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2010 National English Contest for College Students (Level A - Sample)
Part I Listening Comprehension Section A 1?5 ABACA Section B 6?10 CBABC 11?15 CACBA Section C 16?20 ACBAB Section D
  21. careers
  22. overseas / in other countries / abroad
  23. visit companies (and) / businesses
  24. homeless
  25. (student) common room
  26. hot meals
  27. (a) book exchange (throughout the college)
  28. (a student) advice centre
  29. accommodation
  30. speakers Part II Vocabulary and Structure 31?35 ACACD 36?40 BDBBC 41?45 DBADD Part III Cloze
  46. attractive
  47. tourists
  48. achievement
  49. employee
  50. originality
  51. communication(s)
  52. before
  53. traditional
  54. success
  55. appearance Part IV Reading Comprehension Section A
  56. Pancreatic cancer.
  57. The opera house in Reggio Emilia.
  58. Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and José Carreras.
  59. By giving charity performances.
  60. Nessun Dorma. Section B
  61. find (more) confidence
  62. cautious / reluctant to move
  63. (stable) core
  64. personnel management / recruitment
  65. implement / build strategies / structure themselves Section C
  66. YES
  67. YES
  69. NO
  70. YES
  73. fear, anxiety and intimidation
  74. dream interview

  71. NO
  72. NO
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  75. plenty of new painting ideas Part V Translation Section A
  76. 技术着重于将科学发现诉诸实践所需的工具、技术和程序。
  77. 在试图以最精确、最可靠的方式理解宇宙?了解真理的过程中,科学家不顾及他们本人或他人 的好恶,不顾及公众认为某事合理与否。
  78. 我们无法选择不听头顶上飞过的超音速飞机发出的隆隆声。
  79. 技术的宗旨应当是服务于人??是所有人,而不仅仅是某些人;是服务后代,而不仅仅是那些 希望马上从中获益的人。
  80. 许多人谴责技术本身导致污染泛滥,能源枯竭,甚至社会堕落。结果技术的前景一团漆黑。 Section B
  81. It is not easy to learn English well, but if you persist, you will succeed in the end.
  82. She also began a programme that promises a college scholarship to every student who graduates from high school in her hometown.
  83. Even if they are promoted, their salary may still be less than that of a man doing the same job.
  84. The Chinese film superstar once said that he would rather be remembered as a common person than as a famous person / celebrity.
  85. The commander said to his troops that under no circumstances should the enemy be allowed to step across the border. Part VI IQ Test
  86. Because it can’t walk.
  87. Timetable
  88. Pear (pair)
  89. Five (angles)
  90. Wind Part VII Writing Task I Dear Sir / Madam, I am responding to your job offer on September 30, 20
  07. I am truly grateful to you for providing me with this valuable opportunity to serve as an interpreter for your company. However, I have to tell you that I cannot accept it, because I don’t think I am the most competent candidate for this post. As a computer science major, although I can write and speak idiomatic English, I am not well trained in interpretation, which, I believe highly demanding. In addition, I happened to have been offered a position as a programmer with another company. Nonetheless, I would like to express my sincere apology for any inconvenience I have brought to you. Lastly, I hope you can find the most appropriate candidate as soon as possible. Best wishes. Sincerely, Li Ming Task II Some people argue that college graduates should earn higher salary than people with lower education, because they have taken more effort to prepare for the future job. I don’t agree with this opinion. First of all, the amount of salary should be decided by one’s working performance and achievement rather than a mere diploma. It is not common that the college graduates who are equipped with theoretical knowledge while lacking working experience. Naturally, they will learn the practical professional skills
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from their seniors who may not have received higher education but have made considerable contributions to the working place through their hard work. In this sense, those with lower education yet have made great achievement should get higher pay than those newly graduates. In the second place, the degree to which one’s self-value and social value are realized cannot find full reflection in one’s salary. Although a teacher may not create as many economic profits as a businessman, his / her work is as important and meaningful to the society. In conclusion, it is ridiculous to relate one’s income solely to his or her educational background. A more philosophical solution is to see how much effort one takes to his or her respective jobs. 2010 National English Contest for College Students (Level A - Sample) 听力录音原文 Part I Listening Comprehension Section A In this section, you will hear five short conversations. Each conversation will be read only once. At the end of each conversation, there will be a twenty-second pause. During the pause, read the question and the three choices marked A, B and C, and decide which is the best answer.
  1. W: Will you need a car when you arrive? We have a special rate at the moment. M: Yeah, a car would be convenient. W: What type of car will you need?
  2. M: I really love this bar. They always have great drink specials. W: Do you know when they have happy hour? M: Every Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to 8 pm.
  3. W: What are you writing? You’ve been at it for hours. M: I have to arrange my appointments for the week or I won’t be able to fit everyone in. W: Well, I hope you finish soon. I want to go out and eat.
  4. W: Sorry, sir. You just missed the last train to Washington this evening. M: What time does the first train to Washington leave tomorrow? W: At 8 am, sir.
  5. W: Do you think we should turn the heat down a bit? I don’t want the sauce to burn. M: Don’t turn the heat down. Just keep stirring it. W: You’re right. If we turn the heat down, it won’t be ready on time. Section B In this section, you will hear two long conversations. Each conversation will be read only once. At the end of each conversation, there will be a one-minute pause. During the pause, read the five questions, each with three choices marked A, B and C, and decide which is the best answer. Conversation One Interviewer: With us in the studio today is Dominic Austin, a science-fiction writer who has delighted readers of all ages. Dominic, I read somewhere that you found it very easy to get published. Dominic: It’s true. I was very lucky. But with Return to Nothing, my first book, I had a problem. I sent it to a firm of publishers and they kept it for about six months. They finally sent it back to me, saying the way it was written was very original and the story was amazing, but they were unwilling to publish it because it was rather a large book and they were a tiny company. They advised me to contact another publisher who they knew were looking for science-fiction writers. I had no trouble after that. Interviewer: In Return to Nothing the three central characters are completely imaginary, aren’t they?
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Dominic: That’s right. My characters are different from real people. The main thing is that in a good adventure story the characters must have some sort of evolution, for example they come to have knowledge that they lacked to begin with. And it doesn’t mean they always go from being bad to being good at the end of the story. I don’t believe in that. My heroes are not particularly loveable. Interviewer: After Return to Nothing you went on to write a series of three other books with the same central characters. Why? Dominic: I started Return to Nothing with one book in mind. It sort of progressed from there, and it went to another book, then it went to a third book. The publishers knew they’d be an instant success. But writing a good series of books has one unwelcome consequence: I get a lot of requests from readers for more books in that series. I love the fact that they bother to write to me about it, but I also need to do something different and recharge my batteries. Interviewer: Your success has not yet led to any literary prizes. Do you regret that? Dominic: Not in the least. I’m a story-teller, and story-tellers want an audience. The more people who read me, the happier I am. So all the other stuff to me has no meaning. I’ve always believed that when writers win prizes, their careers are over. But everyone seems to think I’m dying to win awards. I read a lot of fiction, too, and sometimes I wish I’d written some of that. But I know I’m just as good, only different. Interviewer: I understand you regret having allowed your book series to be made into a film ... Dominic: Most definitely. It was a moment of foolishness when I thought: ‘There’s no one in the science-fiction field who’s ever been offered this chance.’ I somehow knew I was making a mistake, but my pride got in the way, and then it was too late. It was a difficult experience because the director was asking me to change parts of the book all the time. I knew from the beginning there’d be little money in it anyway. Maybe the only advantage is that it was an experience I could use in my writing. Interviewer: That’s very interesting. Conversation Two Interviewer: Hello and welcome to One to One. In the studio with us today is Jack Benton, who plays the leading role in the TV soap opera Teenagers. Jack, have you always wanted to be an actor? Jack: Well, I’ve always wanted to act?it’s the only thing I knew I wanted to do. I started acting when I was still at school. One day I went along to a TV studio to meet a TV star with a friend. As we got there, we heard one of the actors had suddenly decided to accept a job offer in another studio. Believe it or not, I was offered the job then and there. I’d planned to go to drama college and get a degree in cinema studies, but things just happened differently. Interviewer: Do you find acting difficult or is it fun? Jack: I really enjoy acting, not just because Teenagers is the first acting job I’ve done, but because I really get into it and it’s a real challenge acting side by side with all the big stars. I find it hard learning what I have to say, though. I need to read through the scripts several times! I play the part of a really nasty guy, and I’m often asked if that’s hard. It’s not, really, and I won’t suddenly turn into somebody like that! Interviewer: Do you ever worry that fame may go to your head? Jack: No, my mum’s definitely going to keep my feet on the ground. She still makes me do the washing up, you know. And she insists I keep doing the usual things, like going round to my mates’ houses and sitting in the front room watching films and things. She’s read lots of books about what fame can do to people, how an actor can have a real change of personality. Interviewer: Jack, you seem to be very fit. Is the gym one of your favourite places? Jack: No, the gym’s a place I never ever go to, as it happens! I’m afraid my excuse is simply lack of time. I’m sure it would do me a lot of good, although as you say I basically look really fit, in fact I’m not as strong as I look. At school I used to play a number of sports and was never much good at any, I’m afraid. I
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couldn’t understand how my friends found them so exciting! Interviewer: One last question, Jack. What are your dreams for the future? Jack: Well, like most young actors, I have quite a few! Getting an award for my role in Teenagers is top of my list at the moment. And I’ve been offered the opportunity to play a minor role in a film, which is tempting because it might lead to other cinema roles. Also films are shown all over the world. You might think this sounds strange, but I’m not keen on that kind of success, it is too frightening. Interviewer: Thank you, Jack, it’s been wonderful to have you in our studio. Section C In this section, you will hear five short news items. After each item, which will be read only once, there will be a pause. During the pause, read the question and the three choices marked A, B and C, and decide which is the best answer.
  16. Money from migrant workers now exceeds the combined total of all direct foreign investment and foreign aid to Latin America:
  62.3 billion dollars. Twenty-three billion dollars of that was sent back to Mexico, mostly from workers living in the United States. It now ranks along with oil and tourism as Mexico’s biggest foreign currency earner.
  17. The nine foot bronze shows Nelson Mandela standing and gesturing, as if making a speech. The idea for the monument was initiated by the anti-apartheid activist, Donald Woods. He



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