Since the late 1980s, he has taught undergraduate courses on the war at Indiana University, and he said students obviously warm up to the subject. He said he sometimes talked to World War Two soldiers who "have a sense that young people don't know and they don't care". "I tell them it's the opposite", he said.
  68. How did Jim Madison get the id


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