直陈观点, 模板一 、直陈观点,以例佐证
范例 1 谋篇构思 三步曲 观点:More haste, less speed. Before moving to the next step, one needs a practical consideration on what he has already achieved.. (欲速则不达) From my point of view, we should do everything step by step. One often fails without good preparation. Take English study for example. Just as Rome was not built in one day, it takes one year’s practice to have a good command of the language. If we do not learn from selling correct words and writing acceptable sentences, we are never able to write a good composition. And without practicing oral English a lot, we can never speak English fluently. If we don’t read and listen a lot and do a lot of efficient exercises, we can not pass English tests. In short, we should have a good foundation if we want to make great achievements in our studies and work or in other things as well. 语 言 结 构 点睛
开 门 见 山,直接 表 明 观 点。 以英语学 习为例来 佐证“欲 速 则 不 达” 。
范例 2 谋篇构思 观点:Parents can be examples for their children. 三步曲 (有其父必有其子) Many people hold the opinion that parents 表明观点 can be examples for their children. As far as I am concerned, I quite agree with this. Here is a story. One day a little boy watched his parents planting flowers in the garden ,and he then learnt to water and look 例证观点 after the little plants. When he saw that the flowers were growing well, he shared the happiness with his parents. Their hard work resulted in beautiful flowers in full bloom, and the boy’s father proudly picked a flower and gave it to his wife to show his love. But to their great surprise, the boy picked all the flowers and presented them to his parents. Only at this moment did the parents realize how great effect their behavior had on their children. Thus, I think parents should try to be good teachers in front of their children. 得出结论 语 言 结 构 点睛
开 门 见 山,直接 表 明 观 点。 以 “种花 与养花” 的故事来 证明父母 的言行举 止对子女 的影响。
倒装句加 强表达效 果
前呼后应 观点
得出结论 经典句式回味 From my point of view, we should do…. Take…for example. As far as I am concerned, I quite agree with this.
范例 3 谋篇构思 三步曲 观点:Nothing is too small.(防微杜渐) 语 言 结 构 点睛
直截了当 表 明 观 点。 防微杜渐 对人民和 社会的必 要性及重 要性。
模板二 呈现观点, 模板二、呈现观点,分说原由
范例 1 谋篇构思 观点:Honesty is the best policy. (诚实为上) 三步曲 It is true that most of us value honesty 呈现看法 highly. Personally I agree that honesty is the best policy. As we know, if one is honest, other people will deeply respect him or her, and are willing to make friends with him or her. In addition, being 分说原因 honest can make people’s life easier and more harmonious(和谐的). There are a lot of examples to support the argument. For example, consumers will not be afraid of being overcharged if dealers are honest. For another example, Singapore is a trustworthy society and has a very Low criminal rate. There is no doubt that being honest is of benefit to both the state and the individual. We should have the spirit of honesty. 得出结论 语 言 结 构点睛
以明理提 出看法
Some great disasters frequently happened not because of something big but something small. There are some examples in our daily life. We may hear that a train is turned over because a rail spike (道钉)is loose without being fastened timely, a great forest fire breaks out because of a lighted butt thrown without being put out, a great dam is destroyed as a result of a tube fountain in a dam without being found out, which have all caused a great loss to both people and society. We can learn from the above examples that nothing is small in our work and life and that any behavior of carelessness or no responsibility of a small fault will result in great damage or disaster. So we should be very strict with ourselves and learn to be responsible and careful in our life and work.
  1: 诚实的人 受 人 尊 重。 理由
  2: 诚实使生 活轻松和 谐。
用“大小 因果关系 “(Result
in; so )得
总 结 全 文,提出 倡导。
经典句式回味 There are some examples in our daily life. In short, we should… We can learn from the above examples that…
经典句式回味 It is true that… Personally I agree that
范例 2 谋篇构 思 三步曲 呈现看法 观点:Don’t hesitate to say “no”.(该说“不”时 就说“不” ) Helping others is our traditional virtue. It goes without saying that we should give a hand whenever it is really needed. But we should also dare to say “no” to some unreasonable requests. The reasons can be listed as follows: Firstly, if you cannot keep your promise because the request is beyond your ability, you will be considered dishonest. Secondly, if you agree to unreasonable requests, it will spoil your principles of doing things and it may also do harm to other people. Thirdly , if you give help to a criminal, you may also result in committing a crime. In conclusion, we should say “no” firmly to unreasonable requests. 语 言 结 构点睛
以常理引 出看法。 主题句
范例 3 谋篇构思 三步曲 描述现象 观点:Students or Tutors?(做学生还是做家庭 教师?) Nowadays, there are more and more private teachers in universities. People have different opinions about this. I think a student should focus on his studies instead of working as a tutor. To begin with, a college student’s main task is to learn knowledge. If he spends too much time teaching, then he will not have enough time to study. Then, a student should not think too much about money since their parents will provide the daily necessities for him. Furthermore, if he fails to help his students improve their studies, that will cause worry and anxiety to him, and it might even affect his self-confidence. He might question his won ability. All in all, I think a college student should pay attention to his studies and work hard at his studies. 语 言 结 构点睛
以现象引 出观点 主题句 理由
  1: 学生主要 是学习。 理由
  2: 有家长提 供日常费 用。 理由
  3: 当不好的 影响。 总 结 全 文,首尾 呼应。
Secondly, Thirdly 陈 述 原 因,层次 分明。 表明观点
回应全文 归 纳 看 法。
经典句式回味 It goes without saying that… Firstly, … Secondly, …. Thirdly, …
经典句式回味 To begin with,… Then,… Furthermore,…Finally,… There is no doubt that… In conclusion, we should… All in all, I think…
模板五、确定主题、 模板五、确定主题、分步解说
范例 1 谋篇构 思 三步曲 提出主题 观点:Reduce waste on campus..(减少校园浪 费) It is certain that the problem of waste is becoming more and more serious on campus and it is time for us to reduce it. For one reason, we have already wasted a great deal of precious resources such as water and electricity. For another, our waste adds our parents and the society a burden.. However, some are still puzzled how to reduce waste on campus. Here are some suggestions. To begin with, we should turn off the light when we leave dorms or classrooms so as to save electricity as much as possible. Secondly, we should not spend too much money. Thirdly, we should stop wasting water when we bath, or clean faces, or wash clothes and dishes. Actually, there are different solutions 观点:The meaning of situations. Therefore, I according to different life.(生活的意义) firmly believe that we can reduce the waste on campus with our efforts. 语言结构点 睛
主题:必须 减少校园浪 费。 分 说 必 要 性。
范例 2 谋 篇 构 观点:The importance of after-class activities. 思 (课外活动的重要性) 三步曲 After-class activities play an important part in 提出主题 school life. They are good for students’ development 板 in all aspects. 六、 The first thing that after-class activities do to 名 分步解说 help us is doing a lot of good to our health. For 谚 example , playing basketball can help us improve 开 our speed and strength, thus improving our health. 篇, Obviously, we have a lot of pressure from our 烘 studies and we need a relaxation after heavy work, 托 as sometimes we need to refresh ourselves and 观 renew our energy. Furthermore, burying ourselves all 点 day under piles of books, searching information 范 we need in class or preparing for examination is 例3 not the only way to learn. By doing some after-class 范 activities, we can learn to look at things on 例 1 得出结论 a broader scale or in a long term. In conclusion, after-class activities are useful and helpful in many aspects. We can not only enjoy and refresh ourselves, but also improve ourselves mentally, physically, intellectually and socially. 语 言 结 构点睛
直接提出 主题。 解说:
  1. 说 明 有 益健康; 能减轻学 业负担。
  2. 课 外 活 动也是一 种学习 结论:不 仅能愉悦 自我,而 且心理、 生理、智 力和社交 的能力均 能提高

从三方面列 举方法。
得出结论 谋篇构 思 三步曲
总结全文, 呼语 言 结 构 吁减少校
点睛 园浪费。
People hold various opinions on the purpose of life. Some think that they live for money, some for fame, some for fun. As to my opinion, living for experiences enables me to understand the true meaning of life. The first reason of my belief is that money and fame are not enough for leading a happy life. I see that many people going after money and fame have no interest or time to enjoy family life, friendship, sightseeing and things like that. Money is important in life , but the idea only for money leads to an uninteresting life. Secondly, living just for fun is also unacceptable to me. Humans are different from animals in that they have feelings and emotions. They cannot avoid sadness and anger. Now I will come back to may point, living for various experiences, whether they are failures or successes, happiness or sadness.
陈述不同 观点, 亮出 主题 解说理由: 理由
  1: 有 钱和名声 还不能过 上幸福生 活。 理由
  2: 生 活不仅仅 为了娱乐 消遣。 总结全文, 前后呼应
经 式 It
谋 篇 构 观点:The treasure of time.(珍惜时间) 思 三步曲 As the saying goes, “Time is money.” Yes, 表明观点 it’s indeed the case. But in my opinion, time is more valuable than money. The reason is that when money is spent, we 例证观点 can earn it back. However, when time is gone, it will never come back. In our life, from birth to death, time is limited for all of us. So we should make good use of it. As students, what we should do first is to study well and obtain knowledge so that we can serve our country in the future. Some people, however don’t know the value of time. They spend time doing meaningless things, such as smoking, drinking and even gambling. They don’t realize that wasting time 得出结论 means wasting a part of their valuable life. In a word, time is very valuable. We must treasure our time.
语 言 结 构点睛
引 出 观 点:时间 宝贵 解 析 原 因,夹叙 夹议:时 间一去不 复,时间 有限;学 生应该珍 惜。 反证时间 宝贵
典句 回味 is
certain that the problem of waste is… People hold various opinions on…some think that… Therefore, I firmly believe that… Now I will come back to may point,… 范例 2 谋篇构 思 三步曲 观点 Failure is the mother of success..(失败 是成功之母) 语 言 结 构点睛
范例 3
People often say, “Failure is the mother of success.” There is hardly any success won without failures. A painter my throw away many unsuccessful drawings before he finally makes a satisfactory one. A doctor may try many times before he finds the effective treatment for a strange disease. A scientist may make hundreds of experiments before he obtains the data he needs. In other words, the painter, the doctor and the scientist have failed time and again before they succeed in the end. Form the above examples, we can conclude that failures are very common. We can get some helpful experiences from them and learn little by little what is the right way to our goal. It seems that failures are the steps in the mountain paths leading up the peak where success lies. You have to climb the steps in order to reach the top. We should all take a positive e attitude to failures and keep on working hare so as to meet with the final success in our studies and careers.
选 用 the
painter, the doctor, and the scientist
三例,论 证观点 对结论进 行进一步 的阐述。
谋篇构 思 三步曲 表明观点
观点:Practice makes perfect.(熟能生巧)
语言结构 点睛
引用和解 说名谚。 例证
  1:语 言学习。具 体用两个 if 引导的排 比 从 句



   英语周报网 http://www.ew.com.cn/ 2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(全国二卷) 英语 第一卷(选择题) 第一部分 英语知识运用 第一节 语音知识(共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,找出其 划线部分与所给单词的划线部分读音相同的选项,并 在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 1. Come A. cold B. cock C. comfort D. improve 2. dead D. health A. eager B. great ...


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