2010 National English Contest for College Students
(Level D - Preliminary)
(总分 总分:150分 答题时间 分钟) 总分 分 答题时间:120分钟 分钟
Part I Listening Comprehension (30 marks)
Section A (5 marks)
In this section, you will hear five short conversations. Each conversation will be read only once. At the end of each conversation, there will be a pause. During the pause, read the question and three choices marked A, B and C, and decide which is the best choice. Then mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the center.
  1. What's the weather like during Jack's holiday? A. It is snowing. B. It is sunny. C. It is raining.

  2. When will Rob have his next driving lesson? A. On Monday. B. On Saturday. C. On Friday.

  3. How much do the woman's sports socks cost? A. ?
  50. B. ?
  99. C. ?

  4. Why will Colin be home late? A. He played football with his friends after school. B. He had to wait a long time for the bus. C. He did his homework at John's house.
  5. Where is the fish market?
Section B (10 marks)
In this section, you will hear two long conversations. Each conversation will be read only once. At the end of each conversation, there will be a one?minute pause. During the pause, read the five questions, each with the three choices marked A, B and C, and decide which is the best choice. Then mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the center.
Conversation 1
  6. When was Pam's accident? ^ A. Yesterday.
  7. What happened to Pam? A. She got kicked when riding a horse. B. She fell off her bicycle on her way to the boat club. C. She fell into the water while sailing a boat.
  8. Which part of Pam's body got injured in the accident? A. One of her arms. B. One of her knees. C. One of her feet. B. Two days ago. C. A week ago.

  9. Who will Pam stay with when she leaves hospital? A. Her aunt. B. Her brother. C. Her parents.

  10. When is the hospital open to visitors? A. After dinner. B. During lunch time. C. In the afternoon.
Conversation 2

  11. When did Jane and her family go to Scotland? A. In June. B. In July. C. In August.

  12. What was the weather like during their holiday for most of the time? A. Windy. B. Wet. C. Sunny.

  13. How much did Jane's ticket for the boat trip cost? A. ?
  12. B ?
  15. C.?

  14. Where did Jane's family stay in the Scottish village? A. In a guest-house. B. On a camp-site. C. At a hotel.

  15. What did Jane say about the village pub? A. Rather expensive. B. Nice and Friendly. C. Very small.
Section C (5 marks) In this section, you will hear a monologue. The monologue will be read only once. At the end of the monologue, there will be a pause. During the pause, read the five questions, each with three choices marked A, B and C, and decide which is the best choice. Then mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the center.
  16. Where was George Weekes born? A. In Jamaica. B. In London. C. In Manchester.

  17. What does George say about his part of London? A. It is a place well worth visiting.
B. It has problems as well as advantages. C. It is the city's center.
  18. What does George's wife's favorite shop sell? A. Clothes. B. Food. C. Books.

  19. Why does George like the bookshop? A. The books there are inexpensive. B. He can talk about his books to the customers there. C. It has many books he likes to read.
  20. Where does George sometimes go for a run? A. Along the river bank. B. In the country. C. On a farm.
Section D (10 marks)
In this section, there is a short passage which will be read twice. Listen to the passage carefully, and then fill in the blanks with the words or phrases you hear on the tape. Remember to write the answers on the answer sheet.
Exercise is essential for mind, body and (
  21) . It's one of the best ways to (
  22) when all around you everything seems more and more unbalanced and the world becomes ever more fast and (
  23) . Don't groan because this is yet another article about (
  24) . The reason why there are so many is that it is ' (
  25) good for you. There are plenty of reasons why you should exercise and very few ? for most of us ? why you shouldn't. Exercise improves muscle (
  26) and provides quick changes in (
  27) . It improves muscle power and promotes good posture ? the way in which you hold your body when sitting or standing. It helps (
  28) muscle imbalances which can lead to injuries. It provides quick improvement in (
  29) such as thighs, stomach and upper arms. It improves the condition of the heart and lungs and (
  30) .
Part II Vocabulary and Structure (15 marks)
There are 15 incomplete sentences in this part. For each blank, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the center.
  31. A webmaster is responsible developing and maintaining the Web site belonging to an organization or company.
A. on
B. about
C. for
D. to

  32. Each of the fifty US states has its own flag; in addition to this, each one has a state bird, the mockingbird for Florida. A. of which B. such as C. as for D. as well

  33. The comedian told the audience both hands every time they heard the word cat. A. for raising B. who raise C. that raise D. to raise

  34. Lorie waited over an hour for Ken. He really have called her, don't you think? A. must B. would C. may D. should

  35. Please other people in the audience and don't talk during the show. A. cherish B. respect C. attend D. consider

  36. Icebergs are a favorite subject for photographers because of produced by the ice. A. the remarkably vivid blue C. remarkably the blue vivid B. the vivid blue remarkable D. blue the vivid remarkable

  37. You might not care about visiting your parents, but it a lot to them. A. attaches B. associates C. matters D. concerns

  38. Please put the sauce on the side on top of the chicken. A. owing to B. but for C. instead of D. apart from

  39. There are many problems the new program. A. adapted to B. concentrated on C. depended on D. related to

  40. There's no reason to me to do it now. I'll do it on my own later. A. punish B. control C. force D. insist

  41. If you buy twenty or more, you will get a . A. favor B. merit C. discount D. budget

  42. Some people believe that if you a mirror, you have seven years of bad luck. A. break; will B. will break; would C. break; would D. broke; will

  43. Fred: Thank you for a lovely evening. Amanda: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Fred: Amanda: Yes, that'd be nice. Bye then. Drive carefully. A. The food is very delicious. C. It's really nice walking with you.
  44. Tom: So, ? Boris: Oh, nothing much. The usual things, you know. Tom: Mm... still working at the same place, I suppose? Boris: Yes, that's right. B. Do you want to go with me? D. You must come over to our place next time.
A. what have you been up to C. what can I do for you
  45. Emily: ? Scott: Yes, it certainly is.
B. what did you say just now D. what happened to you
Emily: About time too - after all that rain we had. Scott: Yes, I know. That's why we went away this year. A. Is there anything I can do for you B. Is it suitable for you to go C. Is it a sunny day today D. Isn't this weather fantastic
Part III Cloze (10 marks)
Read the passage and fill in each blank with one word. Choose the word in one of the following three ways: according to the context, by using the correct form of the given word, or by using some given letters of the word. Remember to write the answers on the answer sheet. Many of the things we do depend (
  46) receiving information from other people. (
  47) Ca a train, making a phone call and going to the cinema all involve information which is stored, (
  48) pro and communicated. In the past this information used to be kept on paper in the (
  49) f of, for example, books, newspapers and timetables. Now more and more information is put on computers. Computers play an important (
  50) in our everyday lives, sometimes without us even (
  51) (realize) it. Consider the use of computers in both shops and offices. Big shops, (
  52) es chain stores with branches all over the country, have to deal with very large amounts of information. They have to make sure there are enough goods on the shelves for customers to buy. They need to be able to re?order before stocks run (
  53) , and to decide which things are selling well and so on. All these processes get performed quickly and (
  54) effi by computers. A lot of office work in the past involved information on paper. Once it had been dealt with by people, the paper was put away for future reference. This way of doing things was not (
  55) (particular) easy or fast. A computerized system is much more efficient.
Part IV Reading Comprehension (40 marks)
Read the following passages. Each passage is followed by several questions. Respond to the questions according to the passage. Remember to write the answers on the answer sheet.
Section A (10 marks)
When we think of good health, we almost always think about eating good food and doing exercise. However, getting enough sleep and dreaming are also part of good health. After a hectic day of work and play,
the body needs to rest, and sleep is the body's response to this need. Sleep is necessary for good health. During this time, the body recovers from the activities of the previous day. The rest that you get while sleeping enables your body to prepare itself for the next day. There are four levels of sleep, each being a little deeper than the one before. When you sleep your muscles relax little by little. Your heart beats more slowly, and your brain slows down. After you reach the fourth level, your body shifts back and forth from one level of sleep to another. Although your mind slows down, from time to time you will dream. Scientists who study sleep say that when dreaming occurs, your eyeballs move more quickly (although your eyelids are closed). This stage of sleep is called REM, which stands for rapid eye movement. Not only all humans, but all mammals have been shown to experience this REM stage. Dreaming is a normal and necessary part of a good sleeping pattern, but no one knows why we dream. If you have trouble falling asleep, there are a few possible ways of solving this problem. Some people recommend breathing very slowly and very deeply. Other people believe that drinking warn milk will help make you drowsy. There is also an old suggestion that counting sheep will put you to sleep!
Questions 56?57: Read the questions and four choices marked A, B, C, and D, and decide which is the best
choice according to the passage.
  56. Which of the following is not mentioned as having to do with good health? A. Eating good food. C. Getting enough sleep and dreaming. B. Doing exercise every day. D. Having medical examinations regularly.

  57. After you reach the fourth level of sleep, from one level to another. A. your muscles relax gradually C. your heart beats more slowly B. your body shifts back and forth D. your brain slows down
Questions 58 ?60: Complete each of the following statements with no more than six words according to
the passage.
  58. Scientists find that one's eyeballs move more quickly although their eyelids are closed.
  59. No one has any idea , though dreaming is a normal and necessary part of a good sleeping pattern.
  60. Breathing slowly and deeply, drinking warm milk or help a person to feel drowsy and go to sleep.
Section B (10 marks)
The Sunningdale Hotel
The Sunningdale Hotel was built in 1910 and opened by Princess Louise. It has provided excellent service for people from all over the world and people of all ages and nationalities have stayed here. During the past 100 years over 50,000 guests from 174 different countries have visited Sunningdale. The hotel is on one of the main. roads leading to the town center. It is about 20 minutes by bus from the center of town, and buses to many other parts of the town stop outside the hotel. Guests should be careful not to travel on buses with the blue sign Express on the front because they do not stop near our hotel. An underground station is less than 100 meters away. The main building has 200 well-furnished, centrally-heated single rooms, each fitted with hot and cold water basins. Showers, baths and toilets are at the end of all corridors. The hotel has a shop, sitting rooms, four television rooms, table tennis room, library and laundry. There are also eight pianos available for guests' use. There are spaces to park cars in the hotel drive. Daily newspapers are provided free and stamps can be bought at the office. Guests who stay for long periods must pay for their accommodation weekly in advance and one week's notice is required for departures. Short or long term guests are welcome but long term guests are offered rooms first. No animals of any description or fires of any type (either for heating food or heating the room) are allowed, and guests are requested to respect the comfort of others. If you have tapes or CDs, please try to keep the noise level down to a minimum, especially between the hours of 11 pm and 8 am. Guests are advised to use taxis to get to the hotel if they arrive by train because we are some distance from the



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